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Harvesting drinking water from the air with the power of space

Obtaining fresh drinking water from the air has been very energy intensive for a long time. Researchers at ETH Zurich have now invented a current less technology that uses the cooling of space for this. The new device essentially consists of a specially coated pane of glass that both reflects solar radiation and radiates its own heat into space via the atmosphere. As a result, it cools down to 15 degrees

Create your Green Bond or Crowdfunding for free

For me social Photovoltaics is very exciting. Imagine you are struggling to afford electricity bills and the power of sun helps you, so the grid provider can hardly cut you off. So in the current situation everybody wants to save money.  Most people will rush to switch to the cheapest Electricity Provider and the cheapest Option these Days is the Sun. Even the International Energy Agency tells us these days that photovoltaics

TOP 5 Most Efficient Commercial Available Solar Panels March of 2020

he photovoltaic industry has made tremendous progress and is the cheapest way to build new electricity production capacity worldwide. Another positive feature is that photovoltaics produce no emissions. Finally, the danger of fine dust as a possible intensifier of the course of a coronavirus disease has also caught the attention of the media. ? We should focus much more on resilient and decentralized solar energy, also to improve the health, living conditions and financial

Calculate Corona doubling by yourself

"The greatest weakness of humanity is its inability to understand the exponential function," said physicist Al Bartlett in his book "The Essential Exponential!" written. For Example there are 112 (known) corona cases in Austria today and the rate of duplication (outside of China) is 4 days. So could there be 1 million cases in Austria in just over a month? Do the calculations yourself with this doubling calculator: But you can use

Ski Lift can run on photovoltaic electricity of the summer

“In summer, weights are transported up the mountain and left in the valley in winter, and the photovoltaic energy of summer is available in dark winter.” Bill Gates explained his investment in lift or gravitational energy storage technology in a similar way. Batteries are getting cheaper and cheaper and will soon offer a cheap, short-term solution for storing energy for daily energy needs. However, the long-term storage capacity of batteries, for example

Are rare earths used in Solar Panels and Batteries

According to a report by ADEME , the earths are not so rare. Especially in photovoltaic or solar energy and battery technologies are not widely used. Despite their name, they are not that rare. The rare earth consumption in the area of ​​the generation of renewable energies is mainly due to the use of permanent magnets for offshore wind energy, which are only used by a small part of the wind

How many Exponential Steps to Mars

When we want to understand the exponential impact to the biosphere Johan Rockström can help, speaking from the World Economic Forum in Zurich: If I take 35 linear steps, I’ll barely reach the coffee stand outside of this room. What happens if I take 35 exponential steps(Steps doubles up)? I’d reach Copenhagen after 21 steps. Three more steps, I’m in New York. Another two steps and I encircle the entire

Solar-power replacement as a solution for hydropower foregone in US dam removals

A new US Study concludes that when all the hydro-dams in the United States were removed and only 50% of the emergent land was used for PVs, 945,062 GWh yr power could be generated, which is 3.44 times the current hydropower generation. Details of this remarkable Study, which estimates only a ‘fixed tilt PVs with a capacity of carefully 2.4 ha per MWp’. Theroretical when we have 20% efficiency so only 0.5

Panel-Level Battery Integration Holds Out Promise of 40 Percent Reductions in So …

New lithium-ion battery energy storage modules integrated with individual solar racking systems and PV panels can reduce the costs of commercial, rooftop solar-plus-storage energy installations (100 kW-500 kW) an average of 40 percent, according to Yotta Solar, developer of the SolarLEAF. Yotta Solar and PanelClaw, a leader manufacturer and vendor of flat-roof solar energy racking systems, recently announced that the latter would integrate SolarLEAF as an attachment to its rooftop racking

Calculate how many Photovoltaic Modules do you need to fill a hydrogen car

A lot is written about automobiles and the electrification of the same, because cars cause a lot of emotions. Most car buying decisions are made today by women. Currently, women like masculine, safe and big cars, which presumably mediate lack of emotional warmth? Cold technology like solar energy makes it difficult for women to score. Technology is often communicated to women unemotional and cold? Cars, on the other hand, may

