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New website – New Online store – customers can now shop for Lee Spring parts …

Market leaders Lee Spring are delighted to provide their customers with the opportunity to buy online with full account management and basket purchasing facilities on their new easy to navigate website at – a fast ecommerce experience with highly efficient product search and CAD downloads. Lee Spring offer over 25,000 stock spring designs on this site - ready to ship today with pricing and detailed specifications easy to view. These

Lee Spring at Southern Manufacturing & Electronics Exhibition, Farnborough, 11-1 …

This year at Southern Manufacturing Exhibition, engineers and buyers seeking expertise in spring technology will be able to talk directly with the technical experts at Lee Spring. Lee Spring has recently expanded their UK manufacturing operations with the acquisition of Longcroft Engineering located in Lancashire between Manchester and Leeds. This acquisition provides Lee Spring with additional resources and capabilities to engineer and manufacturer a wider range of products here in

Exotic alloys - Lee Spring explain what they are and when to use them

Materials with high alloy content, known as super alloys or exotic alloys, offer enhanced performance properties including excellent strength and durability, and resistance to oxidation, corrosion and deforming at high temperatures or under extreme pressure. Because of these properties, super alloys make the best spring materials for demanding working conditions, which can be encountered across various industry sectors, including the Automotive, Marine and Aerospace sectors as well as oil and

REDUX™ Wave Springs from Lee Spring – an enabling technology

Lee Spring REDUX™ wave springs offer a way of performing a spring function in minimal spaces – even perhaps where no other spring could work effectively. Typically, REDUX wave springs occupy just 30-50% of the compressed height space of the conventional round wire springs, yet they offer more deflection with the same load specifications. This not only helps to save space in the applications but also reduces the production costs,

Lee Spring address extreme conditions of varying types

Lee Spring address the issues of extreme conditions through use of specialist materials and while low or high temperatures may take our minds toward expensive exotic alloys, extreme conditions vary to a wide extent such as being highly sensitive to magnetic, electrical or chemical conditions. To meet these conditions they also offer the ex-stock LeeP™ plastic spring range which provides non-magnetic, non-corrosive and chemically inert properties in a lightweight package

Lee Spring support the latest in saturation diving safety with custom valve spri …

When JFD Ltd – global marine diving specialist equipment manufacturers were developing their COBRA saturation diving system, to provide a massive step change improvement in safety and performance, they needed a valve spring supplier with a matching ethos and dedication. The COBRA system pushes bailout duration from 30 mins at 100m to a dramatically improved 45 mins – 15 more minutes of emergency cover for a diver to regain to

Lee Spring now offer metric and imperial springs for pharmaceutical industries

We hear that many springs from Lee Spring are especially suited to medical and related pharmaceutical applications where reliability and precision are essential, and potentially life critical factors. Standard spring designs available ex-stock include metric and imperial wire designs including Redux™, Wave spring, Torsion spring and Extension spring formats. These springs are beneficial to companies for use in delivery systems including automated drug control, syringes and intravenous valve controls. Springs and fasteners

Lee Spring offers ex-stock Belleville spring washers in 300 series stainless ste …

Lee Spring offers a wide range of ex-stock almost 250 different sizes and loading capacity of Belleville spring washers, manufactured in 300 series stainless steel, so enabling engineers to quickly source these compact and cost-saving components on an urgent or a programmed supply basis. These compact and high-performance spring washers found early application in firearms and now are widely found in aerospace, automation, building industry and elsewhere because of their ability

Lee Spring – a worldwide supply chain in metric and imperial

Lee Spring have found that for ease of specification and sourcing, design engineers often select their measurement units to match local standards, or otherwise those used by the design department or the manufacturing facility. This simple choice at an early stage can make life a lot easier for all concerned and reduce unforced errors of transcription – saving time, saving costs. So, to make life even easier and ensure engineers/buyers have

Which Spring is right for my application?

