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A new reference standard for correct interpretation of pediatric radiographs

New York/Stuttgart – “Radiographic Atlas of Skeletal Maturation,” recently published by Thieme, enables physicians dealing with the maturing skeleton and its complex maturation to quickly hone in on what is “normal” for the specific case they are reviewing, which can be particularly useful when called upon to read a pediatric skeletal radiograph in the emergency room or while on call. “The value of this atlas is to provide appropriate standards for

Thieme Teaching Assistant Now Featuring Physiology and Pharmacology

New York/Stuttgart, December 2011 – “Thieme Teaching Assistant,” a state-of-the-art, web-based platform for teachers and students launched in 2008, now contains stunning, full-color images from three of Thieme’s bestselling physiology and pharmacology titles. “Thieme Teaching Assistant Physiology” includes 200 full-color images from “Physiology-An Illustrated Review,” by Roger TannerThies, and over 700 high-quality images from Michael et al.'s “Fundamentals of Medical Physiology”. “Thieme Teaching Assistant Pharmacology” features all images from “Pharmacology:

New title distills the most relevant information in spine surgery practice

New York/Stuttgart, – “Handbook of Spine Surgery,” recently published by Thieme, is authoritative, concise, and portable – designed for use in a fast-paced clinical setting. Its coverage of both principles and techniques of contemporary spine surgery, including anatomy, pathology, procedures, and instrumentation, makes it highly useful as a refresher before surgery, an easily digestible study guide, or a daily companion for physicians caring for patients with spinal disorders. "The discipline

Facial Plastic Surgery Publishing Original Research starting in 2012

New York/Stuttgart – Thieme Publishers is pleased to announce that beginning in 2012 Facial Plastic Surgery will be publishing original research papers in addition to its widely acclaimed review articles. "We believe that widening the pool of talented contributors to Facial Plastic Surgery will lead to a stronger foundation, greater innovation, and ultimately better patient care in the field of facial plastic surgery," say Anthony P. Sclafani, MD, FACS, North American

New title in RadCases Series Helps Students Diagnose Genitourinary Diseases

New York/Stuttgart – Thieme is proud to announce the publication of Genitourinary Imaging by Shailendra Chopra, MD, part of Thieme’s RadCases series. Containing nearly 400 high-resolution radiographs demonstrating 250 basic to advanced cases seen in daily practice, Genitourinary Imaging will give readers the information, examples and insights they need to accurately diagnose various genitourinary disease entities. The book contains 100 cases, and another 150 are available free for 12 months

Pocket-Sized Guide Perfect for Prepping for Neurosurgery Rounds

New York/Stuttgart, April 2011 – Published by Thieme, the leading publisher of neurosurgery board review books, “Neurosurgery Rounds: Questions and Answers” is the ideal pocket guide for residents preparing for their board examinations or the situations encountered on neurosurgery rotation. Called “pimping” in residents’ vernacular, this rapid-fire style of quizzing used during rounds requires speed of mind and clarity of thought across all topics in the expansive subject of neurosurgery. This

Master the Temporal Bone Dissection Techniques Today

New York/Stuttgart, March 21, 2011 – “Temporal Bone Dissection Guide,” recently published by Thieme, offers detailed insights into the anatomy of the temporal bone and surgical techniques residents need to master, in an accessible easy to use format, written by experienced surgeons from Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. “Howard W. Francis and John K. Niparko together have a vast anatomic and surgical experience in otology and neurotology. Their insights are

A Visually Stunning Overview of Chest Radiology – Written Specifically for Res …

New York/Stuttgart – “Chest Radiology: A Resident’s Manual,” recently published by Thieme, offers a comprehensive introduction to the interpretation of radiographs of the chest. With more than 600 illustrations, this user-friendly manual facillitates effective study with test cases and numerous call-out boxes containing key concepts. This highly visual guide will help residents answer questions on pathology of diseases of the lungs and heart and procedures and diagnoses in difficult cases. “Its

A Case-Based Companion Text to the Bestselling “Pediatric Audiology”

