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Omron Healthcare, established front-runner in home healthcare devices, launches new ear thermometer with multi-functional features, handy design and reliable results. Omron is proud to introduce the new Gentle Temp 521 ear thermometer offering precision, comfort and reliability in one device. Its advanced technology and innovative features focus on convenience and practical usage for the family. Reassuring Comfort Omron’s new, user-friendly and ergonomic designs make the new ear thermometer particularly suitable for parents looking
08-27-2013 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Optimum Body Weight: Maintaining Muscle Mass during Weight Loss

As a relevant factor for performance, body weight is an important topic in endurance sport. At the end of September, the marathon season’s second half is heralded by popular events, such as the Berlin Marathon. Then, it will be of essential importance for runners to start in a top condition. With the goal of a successful and healthy running experience, athletes pay special attention to reaching optimum body weight for

Purification and Detoxification: Healthy and Weight-Conscious “Spring Cleaning …

The beginning of spring marks the time for a fresh start. Many people feel the need to get rid of old, unwanted things and set new resolutions for themselves. These days, the annual spring cleaning does not only apply to cleaning the household, it is also the perfect opportunity to bring the body’s health and fitness back on track. 63% of the adults in the UK are overweight or obese.*


OMRON Healthcare Europe announced that André van Gils has been appointed as the company’s Chief Executive Officer and President as per April 1st. André van Gils assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer in November 2009 and now succeeds Kenji Eda who will take on a global role at Omron’s offices in Kyoto, Japan. André van Gils worked at Johnson&Johnson, Gillette Company and SCA in a number of international marketing,

Slim and healthy easily: Omron Healthcare Launches New Foot to Foot Body Composi …

Omron Healthcare B.V., leader in health and wellness monitoring products, launches its brand new foot to foot body composition monitors. The digital scale enables users to accurately measure and record their body weight, as well as body fat and body mass index (BMI); thus, providing major support towards reaching personal weight and fitness goals. As winter is starting to fade and the first warm days of spring enter the
02-20-2013 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Winter Hiking: Efficient and Healthy Training During the Cold Season

Trees and fields are covered with white, glittering snow and the cold winter air is fresh and clear – such a winter idyll should be enjoyed in an active way. Why not go outdoors, even at temperatures around freezing? Landscapes covered with fresh, untouched snow enchant hiking discoverer with a special winter romance. But not only fascinating natural scenery can be experienced; winter hiking is also an effective workout, benefiting

Winter Colds – The Role of Fever

January and February are traditionally characterised by a lot of rain, snow, wind and freezing temperatures. Despite warm winter clothes, many cups of hot tea and more attempts to keep colds away, flu viruses tend to find their way through the immune system. The head begins aching and the forehead starts feeling suspiciously warm. Fever is mostly a signal that the body is fighting to overcome viral diseases. In order
01-24-2013 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Runners’ Winter High: Alternative Cross-Country Skiing

Cross-training is a popular and fruitful change to the daily training routine of runners. Alternative training units in a different kind of endurance sport not only serve as injury and overstrain prophylaxis, but also offer additional support for the athlete’s training efficiency. During the winter months, cross-country skiing can be easily included in the training plan. As effective endurance sport, this kind of winter workout offers several advantages for stamina

Weight Problems and Insecurities – With Calorie-Consciousness to more Self-Con …

Whether comfortably at home, or with some friends at the Christmas market, the holiday season offers many delicacies. When regular exercise is then neglected, it can lead to unwanted extra pounds around the hips. Women particularly tend to lose their self-confidence and let insecurities about their figure determine their daily life. If the weight-complexes become too dominant, even normally joyful events, such as Christmas or New Year’s parties, turn into

Reduce Christmas Stress with Physical Activity

Silent night, holy night?! Unfortunately, Christmas for many people is neither peaceful nor quiet. Stress is often the dominating factor during the whole period. Especially the time before Christmas Eve, as we try to balance buying presents, planning the family party and keeping up with problems both at work and at home, can be a vast strain for body and soul. But with good time management and the willingness to

Sporty and Healthy Last-Minute Ideas for Christmas Presents

Every year, a few weeks before Christmas, we are faced with the following question: “What can I get my family and friends for Christmas?” Unfortunately, ingenuity is often absent in this case and the presents under the Christmas tree consist of either too much candy or the traditional hat-gloves-scarf package. But the right present is not only a source of joy for one’s loved ones, it can also be support

Feasting During the Advent Season – Attention Calorie Trap!