As market leaders in ex-stock industrial springs, Lee Spring offer some guidance to engineers who are either designing assemblies, developing for production or concerned with installation/maintenance and find that the choice predominantly covers: Compression Springs are for push applications which compress when a force is applied, and have either closed ends (where the two end coils of the spring are closed and touching) or open ends (where the end coils are

A brief guide to spring design - by Chris Petts at Lee Spring

Whether selecting a catalogue spring or specifying a custom item Chris Petts, M.D. at Lee Spring suggests that it is always worth considering the following factors: Principles of spring design Hooke’s Law is a principle of spring design relating to Load and Deflection. It states that a restoring force due to a spring is proportional to the distance the spring is deflected and acts in the opposite direction. Another principle of

New ex-stock centenary catalogue from Lee Spring has more DIN-Plus springs – s …

Lee Spring’s new Centenary Catalogue issue 25 includes a full new section of DIN-Plus parts 2 and 1 compression springs. This extensive 525 series of new parts in end-closed passivated stainless steel wire, or end-squared and ground plated spring steel, provides manufacturers with a welcome resource for rapid delivery of standard parts, as well as a springboard for specification of custom units to suit those slightly different installations. DIN part

Lee Spring exhibit new catalogue, new products and new custom expertise at South …

Southern Manufacturing, 5th – 7th February 2019 will be an opportunity for engineers of all types to talk with the experts at Lee Spring regarding their design, production and maintenance of spring components. The new Lee Spring catalogue of over 25,000 standard parts will be available on their stand no. D245 with 2,000+ new items including 500+ new compression springs in metric DIN-Plus dimensions, new extension springs in SS316, new torsion

New Catalogue – New DIN Compression Springs from Lee Spring

Among the more than 25,000 standard springs in their new Centenary Catalogue, with some 8,500 standard compression springs, Lee Spring are delighted to include a range of standard DIN specification compression springs to meet the needs of UK manufacturing and service/maintenance companies. These DIN spec springs are parallel sided, helical coiled with closed squared and ground ends to large wire designs providing flat planes for increased stability so ensuring a more

Custom Wire Forms, a standard custom offer by Lee Spring

Wire forms typically are parts made from wire that is bent to have specific angles and lengths. They are well known as simple, quick to install and low cost as permanent but easily removable devices. These simple devices are found in electrical equipment, vehicles of all types, machines such as for production, unit transfer or mobile equipment or furniture. They may hold a bearing in place or clip fabric to

Torsion Springs – axial rotational energy systems from Lee Spring

Where it is necessary to apply a torque or to store rotational energy then Lee Spring torsion springs are frequently the most efficient solution. This is by virtue of their action around a core with ends which can be formed into a wide range of leg shapes twisted and formed to suit the project needs. This ready forming characteristic means that torsion springs are used in clothes pins, clipboards, swing-down tailgates,

New AISI 316 extension springs in latest Lee Spring catalogue

A new range of passivated AISI 316 stainless steel extension springs are now available ex-stock from the latest Lee Spring catalogue no. 25 - which is their 100 year anniversary edition, including more than 2,000 new items and over 25,000 in total. AISI 316 is now available in all their imperial sizes of extension springs as an option to the existing music wire or AISI 302 variants. This means that many

Lee Spring at Valve World Expo, Dusseldorf, November 27-29th, Hall 3, Stand B19

Lee Spring – global suppliers to the valve industry – will be presenting their new catalogue with 2,000 plus new standard items at the Dusseldorf Valve World Expo from November 27-29th in Hall 3 on stand no. B19. Of particular interest are likely to be their high pressure compression spring range with high spring rates and narrow profiles which are ideally suited to the compact housings of many valve mechanisms. Extensive catalogue

Lee Spring exhibit new catalogue, new products and new custom expertise at Maint …

Maintec Exhibition, November 6-7th at the NEC will be an opportunity for maintenance engineers to talk with the experts at Lee Spring regarding their maintenance, refurb and repair issues where spring replacement is an issue – or where their products would benefit from a re-design and re-specification of spring components. The new Lee Spring catalogue of over 25,000 standard parts will be available with 2,000+ new items including 500+ new compression

Lee Spring at the Engineering Design Show, Ricoh Arena, Coventry, 17-18th Octobe …

Lee Spring will be presenting their new catalogue of over 25,000 standard springs at the Engineering Design Show on 17-18th October on stand no. A10 at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Visitors will be provided with advice for their project at whatever stage – whether back of the envelope or fully developed design. Design Engineers, production engineers, manufacturers and fastener buyers are welcome. The new Lee Spring catalogue of over 25,000 standard parts

