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Diabetes Predicted For Half Of Americans By 2020

December 2010, Dover, DE CNN reports this week that more than half of all Americans will have diabetes or pre-diabetes by the year 2020, at a cumulative cost of $3.35 trillion unless something drastically changes with U.S. health trends. Study investigators say diabetes and pre-diabetes will also account for an estimated 10 percent of total health care spending by the end of the decade at an annual cost of almost $500

Local Fitness Pro Takes On Childhood Obesity Crisis

November 2010, Dover, DE White House Task Force on Childhood Obesity Report to the President, Solving the Problem of Childhood Obesity Within a Generation, released some startling information that childhood obesity has become an epidemic in America and it is now considered a national health crisis. According to the Institute of Medicine of the National Academies, approximately nine million American children over six years old are considered obese. In addition,

Dover Delaware Loses 82 Pounds In 21 Days!

November 2010, Dover, DE In just 21 days 18 men and women combined lost just over 82 pounds of fat, took control of their health, and beat down the obesity epidemic with the power of goal setting. Fitness expert Chris Gray challenged his clients at Punch Kettlebell Gym to lose as much fat as possible in a 21 day rapid fat loss challenge competition. The winner would receive over $1,200

Frequently Overlooked Fitness Secret Proven To Produce Dramatic Results Fast

Dover, DE November 2010, -- A new study has found that online weight-loss programs can improve the outcomes for participants in fitness programs. Local fitness expert Chris Gray reveals a key fitness success secret that is very often overlooked but when used correctly has been proven to increase success by 50%. A recent study included 179 people taking part in Shape Up RI, an annual online 12-week community weight-loss competition in

Kettlebells Vindicated As The King Of Cardio-Fat Burning

October 2010, Dover, DE Scientist at the University of Wisconsin are stunned by new research proving kettlebell calorie burn is off the charts! Claims that the kettlebell delivers superior fat loss than any other method of exercise have now been vindicated by science in a recent study by the American Council on Exercise. Dover Delaware’s premier fitness expert states, “Scientific research has now shown us that kettlebells strip off unwanted body fat

Obesity Fallout - 50 Million Americans With Arthritis

October, 2010 Dover, DE October 2010- Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report associates rising rates of arthritis with rising levels of inactivity. According to Johns Hopkins Arthritis Center being overweight increases the stress on the joints and speeds the breakdown of cartilage. Local fitness expert Chris Gray explains that being just 10 pounds overweight adds about 30 to 60 pounds of extra force on your knees with every step you take.

Why Americans Are Over Weight: “The Dieters Paradox”

Dover, DE Oct 2010, John Cloud of Time magazine reports on Alexander Chernev of Northwestern University’s reference to the "The Dieter's Paradox."Chernev begins his paper with a great question: Why, after 20 years of public outcry about obesity - federal, state, and local government spending on weight-loss programs; widespread media coverage of what is routinely called the obesity "epidemic"; the opening of tens of thousands of new gyms since the

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