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How to Market to schools

Every year the education budget in the UK is set to over £85billion and successive governments seem very keen on protecting this portion of their budget. The reasons for this are plenty but that’s not what we want to discuss here, it kind of doesn’t matter. What matters is how you get your business in front of school buyers, how you market to schools and how you make

The school procurement process

Schools, like all public sector bodies and larger private sector organisations, conduct their procurement according to budgets. These budgets are set at the top of the organisation’s tree and filtered down to the budget holders who have been given the responsibility to spend this money. Spend being the operative word. School procurement is a little bit like a communist society – spend it or lose it.

Help - there are no suitable schools near me!

Well, there probably are. You just don’t know how to find them. And your version of suitable and someone else’s version of suitable may just be totally different. Consider these 4 different parents and let’s ask them all the same question about the suitability of the local secondary schools. Parents 1 – their child is an outstanding learner and keen to embark on a successful career. There

How to find a school that’s right for your child

There comes a point when every parent goes through the process to find a school for their child. It can be a difficult process – you might have a different opinion on choice of schools than your child; you may be moving to a new area; or you may be looking at an independent, fee paying school for your child. Whatever the scenario, help is on hand to

How to search schools when moving to a new area

Sometimes the search for a school can carry slightly more issues than normal, and this is particularly the case if you are moving to a new area. You may be moving jobs, or moving back to the place you grew up – whatever the scenario, you are left with the task of searching for schools in a new area you may not necessarily be familiar with. So, how

How to Find a UK uni – the 7 most popular questions

Whenever we provide information and help to students looking for a uni in the UK we are often met with the same questions coming back to us, so we thought why not write a blog providing students with honest and accurate information about finding unis. So, here is a run-down of the top 7 questions we get asked and the most common answers we have given. Where can

UCAS and the importance of University Open Days

Having decided to go to university the first two points of call you will need to consider are your UCAS application and the university open days. The two elements are interlinked, however, and careful consideration should be given to both. Here is why. UCAS (the University and College Admissions Service) give you the ability to apply to a finite number of universities, and there is just one

The 5 most effective methods of advertising to teachers

Once you have made your mind up that you want to sell into the education sector, you are going to need a really good strategy to get those teachers listening and engaging with your product or service. Your strategy for advertising to teachers will depend on a lot of factors, such as your product, your budget, your expected margins, your competition, and how important schools are to your marketing

The growth of the School buyers’ directory

We all know how directory systems work, because we have all heard of the Yellow pages, which is now faring much better as This is a sort of blanket directory for any business, in any category, in any location in the world to advertise themselves and hopefully gain customers just by being listed. There are then the specialist directories, such as just eat and hungry house, which

Getting more leads from schools

Crazy as it may sound, to get leads from schools you do not need to be a marketing expert, you do not need to have a database of 5,000 schools you have already done business with, nor do you need a bottomless pit of money to spend on a marketing and a sales team. What you do need, though, is patience, a willingness to learn, and a compelling offering

How to do business with schools, easily

Ok we know, so it isn’t quite as simple as coming in one day, switching on the computer and having a tidal wave of leads in your inbox from schools wanting to do business with you. But, it’s not that tricky either. Not as tricky as people would have you believe. You see, teachers are creatures of habit, and therefore so too are schools, so if you

University Degree courses - 8 things to consider before applying

Once you have made the decision to become a student and apply for a university degree course, there are a number of factors you must consider to ensure you make the right degree choice. There is the university’s reputation, the city you are planning to go to, the accommodation facilities, and of course the degree course itself. In this article we are going to look at the 8

Beginning the search for a University - University Open Days

So you have decided you want to go to University – great start! So, where to begin? Your first port of call when looking into the minefield of universities is to go and look around some – all universities in the UK hold specific University Open Days, giving you the chance to visit the buildings, the city, the lecture theatres, the sports facilities, and perhaps meet some of

Find a UK University – 5 important tips for overseas students

With a growing number of students coming to British universities from overseas it is only fair that we offer out some advice to these students about how to find a UK University perfect for them. So, we have spoken to thousands of students from abroad who visit UK universities each year to look around, apply or start courses, and come up with the definitive guide for overseas students trying

Finding a University course – Keep an open mind!

Over the last 15 years there has been a surge in the number of universities in the UK as many of the traditional polytechnic colleges have converted to University status and many Further Education colleges now offer undergraduate degree courses. As a result of this change, the number of degree courses on offer has risen sharply, giving students a much wider choice of university courses. So, has finding

The 4 step process to find a University

Searching for the perfect university to study can be a daunting experience. With seemingly limitless parameters to choose between you would be forgiven for thinking it’s an uphill task to find a university to study. That’s why we have put together this guide to help you along your way and hopefully assist you in finding the right place to commence your studies. Step 1 – The Course What

How to read an OFSTED Report

OFSTED reports are standardised documents showing the ratings and recommendations from the last inspection carried out. Most people choose to focus on the overall score, a grading from 1 (Outstanding) to 4 (Requires Improvement). Some schools at level 4 can be placed in what is called Special Measures, but more on that later. This article is designed to explain how an OFSTED inspection report works and how

How do you find the best local schools?

