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Marie Claire Paris Launches its first Salon & Wellness in Lucknow

Marie Claire Paris, the exclusive French lifestyle brand that forayed into the Indian beauty and wellness sector with the launch of its Salons, Just Nails studio and Salon & Wellness centres in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, New Delhi, Vadodara, Mumbai and Patiala now launch-es its first franchised Salon & Wellness outlet in the city of Lucknow at Aashiyana. The Salon & Wellness, which is Marie Claire Paris’ first outlet in Lucknow,

Students enrolling at NBS take away more than just a degree

Ahmedabad-based Narayana Business School (NBS) has positioned itself as a premier MBA school that offers students much more than what they learn academically. With a vision towards ushering in an innovative learning methodology, cultivation of practical skills and an unwavering commitment to academic quality, the Ahmedabad-based Narayana Business School (NBS) is positioning itself as a premier MBA school that offers students much more than what they learn academically. Narayana Business School, which

Tiruvannamalai District in Tamil Nadu Sets World Record with 1118 Farm Ponds in …

The aim behind the initiative to create 1118 farm ponds was to ensure adequate water for agriculture purposes during the summer. District Rural Development Agency in Tiruvannamalai district has accomplished a world record in setting up 1118 farm ponds to farmers, workers covered under MGNREGS (Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme) got a continuous job for over 30 days to create this farm pond and the district walked into record

The Bible Explained: Shincheonji Church of Jesus starts weekly global seminar

Beginning with Chairman Man Hee Lee’s audacious declaration, a round of weekly seminars titled 'Testimony on Prophecy and Fulfillment of Revelation, God's New Covenant' from October 18th to December 27th is held by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. Chairman Man Hee Lee said, "The meanings of the prophecy (of Revelation) and what is fulfilled in reality according to the prophecy is what I am

Sandeep Gupta, the Nutraceutical Man of India Believes that Health has Evaluated …

According to the premier Nutritionist of the country, the four-strong Pillars of good health- Healthy Eating, Regular Exercise, Mindfulness and Supplementation offer the roadmap to upgrading our lifestyle to more healthier ways, taking our Immunity from Good to Better, Better to Best, and from Best to Robust. While India is battling the raging COVID-19 pandemic, the country’s Nutraceutical man Mr. Sandeep Gupta wishes for everyone to celebrate the spirit of Doctor’s

Dr. S.K. Jain’s Burlington Clinic celebrates its 95th Anniversary

Dr. S.K. Jain’s Burlington Clinic commemorates its 95th jubilee of serving patients with optimum consultancies. A renowned sexologist clinic in Delhi, it procures all types of diagnosis facilities with advanced tools and medicines at an affordable rate. They have also designed a convenient space for their patients where one can get effective treatment with promising results. With the experience of many decades, Dr. Shriyans Jain offers mindful treatment options for

Amtan by Dr Tanya - Overwhelming Success Overseas

Every act of migration, for the sheer courage, adventurous spirit and tolerance, is heroic. Migrants are valiant fighters who step onto unknown territory and make it their own. In this struggle, many may falter. But there are others who, much like the migratory Bar-headed goose that flies high above the mighty Himalayas with hardly any oxygen, dazzle, conquer and go places. Come high winds, rain or snow, these birds have

Marie Claire Paris Launches its fifth Salon and Wellness in Bengaluru India

Marie Claire Paris, the exclusive French lifestyle brand that forayed into the Indian beauty and wellness sector with the launch of its Salons and Salon & Wellness centers in Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Chennai, New Delhi and Vadodara now launches its fifth franchisee Salon & Wellness outlet in the city of Bengaluru at Kalyan nagar. The Salon & Wellness, which is Marie Claire Paris’ fifth outlet in Bengaluru, is brought to the

Tourist Destinations in India take the lead in performing hair transplant proced …

A study by ClinicSpots on hair transplant services in tourist destinations of India portrays why visitors prefer checking destinations that offer premier hospitality. India ranks as one of the emerging destinations for medical tourism for a range of medical services including cancer treatment, organ transplant, IVF treatment and quality cosmetic treatments, especially hair transplant and liposuction procedures. In a recent study conducted by ClinicSpots on hair transplant services in tourist destinations

Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) awarded with 5-star ratin …

• PIET received the prestigious 5-star rating from MHRD innovation cell and AICTE • PIET was chosen to be among the top 125 institutions in the country as per guidelines of MHRD innovation cell • PIET is in a select category of 125 Institutions in the country that has been awarded the 5 Star Rating Panipat Institute of Engineering and Technology (PIET) has been chosen as one of the leading institutions which are driving innovation in

Unified Brainz Group: Get the Recognition You Deserve

Today when the world is growing through the dark and gloomy phase dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic after effects & when the world economy has taken the backseat the biggest challenge in front of any business owner is to deal with this situation & to make a fast correction to see that how they can makeup to this and create their brand grow for the sustainable growth in the coming

Asian – African Chamber Of Commerce and Industry (AACCI): The Ultimate Busines …

The idea of PAN Asian – African Industry chamber first transpired in early 2015, conceptualised by Dr GD Singh who is in a successful management consulting business by the name of Unified Brainz Virtuoso Limited, besides having established a series of not for profit ventures where he had proven his inclination and indulgence for humanitarian deeds in line with United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 2030 and United Nations Global Compact