New York/Stuttgart, March 2011 – “Pediatric Audiology Casebook,” published by Thieme, melds learning and clinical application by providing cases and analysis to aid readers in a wide range of diagnostic decisions. In fact, it is also a perfect companion text to the authors’ bestselling “Pediatric Audiology.” “How refreshing it is to see a text that dispenses with exposition and makes the experiences of master clinicians available to the reader—student and

The Essentials of Brain Revascularization in a Concise Full-Color Guide

New York/Stuttgart – “Cerebral Revascularization: Microsurgical and Endovascular Techniques,” recently published by Thieme, discusses open brain bypass and other treatment techniques performed to restore blood flow in the brain. With over 350 high-quality illustrations and radiographs, this concise guide demonstrates the entire process of open brain bypass from open surgical techniques, to endovascular procedures, and critical care considerations. “[This book] covers the entire spectrum of cerebral revascularization, detailing technical options, indications,

Comprehensive Guide Offers Multiple Radiologic Modalities in Breast Imaging

New York/Stuttgart – Recently published by Thieme, "Diagnosis of Breast Diseases: Integrating the Findings of Clinical Presentation, Mammography, and Ultrasound” offers key information on the diagnosis of breast diseases using the clinical examination and various radiological modalities. With more than 1,500 radiographs, ultrasound images, and mammograms, this lavishly illustrated atlas offers pre-operative considerations as well as peri- and post-operative management advice. “[This book is] focused mainly on difficult cases illustrating

Make Quick and Accurate Radiograph-Based Diagnoses with this Essential Guide

New York/Stuttgart – With more than 550 high-resolution images, “Critical Care Radiology,” recently published by Thieme, includes the must-know information for performing and interpreting radiographs in an intensive care situation. Focusing on the chest and abdomen, this succinctly-organized text also offers special sections on pediatric patients in intensive care settings. “This book places special emphasis…on the differential diagnosis of morphologic findings and their interpretation within the clinical context, and on

Thieme Books Aid ENT Doctors Practicing in Developing Nations

New York/Stuttgart – According to the World Health Organization, 80 percent of hearing impaired and deaf people live in low and middle-income countries, and 278 million people worldwide are estimated to have “moderate to profound hearing loss in both ears.” Global ENT Outreach, with the help of otology books provided by Thieme Medical Publishers, Inc., is working to improve the treatment options available for people affected by hearing-related disorders. Thieme has

Highly Visual, Case-Based Approach to Nuclear Medicine

New York/Stuttgart – Case-Based Nuclear Medicine, Second Edition, recently published by Thieme, presents the latest information on the field of nuclear medicine in a highly visual, case-driven format. The book has been updated to include the latest technology used for nuclear imaging, including the latest cardiac and PET/CT imaging systems. "This book focuses on the common presentations of diseases, and describes the findings in a manner that will allow the

2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Goes to Two Thieme Chemistry Authors

Stuttgart/New York– Thieme congratulates Professors Richard F. Heck, Ei-ichi Negishi and Akira Suzuki on jointly winning the 2010 Nobel Prize in Chemistry from the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences for "palladium-catalyzed cross-couplings in organic synthesis.” The addition of cross-coupling reactions to the chemist’s toolbox has greatly empowered the research efforts of scientists working in the field of organic synthetic chemistry, particularly drug discovery. Palladium-catalyzed cross-coupling also benefits the agricultural and

Core Audiology Information for the Otolaryngology Boards

New York/Stuttgart - In “Audiology Answers for Otolaryngologists,” published by Thieme, the authors distil the essential audiology information Otolaryngology residents need to tackle their board examinations, and addresses the most common questions posed by aspiring ear, nose and throat (ENT) physicians. The book’s unique FAQ (frequently asked questions) and answer format helps readers to crystallize and reinforce must-know concepts. High-quality photographs, audiograms, charts, and tables complement the text. Hearing loss

