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Press Releases from PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. Piezo Nano Positioning (20 total)

Piezo Transducers for Medical Engineering & Life Sciences: New Brochure Availabl …

April 2012, Auburn, MA, – Piezo specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) has published a new brochure on medical applications of piezo ceramic actuators, transducers and motion components. The “Piezo Drive Solutions for Medical Engineering” entitled PDF document is available for download at: Piezo Transducers Brochure for Medical Applications Piezo transducers and piezo motors can solve many problems encountered by traditional motors and motion components. They are more compact, provide

Nanopositioning Stages- Piezo Systems, Motors, Controllers: New Catalog

PI, a leading manufacturer of nanopositioning stages & precision motion-control equipment for bio-medical, semiconductor, imaging & nanotechnology applications, releases a new nanopositioning catalog. The 160-page catalog focuses on piezo flexure based nanopositioning systems capable of repeatedly moving distances as small as the diameter of an atom. It covers single axis stages, XY and XYZ stages as well as tip/tilt platforms for active optics, imaging and laser beam steering. Parallel

Non-Magnetic and Vacuum Compatible Motion Control Systems for SEM, Semiconductor …

Non-Magnetic and Vacuum Compatible Motion Control Systems for SEM, Semiconductors, Medical, Aerospace PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. – a leading manufacturer of precision motion-control and piezo nanopositioning products – has released a new brochure on non-magnetic and vacuum compatible precision positioning systems. The publication presents a comprehensive overview of PI's precision motion control products for extreme operating conditions that are essential for many of today's leading edge applications in fields as diverse as:

Fast Piezo Linear Actuator for Automation is Based on Ultrasonic Motor Technolog …

Auburn, MA -- piezo motor specialist PI introduces the new M-272 linear actuator for automation applications based on a maintenance-free PILine® ultrasonic ceramic motor. PILine® piezo ceramic ultrasonic drives offer an affordable alternative to electromagnetic linear motors and motor-leadscrew combinations when small dimensions and/or high speed are important. With velocities of up to 200 mm/s, these drives are fast, compact, and are readily integrated. In addition, PIline® motors are self-locking

Piezo Mechanisms Catalog Piezo Actuators, Piezo Motors, Piezo Stage Systems

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. -- a leading manufacturer of piezo ceramic actuators and precision motion-control equipment for semiconductor, bio-medical and nanotechnology applications -- has released a new catalog on Piezo Mechanisms. The 400-page catalog presents PI’s complete spectrum of piezomechanic components and motion systems, from simple direct actuators, to long-travel ceramic linear motors and complex multi-axis flexure guided nanopositioning stages and digital control electronics. The catalog can be downloaded

Piezo for Medical Design: Motors, Positioners and Hexapod Robots at Medical Desi …

Minneapolis, MN - piezo and precision motion control specialist PI (Physik Instrumente) LP exhibits its latest piezomotors, piezo positioners and 6-axis hexapod robots at the MD&M show, Booth 237, October 13-14, Minneapolis Convention Center, Minnesota. Piezo based products find wide use in medical device applications due to their low power requirements, compactness, fast response and nonmagnetic features. Piezo ceramics can be used in applications from nebulizers (ultrasonics) to positioning

Precision Linear Piezo Motor Provides High Force & Targets High-End Applications

Auburn, MA, PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. introduces the new generation of N-216 NEXLINE®® high-load piezo linear motors. These ultra-precision nanopositioning actuators provide travel ranges to 20 mm and push / pull forces to 600 N (130 lb). The operating principle is based on coordinated motion of a number of highly preloaded linear and shear piezo elements acting on a ceramic runner. Features & Advantages * All-Ceramic Drive, Extreme Lifetime,

6-Axis Robot at Medical Devices &Manufacturing Expo

Anaheim, CA - Nanopositioning specialist PI (Physik Instrumente LP) has shown its latest 6-axis robot positioning system at the MD&M West show, the world's largest medical design & manufacturing event. The miniature hexapod system provides more than 10 lbs of force and motion in all six degrees of freedom. It can be used for manufacturing and placing of parts requiring very high precision, for microscopy applications or laser and optical alignment.

24-Bit-Piezo Controllers for the latest generation Nanopositioning Systems

Auburn, MA, Piezo system specialist PI is switching to a new generation of 24-bit resolution, nanopositioning stage controllers. The new controllers will enable better than 100 picometers command resolution for even the latest generation, long-travel, piezo nanopositioning systems (1 mm and up), such as the PIHera™ series closed-loop flexure stages. The use of 24-bit converters represents more than 2 orders of magnitude improvement over the still widely used 16-bit converters.