Future Billionaire Network International (FBNI): Affinity Marketing Based Luxury …

FBNI is a network where such young dynamic business minds who deem themselves a billionaire in the future would find solace in the midst of other likeminded business tycoons Future Billionaire Network International, better known as FBNI is a corporate / individual membership based global affinity marketing and business networking platform. This is by-invitation-only members’ network from across various industrial sectors, especially catering to the need of young MDs, CEOs &

Passion Vista – An Exemplary Marriage of Luxury, Lifestyle & Business

Passion Vista, a quarterly global magazine on luxury, lifestyle & business, promises to entertain its readers with the latest trends in high fashion lifestyle of the most aristocratic and charismatic people from the society and business. It features the most happening trends in health & fitness, fashion & brands, food & beverages, culture & style, travel & leisure and adventurous & classy sports besides showcasing the lifestyle habits and success

The Passion Man – Dr GD Singh shares his thoughts on being successful

They laugh at me saying I think different, I laugh at them because they all think the same! It’s not the conventional way which takes you up the ladder in this fast-moving competitive world, what’s needed is the extra edge in thinking and the right element of positive energy crushed inside the thinking which makes you different and stands out my dear. Since the beginning of my career in late 2005, I

Admired as Awesome AJ, success mentor Ajaya Mishra is illuminating people’s li …

Awesome AJ Academy offers different powerful programs which help people to achieve their goals, fight depression, and lead a successful life. When people seek guidance for their life-changing decisions, the right person is the one who sparkles their life with positivity and helps them unlock their potential to become the person they were meant to be. And, this is where a success mentor like Ajaya Mishra comes in the picture. Born and

Dr Hrishikesh Pai - The Trailblazer of IVF Technology in India

Dr Hrishikesh Pai is an excellent gynaecologist and an IVF Doctor in India and across the world. His medical expertise and experience in assisted reproduction technology - ART with a focus on IVF technology have made it possible for many childless couples to bear their offspring. Over the thirty years of medical practice, Dr Pai’s acumen in analyzing and solving the core reason for infertility in couples has increased manifold.

Learn Digital Academy Provides Industry Relevant Digital Marketing Skills

In today’s world, the only performance and cost-effective pattern of Marketing are Digital Marketing because not only do the other platforms cost the brands heavy on their budget but also keep them directionless from tracking the ROI. Thus, every company is upgrading its branding strategy towards Digital Marketing, which can open tremendous possibilities for their business. While companies hire employees that can add value to their role, educational institutes don’t

Online Art Contest ‘Pandemic Times’ with Cash Prizes over ₹ 50,000 and mor …

Pandemic Times, the Online Art Contest, is open to all artists residing in India and will accept entries starting from the 1st of August ‘20, until the 25th of the month. The contest aspires to encourage artists and appreciate their art, allowing them to express themselves and unleash their talent. Entries will be accepted in two categories: 15-17 years and 18+ age groups respectively. Cash prizes totalling up to ₹
06-09-2020 | Sports
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Chaitanya Pandey – India’s Young Tiger Woods

Chaitanya Pandey finds the present time most appropriate to celebrate the anniversary of his triumph at the European Championship held in Scotland last year. With the world in lockdown amid the COVID-19 pandemic, one of the casualties has been sports which had to take a back seat due to government-imposed travel restrictions and new laws on social distancing. Golf has been one of the sports most affected with courses shut up. One

Turn recession into an opportunity says Abhijit Adhya

In conversation with Digpu, Abhijit Adhya talks at length about the top 5 things to be done by organisations to survive through this ordeal and emerge victorious through this COVID-19 pandemic. He believes we can turn the recession into an opportunity with responsive agility. Abhijit Adhya, a pro bono consultant on Business Transformation, Corporate Leadership and Change Management, is currently the Director, Business Transformation at GI, (UK) Global Delivery Centre

Digpu News Network to strengthen portfolio with 155 more news channels

Digpu News Network, India's largest news distribution company is going to be associated with 155 more online news channels in the first quarter of Financial Year 2020-21. The announcement comes after the company received a lot of requests from its existing and new clientele for the addition of more niche and industry-focused news channels. Since the inception of Digpu News Network in the news and media industry, it has reinvented the

AITCCL hopes to help students turn their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs

Shivendu Madhava, the founder of a national level technical consultancy firm, All India Technical Consultancy Corporation Limited (AITCCL), explains the necessity of several factors that pave the way to the success of young Indian entrepreneurs. He emphasizes that the way to converting a business idea into success is executing the business plan under state-of-the-art consultancy. According to Shivendu, the government sector requires ideas like Smart City Development plan while the

COVID19 Lockdown: Departmental store uses WhatsApp to home deliver orders in Sri …

SRINAGAR: A departmental store in Srinagar has found a novel way to serve its customers during the present phase of lockdown in the Valley, which has been imposed by the government to limit and control the spread of novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The owners of the store, named "Pack More - Unit of Gul Trading", have started using WhatsApp to receive orders from their customers amid the strict restrictions in the capital

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