Lee Spring – constant force, constant torque, constant load springs

The Lee Spring extension type of constant force spring represents the most basic, yet most versatile, type of constant force spring. It is a pre-stressed flat strip of spring material which is formed into a virtually constant radius coils around itself or on a drum. When the strip is extended (deflected) the inherent stress resists the loading force, the same as a common extension spring, but at a nearly constant

New Catalogue from Lee Spring has over 2,000 new standard parts

Lee Spring is pleased to announce its new enhanced catalogue with over 25,000 standard parts, including 2,000+ new items which includes 500+ compression springs in metric DIN-Plus dimensions, extension springs in SS316, torsion springs in SS316 and added High Pressure compression springs, including new 600 PSI designs. The Lee Spring philosophy makes finding the right specification simpler, with many features such as grinding and plating options, alongside additional available services such

Lee Spring Compression Die Springs – high performance, lower cost

Compression Die Springs from Lee Spring use their round wire coil production technology to ensure optimal performance and longevity priced at around 50% to 60% of competitor costs. The “complete spring” philosophy of Lee Spring means that their die springs have ground ends as standard for a large surface bearing area square to the operational axis, plus they are shot peened in production for longer life. Preset length in manufacture

Lee Spring “Complete Springs” and “Global Flexibility” at FAST Exhibitio …

Lee Spring will be taking part in what is billed as the UK’s only dedicated fastening exhibition – FAST Live on Thursday 20th September at the Imperial War Museum, Duxford, where Lee Spring engineers will be available to meet with design engineers, production professionals, manufacturers and fastener buyers. The new Lee Spring catalogue of over 25,000 standard parts will be available with 2,000+ new items including 500+ new compression springs in

Plastic Composite Compression Springs from Lee Spring - a complete package

Increasingly, engineers are seeing the benefits of plastic spring technology as exemplified by Lee Spring in their LeeP™ range. By offering non-magnetic, non-corrosive and chemically inert properties in a lightweight package, LeeP™ springs are often a complete solution for applications in areas of medical device manufacturing, pharmaceutical equipment, aerospace and lightweight e.g. portable instrumentation. The LeeP™ range combines the strength of metal springs with the attributes of high performing engineered thermoplastics

Belleville Washers – the Lee Spring power pack

Ex-stock or custom Belleville washers in a complete package from Lee Spring are often used to solve vibration, thermal expansion, relaxation and bolt creep problems. Their conical configuration enables them to support high loads with relatively small deflections and solid heights compared to helical springs. Belleville washers may also be used as locking devices in applications with low dynamic loads. Belleville washers are useful for adjustments because different thicknesses can be

Lee Spring releasing production limitations with Thurne slicing equipment

It is amazing sometimes to consider what it takes to speed up a production line – it can simply come down to the performance of a single component. Essentially this is what the team at Thurne came to understand with their bacon slicer technology – and the solution came from close co-operation with Lee Spring as a long-term strategic supplier. Lee Spring was able to create a spring set for

Rapid response on Complete Custom Compression Springs from Lee Spring

Despite their ex-stock availability of over 25,000 springs, Lee Spring are daily dealing with situations that require something different – in short a custom spring – and a great deal of these come under the design heading of the compression type. This simple, reliable and well-known technology provides a complete and quick solution to many energy return applications across the board. Design and production engineers in industries from instrumentation to medical

Lee Spring – constant force – constant load

Constant force springs from Lee Spring ex-stock or custom, are a complete spring package offering constant force over the useable range. They are therefore ideal for applications where a constant load is required. Some of the many applications of constant force springs are in counterbalances, door closers, cable retractors, hose retrievers, tool head returns, cabinet & furniture components, gym equipment, hair dryers, toys, electric motors, appliances, space vehicles, and other

Lee Spring Belleville Washers – big power, small space

When an application calls for high spring loading in a small space then Lee Spring believe that Belleville washers can often be the complete spring solution. Their conical configuration enables them to support high loads with relatively small deflections and solid heights compared to helical springs. Belleville Washers are often used to solve vibration, thermal expansion, relaxation, and bolt creep problems. While Belleville washers can be used individually they are generally