Fully Updated Expert Guide to Scalp Acupuncture Techniques

New York/Stuttgart —Thieme’s second edition of “Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture” features additional points, upgraded graphics, even more case reports and a chapter on energy and healing. Yamamoto New Scalp Acupuncture (YNSA), an acupuncture microsystem, is most frequently used for neuromusculoskeletal diseases, dysfunctions, and acute or chronic pain. “Some of the protocols have been refined and have become more specific with some new points,” said author Richard A. Feely, whose work is

Thieme Wins First Prize in Surgical Specialties at the BMA Medical Book Awards

New York/Stuttgart, October 2010 —Thieme, a world leader in scientific, medical, and academic publishing, picked up First Prize at the 2010 British Medical Association’s Medical Book Awards ceremony recently held in London. Through this competition the BMA aims to foster and reward excellence in medical publishing. Publishers from around the globe submitted 784 titles this year—100 more than last year. First Prize in the Surgical Specialties category went to “Orthodontic

Science of Synthesis Completes Two More Categories With More Updates Scheduled f …

Stuttgart, September 2010 – Thieme Publishing Group today announced the release of Science of Synthesis 3.10. Science of Synthesis is a comprehensive online resource providing users with convenient access to highly evaluated chemical information from leading experts in the field. With this most recent upgrade, Science of Synthesis now covers all fields of organic chemistry from organometallics to alkanes. Covered topics will be continuously updated and additional content will be

Nearly 90 Cases Covering the Most Common Ear Nose and Throat Problems

New York/Stuttgart, August 2010 – “Otolaryngology Cases: The University of Cincinnati Clinical Portfolio,” published by Thieme, provides readers with 88 clinical cases on the most common ENT (ear, nose, throat) problems. This book, presented in a consistent, reader-friendly format, prepares otolaryngology residents and practitioners for cases they are likely to encounter in their daily practices. In this up-to-date reference, which includes every major ENT specialty from head and neck cancer

The Relaunched Thieme E-Book Library is COUNTER Compliant

Stuttgart/New York August 2010 – Thieme Publishing Group has announced that the relaunched Thieme E-Book Library platform, is now COUNTER compliant. With this addition to the online library institutions can now obtain statistical data to monitor online usage that is based on international standards and protocols and supported by libraries, publishers, intermediaries, and professional organizations. "The relaunched Thieme E-Book Library has been reviewed by COUNTER and found to be compliant

Dr. James P. Stannard Named Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Knee Surgery Recen …

New York/Stuttgart, August 2010 – Thieme welcomes Dr. James P. Stannard to the “Journal of Knee Surgery.” As editor-in-chief, Stannard, an award-winning author and renowned specialist in the field, brings his expertise and enthusiasm to this flagship journal, recently acquired by Thieme Publishers. "I feel grateful for the opportunity to assume the role of editor-in-chief of the Journal of Knee Surgery. It is an opportunity to have a major impact

The Fundamental Steps of Major Neurosurgery Procedures in a Compact Book

New York/Stuttgart, July 2010 – “Fundamentals of Operative Techniques in Neurosurgery,” is currently the only portable surgical handbook available to neurosurgeons. This second edition of the bestselling reference expands and improves on the original version. "In order to maximize portability while minimizing bulkiness, we have organized each section with surgical approaches covered first and then pathology-specific nuances covered in [detail in] subsequent chapters," says author E. Sander Connolly, Jr., MD,

The Most Common Cases in the Typical Day of a Radiologist

New York/Stuttgart, July 2010 – “Thoracic Imaging,” published by Thieme, focuses on one of the main subspecialties in radiology and is the latest addition to the Dx-Direct series of radiology books. These concisely written, well-organized texts are handy references that get straight to the point. Comprehensive in scope, this acclaimed, 12-book series covers all the main subspecialties in the field. "This book covers the most common cases that are likely

Thieme Picks up Manson Publishing for the Americas and India

New York/Stuttgart, July 2010 – Thieme Publishers, one of the world’s leading scientific, medical and academic publishing companies and Manson Publishing, a UK-based specialty publisher, announced today that Thieme will distribute the Manson titles in the Americas and India. "Manson Publishing has an outstanding list and this relationship provides us with both the opportunity to complement our traditional offerings and to significantly expand our portfolio of veterinary titles," said Brian

