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25.09.07 - Typevents LLP

Bari becomes capital of creativity, printing and packaging

A week before the international conference Doom (Design once, output many), taking place from September 27th to 29th, is opening its doors at the Cittadella della Cultura in Bari, organizers are repor... mehr

10.09.07 - Typevents LLP

Printing, packaging and consumers

Doom, taking place from September 27th to 29th in Bari, Italy, is the first conference of its kind on international level, confronting technology, marketing and the consumer. The initiative invol... mehr

07.09.07 - Typevents LLP

Type History Master Classes - 2-6 October 2007 Milan and Parma

Type History Master Class represents a unique opportunity to appreciate and enjoy the history of printed letterforms in the company of James Mosley and James Clough, two of the world’s foremost typo... mehr

05.03.07 - Typevents LLP

Visual communication as 'eye-catcher' and can we rescue the English tradition in type and letters from Italy?

There are only 3 weeks to go until Imagine iT opens its doors. The conference promises a compelling programme of speakers including John Walters from Eye magazine (UK), who will present a round-table ... mehr

19.02.07 - Typevents LLP

Imagine iT. The celebration of the cultural differences , SDZ and Typeradio as media partners, more speakers, ...

Imagine iT. The celebration of the cultural differences, SDZ and Typeradio as media partners, more speakers, new sponsors, fundamental translations in Italian - discounted pricing ends this weekend (1... mehr

16.01.07 - Typevents LLP

Imagine iT. The celebration of the cultural differences defines the programme of conference, workshops and exhibitions

More than 30 speakers from 20 different countries, representing 15 nationalities. This results from the list of participating actors at Imagine iT, international conference and the first of its kind i... mehr

05.01.07 - Typevents LLP

Bookings open for Imagine iT

Bookings are now open for Imagine iT – a celebration of cultural differences, the Academy of Fine Arts, Bologna, Italy, 22-24 March 2007. There is something for everyone at this 3-day conference,... mehr

31.10.06 - Typevents LLP

Inauguration of Typographic Rimini, under the patronage of AGI Italy

Rimini, October 30th. In close collaboration with the president of AGI’s Italian division Leonardo Sonnoli Typevents LLP has organized their latest walking tour ”Typographic Rimini”, that was in... mehr

05.10.06 - Typevents LLP

Imagine iT: the celebration of the cultural differences

C A L L F O R P A P E R S Graphic Design Days 22-24 March 2007 Accademia di Belle Arti, Bologna, Italy About the event Imagine iT! is a 3-day conference organised by Typevents LLP in pa... mehr

19.09.06 - Typevents LLP

ATypI celebrates its 50th annual conference

Lisbon, Portugal Association Typographique Internationale (ATypI), the premier international organisation dedicated to type design, typography, and allied graphic arts, is holding its 50th annual co... mehr

22.05.06 - Typevents LLP

Typevents LLP celebrates its first birthday

It was just one year ago that Typevents was officially launched at TypoBerlin. Our thanks go to FontShop for allowing the use of its event for the unveiling of our new venture, and to Eric Spiekermann... mehr

21.04.06 - Typevents LLP

baseline magazine partners Typevents LLP

Typevents LLP is fortunate to have the active support of a number of companies from across the graphic communications sector and is delighted to welcome baseline international typographics magazine as... mehr

20.04.06 - Typevents LLP

Fused Magazine partners Typevents for ‘Fast type, Slow type’ conference

Fused Magazine, a cutting edge West Midlands-based magazine, will be partnering Typevents at the ‘Fast type, Slow type’ conference to be held in Birmingham, 16-18 October 2006. With its broad read... mehr

30.03.06 - Typevents LLP

The Encyclopaedia of Fonts - Gwyn Headley

NEW BOOK FROM CASSELL ILLUSTRATED There has never been a font book like this. Here are the family trees and inspirations for yesterday’s and today’s masters of typographic design. Sh... mehr

17.03.06 - Typevents LLP


Chitterlings is a new dining club for the printing, paper, type and graphic design industries. Established by Typevents LLP in conjunction with Beacon Press, Hurtwood Press and VIP Paper, Chitterlings... mehr

16.03.06 - Typevents LLP

Announcing the launch of EULDA, the European Logo Design Annual 2006

Eulda is an all-European annual, destined to become an international “must have”. Eulda, the European Logo Design Annual, is the new high-profile graphic design award scheme that will reward th... mehr

16.03.06 - Typevents LLP

Grotesk the 8th annual Tage der Typografie

June 15th – 18th 2006 Institut für Medien, Bildung und Kunst in Lage-Hörste, Germany ‘Grotesk!’ was the damning judgement on those 19th century type designers who did the unthinkabl... mehr

16.03.06 - Typevents LLP

Typevents forms a Very Interesting Paper partnership

With its absolute knowledge of the design industry and thorough understanding of print, V.I.P., The Very Interesting Paper Co. Ltd., is the perfect partner for Typevents and its work with the allied i... mehr

19.01.06 - Typevents LLP

‘Baskerville in the city’ and the ‘Fast type, slow type’ conference

This year John Baskerville—writing master, letter cutter, printer, typeface designer, and one time resident of Birmingham, UK—will be 300 years old. To celebrate this landmark in the life of Birmi... mehr

10.01.06 - Typevents LLP

New walking tours for 2006

The walking tour of typographic London, introduced by Typevents in the autumn of 2005, has proved to be a great hit. Individuals, businesses, universities and schools and have all taken the opportunit... mehr

28.11.05 - Typevents LLP

Typevents joins forces with German design agency

Typevents LLP will be using its own printed publicity as a means of showcasing innovative, bold and imaginative design solutions from new, or up and coming design groups or individuals from around the... mehr

10.10.05 - Typevents LLP

Italy - inconsistent typography across light years

Three years have passed since the 2002 ATypI convention in Rome, when the Italic 1.0 exhibition and its associated catalogue represented Italian type design. That was the last international event orga... mehr

03.10.05 - Typevents LLP

Temporary Type on the radio

Radio d'Espi, Barcelona’s local radio station will be broadcasting two programmes devoted to typography with a special feature on the Temporary Type Conference, which is being organised by Typevents... mehr

07.09.05 - Typevents LLP

Fifteen - 15 years of type for independent minds - FontFonts a travelling exhibition

FontFont: Pioneering type design Since FontFont was founded in 1990 by Erik Spiekermann and Neville Brody, FontShop International’s typeface library has been exploring unknown territorities in ty... mehr

01.09.05 - Typevents LLP

Typographically speaking: the art of Matthew Carter

Running concurrent with the forthcoming ATypI Helsinki Conference is an exhibition that celebrates the work of a major designer with whom most people are unknowingly familiar even as they encounter hi... mehr

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