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GUIdancer and Jubula now integrate with ALM tools

The free automated GUI test tools, GUIdancer and Jubula, now integrate with application lifecycle management (ALM) tools such as Jira and Bugzilla. In version 7.2, released on October 17th, test results can automatically be reported to external systems. This allows project members to view test results and their status directly from their ALM tool. The new versions can be downloaded from the BREDEX testing portal at “The new options

Unified GUIdancer and Jubula standalones released

The standalone versions of the automated GUI Testing Tools GUIdancer and Jubula have been jointly released as version 7.1. Both tools are now identical in terms of features, allowing all users access to features that were previously only in the commercial version, including test reporting, code coverage and support for the following toolkits: Swing, SWT/RCP/GEF, HTML, .NET and iOS. To coincide with the release, BREDEX GmbH has announced a new

GUIdancer goes mobile; Jubula joins e4

Version 7.0 of GUIdancer and a standalone release of Jubula (2.0, Kepler preview) have been released today. The cross-platform automated GUI test tools both contain support for the Eclipse e4 platform, and GUIdancer now also offers testing for iOS applications. “With these releases, we’ve gone in two very different, but equally exciting directions.” said Achim Lörke, Project Lead and Managing Director at BREDEX GmbH. “Both new toolkits are important to

GUIdancer 6.1 and Jubula 1.3 released

The latest versions of the automated testing tools GUIdancer and Jubula are available for download, BREDEX GmbH announced today. Version 6.1 of GUIdancer allows the testing of .NET applications alongside the previously supported Swing, SWT/RCP/GEF and HTML toolkits. The new version lets teams working with .NET applications use GUIdancer’s innovative and effective test specification method to automate their GUI tests. BREDEX also announced the parallel release of Jubula, the Eclipse

GUIdancer 5.2 and Jubula 1.1 available for download

Following the successful release of the Eclipse Jubula package on Friday 23rd September, BREDEX GmbH is pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest versions of Jubula and GUIdancer as standalone applications. GUIdancer version 5.2 can be downloaded from the BREDEX website, and Jubula 1.1 is available via the Eclipse Jubula project page. The new versions offer early warning for component recognition problems, improved refactoring options, as well as

GUIdancer 4.2 available for download

Version 4.2 of GUIdancer, the award-winning automated functional testing tool, is now available for download. Highlights of the new release include support for applications written with Eclipse 3.6 (Helios) as well as various new options to analyse and debug tests. The GUIdancer approach to testing lets testers create flexible and maintainable tests parallel to software development and without any programming effort. Version 4.2 of GUIdancer offers comfortable support for test

GUIdancer Version 4.1 Released

Version 4.1 of GUIdancer, the automated functional testing tool, is available for immediate download. This service release includes better support for working with very large test projects and has the added functionality of automatically taking screenshots when errors occur in tests. The new version also sees the Mac OSX support move from BETA to fully supported. GUIdancer is an Eclipse-based testing tool which allows modular and agile acceptance testing for

GUIdancer 4.0 released

The GUIdancer team at BREDEX GmbH is pleased to announce the release of version 4.0 of their award-winning automated functional testing tool. Version 4.0 of the cross-platform tool offers browser-independent HTML testing alongside the previous Swing, SWT/RCP and GEF support. The new version also contains improved reporting features to track quality in projects and the option to test multiple applications during one test. GUIdancer won the Eclipse Award for best

GUIdancer 3.2 adds new actions to library

GUIdancer, Bredex GmbH’s automated functional test tool, has been released in version 3.2 and is available for download from the GUIdancer website. Version 3.2 contains a variety of new supported test actions, increasing the amount of tests that can be automated out-of-the-box. Using the library of GUIdancer actions, testers can create powerful, modular tests simply by dragging and dropping the required actions. Because this approach does not involve any program

GUIdancer 3.1 released

Bredex GmbH announced today that version 3.1 of GUIdancer, the automated functional testing tool, is now available for download. As well adding support for the testing of GEF (Graphical Editing Framework) components, the new version is available for MAC OSX as a beta, and is compatible with Eclipse 3.5. Increased platform and application support are not the only areas where the Eclipse-based test tool has been expanded. GUIdancer's efficient keyword-driven

GUIdancer 3.0 for release in first quarter 2009

Bredex GmbH has announced the planned release date of GUIdancer 3.0, their automated GUI test tool, as the first quarter in 2009. New features in this release will include a new modelling perspective for model-based testing and a new observation mode to allow testers to create reusable keywords from a running application. GUIdancer 3.0 thus offers comfortable, code-free and agile testing to teams at all stages of the testing process.

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