Christmas markets are an absolute highlight during the advent period. Exploring the lights and alluring scents of the numerous stands together with family and friends is for many people an inevitable Christmas tradition. But the sweet and hearty delicacies often make us eat too much. The effects of the feasting can be seen relatively quickly on the weight scale. But with a higher awareness of the food’s calorie contents and
11-29-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Active Start to the Day – Efficient Running Training before Breakfast

Many athletes consider running early in the morning a perfect start to a new day. The early training not only releases endorphins, but also provides power for the rest of the day. But the question is whether the run should take place before or after breakfast. Some people say before, some vouch for after. Nevertheless, there are clear advantages of an early training on an empty stomach for both personal

Establishing New Habits – The Key to Improving Health

“I need to exercise more often and eat healthier!” Many people have this revelation on a regular basis. But the inner struggle between new resolutions and old laziness is often won by the latter. British behavioural scientists at the University of Cambridge dealt with this pattern and found out that simple tricks help to establish healthier habits almost unconsciously. Two methods of making decisions Our daily decisions are determined by two
11-12-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Fit and Smart through Sports

It is generally accepted that sports benefit people’s fitness and health. But a brand new study reveals that high-intensity exercise makes people even smarter! During the four-month study, Canadian researchers investigated the effects of regular interval training on cognitive performance. At the end of the testing period, the scientists not only found that the subject’s stamina had considerably improved, but also their cognitive capacities. The study’s program The study, conducted at the

Breakfast with Dessert: Good for Weight Management

Dieters usually list desserts and sweets as clear ‘don’ts’. But personal will is often too weak, and a relapse into sweat-feasting habits sabotages most dieting goals. The question of whether a strict ban of all sweets is really necessary for achieving one’s dream weight was the subject of an eight-month study, which added a sweet dessert on the breakfast menu of test persons who were on a low-carb diet. The
10-26-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Light Improves Athletic Performance

A variety of factors influence athletic performance: Physical fitness and stamina, as well as the manner of nutrition, probably have the most impact. But a new study found another aspect, which had remained widely unconsidered: light. According to the study, the right lighting not only supports a higher capacity of concentration, but also positively influences stamina and performance in sports. Depending on the athlete’s body clock and the time of

Ignoring the Body Clock – Harmful for Health and Weight

Working late at night, irregular eating times and hardly enough sleep – these are the basic features of the term “social jetlag”, which was invented by Professor Till Roenneberg from the University of Munich. For this kind of jetlag, it is not necessary to travel in different time zones. If the work schedule prevails over, and thus upsets the body clock, we experience the effects of the disruption to the

Study proves: Healthy and active lifestyle increases workplace productivity

Health is surely the most important aspect of life. A health-conscious, active lifestyle does not only have a positive influence on personal well-being, but has also a high impact on workplace productivity. This is the conclusion of a comprehensive US study, which investigated the eating and exercise habits of nearly 20,000 employees in relation to their work day. Published in the October 2012 issue of the “Population Health Management Journal”,
09-18-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Perspiration Effect and Sports Clothing

Ambitious runners know one thing for sure: Functional clothing is essential for improved wearing comfort and to achieve the best possible performance. It has to be thin, light and breathable. On top of that, an athlete’s clothing is supposed to possess a perfectly functioning perspiration and cooling system during hot conditions, as well as a comfortable warming effect during cold weather. Endurance athletes should have the feeling of running with

The Body’s Energy Balance: Calculating Weight Reduction

The first rule of every diet is: Understand your body! That does not only involve finding weight problems, but also being aware of the personal energy balance. In order to lose weight systematically, it helps to know and to control the body’s energy consumption. In this process, terms such as kilocalories and kilojoules have to be consistently included in personal vocabulary. What is energy balance? The body’s energy balance is concerned with
09-06-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Get fit going into autumn: The last weeks of training before running a half mara …

The second half of the marathon season is just around the corner! From September to December, the running calendar 2012 includes many national and international highlights. Now it is necessary to train with organisation and concentration for the autumn runs. While beginners to running would do well to plan for the 2013 season, experienced athletes in good condition can get into competition-shape for the challenging half marathon within six weeks.