New Floating Photovoltaic Trampoline compare online other floating Technologies

Statkraft Albania received a preliminary authorization from the Government of Albania for the implementation of a floating solar plant at Banja with a feed-in-tariff in December 2018. The design of the Ocean Sun array includes dual-glass, silicon crystalline modules with customized junction box, cables and attachment features. The modules are attached to the membrane using a unique fixation mechanism, the company explains. This enables good thermal contact with the water

Understanding the bifacial boost with the online Balcony Photovoltaic Calculator …

The technical basis of bifacial (two-sided) photovoltaic modules has been around since the 1960s. But it was only with the falling module glass prices that it became economically interesting. This technology will achieve a market share of 35% in the next few years. The rear side of the PV modules can now also convert reflected beams (albedo) into electricity. This results in completely new applications. Using the example of a balcony

Repowering does it pay off these online Tools can help

The repowering of photovoltaic systems business has therefore grown steadily in recent years. Not only small PV systems were exchanged on private and commercial roofs to make room and also whole solar parks. In the past thin film modules, which were exchanged for crystalline modules and thus free space for more power, were used after the fall of the Minimum import price for Chinese solar modules completely new possibilities for operators and administrators

Jinko Solar and Hanwha Q Cells touts LeTID testing shows minimal degradation

Jinko Solar and Hanwha Q Cells touts LeTID testing shows minimal degradation JinkoSolar has highlighted success using new LeTID (Light elevated Temperature Induced Degradation) testing standards in minimising performance losses in its P-type mono-PERC and N-type monocrystalline solar cells. Hanwha Q CELLS' half-cell monocrystalline ‘Q.PEAK DUO’ modules and multicrystalline ‘Q.PLUS’ modules were reported to have exhibited little impact due to LeTID, this among nine module types tested by Fraunhofer CSP. Jinko Solar

Top 10 solar pv module suppliers in 2018 and area to kwh to eur calculator

JinkoSolar is leading global module supplier during 2018 and was barely in doubt during the year. JA Solar established itself as Jinko’s closest rival globally. Trina Solar saw its ranking fall in 2018. LONGi was another winner in 2018. A key information, when it comes to plan your Photovoltaic Project is how much Energy and Money you get from the space you have. So we put the area efficiency of most PV Modules, into

Global Photovoltaic installations reached 109 GWp in 2018

The news agency Bloomberg New Energy Finance reports In 2018, more than 109 GWp of photovoltaics were installed globally. Reasons for the enormous increase include a 12% reduction in installation costs. Likewise, easier financing through banks. Solar energy has now surpassed wind at Bankability, partly because sun is easier to forecast and maintenance costs are much lower. Also, the quality and efficiency of the modules has increased enormously, as well as

Off-Grid Solar Car needs only a quarter of gas (eq) per 100 km

Everywhere more and more cars are coming onto the market. The fronts of some pickups are even as tall as an adult. If we also remember that every 2nd advertising EURO comes from the auto industry, it is not surprising that we also buy what the auto industry serves us. If engineers do not have to pay attention to sales, only 1/4 liter of diesel equivalent per 100 km is

China launches subsidy-free solar, wind power after project costs fall – Calcu …

BEIJING/SHANGHAI (Reuters) – China will launch a series of subsidy-free wind and solar projects this year to take advantage of a rapid fall in construction costs since 2012 and tackle a gaping payment backlog, the country’s top planning agency said on Thursday. Last year, the government was forced to suspend all new subsidized solar capacity approvals after a record 53-gigawatt capacity increase in 2017 left it with a backlog of at

Top-10 solar cell producers of 2018 Wiring solar panels: Calculate in series and …

We have a group of four companies (JA Solar, Trina Solar, JinkoSolar and Canadian Solar) that can be considered as a globally recognized manufacturer of integrated cell / module modules, all of which produce multi GW (1000 MW) cells plants in Southeast Asia, with the Domestic Chinese third-party providers for example, be supplied by Tongwei and Aiko. JA Solar and JinkoSolar have largely repositioned themselves as manufacturers of p-mono PERC cells,

