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The most prominent British women in the world of technology

Female IT influencers who are shaping technology Even though the number of British women working in the technology sector increased to 31% last year, they only make up 10% of tech leadership, according to the Harvey Nash Tech Survey 2021. Given the fact that worldwide IT spending is projected to total $3.8 trillion in 2021, women are misrepresented where the potential to grow and advance in one's career is

Saving on clothing, splurging on tech: the new reality of post-pandemic back-to- …

Going back to school is just as stressful as it is costly. To avoid overspending, parents make their shopping lists long in advance. Not surprisingly, the recent global pandemic has made these lists very different compared to 2019. Shift in categories: parents intend to burn their money on technology Just recently, the professional services network Deloitte shared the results of their annual survey. The findings revealed a substantial shift in product

The US is the 5th most vulnerable to cybercrime according to new research

Americans are at a high risk of becoming victims of cybercrime, according to the new Cyber Risk Index by NordVPN. The US has a high-income economy, advanced technological infrastructure, urbanization, and digitalization. However, these same factors increase the prevalence of cybercrime. NordVPN’s Cyber Risk Index covers 50 countries comprising 70% of the world population. The US ranks as the 5th most vulnerable to cybercrime out of the analyzed countries. What increases the

Five Things You Must Teach Your Parents to Be Safe Online

It’s official — social media and smartphones are no longer the exclusive domain of millennials and generation Y. A new study has found that no less than 67% of 65-74s in the UK and the USA use the internet, with 34% having social media accounts. “Although a lot of seniors are embracing smart and social technology, they need to be reminded about its dangers. Online scammers can take advantage of

Top 5 Common Online Threats That Parents Should Know

September 20, 2019. Every new school year brings an increase in online risks. That’s because kids start using electronic devices more — both inside and outside the classroom. Nevertheless, adults still lack understanding of the most common risks their children face. “If you are aware of the possible threats, you can take steps to avoid them. That’s why parents need to know everything about the dangers

How Your Data Can be Stolen, Where it Goes Afterwards, and How You Can Protect Y …

Headlines about massive data breaches affecting millions of users have never been so frequent as now. In March, a security breach involving an email marketing company may have exposed the private data of 800 million people. This makes it one of the biggest data breaches so far, potentially affecting about 1 out of every 9 people. But where do all these huge datasets go after the leak, and is it

Online Shoppers Face a New Threat That Is Almost Impossible to Detect

About 4,800 websites get infected with formjacking software every month globally. The newest Symantec’s Internet Security Threat Report lists formjacking as one of the most dangerous attacks in the history of cybercrime. Formjacking is like virtual ATM skimming. First, cyber criminals inject malicious code into an online shopping website to steal victims’ payment card details. The code reads credit card information as the person enters it, and then sends that

NordVPN Partners With London Drugs to Make VPNs Even More Accessible for Canadia …

NordVPN, one of the most advanced VPN services in the world, has partnered with London Drugs, a Canadian retail store chain. This marks a strategic decision to strengthen its market presence in Canada. “NordVPN has been growing fast and reached the point where we are looking into more region-specific solutions. We’ve partnered up with London Drugs, a well-known and trusted brand, to make VPN even more accessible for Canadian users,”

Incognito Mode Online: Not as Private as You Think

Many people use their browser’s incognito, or private, mode to browse the internet privately. However, this mode doesn’t actually make them as invisible as they think. All the browsing data can still be tracked with the help of users’ IP addresses. “Private browsing mode makes sure your computer is not storing browsing data locally. This way, your searches, logins, or visited pages can’t be retrieved later. Yet that’s far from completely

NordVPN Provides Tips for Businesses on How to Protect Themselves from Data Brea …

62 percent of Americans would stop spending with a brand for several months after a hack or breach. British consumers are even less forgiving: 41 percent claim they would never return to a brand after a hack. This is according to a new research on consumer trust and spending habits after a big data breach, conducted by PCI Pal. According to the Ponemon Institute’s 2017 Cost of Data Breach Study, British

NordVPN: Five Simple Steps to Ensure Online Security for Businesses

Small and medium businesses are the most vulnerable to cyber threats. Various surveys show that about 60% of them would close within six months of a major cyber attack. Despite that, few SMBs have an active and up-to-date cybersecurity strategy. “Cultivating a secure mindset should be the entire team’s responsibility. Yet many businesses have not taken even the basic steps to protect their customers’ data, resources, or their employees,” says

Article 13: fighting the EU meme ban with memes

The EU is close to passing a copyright reform law to update its copyright legislation for the digital age. The final vote on the Copyright Directive is expected to take place in the European Parliament plenary between 25 and 28 March. “In many respects, the reforms are necessary to protect the rights of content creators and artists. However, two poorly formulated articles are threatening to have a damaging effect on

Phishing Tests: The Only Way to Keep Your Business Safe from Email Phishing Atta …

Imagine yourself as an employee having your morning cup of coffee while checking your email box. Suddenly, an email from your CEO pops up asking to urgently confirm your attendance of a meeting with your Google account details. Without much thinking, you do what you were asked. Next morning, you receive a message from the management saying you have been caught by your own company’s phishing experiment. According to Wombat’s
03-04-2019 | Health & Medicine

Hackers Continue to Target the Healthcare Sector in the U.S.

