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Press Releases from Compumatica secure networks (12 total)

.vantronix secure systems releases firewall version fw.49 of its network securit …

Aachen/Uden, February 23rd 2012.- The Dutch and German manufacturer and distributor of high-end IT security appliances .vantronix secure systems ( released version 4.9 of its software suite for the protection of and controlled access to computer networks based on IPv4 and IPv6. Existing business models and information provision heavily rely on business critical networks and their connections with networks of ISPs (Internet Service Provider) and are therefore depending on proven border

“Managing Trust” with Compumatica at the CeBIT 2012

Aachen/Hanover, February 14th 2012.- At the CeBIT 2012 from March 6th to March 10th 2012 in Hanover Compumatica secure networks will present its products regarding “IT Security”. This year’s keynote theme of the CeBIT (“Managing Trust”) focuses on trust and security in the digital age. To be able to make optimal use of new solutions, a lot of trust in these technologies is required on the part of the users. This

Trusted e-mail communication with CompuMail Gateway by Compumatica

Aachen/Hanover, February 21st 2012.- The latest version of the CompuMail Gateway will be presented at the CeBIT 2012 in Hanover and offers some interesting new features. The CompuMail Gateway provided by Compumatica secure networks is a product for secure and reliable encryption of e-mail communication. Sensitive data is effectively protected against espionage attacks and intrusion attempts. The software application is centrally inserted into the SMTP chain by considering legal rules and

BlackBerry voice encryption: Mobile security realized by Compumatica 3G

Aachen/Hanover, February 11th 2011.- At the CeBIT 2011 Compumatica secure networks will present Compumatica 3G as solution for secure BlackBerry voice encryption. According to specific customer requirements further models and versions are available as well. Compumatica secure networks presents Compumatica 3G as new solution for protected voice-over-lP, e.g. BlackBerry communication. This encryption technique which has especially been developed for the application in mobile communication, enables dialog partners to protect their conversations

Compumatica in the “Heart of the digital World“

Aachen/Hanover, February 1st 2011.- As in the previous years Compumatica secure networks will be present at the CeBIT in Hanover. Consistent with this year’s trade fair slogan “Heart of the digital World” Compumatica will present news around the digital world. The heartbeat of the digital world pulsates with high frequency and thus determines a fast beat for developments in the security sector. These are necessary if people wish to keep up

Compumatica receives the EU Restricted/Restreint UE approval for its products Cr …

Uden, December 14th 2010.- The payload encryptor for level 2, 3 and 4 encryption and its management station may now be used in EU projects which require the EU Restricted/Restreint UE approval. The fully developed encryption device CryptoGuard VPN by Compumatica secure networks has recently been approved up to and including EU Restricted/Restreint UE by the Secretary General of the Council of the European Union. It may now be used in

Secure e-mail communication with CompuMail Gateway

Aachen/Hanover, February 2010.- Compumatica secure networks presents at the CeBIT 2010 in Hanover the product novelty CompuMail Gateway for secure encryption of e-mail communication. With CompuMail Gateway Compumatica offers a product for encryption of e-mail communication which protects confidential data reliably against any kind of manipulation and espionage. CompuMail Gateway is a software application which is centrally inserted in the SMTP chain. Legal rules as well as the internal policy are

Network encryption – uncomplicated and efficient

Compumatica secure networks affords on the occasion of CeBIT 2010 in Hanover the opportunity to inform about novelties in the further development of the established encryption boxes CryptoGuard VPN as well as their administration by means of the Security Management Station. Encryption boxes of the series CryptoGuard VPN by Compumatica provide reliable security for local networks of each size for more than 10 years. They are continuously further developed, upgraded and

High security firewalls by Compumatica

Compumatica secure networks informs at the CeBIT 2010 in Hanover about new features of the firewalls CompuWall and CryptoWall. The use of the World Wide Web has become inherent part of today’s information and communication society and especially the working world is not imaginable anymore without internet. At the same time the risks increase that one is exposed to during the transmission of data via unsecured paths. CompuWall, the application level

The human in the center: Compumatica connects worlds

Compumatica secure networks presents its new product CompuMail Gateway for secure encryption of e-mail communication at the CeBIT 2010 in Hanover. “Connected Worlds“ is not only this year’s slogan of the CeBIT, for Compumatica secure networks the focus as well concentrates on the human being as central starting point in several worlds connected to each other. This is reflected in a diversified product range that comprises besides the established products for

Compumatica provides encryption with higher throughput by means of CompuCrypt XL

Aachen, February, 16th 2009.- Customers‘ demands for faster encryption of large data volumes is fulfilled by the new CompuCrypt XL. Moreover, the new product developed by Compumatica secure networks also provides package filtering. The product families CryptoGuard VPN, CryptoWall and CompuWall developed by Compumatica secure networks provide users with a reliable diversity of solutions concerning data encryption. However, up to now the throughput had been limited to 1 Gbps. Yet, especially agencies,

Compumatica presents new technology for secured encryption of mobile communicati …

Aachen, February 16th, 2009.- In times of mobile working mobile communication devices are employed more and more. That is why the demand for an encryption technology which ideally protects this communication grows. Compumatica secure networks presents with Compumatica GSM an ultimate solution for secure encryption of voice and SMS communication. The eavesdropping of mobile communication and the misuse of information coming along with that are the consequences of modern information technology