Setting course for the dream weight with healthy snacking

Which effect does the frequency of daily meals have on personal weight control? Calorie-conscious eaters are not alone in wondering if three steady meals a day, or rather several smaller snacks throughout the day, leads to successful weight loss. This aspect of dietary behaviour is also the topic of different health-scientific analyses. A study recently published in the “Journal of American Dietetic Association” provides new insight to the connection between
09-06-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Fat metabolism training: Taking performance to the limit

How can I train and optimise my fat metabolism? This is a crucial question for many ambitious endurance athletes who are aiming to efficiently improve their performance during training and competition. The fat metabolism method is also used for a controlled weight management programme in fitness sports to reduce the body fat percentage. But especially in professional sports, benefits and effects of this approach are much-discussed topics. Interested athletes should

Slim Yoga: Relaxing to the Dream Weight

Relaxation, a conscious diet plan and exercise – the simple formula of Slim Yoga promises quick and lasting weight loss. The combination of Far East exercise techniques with Western nutritional research is supposed to lead to a new lifestyle with a healthy diet and figure-shaping yoga. The new US trend abandons exhaustion and starving to reach the dream weight. With an improved body consciousness, relaxed spirit and health-conscious eating, extra
09-06-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

The JogStyle from Omron Healthcare for an Athletic Lifestyle

Pleasantly-warm temperatures and the enthusiasm for great performances in London strengthen the personal will to exercise more often. Active people improve their physical fitness as well as their mental well-being, and are able to cope better with a stressful daily life. Supporting running tools help both professional athletes and ambitious endurance runners with controlling and optimising their performance. The JogStyle from Omron – High efficiency and intuitive handling The JogStyle from Omron

Stress counteracts diets: Preventing weight sabotage through sport

For most people, being on a diet is a difficult challenge: Despite the great desire to lose weight, the will to persevere is often considerably smaller. Insufficient physical activity, combined with attacks from a ravenous appetite, put an end to every weight management effort. Failing on a diet is very frustrating; the reasons for the missing success are diverse. But current studies recognise a recurring factor: stress. Continuous mental strain

Sport against cancer – Prevention and Treatment

The healthy effect of sport on the body as well as the personal well-being is widely known. But sufficient exercise is also effective regarding the prevention and treatment of severe diseases such as cancer. Stronger blood circulation, caused by physical activity, stimulates all processes in the body. Current scientific medical studies reveal that sport and exercise, in combination with a healthy diet, contribute to the prevention of certain types of

All inclusive holidays – Calorie trap buffets

Lazy holidays in the sun: Nothing is more relaxing than lying on the beach while drinking cocktails and feasting on the persuasive holiday buffet. With an all-inclusive reservation, everybody can enjoy various culinary delicacies at all times of the day. Juicy meat, hearty pasta or sweet dessert – all the tasty dishes of the local cuisine tempt holidaymakers to eat considerably more than they normally would. But attention: Calorie traps
07-06-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Running on the beach – The right workout during holidays

Most people associate the holidays with sun, beach and the ocean. Whether Florida, Spain or the Dominican Republic – popular sand beaches all around the world attract millions of tourists every year. The wonderful view and the pure, clean air at the ocean are not only the perfect surroundings for a long walk on the beach, but especially for an enjoyable running session. That keeps the body in shape and