A Step-by-Step Visual Guide for Orthopedic Surgeons Facilitates Diagnosis and Tr …

New York/Stuttgart – "MRI for Orthopaedic Surgeons" demonstrates how to systematically evaluate and interpret magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) studies of the musculoskeletal system. The collaboration between orthopedic surgeons and radiologists to produce this book, published by Thieme, emulates the optimal relationship between these subspecialties in clinical practice. Author Dr. Khanna sites the lack of imaging resources in this field as having been an impetus for writing and compiling the material

Visually-Driven Single Volume Atlas Focusing on the Nerves of the Human Brain

New York/Stuttgart – The cranial nerves are 12 pairs of nerves that can be seen on the bottom surface of the brain. Pathology affecting every cranial nerve can be assessed routinely with high-resolution computed tomography (CT) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). In the visually-driven “Cranial Nerves: Anatomy, Pathology, Imaging,” published by Thieme, this single-volume book incorporates detailed descriptions of the anatomy and function of cranial nerves with practical coverage of

Thieme Releases Textbook on the Clinical Essentials for Women's Healthcare

New York/Stuttgart – “Obstetrics and Gynecology: The Essentials of Clinical Care,” written by an international team of experts, concentrates on the most important and common clinical issues in obstetrics and gynecology. This comprehensive book, published by Thieme, clearly depicts all the major subspecialties in the field and provides students and medical professionals with an excellent reference with up-to-date information for review as well as for use during clinical rotations. “This

Relaunched Thieme E-Book Library Enhances the User Experience

New York/Stuttgart – Thieme today announced the relaunch of the Thieme E-Book Library, one of the leading online destinations for learning, review and research in medicine and the life sciences. This continuously expanding resource contains books on anatomy, the clinical sciences, radiology and the basic sciences. This updated version of the Thieme E-Book Library contains additional titles, as well as many new features. "Due to the increasing popularity and use

AMSA and Thieme Announce Student-Focused Partnership

New York/Stuttgart – Thieme, one of the world’s leading scientific, medical and academic publishers, announced today that it is partnering with the American Medical Student Association (AMSA) to offer the physicians of tomorrow the tools and support they need to succeed in medical school. The Thieme-run premiums available exclusively to AMSA's pre-med members for renewing their student memberships in 2010 include the choice between a complimentary copy of Thieme's “Atlas

A Cost Effective Archiving Solution for Libraries and Publishers Around the Glob …

New York/Stuttgart - Thieme Publishing Group has joined CLOCKSS (Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe), a community-governed, non-profit joint venture between the world's leading scholarly publishers and research libraries. These organizations are working together to guarantee the permanent survival of academic digital content beyond the twenty-first century. Additional participants in this continuously growing international project include Stanford University, the Royal Society, Elsevier, and the University of Hong

The Tenth Winner of the Thieme-IUPAC Prize

New York/Stuttgart – Thieme Publishing Group is pleased to announce that Professor Phil S. Baran of the Scripps Research Institute in California has won the Thieme-IUPAC Prize 2010. Presented every two years, this award is given to a scientist under the age of 40 whose research has had a major impact on the field of synthetic organic chemistry. The Thieme-IUPAC Prize is jointly administered by Thieme Chemistry and the International

A Fully Updated Edition of the Definitive Guide to Neurosurgery

New York/Stuttgart - For two decades the Handbook of Neurosurgery, published by Thieme, has been a trusted companion for neurosurgery residents, neurologists and other medical professionals involved in the care and treatment of patients with brain and spine disorders. This seminal text, now in its seventh edition, covers the full range of neurosurgery and its specialties and presents readers with the most up-to-date information in this continuously evolving field. It

All Recent Technical Developments in Magnetic Resonance Imaging Together in One …