Austrian Photovoltaic Subsidies and calculate how to build PV without subsidies

In Austria Photovoltaic subsidy starts on 09. January at 17 o’clock. Feed in Tariff subsidy 7.67 cents / kWh & investment subsidy 250 EUR / kWp. Learn with the online PV Calculator, that it is also financial feasible without government money to build a Photovoltaic System. Calculate online the Leveraged Cost of Photovoltaic Electricity short LCOE and calculate how the inflation will help you. Amortissement photovoltaïque tenant compte de l'inflation Amortización fotovoltaica teniendo en cuenta

Meet the Solar Car you do need to charge - Calculate online your fuel usage

5.000 Km a year on solar power alone, even in the worst cases of low sunlight. mö is a Solar bio-hybrid vehicle for the everyday commute. Practical, agile and versatile, it’s an innovative and ultra-efficient urban vehicle. It combines the advantages of a car such as safety, weather protection and comfort, with the low energy consumption and space utilization of a light electric vehicle. The portable battery system, flexible cargo capabilities

Free Photovoltaic Module Datasheet Game

Play a fun Quartett or Slot Game and win a Photovoltaic Module. Compare the different Datasheets and when you have three Modules of the same Specification the Sign In Form will be displayed. Sign in for the chance to win a modern Module from Sunpower, FirstSolar, REC, Jinko, Trina, Off-Grid or Longi. Juego en español Jeu en français Photovoltaic Think Tank Non Profit Photovoltaic News Free PV Project Exchange Thomas Karl Reis Am Steinfeld 6 2511 Pfaffstätten Thomas Karl Reis Am

Good News for used Photovotaic - Module Predictions are getting better

This week we got good news for the lifetime of Photovoltaic Systems. SunPower is the industry leader when it comes to solar module degradation. They have the lowest warranted degradation rate at 0.25% a year, and after its 25 year solar panel warranty lifetime the company projects that its PV modules will be at 92% of their original output. Additionally, 99 out of 100 solar modules are projected to be

How to translate spanish Slides about bifacial Modules

Europe is entering a new era of subsidy-free projects from Spain to the UK after a solid but unremarkable 2018. Trina, Jinko and many more are providing the Technology for a post-subsidy area. Bifacial Modules and Storage technology will bring new revenue streams in those markets where the regulators have enabled them. Increased Albedo Effects from Trackers will give Bifacial Modules a boost to up to 50% more performance. A very interesting webinar

SolarPower Europe Calls for 5GW Solar Module Factories - Barrel to kKWh, MWh, GW …

SolarPower Europe has launched a major policy push for an industrial strategy for solar in Europe. The core element of this call for action is the ambition to see large scale module manufacturing set up in Europe. SolarPower Europe represents the European solar manufacturing community with over 35 leading EU solar industrial players. We from Photovoltaic for Europe give to consider, that this is by far too less. When we look

Real Time Solar Radiation and Photovoltaic Power Estimation on your current plac …

Ever questioned how much your Photovoltaic or Solar power plant is producing exact at this moment? Now everybody can make a fast comparison of how much his PV Plant is producing exact at this moment, calculated with real time Solar Radiation Data. After our Five Days Solar and Photovoltaic Weather Forecast, we are pleased to provide a very simple and fast Peak Power estimation of the current Time and the Size of

Calculate Gravity Storage and Lift Costs and kcal to climb stairs

Ever wonder how much Energy you can save climbing the stair? How much energy is in Gravity or in the stairs? Or want to estimate how much kcal, cal, J your body burns when you climb stairs? We from Photovoltaic for Europe made an online Calculator, to decide how stacking concrete blocks are feasible to store energy. Photovoltaic Think Tank Non Profit Photovoltaic News and PV Project Exchange Thomas Karl Reis Am Steinfeld 6 2511 Pfaffstätten

Wiring solar panels: Calculate in series and parallel wired PV solar panels

Simple online Calculation of Modules connected in series: Interconnection of any number of Modules is usually done as a series connection. In this case, the negative terminal of one Module is connected to the positive terminal of the other Module, so that all Modules are supplied with the same current. The resulting total stress is then the sum of the partial stresses. The series connection of Modules is often referred

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