Optical Path Control, Beam Steering & Image Stabilization with Lower Cost Piezo …

Auburn, MA, Piezo system specialist PI has extended its E-616 multi-channel controller line for piezo based steering & stabilization mirror platforms. Four open and closed-loop models are now available in bench-top and OEM module versions. The closed-loop units contain two servo controllers, sensor circuit channels and 3 power amplifiers. Features and Advantages of the E-616 Multi-Axis Controller  Three Integrated Amplifiers Provide up to 10 W Peak Power  Closed-Loop and Open-Loop Versions  Bench-Top and OEM

New Piezo Stage Helps Researchers Study Proteins

Super resolution microscopy (nanoscopy) refers to optical techniques that go beyond the diffraction limit. They are often used as tools for bio-medical research revealing deatails of proteins and biomolecules, resolving to the 10 nanometer scale. Most super-resolution microscopes incorporate piezo precision positioning devices for scanning or focusing. The new PI-nano™ series piezo stages feature a low profile of 20 mm, large aperture & deliver highly accurate motion with sub-nanometer resolution in

Novel Piezoelectric Linear Actuator / Micro-Manipulator Replaces Motorized Actua …

Auburn, MA, Jan 2009 -- Piezo systems specialist PI will introduce the novel N-380 / N-381 NEXACT® ceramic linear motor actuators at this year’s Photonics West conference in San Jose, CA. The new actuator is based on the Piezo Walk principle and replaces classical lead screw actuators combining high forces and long travel ranges with sub-nanometer resolution in a small package. Features and Advantages * 1 kg Push/Pull Force, 30 mm

Piezo Stage / Nanopositioning System Provides Record Tavel Range of 1800 Microns

PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P., a leading manufacturer of piezo systems for nanopositioning and precision motion-control offers a flexure-guided piezo nanopositioning stage family with record travel ranges to 1.8 mm. More Information & Datasheets: New Stages Capture 200X Larger Areas than Conventional Stages These precision closed-loop flexure-guided piezo stages can be used for scanning probe applications (surface metrology) and static positioning. Due to the long travel ranges they can scan

High-Efficiency Piezo Amplifier Module uses Energy Recovery for High Power Outpu …

Nanopositioning and piezo system specialist PI introduces the new E-617 high-power piezo amplifier module. It is ideally suited for high-dynamics switching and scanning applications e.g. for high-speed injection valve testing, vibration cancellation etc. The E-617's innovative efficient circuitry based on energy recovery technology reduces power consumption and heat dissipation, especially in dynamic applications. Features and Advantages of the E-617 high power Amplifier * Output voltage -30 to

Scanning Microscopy Stages with Piezo Drives for Higher Resolution Images

PI (Physik Instrumente) has extended its line of piezo stages for scanning microscopy applications. The P-737 Piezo Z-Focusing Stage is offered along with the stiffer, P-726 high performance microscope lens focusing system for large NA microscope objectives and the redesigned P-686 XY piezo motor positioning stage providing long travel ranges to 25x25 mm. The M-686 XY coarse-positioning, stage can also accommodate an XY / Z nanopositioning scanning piezo stage to

Nanopositioning Solutions, Pizeo Stage Systems Catalog Offers Precision Motion C …

Nanopositioning Systems Catalog Offers Precision Motion Control Solutions for all High-Tech Industries A comprehensive reference book on nanopositioning technology entitled “Piezo Stages, Nanopositioning Systems, Ultra-Precision Actuators & Motors” is available in PDF format from PI. Catalog Download at: High Resolution Image at: The components and solutions shown in the catalog were developed for high-tech industries such as: * Nanotechnology & Biotechnology * Aerospace & Astronomy * Medical Technology * Microscopy &

Piezo Ceramic Motors Keep ShrinkingPiezo Ceramic Motors Keep Shrinking

Auburn, MA, April 2008 – PI’s patented P-653 piezo motor linear slide is significantly smaller than other miniature linear stages and provides significantly higher velocities and resolution. This true linear motor system (no conversion of rotation) consists of only 4 parts and can replace classical drive elements like miniaturized motor/lead screw systems or other linear motors, which P-653 outclasses with its speed of up to 200 mm/sec (8”/sec) and auto-locking

Precision Linear Actuator Catalog / Piezo Motors, Servo Motors and Stepper Motor …

PI's new catalog features sub-micron to sub-nanometer precise compact actuators driven by novel ceramic motors and classical motors. Systems range from pen-tip-sized ceramic actuators for high-volume optics & medical applications, to high-force non-magnetic ceramic actuators for ultra-precision vacuum applications. High-speed ultrasonic actuators provide velocity to 800 mm/sec (32 in/sec) and accelerations to 20g, while flexure actuators respond to control input in as little as a few 100

Piezo Ceramic Replacement Actuators for Medical Design Engineers: Sterile, Fast …

PI's new line of compact ceramic piezo motors & actuators replaces classical actuators & motion control components in bio-medical, pharmaceutical and photonics applications. High-speed motors, high-force actuators and zero-wear flexure designs are available. Applications: OCT, MRI, optics & imaging, liquid dispensing, fast valve control, scanning microscopy, applications in high magnetic fields, vacuum, fast pumps. Advantages: sterile, no lubricants, high speed, millisecond responsiveness, vacuum compatible, non-magnetic Three Different Designs, one for

PI USA Hires New Senior Sales Engineer for the Midwest Territory

Joe McGonagle brings experience in optical inspection equipment and industrial automation to PI. In his new position, McGonagle will support engineers and scientists in industry and research helping them specify standard and custom ultra-precision motion control equipment and engineered piezoelectric sub-assemblies. Prior to accepting this new position with PI, McGonagle worked for Omron\'s Automated Optical Inspection systems division supporting customers in the Midwest region. PI (Physik Instrumente) L.P. Piezo Nano Positioning 16

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