New York/Stuttgart - Magnetic resonance imaging is a rapidly developing technology that provides a detailed picture of the human body. In MR Imaging of the Abdomen and Pelvis, published by Thieme, this demanding field is presented in a straightforward manner by specialists using numerous images and easy-to-read tables. "It is a very detailed and elaborate book about abdominal MRI including rare diseases. The book's organization allows the reader to approach

subito and Thieme Agree to Cooperate on Delivering Content From Electronic Books

New York/Stuttgart - subito and Thieme Publishing Group have initiated a project to jointly develop a document delivery system for electronic books. As a result, university libraries can make digital book content from Thieme available on reading terminals, and personnel from universities and research institutions can integrate it into their intranets and learning platforms. subito has made its infrastructure available for delivering book content direct from the publisher. In 2009,

A Companion Guide to the Bestselling Handbook of Neurosurgery

New York /Stuttgart - With the The Greenberg Rapid Review: A Companion to the 6th Edition, Dr. Leonard I. Kranzler has designed a book that not only challenges the reader but facilitates active participation in the process individuals use when learning and reviewing material. The book functions as a companion to the 6th edition of the consistently bestselling Handbook of Neurosurgery by Mark S. Greenberg, MD. Both titles are published

The Full Range of Common and Complex Ultrasound-Guided Procedures Together in On …

New York/Stuttgart - In well-trained hands, ultrasound is an invaluable and relatively inexpensive guidance tool. As a result, it is standard practice to utilize this technology for invasive procedures. Ultrasound-Guided Procedures, recently published by Thieme, is a practical reference for the full range of common and complex ultrasound-guided procedures frequently performed in clinical practice. "In this book, we provide a point-by-point, practical how-to check list for ultrasound-guided interventions and percutaneous

Thieme Website Re-launch Keeps Its Audience Firmly in Mind

New York/Stuttgart – Thieme Publishers – which made history in 1996 as the first medical publisher with e-commerce – is pleased to announce the latest re-launch of In addition to its fresh, new look and expanded functionality, includes dynamic video interviews with renowned medical professionals as well as a regularly updated ‘Latest News’ section. The ‘Resources’ pages provide individualized information that caters to the specific needs of authors, students,

Science of Synthesis Continues Its Expansion With the Addition of Two Volumes

Science of Synthesis has expanded by 2 volumes and now contains a total of 42 volumes. The two new volumes are from Category 5 (Compounds with One Saturated Carbon—Heteroatom Bond) and include Volume 40 (Schaumann/Enders), which consists of Amines, Ammonium Salts, Amine N-Oxides, Haloamines, Hydroxylamines and Sulfur Analogues, and Hydrazines and Volume 42 (Mathey), which consists of Organophosphorus Compounds (including RO—P and RN—P). This release contains a total of 15,476

Essential Reference for Optimizing the Care of Patients Suffering From Lumbar Sp …

New York/Stuttgart – Disorders of the inervertebral discs in the lumbar spine are a frequent source of severe lower back pain. These discs are located between the vertebrae and when healthy allow proper movement, acting as shock absorbers when necessary. In the United States, 40 million people with spinal or back pain will consult a doctor annually. In the United Kingdom, 13% of the working population will miss work, due

Clinical Insights From One of the Most Influential Medical Professionals in His …

New York/Stuttgart, October 2009 – Eardrum repair, called tympanoplasty, is a procedure to correct a tear in the eardrum (tympanic membrane). The use of cartilage in major reconstruction of the tympanic membrane has become increasingly recognized. Studies comparing cartilage to more traditional grafting materials have shown no difference in hearing post-operatively. Cartilage Tympanoplasty, published by Thieme, is the first of its kind in this field. "I was astounded by

Comprehensive Visual Reference Bridges the Gap Between Ophthalmology and Neurolo …

New York/Stuttgart – Neuro-ophthalmology, the overlap specialty between neurology and ophthalmology is a concern for ophthalmologists and neurologists. Neuro-Ophthalmology Illustrated, published by Thieme, bridges the gap between the two fields, covering all the disorders that may affect those parts of the central nervous system devoted to vision. In this portable atlas, readers will find a compact reference that provides not only an introduction to anatomy physiology and pathophysiology but also