New continuous length extension springs from Lee Spring aid prototyping

Correctly determining extension spring length and other parameters can be somewhat of an art in the development of new or revised products – a process which Lee Spring have made significantly easier by offering ex-stock continuous lengths which may be trimmed and formed to the desired length and end fitment style. By being easily cut to length and manipulated for trial purposes, various sizes, rates and end fixings can be experimented

Lee Spring Extension Springs complete the assembly

Extension Springs from Lee Spring provide a solution to problems of linking components in a way that absorbs and stores energy, as well as creating resistance to a pulling force. They are pre-loaded to create an initial resistance which keeps linked components in place with a variety of end types possible. Where pre-load is not required they can be supplied with inter-coil spacing for zero initial tension. Applications for extension springs

Lee Spring at FAST Exhibition, 10th May, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham

At FAST this year Lee Spring will present their theme of “Global Flexibility” which means that wherever your design or production is based, Lee Spring can offer a service package from concept of new products to redesign of legacy items. Their catalogue of 25,000+ items will be available and many spring examples on display with expert engineers to discuss your application. Customers who need a small batch of specialist springs to

Medical and Pharmaceutical Springs from Lee Spring

The manufacture of pharmaceutical and medical products demands precision, perfect finish, durability and reliability, standardisation and customisation. It’s hard to imagine a field where there is such a consistent need for unerring performance. Fortunately these are parameters that Lee Spring can meet on a daily basis. Production of springs for this elite industry sector involves detail consideration of characteristics such as material parameters, finished spring feel, location within equipment, e.g. exposure

Lee Spring bring “Global Flexibility” package to MACH, 9 – 13th April 2018 …

At MACH this year Lee Spring will present their theme of “Global Flexibility” which means that wherever your design or production is based, Lee Spring can offer a service package from concept of new products to redesign of legacy items. Customers who need a small batch of specialist springs to solve a long-term problem can evaluate this with engineers at the show – or establish viability of new mass-produced items. Lee Spring

Complete Die Springs from Lee Spring

Compression Die Springs from Lee Spring come at a significant cost saving over many competitive items – in the order of 1/3 to 1/2, while offering extended life and minimised in-service length loss by virtue of their shot peened finish and preset process in production. They fit the Lee Spring “complete spring” concept with closed and ground ends, plus easy identification by colour coding so they are ready for installation

Complete Plastic LeeP™ Springs from Lee Spring

Lee Spring are delighted to offer their LeeP™ complete plastic composite spring range ex-stock in the UK and Germany. Composite plastic springs offer the benefits of being non-magnetic and inert to most industrial chemicals. Where weight considerations are primary then plastic composite construction offers a high strength to weight ratio with an exceptional performance in low mass. This makes them suitable for a wide range of applications such as aerospace

Conical formed compression battery springs from Lee Spring

Conical formed compression battery springs from Lee Spring are perfect for prototype and small run production, as well as larger runs. These economical and reliable battery contacts are ideal for moulded cases with self-contained battery compartments. They provide nickel coated battery contacts designed to adjust to varying battery lengths with low contact resistance and dependable connections. Each of the four nickel coated metal battery contact configurations are designed to work

Constant Force Spring range from Lee Spring

Constant Force Springs from Lee Spring offer an excellent mechanism for applications where a constant load is required. Some of the many applications of constant force springs are in counterbalances, door closers, cable retractors, hose retrievers, tool head returns, cabinet and furniture components, gym equipment, hair dryers, toys, electric motors, appliances, space vehicles, and other long-motion functions. Specifically, motor springs are used for cable retraction, power generation etc., while power springs

Custom Stampings and customer standards from Lee Spring

Custom stampings are often at the heart of equipment – making connections, retaining components, operating elements within an OEM device. Each is normally required to fit a specific (custom) space or deliver a special operation and this is where Lee Spring can offer a high degree of expertise. Based on their long experience of producing standard and custom products, Lee Spring work from customer drawings with CAD (SolidWorks) to develop