Soft drinks, beer or wine – Calorie traps in a glass

Calorie traps are lurking everywhere. During a quick snack in between or while eating a big meal – for the dream weight’s sake, calorie-conscious people pay special attention to the content of their food. But not only does eating put a spoke on the diet’s wheel, beverages also increase our calorie count almost without us noticing it. Those who always get a soft drink to quench their thirst, rarely go
06-25-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Colourful eating – Vitamins in endurance sport

Cyclists, runners or swimmers – especially endurance athletes need a healthy, well-balanced diet. Since the body transpires and loses important minerals during physical strain, the need for nutrients is high, even in phases of regeneration. For a healthy balance of nutrients, athletes should consume a sufficient amount of natural vitamins and minerals from fruits and vegetables. The important micro nutrients strengthen the immune system and turn out to be true
06-25-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Marathon boom – How to choose the right one: Reasonable planning on registerin …

The fascination of a marathon captures more and more runners every year. Ambitious athletes all over the world aspire to experience the illustrious discipline of running. Increasing attendance figures and the variety of marathon events prove the ongoing boom. Nowadays, almost every big city organises a run; the choice of which to attend is immense. But not only the venues are wide-ranging; the types of marathons differentiate as well. From

Ice cream – The sweetest calorie trap of summer

What is summer without ice cream? Especially during the hot season, ice cream parlours everywhere attract both young and cold. Refreshing, creamy and delicious – nobody can resist. The icing on top in this case is a generous portion of whipped cream and syrup. Attention: Though ice cream is certainly tempting on hot summer days, the hidden calories are even more dangerous for those with a sweet tooth as well as
06-11-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Runner’s High – Neurochemical happiness on the track

Euphoria, ecstasy, adrenaline – The runner’s high suprises athletes right in the middle of a strenuous run. Giving all they have, with enormous exertion, a feeling of elation suddenly appears. Close to their physical and mental limits only moments before, runners suddenly become euphoric and forget about the pain. An exceptional neurochemical condition mobilises unexpected reserves of strength. But how do runners reach this state and what exactly happens in
05-29-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Common running mistakes made by professional athletes and beginners

Running seems to be so simple: Just put on your shoes and go! But there are a few obstacles waiting on and off the track. Even experienced runners often unnecessarily face health risks or performance setbacks, always trying to achieve a new personal best. Everybody, from beginners to pros, needs to consider some basic rules and guidelines in order to run good times as well as finish healthily and safely. Ignoring

Barbecues – Obstacles on the path to a beach body?!

The barbecue season has started and invites all fans of grilled meat to join. In the right atmosphere, with family or friends, it is more than alluring to enjoy some delicious food. But the things that taste so good on BBQ’s are often mean calorie bombs. Even though the spring was spent with disciplined training and conscious eating to get rid of some extra pounds, the images and scents of
03-08-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

No time for sport? The right time management is important

"I just don’t have time to exercise." Many people have a tight schedule every day: work, shopping, household, meet with friends, spending time with the family and eventually have some rest for themselves. Apparently there is no time to follow a sportive activity. The right balance between everyday life and sport depends on the inner attitude and a consequent time management. In contrast to television, computer or telephone, sport isn’t
02-02-2012 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Running and sweating - natural protection against hyperthermia

Sport and sweating go together. Whether in daily life or during sport activities the production of sweat helps to cool off the body, and is thereby a measure of thermoregulation. A large amount of excess body heat is produced while running - to protect the body from hyperthermia (body overheating), the natural reaction is sweating. However, sweating causes the reduction of water and important minerals; therefore, this loss has to

Blood Cholesterol Level: Stay healthy and keep eye on motion and healthy nutriti …

"Cholesterol" is often associated negatively. Despite, this fat is vitally important to the human body. We would not exist without cholesterol because this fat is the protective covering of our body cells. It is also responsible for the production of oestrogen and testosterone and protagonist in digestion. Nevertheless, an increased cholesterol level in blood is considered as harmful, once effecting a vasoconstriction by deposition. The combination of healthy nutrition and
12-10-2011 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Calorie traps in the Advent period: This is one way to avoid the most dangerous …

