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A new innovation from BINDER: The fail-safe function

BINDER incubators are the best on the market. Why is this? There is a simple answer in the first instance: Because they are constructed in as straightforward a way as possible, they are incredibly reliable. The risk of the cultures inside a BINDER incubator becoming contaminated is reduced to a minimum. But BINDER customers have high standards and want to know more about the details. This is exactly where the

In safe hands with the GLP checklist

The "Good Laboratory Practice" regulatory mandate (GLP for short) was introduced in 1978 after the FDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) had already identified significant deficiencies in toxicological studies in the years preceding. The German Chemicals Act was introduced in an effort to ensure that newly approved drugs for human consumption really are safe and minimize any and all risks. The values of transparency, traceability, assignment of responsibilities, and safekeeping are

Cocoa beans hitting the spot

The USA-based company Seguine Cacao Cocoa & Chocolate Advisors carries out extensive research into studying and assessing cocoa beans and their flavors. Cocoa beans are his life: When it comes to evaluating the quality and flavor of cocoa beans and chocolate, Ed Seguine is the leading specialist in the field. Ed Seguine is the chairman of various international organizations of countries that produce and import cocoa and sits on several committees.

Energy storage device load tests

Stationary energy storage devices and electric vehicles of every type – from electric bikes to electric wheelbarrows – are in demand like never before. The manufacturers of components for the production of high-voltage batteries have been enjoying an ever-increasing level of demand and thus produce cells and modules which can later be integrated into the battery systems. The cells are interconnected in a cell network, resulting in a module; several

New MB2 controller from BINDER increases efficiency of constant climate chambers

What makes our new MB2 program controller so special is its intuitive operation on the touch display. The new MB2 program controller from BINDER – the world's largest specialist manufacturer of simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories – enables greater efficiency in use thanks to its innovative features. What makes the clear 5.7" touch screen of the KMF and KBF Series constant climate chambers so special is its intuitive operation.

The starting signal for the construction of the BINDER COMPETENCE FACTORY

The groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of construction of the BINDER COMPETENCE FACTORY has taken place. With this large-scale project, BINDER GmbH is setting the course for the future and investing in its Tuttlingen site. Tuttlingen, Germany: With a celebratory event to mark the start of the initial construction phase of new production facilities, on Wednesday, May 11, 2016, BINDER GmbH heralded a new era in the company's history. In

BINDER launches a new CO2 incubator on the market

BINDER´s new C 170 CO2 incubator with an interior volume of 170 liters has been designed for standard applications in the cell culture laboratory. When stacked, it offers maximum usable space with a minimal footprint, which makes working in a laboratory not only safe, but also convenient and efficient. Tuttlingen – March, 2016: CO2 incubators have a fundamental role to play whenever cell cultures are involved in scientific, medical, and even

BINDER Avantgarde.Line drying chambers – featuring new technology for improved …

Following extensive technical development, Tuttlingen-based BINDER GmbH is relaunching its Avantgarde.Line drying and heating chambers with new functions, innovative technology, and unique performance. BINDER GmbH, the world's largest specialist in simulation chambers for scientific and industrial laboratories, has overhauled its product portfolio of drying and heating chambers with extensive technical development work in order to perfect performance levels. To distinguish between the products, the previous units are now referred to as

Ultralow temperature freezer for maximum sample safety in the laboratory

The BINDER UF V series ultralow temperature freezer is an expert in the reliable long-term storage of biological samples. In pharmaceutical technology and biotechnology, valuable medical and biological samples and materials often have to be preserved at extremely low temperatures for anything from several weeks to a few years. The cooling system used in an application of this nature must be absolutely safe and reliable. Something going wrong may not only

World's only thermoelectric cooling incubator with 170 liters of interior volume

BINDER's range of cooling incubators with thermoelectric cooling is getting a new member that is set to offer outstanding performance: the KT 170. This cooling incubator, which cannot be found anywhere else in the world and features an interior volume of 170 liters, has the same footprint as the next model down – the KT 115 – but provides 65 percent more usable space and can be used extremely flexibly. Cooling

BINDER presents a global innovation at ACHEMA

At this year's ACHEMA, among the many highlights that BINDER GmbH presented was its thermoelectric cooling incubator with a capacity of 170 liters – an innovation that cannot be found anywhere else in the world. The innovative products and technologies attracted industry professionals from a whole range of sectors to the BINDER stand at the trade fair. Between June 15 and 19, ACHEMA 2015 – the leading international trade fair for

Optimized simulation chambers with dry-air purge to meet automobile industry sta …

Standards are in place in the modern automobile industry to guarantee the safety and quality of the entire production process. Special environmental simulation chambers with dry-air purge make complex material load testing possible, which is required to fulfill the standards stipulated by the automobile industry. Especially in the field of automotive manufacturing, the entire production and delivery chain is determined by standards, and standardized testing specifications regulate test procedures for functionality

Orlaco’s visual systems are widening the horizon of drivers and operators worl …

Highest quality standards are ensured by using BINDER FED ovens Orlaco is Europe’s leading specialist for camera systems in commercial vehicles, forklift trucks, cranes and ships. Vision is their mission. Equipped with Orlaco camera systems, large naval vessels can be precisely maneuvered in almost any visibility conditions. And while unloading ships, crane operators in harbors like Rotterdam or Felixstowe (UK’s largest container port) appreciate Orlaco visual systems as well. Drivers and

Samples perfectly protected by ULTRA.GUARDTM

BINDER further improves ultra low temperature freezers With the introduction of ULTRA.GUARDTM technology, the ultra low temperature freezers from BINDER open a new dimension in safety and reliability, making them particularly suitable for use in laboratories and hospitals. At the same time, the high-end units have a high degree of user-friendliness second to none in the field. Developers have even thought about the environment. With the introduction of the new

Material from another planet

Carbon frames for racing bikes with BINDER technology Carbon comes into play when something has to be extremely lightweight and highly stable. In Grenchen, Switzerland, automated manufacturing is used with the help of BINDER technology to produce carbon frames for racing bikes for the first time ever. In 2011, Australian Cadel Evens won the Tour de France on a BMC racing bike thanks to the enthusiastic support of his team members,

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