Fourslide parts from Lee Spring – electrical contacts, clips, spring formed co …

The fourslide process from Lee Spring delivers stamped and formed flat springs to custom designs and for extended runs of manufacturer standards. Fourslide manufactured parts find application throughout manufacturing across industries such as electronics, aerospace, automation, white goods, specialist vehicles, rail, building/construction, wherever a custom strip or wire fixing or fitting is required in high volume and to low cost. This includes flat springs, brackets, clips, flat terminals, or any

New Springs from Lee Spring at Southern Manufacturing 2017

With over 1,800 new standard parts anticipated for the Lee Spring catalogue in 2017, we are looking forward to a taster of new ranges at the Southern Manufacturing Exhibition at Farnborough on 21-23rd March. These will include a new DIN-Plus series which match up in size with standard DIN2098 Part 2 and Part 1 series springs, but with added corrosion resistance (passivation for stainless EN 10270-3-1.4310-NS range and plating for spring

Material developments in spring production and the use of Elgiloy in industrial …

What lies ahead in the realm of spring manufacture – well amongst others we at Lee Spring are constantly refining our designs and have recently introduced our ranges of Lite Pressure™ and Bantam™ Mini Springs, along with LeeP™ Plastic Composite Springs. In particular though, it is often the choice of material which gives us most thought for the future as it shows the way forward in spring technology. I use

Lee Spring new sales/distribution centre opened in Germany

Of particular interest to Europe wide design/manufacturing companies will be the recently announced Lee Spring sales/distribution centre in Germany adding to the company’s existing distribution and engineering locations around the world. Explained M.D. Dejan Unger: “We can offer customers across Europe expert distribution links with next day delivery to the majority of regions from our 23,000 plus ex-stock catalogue. Lee Spring Germany can supply direct to locations throughout Europe and

Lee Spring exhibiting at FAST Exhibition, September 2016

The date: September 22nd; the place: The Williams Conference Centre; the event: FAST Exhibition – an opportunity for designers, production and support engineers to discuss spring technology with the experts at Lee Spring, Under their banner of “ingenious, innovative, in-stock” Lee Spring will have their new catalogue available on stand, along with a selection of standard springs – but perhaps most importantly, experienced spring sales engineers will be offering the

The new Lee Spring UK catalogue is now available

With 3,000+ new products and over 23,000 standard industrial springs the new Lee Spring UK catalogue is now available free on request. Additions to the range include 3 new torsion spring variants with 120°, 210° and 300° leg endings – there are now 7 free angle options from 90° to 360°. More Die Springs have been added throughout the range; especially notable being extra sizes over 6" free length up

New AISI 316 stainless steel compression springs from Lee Spring

The Lee Spring catalogue range of high quality ex-stock compression springs now includes wire sizes of 2mm (0.080") upward in AISI 316 stainless steel which provides an enhanced degree of corrosion resistance, particularly to chloride attack. This makes the new series preferentially suited to marine environments and wash-down areas where chloride atmospheres and chemicals may be encountered. These new wire sizes offer up to 660 Newtons or 148 lbs

Lee Spring custom designs aid bounce-back of manufacturing industry in UK

From engines to trim, toys to medical devices and instrumentation to valves, the Lee Spring capability to quickly create application specific springs and spring components is aiding the regrowth of UK manufacturing industry. Although Lee Spring carry over 23,000 catalogued items, it is just as common to find that a variant or complete custom item is required to suit a new design or new assembly process. A special spring design may

Lee Spring acquires Clark Spring & Manufacturing

Lee Spring, a global leader in stock and custom springs, recently announced that it has purchased the assets of Clark Spring located in Hayward, California. Steve Kempf, CEO of Lee Spring, commented that “President of Clark Spring, Eric Eckberg, has built a strong company over the last thirty years based on ongoing engineering support, excellent quality control and attentive customer service. This fits our culture perfectly and adds significantly to

Extensive range of torsion springs from Lee Spring

The extensive range of Lee Spring torsion springs catalogued for ex-stock delivery covers industrial applications from electronic devices such as pop-up covers on CD players, cameras etc., through counter balanced instrumentation covers, to ubiquitous items such as clothes pegs, garage doors or chair controls. Free position of torsion spring legs is selectable at order stage between 90°, 120°, 180°, 210°, 270°, 300° and 360°, as is direction of winding LH or

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