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Second Life: Speedway Challenge

It\'s that time again, ladies and gentlemen! Event time at MyControl Speedway, with the Speedway Challenge! This time, though, the scale has been increased, and the stakes have been raised. I\'ve certainly got November 15th marked on my calendar. As if our sponsors,, weren\'t generous enough with the L$4000 usual prize money they provide, they\'ve upped the ante this time with a huge offering of L$20,000! The winner of

MyControl Speedway Blitz Race Results

The popular open-formula race at MyControl Speedway had a support race for the first time this week, in the form of a one-make race consisting of Mishi Rossini\'s newly released MR Blitz. The car is designed especially for racing, and is one of the fastest cars seen at MyControl Speedway, with several 20 secons laps. This was the first event in which the car would establish its racing pedigree, as

MyControl Speedway Open Formula Race Results

The open-formula race has taken place, and despite suffering from the absence of some key drivers, didn\'t disappoint in terms of action. During the qualifying session it became apparent that a few important drivers were missing, namely Yetrates Bates, Peldon Cordeaux and Caine Beresford. The absence of these top 5 drivers allowed a chance to some of the slower and less experienced drivers to have a run in an open-formula race.

Second Life: MyControl Speedway official race

The next MyControl Speedway official race is now scheduled for Thursday 25th October, with qualifying starting at 12PM PDT, with the race beginning around 1:15PM. There’s a lot going on this time, and it’ll be a great race to see. Team Pixel Props didn’t succeed in their drive to oust Team RedLine Racing from the number one spot they’ve been occupying since the start of the official races last time out,

Second Life: Return of the British Knights?

On Thursday, Sep. 27th 2007, there will be the long awaited next race on MyControl Speedway in the Open Class Category. Team Pixel Props, a steadfast bastion of traditional British racing, has thrown down the gauntlet to take over predominance on the asphalt from undefeated Team RedLine Racing. During the training sessions Caine Beresford (Rank 5) closed up to his teammate Peldon Cordeaux (Rank 3), pushing the crossbar to an unseen level

Second Life: New lap record on MyControl Speedway

No 72 hours have passed since there was a prize money set out for the next new best lap on MyControl Speedway, Magrathea, Second Life, and there is a new all-time fastest lap: 17.1634 seconds by Yetrates Bates. Therby Bates pushed Wilton Beaumont on second place, who was holding the best-lap record with 17.8826 seconds for over four weeks. Bates told after the feat, brightly smiling, that she has been tweaking her

Faster Then The Speed Of Second Life

MyControl Speedway in Magrathea, Second Life, will reward the next setter of a all-time track\'s best lap with $L800. The reward is sponsored by, after last race\'s prize moneys could not be called by the drivers (see last article). Current best lap of 17.883 seconds was driven by Wilton Beaumont (Team 777 League Racers), at July 29th 2007 in a TREX Gold Dragon. All drivers and all vehicles are allowed to try

Second Life: "It's a bad day for British motorsport"

The outcome of yesterday\'s 2nd Official Race on MyControl Speedway, Magrathea, Second Life, got disfavored by heavy showers of lag and various personal indispositions among the racing teams. Starting with a clean track during Free Training Session, that gave drivers the opportunity to go very fast laps, things seemed just perfect. The following Qualifying Session experienced just a single sim crash, giving no forboding on the coming events. Qualifying results: P1 Wilton Beaumont -

Second Life: 2nd Official Race at MyControl Speedway, 2007/8/16 2:15pm PDT

The exciting first official race on MyControl Speedway in Second Life will now be followed by the 2nd Official Race on MyControl Speedway on Thursday, August 16th 2007, 2:15pm PDT (SLT). The total prize money of L$4,000 waiting for the drivers was sponsored by Starting with a two hours Free Practice Session at 11:00am PDT teams and free drivers have the opportunity to finish their setups for the

Second Life: Yetrates Bates wins 1st Official Race on MyControl Speedway

Results from Race on 2007/08/02 over 50 laps on MyControl Speedway, Magrathea, Second Life: P1 Yetrates Bates (Team RedLine Racing) - 23:53 minutes - best lap 18.822 P2 Wilton Beaumont (Team 777 League Racers) - 49 laps - best lap 17.953 P3 Nautilus Rees - 34 laps - best lap 29.084 P4 kami22 Beck - 33 laps - best lap 26.581 P5 Peldon Cordeaux - 29 laps - best lap 24.007 Matty Dinzeo retired after a

Second Life: First Official Race at MyControl Speedway, 2007/8/2 1:30pm PDT

Now that four training races have been absolved successfully there will be the first offical race on MyControl Speedway in Second Life on Thursday, August 2nd 2007, 1:30pm PDT (SLT). The total Prize money of L$2,100 waiting for the drivers was sponsored by Starting with a two and a half hour Free Practice Session at 10:00am PDT teams and free drivers have the opportunity to finish their setups for the track. Qualifying

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