Thieme Displays World-Renowned Neurosurgery Program During the Fourteenth World …

New York/Stuttgart, September 2009 – During this week's World Congress of Neurological Surgery, Thieme, the market leading publisher in neurosurgical content, is exhibiting recently published and soon-to-be released titles. The event, which opened on August 30 and concludes on September 4, is taking place at the HynesVeteransMemorialConvention Center in Boston, Massachusetts in the United States. This five day conference provides a forum for showcasing the latest in scientific work related

One of the Most Significant Resources for Chemists Celebrates Its One Hundredth …

Stuttgart – In 1909, Theodor Weyl wrote and edited the Houben–Weyl Methods of Organic Chemistry series. The first edition, consisted of two volumes and covered material published from as early as 1834. As part of the centenary celebration a rarely seen first edition, displayed courtesy of the Swain Library at Stanford University, will be on display from August 16 to August 20 at the Thieme Chemistry booth during the fall

A New Comprehensive Text Fills Gap in Medical Literature on Radiosurgery

New York, NY - Radiosurgery holds many advantages over surgery. First, there is no incision, second, there is no risk of bleeding, infection, or other possible complications that sometimes occur with open surgery. Intracranial Stereotactic Radiosurgery is considered one of the most current and comprehensive books available about surgery that utilizes radiation. Published by Thieme, this reference work addresses both the benefits as well as the limitations of radiosurgical techniques

Thieme Picks up Magna Cum Laude Award at Prestigious Neuroradiology Meeting

New York/Stuttgart – Thieme Publishers is pleased to announce that the Cerefy Atlas of Cerebral Vasculature has received the Magna Cum Laude Scientific Exhibition Award from the American Society of Neuroradiology during the ASNR's 47th Annual Meeting in Vancouver, British Columbia. “Dr. Nowinski and his team tirelessly worked to perfect this new atlas. We at Thieme enthusiastically express our appreciation for their unwavering dedication and accomplishments, ” said Brian

Skull Base Moves Forward With New Editor-in-Chief

New York/Stuttgart, July 2009 – Thieme Publishers is pleased to announce the appointment of Dennis H. Kraus, MD, FACS, to the position of Editor-in-Chief of Skull Base, a multidisciplinary journal publishing original articles containing clinical and experimental information for practicing skull base surgeons. Dr. Kraus is the Director of Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center's Speech, Hearing, and Rehabilitation Center and currently serves on the Executive Council of the North American Skull

An Integrated Approach to Injury and Rehabilitation for Patients With Brian Inju …

Stuttgart/New York – Advances in critical care management and a push towards evidence-based treatment guidelines have vastly improved the care physicians provide to patients with brain injuries. In Neurotrauma and Critical Care of the Brain, published by Thieme, leading clinicians have come together to layout evidence-based guidelines for effectively managing patients with traumatic brain injuries. “It is a current and clear reference for the many physicians involved in the

Over 1,700 Images Added to Rapidly Expanding Medical Student Website

New York/Stuttgart - Thieme announced today that has been expanded to feature more than 1,700 images, including illustrations from Atlas of Anatomy as well as clinical material such as MRIs, CT scans and sectional anatomy with explanatory schematics. Users gain access to all these amazing images by subscribing to a PRO plan on the website “This new addition to the site expands on an already successful base. And

Atlas of Anatomy Wins Two Benjamin Franklin Awards

New York/Stuttgart - Thieme Publishers announced today that Atlas of Anatomy won two Benjamin Franklin Awards, presented by the Independent Book Publishers Association. For the 2009 awards, Atlas of Anatomy picked up two first place wins in the Education/Teaching/Academic and Science categories while Anatomy Flash Cards received a nomination in the Science category. Atlas of Anatomy, edited by Anne M. Gilroy, Brian R. MacPherson, and Lawrence M. Ross, is based

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