Last week the University of Connecticut Health (UConn Health) informed the public about a phishing breach that had potentially affected some medical and personal data of 326,000 patients. But it’s not even the largest healthcare sector data leak reported in the U.S. in 2019. Earlier this month, the University of Washington Medicine (UW Medicine) revealed an even more serious leak. Due to a misconfigured server, the data of 974,000 patients

Why You Should Use a VPN Extension on Your Internet Browser

Internet security and personal data privacy is the new black. With cybercrime rates growing every year, people are looking for new ways to stay safe. According to the Global Web Index, 25% of internet users have used a VPN (Virtual Private Network) to encrypt their internet traffic in the past month. Besides usual VPN apps, security browser extensions are gaining in popularity as well. Those extensions are especially handy if you

NordVPN Adds Adyen as a Payment Option

NordVPN, one of the most advanced VPN services in the world, announces a new partnership with Adyen, the payments platform used by many of the world's leading companies. The decision comes down to Adyen’s self-hosted payment processing solution and region-specific local payments. “NordVPN has been growing fast and reached the point where using a self-hosted payment processing solution will bring extra benefits and reduce security risks. With Adyen, we will be

Data Privacy Day: 6 Online Privacy Tips for Everyone

January 28 is Data Privacy Day, and NordVPN is issuing a reminder about simple online privacy rules that each user should follow to stay safe and secure. “We are glad that Data Privacy Day exists,” says Ruby Gonzalez, Head of Communications at NordVPN. “However, Privacy Day should be every day. There are simple things that are easy to maintain every day in order to avoid major hacks, system crashes, data loss

NordVPN Wins Best VPN Award During CES 2019

In Total NordVPN Received Four Awards, Including Best Overall and Best Customer Service NordVPN, one of the most advanced VPN services in the world, has won the awards for Best VPN Overall and Best Customer Service from, a VPN review site, established in 2013. The awards were presented during CES 2019, one of the world’s leading technology conferences. “These awards reflect the hard work that the entire team at NordVPN has

Five Cybersecurity Predictions for 2019 from NordVPN

It’s not an easy task to remember a week in 2018 without a major data leak or security breach. Passwords were leaking, new sophisticated malware attacks were spreading, data was breached, and governments around the world once again overturned privacy rules. NordVPN’s Digital Privacy Expert Daniel Markuson says that 2019 will keep getting worse. “The year 2018 not only (yet again) shocked the world by highlighting systemic cybersecurity issues. Multiple governments

NordVPN Has Completed an Industry-First Audit of Its No-Logs Policy

NordVPN, one of the world’s leading VPN (Virtual Private Network) service providers, has hired an independent auditors from a prominent “Big 4” auditing firm to conduct an in-depth audit on their no-logs policy. According to NordVPN, they are 'very pleased' with the audit results of a VPN’s logging policies and the report. “We are very pleased with the results of the audit. We believe that they accurately reflect our responsibilities to

NordVPN Update: Users Can Now Select Servers More Accurately With Next to No Eff …

NordVPN, one of the most advanced VPN services in the world, has recently released a new update. Users can now select VPN servers by city, which makes it easier to get the best connection quality. The city list is available for those countries where NordVPN has servers in more than one location. “Our mission is to make NordVPN the most user-friendly VPN and combine it with cutting-edge security technologies,” says Ruby
11-21-2018 | Sports

Liverpool FC secures new partnership with NordVPN

Liverpool FC has today announced a new global partnership with leading cyber security company, NordVPN, to highlight the increasing importance of online safety and security. NordVPN will now become the club’s Official Cyber Security Partner and will work with Liverpool FC to provide fans with robust internet security solutions across their devices. The partnership will focus on protecting online fans across the world, as the club’s global digital fan community continues

Ookla Awards NordVPN with Speedtest Recommended Badge for Fast Connectivity

NordVPN Becomes First VPN Service to Receive Speedtest Recommended badge. NordVPN, one of the most advanced VPN services in the world, just received the Speedtest Recommended badge for its fast connection speeds. The badge was granted by Ookla, the creator of Speedtest and global leader in internet testing, data and analysis. NordVPN is the first VPN service to receive this badge. VPN stands for “virtual private network” – a service

NordVPN is Taking First Steps Towards Adopting the WireGuard Protocol

WireGuard is on Its Way to Becoming a Future VPN Industry Standard NordVPN, one of the world’s leading VPN service providers, is introducing yet another advanced cybersecurity solution. Following the latest technology trends, the company announced taking the first steps towards the adoption of WireGuard – the protocol that might become a future industry standard. “WireGuard is a relatively simple yet extremely fast and modern open-source protocol that utilizes state-of-the-art cryptography,” says

NordVPN Recognized for the Managed Security Solution of the Year

NordVPN has today announced it had been named a winner in the Managed Security Solution of the Year category by CyberSecurity Breakthrough, an independent organization that recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global information security market. “Our solution provides a cost-effective, well thought-out and fast virtual private network – protecting users anytime, anywhere, on any device,” said Laura Tyrell, NordVPN Press Officer. “We’re honored that the CyberSecurity Breakthrough

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