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Management Software Market (© peshkov /

Management Software Market (© peshkov /

Management software is perhaps the ultimately example of using software as a force multiplier in business. A force multiplier is any tool that allows you to increase a company’s output without having to increase its input. Just as a hammer takes the same amount of energy and converts it into a greater force over a smaller, harder surface area; so too can management software reduce the burden on management, improve a company’s efficiency and reduce errors. The result? Less time spent managing and more time focussing on your unique value proposition.

Management software is increasingly popular for these reasons and the market is one that is continuously growing.

Management Software as Equalizer

For years large corporations have ruled the roost when it comes to business. They have the resources that smaller companies and sole traders just can't afford when it comes to marketing and organisation and they have a huge head start in terms of their brand recognition and their press coverage.

The good news is though that in recent times the facilities provided by the internet having given smaller start-ups the means necessary to compete and to take large businesses head-on in a huge variety of industries. The internet gives companies a platform through which to be able to communicate with far larger numbers of people and to promote their product or services. Using SEO it is possible to promote a business completely free and reach thousands or even millions of customers.

At the same time it provides the facilities necessary to be able to network with other companies to form partnerships, find investors or generate leads for potential customers and clients. Overheads have been reduced thanks to things like communication and marketing being available online. Now services like POD publishing (print on demand) and 3D Printing are allowing companies to sell their products without having to bulk order meaning there's no investment necessary whatsoever. Business management software is another of these tools that allows a company to perform hundreds of tasks much more easily and thereby spend less time with admin and more time making sales and getting contracts.  

Business management software is essentially a suite of tools that can make it much easier to manage a business of any size. This includes everything from CMS (contact management software), to time clock software, order management and more. By putting these tools all in one place, management software can reduce the incidence of errors and enable a small team to enjoy greater organization and communication.

Business Management Software Features

For instance with business management software package you should find a unified contact system giving you the ability to quickly find the contact details for your clients, leads, vendors, customers, staff and more.

At the same time you might find payment processing which will enable you to send invoices with links to direct payment methods. You will then be able to track the status of your invoices, send reminders and file them for future accounting purposes.

Additionally, most online business management software will include marketing tool to help you track your leads and keep track of campaign distribution and sales quotes.  All this will keep your data stored online too and this will help companies to achieve a truly paperless office.

Better yet, by having your data stored in the software this provides more online tools for business by providing reports that allow you to track your profits and see how your business is performing. This will include financial modelling which will allow you to view your company's profits as a graph or chart and to track them into the future to see how your business is likely to perform based on previous results. 

And because these online tools for small business will be used by a wide variety of companies that means they can also find here networking opportunities to find business partners and clients.

Project management tools are also becoming increasingly popular and particularly for remote collaboration. Popular examples include the likes of Asana or Basecamp. These allow businesses to create projects, which users can then contribute to, track and discuss all in one place. Many companies that are distributed around the globe rely on these kinds of services.

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The Market

The business management software market is one that has been growing steadily and that is expected to continue growing.

This software can come in a variety of forms. Management software can be installed onto a system or a network of systems but it is also often supplied in SAS form. This is ‘Software As Service’, meaning that the service will be provided in cloud format – normally through a web app. Businesses and users can then log in from anywhere and use the tools online to input their data and manage it. This has the added advantage of backing up all that information meaning that if a hard drive should be lost or destroyed, the information will still be available to access online.

In some cases, management software might be tailored to fit a particular industry. Different industries will benefit from different specific features in their tools and for instance, a property management company might require something to manage their MLS (multiple listings service), whereas a logistics company will need an entirely different set of tools for tracking their drivers, keeping customers and clients updated and dealing with stock intake.

In fact, many companies will outsource the creation of bespoke management software. This will allow them to gain precisely the tools they need – though of course this is a large undertaking and the cost is large.

Across both tools like Salesforce CRM and Asana, more industry-specific applications and more, business management software is more widely available today than every before and has become a large part of modern business.

This is a market that looks set to grow, just as surely as business is likely to continue to move more and more onto the cloud and onto the web. This is a good area for investment!

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