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Real-time operating system support for IXXAT's CAN interfaces

ECI driver for QNX, INtime, RTX and Linux With the current ECI driver IXXAT offers a powerful programming interface for its CAN PC interfaces, specially adapted to the requirements of embedded applications. CAN-based control and test systems can easily and quickly be achieved, both in the industrial and automotive area. The latest version of the ECI (Embedded Communication Interface) is available for the operating systems QNX (6.5.0), INtime (3.14, 4.2, 5.0), RTX

IXXEC-100 - The cost-effective EtherCAT Master solution for DIN rail mounting

With its new IXXEC-100, IXXAT offers a powerful and extremely flexible EtherCAT Master solution for DIN rail mounting at a very compelling price. The EtherCAT Master functionality is provided using the proven protocol software from acontis for EtherCAT Master Class A and B devices. A specially optimized link layer allows the IXXEC-100 to operate with cycle times of less than 1 ms. The selected EtherCAT Master implementation, as well as the

FRC-EP190 - Communication platform for automotive bus systems with extensive sof …

With its new FRC-EP190, IXXAT offers a universal hardware platform for FlexRay, CAN, LIN and K-Line with impressive performance, a reasonable price and a wide range of applications and solutions. With increasing complexity in automobile technology, suitable solutions for communication with the control units are required - whether for the development, test benches or test driving. Such solutions must be inexpensive, easy to operate and robust. With the FRC-EP150 and the

Software package for the development of CANopen applications under Microsoft Win …

IXXAT Automation is pleased to announce the immediate availability of version 6.1 of the CANopen Master API. In addition to previously supported CAN interfaces, CANopen Master API 6.1 now works with the new FPGA based CAN-IB200/PCIe active CAN interface. With the CANopen Master API, IXXAT offers a proven solution for a quick and easy development of PC based CANopen® control, test and service applications under Microsoft Windows. The new CANopen Master API

PROFINET-CANopen gateway

Powerful gateway enabling easy integration of CANopen devices in PROFINET networks With its new PROFINET-CANopen gateway "COP-CON 220/PN", IXXAT offers a powerful and easily configurable gateway solution for connecting CANopen devices and networks to PROFINET systems. The gateway enables bi-directional data exchange allowing for both the integration of existing, low-cost CANopen devices into PROFINET systems as well as the provision of data from PROFINET for use in CANopen. At this, the gateway

EtherCAT I/O Module

Flexible I/O Module for EtherCAT also available as board-level product The new EtherCAT I/O Module "ETCio 100" from IXXAT enables the quick and easy connection of analog and digital input and output signals to EtherCAT systems – whether in component test stands, mobile applications or for industrial automation applications. The device has two analog inputs and four analog outputs with a 12-bit resolution. The analog output voltage range can be individually programmed

IEEE 1588 protocol software with new features for the telecommunication sector

The IEEE 1588 protocol software from IXXAT enables networking devices with accurate and reliable time synchronization for automation, automotive, measurement and telecommunication applications. Depending on the microcontroller system and the type of network employed, IXXAT’s IEEE 1588-2008 PTP software is able to attain time synchronization accuracy in the nanosecond range. The new version 1.05 now supports the basic requirements of the ITU-T G.8265.1 telecom specification for "Packet Timing Signal Fail Mechanism",

PCI/104-Express Board Series for CAN (High/Low Speed) and LIN

IXXAT completes its PCI-Express series, consisting of serveral PCI-Express boards and a PCI-Express-Mini card, with two new variants based on the PCI/104-Express standard. The new PCI/104-Express boards are designed specifically for use in compact industrial computers and mobile systems. Like the other boards, the new PCI/104-Express variants are based on a highly modular architectural concept. In addition to a passive version for cost-sensitive applications, an active version with a powerful 32

CANblue II - Extended version enables easy PC access to CAN systems via Bluetoot …

IXXAT's CANblue II is now available in an extended version. In addition to the bridge and gateway mode, the intelligent CAN/Bluetooth module comes with a new PC interface mode. The support of the Windows driver package (VCI - Virtual CAN Interface) enables easy, wireless access for PC-based applications to CAN networks. At this, both customer specific applications as well as the IXXAT analysis and configuration tools are supported. Furthermore, the

Diagnostic Extension for IXXAT's SAE J1939 Protocol Software

Along with the extension packages for NMEA2000 and ISO15765-2, IXXAT now offers the Diagnostic Extension package according to J1939-73 to extend the functionality of the SAE J1939 protocol software. During the development of J1939 devices, the implementation of diagnostic services becomes more and more important. Diagnostic messages provide the utility needed when the vehicle is being repaired. They are also used during vehicle operation by the networked ECUs to allow them

