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Online Sales (© reddeer_art /

Making online sales is a fantastic way to make money. This will let you earn cash from the comfort of your home, while drastically reducing overheads. There are many things you can sell online. You can sell a digital product such as an ebook for instance, or you can sell affiliate products. However, the most ‘familiar’ business model for many people will be to set up an e-commerce store. The good news is that you can do this very easily!

How to Start Getting Online Sales From an Ecommerce Store

To get started you need approximately zero expertise and very little in the way of upfront capital. The business model is simple: you will buy items in bulk (wholesale) directly from manufacturers and then you will sell them for just a little more money on your own eCommerce site in order to turn a profit. In the meantime, you might add a few extra bells and whistles to try and increase the value of those items but otherwise it's a pretty hands-off process and all you need to do is to find the items and then put them in the post.

This is what you call 'passive income'. The money will come in while you're sleeping even and the only time you'll have to do any management is if you're adding items to your listings or if you're dealing with complaints. This means that you can very well manage an ecommerce business at the same time as being busy with other things.

Scaling Your Business

To begin with, you don't even necessarily need a store or more than one item. As an experiment, anyone can try buying some wholesale jeans in bulk and then selling them on eBay for slightly more.

At the end of this process, you should then find that you end up with some profit. What this means is that you'll now be able to invest in more jeans and you'll get even more profit. Alternatively, you might choose to invest in something different – like hats. At this point you will have a mix of stock and you can maybe set up a storefront to get more sales still.

OpenPr-Tip: Each time you make more profit, you can invest some into more inventory. When you make enough you can invest into web design and marketing and suddenly you'll have a money making machine. It's only at that point that you should consider leaving your day job – and only if you want to!



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