Advent period is famous from crunching and mincing! Potato cakes, cookies, baked fish, mulled wine and so on - sweet, salty and especially high-calorie foods are lurking around us on every corner. The calorie traps are troubling our conscience, but mostly, we can justify the great taste, because Christmastime is only once a year. Respecting a few tips everybody can avoid the worst calorie bombs and also the embarrassing moments

Adrenaline and sport: hormonal regulation of human body by sports

For all extreme athletes the search for so-called adrenaline puts them in to a kind of euphoria. In everyday life, the stress hormone plays an important role in our metabolism. But what exactly adrenaline is, how is it produced and what about its function in the body? My JogStyle explains the context also why regular exercise are so important for people and their well-being. The hormone adrenaline, also called epinephrine, is

Sporting activity: the basis for a healthy and restful sleep

Restful sleep - vital but not evident. More than 20 percent of the population suffers from sleep disorder. The everyday stress, pressures in work, fear or concern are the main causes of this problem and can lead to an irregular sleep schedule. The symptoms are: concentration difficulties, poor performance, fatigue, headaches and muscle tension and they will be a constant companion in everyday life if we do not fight against
11-02-2011 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Fatty tummy despite sport? With the right energy balance decrease successfully

Often despite of the sporty activity gives small fatty sections on belly and hip. What is the reason for it? The right energy balance matters to reduce your own body weight successfully and permanently. The idea beyond is simple: people’s energy comsumption is higher than its calorie consumption by food. But one will only succeed by regular activities and attention to a healthy and low-fat food. It can be very
09-05-2011 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

"Urban Trail Running" - conquer the city with the JogStyle

In order to bring a bit of momentum into the regular training, ambitious runner should try the new Trend Sport “Urban Train Running”. The inner city is going to be a great jogging path: stairs, bollards, benches, railings or uneven terrain represent no more obstacles, but are part of the training program. The imagination knows no boundaries. Urban Trail Running enhances concentration, endurance and coordination. To determine the personal mileage,
08-11-2011 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Important phases of the running training: warm up and cool down

Warm up, running, cool down, relax. That is how the optimal training program should look like. Unfortunately, most runners abandon the warm up as well as the cool down phase. Yet, it is very important to sufficiently prepare the body for the sportive strain and to gradually relax again after the training. This prevents injuries, enhances the regeneration and increases the performance capacity. My JogStyle explains what ambitioned runners should
07-28-2011 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

My JogStyle informs about jogging styles

Who runs regularly or even trains for a marathon will sooner or later be confronted with various styles of jogging. The adequate style heavily depends on the runner’s specific training goal. This does not only influence the effectively and speed but moreover directly affects the physical strain. My JogStyle gives information about different styles of running and how these impact the final performance. Basically, it can be distinguished between three different
07-07-2011 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Jogging in „summer smog“ – MyJogStyle informs about running at increased o …

Especially at warm days in summer high ozone levels prevail in big cities as well as in the countryside. This is particularly harmful to children and people with respiratory diseases. The hazardous ground-near ozone evolves through a combination of heat, exhaust fumes, and emissions from industry and incinerators. The longer the period of fine weather lasts, the more increases the ozone level. Even healthy people feel the raised ozone concentration through
07-07-2011 | Sports
Omron Healthcare

Jogging in „summer smog“ – MyJogStyle informs about running at increased o …

Especially at warm days in summer high ozone levels prevail in big cities as well as in the countryside. This is particularly harmful to children and people with respiratory diseases. The hazardous ground-near ozone evolves through a combination of heat, exhaust fumes, and emissions from industry and incinerators. The longer the period of fine weather lasts, the more increases the ozone level. Even healthy people feel the raised ozone concentration through

My JogStyle recommends: „Try something new - run backwards!“

A very new experience, an unforgettable feeling, and some variation in your monotone training? Interested? Then try to run backwards! Sounds weird, but in fact it is highly effective for body and soul. My JogStyle explains, why running backwards is worthwhile and where this crazy trend sport comes from. Who thinks “RetroRunning” is a new-fangled running alternative, is completely wrong. At the beginning of the 19th century this alternative form of

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