New CANopen Master API Version 6

With the CANopen Master API, IXXAT offers a proven solution for a quick and easy development of PC based CANopen® control, test and service applications under Microsoft Windows. IXXAT Automation is pleased to announce the updated and expanded CANopen Master API V6. Along with the active CAN interfaces, CANopen Master API V6 supports IXXAT’s low-priced passive interfaces. The new API can operate up to 12 CAN interfaces in parallel, and, depending

CAN becomes wireless - New CANblue II for wireless connection of CAN systems

With its new CANblue II/Generic, IXXAT offers an intelligent CAN/Bluetooth module providing both a bridge and gateway operation mode. Especially in the service area, CANblue II/Generic enables easy access to the CAN network via a wireless connection using a laptop or handheld service device. Data and parameters within electric facilities and mobile systems can be read or configured wirelessly without having to directly intervene into the existing network. The Bluetooth communication

New IXXAT sales office in Italy

IXXAT has opened a sales office in northern Italy in early November to expand its activities in the embedded system solutions, data communication and safety areas. The new office is managed by Stefano Bolzoni. Since 1998 IXXAT is active on the Italian market, represented by its Italian distributor Tecnologix. With the new sales office IXXAT reacts to the increasing demand for services and products from Italy and forms a base

IXXAT opens subsidiary in France

Since 1998, IXXAT has been active in the area of industrial and automotive data communications in the French market, supported by its distributor I.S.I.T. With its new subsidiary IXXAT S.A.R.L. in Paris, IXXAT is now reacting con-sistently to the growing demand for products and services in the French-speaking region. As of October 1, IXXAT S.A.R.L. will start operations, with a focus on the automotive, CAN hardware, OEM hardware,

Industrial Ethernet Module now conformance class B certified by PNO

IXXAT's Industrial Ethernet Module (IEM), which enables the fast and inexpensive connection of devices to PROFINET networks, has now been certified by the PNO in accordance with the conformance class B. At the successful certification according to the IEC 61158 standard all requirements for the conformance class B were met. The certificate approves both, the conformity to the PROFINET standard and the trouble-free interoperability with other certified devices. The IEM is used

Budget-friendly FlexRay Analysis Kit

With the new FR-IB100/PCIe FlexRay card and the multibusAnalyser IXXAT enables customers to set-up a low-cost analysis platform for FlexRay devices and systems. The multibusAnalyser for Windows 2000/XP/Windows7 allows to send FlexRay messages for stimulation or configuration of bus nodes very easily by using pre-defined transmission lists. Received messages can be displayed in scroll or overwrite mode, whereas changed message content is highlighted in color. Physical signals contained within the FlexRay

CAN Interface Trio for CAN, LIN and K-Line - New PCI Express Mini Card

With the new CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini, IXXAT extends its PCIe card series by a PCIe Mini format board with two CAN channels and galvanically isolated interfaces, which measures only 30 x 51 mm. In addition to the passive CAN-IB100/PCIe and the active CAN-IB200/PCIe, both available as standard and low-profile versions, CAN-IB120/PCIe Mini now enables the implementation of a CAN interface in applications with limited space. CAN-IB100/PCIe and CAN-IB200/PCIe are characterized by

IEEE 1588 IP Core extension for the telecommunication area and AVB networks

Many applications, in the telecommunication sector, in AVB networks as well as in the measurement and automation area, require a highly accurate time synchronization of the individual nodes in the system. The IEEE 1588 Precision Time Protocol (PTP), which is offered by IXXAT as protocol software package, enables the synchronization of nodes, which are connected e.g. via Ethernet. To achieve a highly accurate synchronization in the sub-microsecond range, however, in addition

canAnalyser Version 2.8

New features simplify operation and interaction with other tools IXXAT's canAnalyser is a powerful analysis tool for CAN, CANopen, SAE J1939 and DeviceNet systems. Both in the development area, for data analysis and device/system stimulation, and for commissioning and troubleshooting, the canAnalyser is successfully used worldwide and proven in practice. With the new version 2.8, canAnalyser was extended in terms of usability and interaction with other tools. canAnalyser and canAnalyser lite now