We often get asked here what are the best local schools in a given area, or where should we send our child to get the best education. Of course we don’t really know the answer to this and aren’t in the business of handing out bad advice! We also struggle to offer advice on an individual basis because choosing a school is a personal matter. We can,

Three common traits of the best secondary schools

What do the best secondary schools have in common? Well the short answer is – nothing! No two schools are the same is make up or quality, which makes judging them very difficult. That is why the OFSTED reporting system is designed to compare a school against itself, rather than other schools in the locality, like a league table system would. But, if you are looking

What 5 things will help you to search for secondary schools?

The search for the right secondary school for your son or daughter can be a difficult process. It can be straightforward, you may be fortunate enough to have a primary school which acts as a feeder school and all the details are arranged for you, but what if that isn’t the case, what if you need to make your own arrangements and do your own research. Where do

How to find a secondary school – 4 golden nuggets

Many primary schools in the UK act as feeder schools for secondary schools and so making the choice as to which school to go to is straightforward. However, what if you want your child to go to an independent school, what if the recommended secondary school is in a location inconvenient to you, or what if you are moving to a new area and need to look at schools

How to choose a local secondary school

Finding the best secondary school for your child is not easy. There are considerations for today, like distance from home, quality of GCSE grades, after school activities, and there are considerations for 5 years down the line, like does it have a 6th form centre, what job prospects are there and so on. With all these considerations, finding the right local secondary schools for your children requires some

Finding the best schools near me

Parents often ask us how they should go about finding good local schools. For many looking for the first time, there seems a lot of questions to ask, and limited places in which to find the answers. This article is designed to help you find the knowledge you need to make sure you pick the right primary school for your children, even if you think there is too

Who are OFSTED and why are they so important?

There is a lot of debate and some confusion surrounding OFSTED and its value in determining the quality of primary schools in the UK, so who exactly are OFSTED and what role do they play in telling parents the difference between local schools. OFSTED are the Office for Standards in Education, and are a branch of the Department for Education within the government. They are responsible for defining

The best local schools awards

We often get asked what are the best local schools in a particular area and the reasons why a certain school is better than another. So, we thought we would put this question back to our website users and find out what they thought of their children’s schools and what made them the best local schools. After a few weeks of collecting data we collated the information and

The 5 features of the best primary schools

We all want our children to go the best primary schools and we all want them to have the best education. But what makes some schools better than others, and what are the common similarities between the best primary schools? We have come up with a list of the top 5 features of the best local primary schools to make your decision on where to send your child

How to search primary schools near you

One of the most important decisions you will make on your child’s future is to find the right primary school for them to continue their learning journey. So the search for primary schools can be a tough one. Sure there will be primary schools near to your house, but are they the right ones for your child? Do they tick all your criteria for sending your child

8 top tips to find local schools

Finding your child’s first ever school can be a little bit daunting. It is a big decision to make and will shape your child’s development for the next 7 or 8 years. So just how do you go about making this choice? The first thing you need to do is make a shortlist. The majority of parents will base this shortlist on a radius around their

Getting in to the local primary schools of your choice

You may already know which local primary school you want your child to go to, you may have no idea. You may have only just started looking or you may be on the verge of making a choice. Wherever you are at, it is important to ensure you have all the knowledge at your disposal to make the right decision. So how do you go about choosing

How to sell to schools in 4 easy steps

Wow. What a statement! If we all knew the answer to this, we would all be wealthy right? Well we are not here to give you a hard and fast answer as to how to sell to schools, but we can certainly help. We can cover some important considerations which although will not tell you everything you need to know to sell your particular product or

Why Selling to Schools might be easier than you think

Why Selling to Schools might be easier than you think Picture the scenario. You have been allocated a marketing budget to promote your products and services to your companies target audience. The key to you making the right choices as to how to spend your budget is the return you will get on your investment, right? This is true, but sometimes it can be very difficult to measure

How do schools buy?

We often get asked about buying patterns in schools, about the whole procurement process in schools, about how schools buy. The answer is straightforward – all schools and departments buy in different ways. Dependant on who your target is in the school will depend on how they buy, and therefore how you target them, how often you market to them, and how you deal with them in the

Marketing to schools – 4 things you should know

There is a common myth that selling to schools is a closed book, that the annual education budget is spread amongst the few larger organisations lucky enough to be “in” with UK schools, and that breaking into this closed group is not possible without investing vast amounts of time and budget. Well, you’ve guessed it, this is a downright myth! Hundreds of businesses manage to successfully market their

Finding the right Schools Directory

Ever wondered how schools and teachers buy goods and services from private enterprises? Ever wondered how to crack the minefield that is selling to schools? Looking to take advantage of a piece of the £83bn annual UK school spend? There are literally scores of ways of developing relationships with schools and developing a presence to boost your sales within the sector. But what if you are just starting

The 4 vital ingredients for building a UK Schools Database

Any budding chefs out there will know the importance of layering flavours. The same must be said for building a UK Schools Database to promote your products and services into schools. Picture the spice rack in your kitchen, you may have the small 8 spice version, you may have the larger 20 spice version, or you may be the adventurous type who spends their weekends in the Chinese

EdProcure launches brand new website

Helping 400,000 Teachers and Decision Makers source goods and services & 3,500 Education Suppliers Sell to Schools EdProcure, the UK’s largest Education Supplier database, have announced today the launch of their new website, The site is currently accessed by over 400,000 Teachers and School budget holders who take advantage of the fastest method of school procurement available today. EdProcure’s customer base has rapidly grown from zero to over

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