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Bython Media Is A Leading Demand Generation Company In Frisco, TX

Bython Media, established in 2012, is a prominent demand generation company headquartered in Frisco, TX. With a strong global presence in the United Kingdom, India, Mexico, and APAC, we offer marketing services to enterprise and agency companies in various industries and locations. Our primary objective at Bython is to deliver effective demand-generation solutions that establish meaningful connections, drive measurable results, and ensure a positive return on investment for our clients.

What Is Cloud Computing? A Complete Guide

How do you engage high-value target accounts with the right content at the right time so that they ultimately convert? The answer is found in account-based marketing. B2B marketers are implementing this type of strategy and making major investments and seeing boosted revenue from doing so. According to ITSMA , nearly 85% of B2B marketers who have implemented and measured ROI state that ABM has delivered higher returns than any other marketing

Mastercard Launches Early Pay For Gig Workers

We’re living in the gig economy – one where instead of being held down by one job, people distribute their tie between multiple jobs across multiple companies. While this has in many ways altered how businesses are run, the biggest issue is with payments. Gig workers may not be paid until days or even weeks later. This can create problems for those participating in the gig economy. “Because the experience is

Fintech Trends that Will Transform E-Commerce in 2020

Fintech innovations provide corporations like yours with enhanced communication, improved efficiency, and a more profitable bottom line for your e-commerce. Keeping track of these innovations and upgrades is critical for your business success, which is why we’ve compiled six of the essential fintech trends for 2020. These changes will exponentially transform the e-commerce marketplace, so don’t neglect their benefits. Regtech Will Be Huge in 2020 Compliance tasks take up around 15 percent of

Top Emerging Finance Technology Trends to Know

The evolution of technology is disrupting and redefining every sector as we know it. The finance sector is no exception. In just a few years, we have seen new forms of currency, banking, financial services and expansion that previously were not possible. One example of expansion, writes TechFunnel’s Marco Islas, “is the exponential growth of Ant Financial, the digital payments arm of the China-based tech company, Alibaba, who gained 100 million

3 Ways AI Bots Can Improve Your Marketing Automation Efforts

Marketing automation has helped to connect customers to product and services provided by companies and helped those same companies to streamline their marketing efforts allowing them to spend less time on operational execution and more on strategy and storytelling. There are lots of marketing automation programs available that now help marketers and business organize, optimize, and automate their campaign elements. One tech element that can help automation efforts but doesn’t get

8 Reasons Online Advertising Works for Business Growth

We live in a digital age, and while some people do still enjoy reading a physical newspaper, most rely on the Internet for news, shopping, and more. Even with this knowledge, some digital advertisers are still working to convince senior management of the importance and value of online ads. To aid in the debate, the following are eight ways in which digital ads can help businesses grow and increase their

How Important Is Native Advertising in Your Marketing Strategy?

No one really likes ads, except perhaps the marketers and creatives responsible for making them. The fact is, ads are annoying, especially the interstitials, banners, and video ads that make it virtually impossible to read an article or watch a video that has been clicked on. This makes it no surprise that the adoption and use of ad blockers have skyrocketed recently. Another step that Google has taken to help provide

7 Reasons Programmatic Advertising Will be the Future of Media Buying

Marketing professionals and executives are understanding the importance of following media advancements and advertising opportunities. The innovations include media exposure with strong potential ROI impacts, planning improvements for successful advertisements, and affiliate marketing opportunities. The future of media buying will provide avenues for promotions that make it nicer for those professionals providing marketing and advertisements. Giving brands more options for where marketing information is provided is part of the trending improvements

Why Data Science Technology is Bigger than Big Data

For most modern businesses, data is everything. The term “big data” continues to appear in articles and technology news around the world, where writers praise its importance to businesses and hail it as the future of strategic decisions. Big data refers to the aggregation and analysis of data from multiple sources. It includes: • Unstructured data sources like social network platforms, emails, blogs, tweets, digital images, digital audio and video, online data

How Technology is Changing the Face of Transportation Ecosystem

Technology almost every sector of business is just about every industry. This is changing how people live their lives, how they run their businesses, and even how the infrastructure that people and businesses rely on is designed. One example is the transportation industry. Technology has made a significant impact on how the transportation ecosystem – cars, trains, buses, planes – are being developed and used. Much of this technology has been

What 2019 Looks Like for Internet of Things (IoT) Technology

Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to stay on top of the next wave of digitization or a consumer who is discovering home automation for the first time, there’s a 99% chance that the Internet of Things (IoT) is going to affect yet another area of you or your company’s existence in 2019. Precisely what aspects of personal life or business are going to benefit the most from net-tech innovation is

Top 6 Biggest Concerns to Think About When Implementing IoT

The Internet of Things can do great things for a business. When implemented properly, it can save you money, boost productivity, and make processes more efficient. However, there are also concerns that need to be addressed. HIGH INVESTMENT COSTS High investment costs are a concern because you must weigh the initial investment with the lifetime of savings that you will, ultimately, achieve. The implementation costs will vary based on the sensors that

How Marketing Automation Is Changing the IT Industry

Market automation, especially when it comes to marketing, is a booming business with no sign of slowing down anytime soon. The IT industry should grow by leaps and bounds along with this move toward automation since most of that will be done by the IT world. In just four years the market automation growth — run by the IT industry — has gone from a $500 million business to a $5.5

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