SAE J1939 Designer from IXXAT for cross-product configuration and design

With SAE J1939 Designer, IXXAT offers a cost-effective Windows-based tool for cross-product configuration and design. SAE J1939 Designer comes with a catalog, containing all user-specific parameters (SPNs) and messages (PGNs) defined within the J1939 standard. Thus, the corresponding values can be easily selected and assigned to the device during the definition process. In addition, the creation and maintenance of SPNs and PGNs is possible. Using the integrated code generators, users can

New IXXAT sales office in Switzerland

With its new sales office in Switzerland, IXXAT reacts to the increasing demand for CAN and Industrial Ethernet products, especially from Switzerland. Together with Mr. Johannes Haag, a long-standing and experienced IXXAT distributor, the new sales office was opened on March 1st, 2011. From now on, IXXAT is able to respond even better and faster to the demands and requirements of its Swiss customers. Johannes Haag has a degree in

One card, many possibilities

Cost-effective and flexible low-profile PCIexpress card for CAN, LIN and other bus systems With the new CAN-IB100/PCIe IXXAT is treading new ways in terms of field bus interface cards. The passive CAN PCIexpress card is based on a modern and highly modular concept. Due to this, it is very flexible and versatile, and all this at a very low price. Besides the standard version, the interface card is also available as low-profile

NMEA 2000 support for J1939 protocol software from IXXAT

Especially for the development of devices and systems for the maritime sector, IXXAT now offers an extension for its proven J1939 protocol software according to the NMEA 2000 standard. The extension enables the quick and cost-effective development of NMEA 2000 Level A&B Class 1 devices. The NMEA 2000 Protocol of the National Marine Electronics Association defines messages and mechanisms for applications in the maritime sector. Besides the "Fast Packet" protocol for rapid

Cost effective FlexRay PCIexpress card for analysis and control applications

With its new FR-IB100/PCIe IXXAT offers an extremely cost effective and high-performance interface card for FlexRay analysis and control applications as well as for the analysis of the FlexRay start-up behavior (asynchronous analysis mode). The card comes with an on-board 32 bit microcontroller system, two FlexRay channels (2 x 10 MBit) with Freescale MFR4310 protocol chip, and provides a time stamp resolution of 100 ns. The FR-IB100/PCIe can be used in

Universal I/O gateway for CAN and CANopen systems

With its new CANio 500, IXXAT offers a flexible I/O gateway for the easy and quick connection of analog and digital input and output signals to CAN and CANopen systems - whether in experimental setups, component test stands or vehicles. A key feature of the device are the inputs and outputs for digital and analog signals, which can be configured very flexible. The device has each four analog inputs and outputs

New Version of the SAE J1939 Protocol Software

IXXAT now offers its SAE J1939 protocol software in an extended and revised version 2.02. Besides an adaptation of the user interface, which now allows an easy extension of the software functionality via optional modules, e.g. for NMEA 2000 and ISO 15 765, the support of J1939 devices with dynamically adjustable addresses has been improved. The protocol software is completely written in ANSI-C. Required drivers, to adapt the software to the CAN

IXXAT’s IEEE 1588 PTP for STM32

IEEE 1588-2008 PTP Software from IXXAT for STM32 MCUs The IEEE 1588-2008 protocol software from IXXAT, which is integrated in ap-plications worldwide, now is also available for the STM32Fx07 family from STMicroelectronics. These MCUs have an integrated IEEE 1588 hardware time stamping unit which allows the highly accurate synchronization of devices in a distributed network. On this base, an accuracy in the range of nanoseconds can be achieved. Typical applications are

New Sales Director at IXXAT

Thomas Waggershauser is the new Sales Director at IXXAT Automation GmbH. In his new position, Thomas Waggershauser (34) is responsible for the sales activities of IXXAT and the development and expansion of the existing international distributors. Mr. Waggershauser has been employed at IXXAT Automation GmbH as a Sales Engineer since 2004, with responsibility for CAN and Automotive Systems. Before this he was a Product Manager for remote maintenance systems und signal generators

Tool set for the complete analysis and surveillance of CAN networks

The analysis and diagnostic tools from IXXAT have been complemented by the new CBT2plus and CANobserver, enabling an even easier analysis and monitoring of CAN networks during development, manufacturing and service. The new CBT2plus enables the fast and yet detailed analysis of the signal quality in CAN networks. Due to the various trigger modes and the integrated oscilloscope, errors can easily be analyzed and thus causes of errors can be detected

New boost for DeviceNet

DeviceNet, the first implementation of the Common Industrial Protocol (CIP) on CAN, which was developed more than 15 years ago, has seen a new boost because of the rising demand for EtherNet/IP, the Ethernet based version of CIP. Within the last 2 ½ years, more than 30 new DeviceNet vendors have registered an ODVA Vendor ID. The device manufacturers realized, that it makes not always sense to set-up an industrial

New Management at IXXAT Automation GmbH

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Konrad Etschberger, founder of IXXAT Automation GmbH and co-partner of IXXAT Holding GmbH will end his operational activities as the Managing Director of IXXAT Automation GmbH on March 31, 2010 and will take up the position of Chairman of the Advisory Board of IXXAT Holding. Together with the long-standing Managing Director and co-partner of IXXAT Holding, Dipl.-Ing. Christian Schlegel, Dipl.-Ing. Werner Sauter will manage the company as the Business

New CANopen extension for IXXAT's canAnalyser

With the new version 2.7 of the CANopen module, IXXAT offers a revised and considerably extended version of its proven CANopen extension for the canAnalyser. The CANopen module is an extension for the canAnalyser 2.7, enabling the display of received layer-2 messages according to the CANopen notation. At this, received messages are analyzed according to the communication objects defined in the CANopen protocol and assigned to the nodes. The message content

EtherCAT Master Stack

IXXAT now offers an EtherCAT Master Stack, specially suited for the usage under real time operating systems on embedded platforms. At this, many conventional network interface cards are directly supported, so no special hardware is required for the Ethernet connection. Already late last year, IXXAT extended its EtherCAT product portfolio by establishing a cooperation with acontis technologies GmbH, a leading technology provider in the area of

CARcorder – Data Logger for FlexRay and CAN

IXXAT presents on the Embedded World fair the first version of its new data logger for automotive communication systems The CARcorder is available as Basic or Plus version. The Basic version provides already six CAN interfaces (ISO 11898-2 / 11898-3), two LIN and two RS232 interfaces, an USB host/device interface as well as an interface switchable between SAE J1850 and K/L-line. In addition, the device comes with digital and analog inputs

CANobserver - Diagnostic tool for the long-term monitoring of CAN bus systems

The new CANobserver from IXXAT enables the physical and logical long-term monitoring of CAN, CANopen and DeviceNet systems. For this, the device is permanently integrated into the network and continuously monitors and records the data transfer (up to several years). Sporadic negative impacts, such as external EMC interferences or a slowly deteriorating signal quality caused by worn plug connections, can be detected by the physical layer diagnosis and logical frame

IXXAT presents the Industrial Ethernet Module with integrated Switch

IXXAT's FPGA based Industrial Ethernet Module (IEM) now integrates a high-capacity Switch-IP which enables customers to implement powerful and economic line topologies. The IEM implements a cost efficient and flexible solution to adapt to various Industrial Ethernet technologies. The IEM is based on a powerful Altera Cyclone III FPGA which includes, besides an integrated 32-bit CPU, PHYs, magnetic modules and RJ45 jacks, the new 3-port switch IP for Profinet, EtherNet/IP and

CAN Trouble Shooting - New seminar für developers and service engineers

With its new "CAN network analysis seminar", IXXAT now offers a one-day training specially intended for developers of CAN devices and service engineers. The seminar provides an overview about possibilities and procedures for the successful analysis of CAN bus systems. This includes analysis of the communication level, e.g. for CAN device or network software development, as well as testing on physical level, e.g. for design and commissioning of CAN networks. In

IXXAT Industrial Ethernet Module now POWERLINK Certified

Conformance of the Industrial Ethernet Module (IEM) as part of the POWERLINK Starterkit now approved. As one of the first devices, the IXXAT POWERLINK Starterkit Controlled Node (CN) receives the official certificate of the EPSG POWERLINK Conformance Test. The Starterkit consists of an IXXAT Industrial Ethernet Module, a carrier board, a CPU module as well as a demo application. The IEM, as base hardware for different real-time Ethernet protocols, is based

Modbus-TCP Slave Protocol Software by IXXAT

IXXAT offers with its new Modbus-TCP Stack a powerful software package allowing the fast and easy development of Modbus-TCP server devices. The software supports the conformance classes 0 and 1 as well as parts of the conformance class 2. To enable the best possible integration of the protocol software into the customer application, various options for configuration and adaptation of the software are available. This includes e.g. the possibility to

SAE J1939 API for Microsoft Windows XP/Vista

With the new SAE J1939 API IXXAT offers the J1939 protocol software with a comfortable programming interface as a DLL for Windows XP/Vista and allows herewith the easy implementation of SAE J1939 applications on the PC. It is based on the VCI CAN driver and thereby supports all CAN interfaces form IXXAT. The 1939 API is currently available for the programming languages C/C++ and Phyton. Support of the .NET framework

Universal Embedded Platform for the Automotive Area

The universal Embedded Platform, which was already successful presented in March on the Embedded World Fair in Nuremberg, can as of now be delivered to interested customers. The Embedded Platform was specially designed for customers, which like to develop applications for the industrial or automotive area, but do not yet have the final target hardware with the required field bus interfaces available. The hardware supports a temperature range between -20 °C

IXXAT announces IntervalZero RTX Drivers for CAN Boards

IXXAT Automation GmbH, a leading supplier of products and services for the data communication in industrial and mobile systems, has announced the release of an IntervalZero RTX driver for one of its CAN boards, and said it will soon release RTX drivers for other CAN boards. IXXAT’s communication solutions like CAN Boards, CANopen software and tools are used by companies worldwide in applications such as machine control, elevator technology, marine automation,

CANopen Stack supports SocketCAN drivers for Linux

IXXAT Automation GmbH is pleased to announce that the versatile CANopenRT protocol software now supports the most recent implementation of the SocketCAN drivers for Linux using the Sysfs virtual file system. SocketCAN is a set of open source drivers and a network stack that extends the Berkeley sockets API in Linux by introducing a new protocol family PF_CAN. Main components of SocketCAN are the network device drivers for different CAN controllers

IXXAT CAN Driver Supports TenAsys INtime RTOS for Windows

IXXAT Automation announces the port of its CAN driver software to TenAsys INtime RTOS for Windows. TenAsys Corporation is a leading provider of real-time OS and virtualization software technology. The INtime software combines deterministic, hard real-time control with standard Windows operating systems without requiring additional hardware. Real-time and non-real-time applications run in separate virtual machines on a single computer, enabling cost-effective, reliable control that is easy to develop and maintain. The Embedded

New CANopen API for Microsoft Windows Vista

The CANopen Master API and CANopen Manager API from IXXAT now support also Microsoft Windows Vista. With Windows Vista Microsoft released a successor to Windows XP that not only features an updated user interface but also introduces a number of new security and safety features that have direct impact on user applications and driver software. With version 5.2 of the CANopen Master API and version 2.0 of the CANopen Manager

Seminars for CAN, CANopen and EtherNet/IP

The seminars offered by IXXAT provide a quick and detailed introduction to current communication technologies. The seminars are aimed primarily at developers and system designers who have to implement their own developments and want to acquire substantial basic knowledge of the technologies. However, they are also suitable for decision-makers who want to learn about the potential of the technologies. The next dates for seminars in Weingarten: - CAN: March 24.-25. 2009 -

High System Availability with IXXAT's Powerlink Stacks

Powerlink with redundant Managing Nodes according to the specification V 1.1.0 and WDS 302-A A major safety feature for industrial communication is the continuous system availability, even if failures in essential components occur, e.g. in the communication master or in network connections (cables). To ensure a high system availability, the availability of the controller as well as of the network must be guaranteed. For this reason, a highly available controller solution was

FlexRay/CAN Gateway with up to four CAN Interfaces

The FlexRay/CAN Gateway software package enables the user to set up a flexible and configurable gateway for the transmission of FlexRay messages and signals to CAN, based on the FlexRay CCM or the FRC-EP150 hardware platform. In case of using the new FlexRay platform FRC-EP150, easy user configurable gateways with up to four CAN interfaces are possible. The transmission can be performed in both directions and is especially useful for applications

IXXAT CARcorder – Logging of Automotive Bus Systems

IXXAT's CARcorder is an universal, automotive diagnosis and logging system for all vehicle communication busses. The two processor architecture enables the fanless device to record all traffic synchronous and without loosing any data. At this, the CARcorder provides the following interfaces: FlexRay, 6 x CAN, 4 x LIN, K-Line, Ethernet, Digital/Analog-IO and RS232. The logging application runs on an embedded PC with 520 MHz clock frequency and Windows CE operating system.

New Industrial Ethernet Module from IXXAT

Support of all important Industrial Ethernet Protocols. At the upcoming SPS/IPC/DRIVES fair in Nuremberg, IXXAT will present the new Industrial Ethernet Module, which enables customers to easily connect their devices to networks based on an Industrial Ethernet standard. The new Industrial Ethernet Module was designed from the ground up to support various protocol standards. At this, a powerful Altera Cyclone III FPGA is used and low manufacturing costs for the module

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