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Ways to clean accessories

jewellery Many of the accessories are coated with rust and color change, which makes many ladies wonder how to clean the painted accessories and restore the luster and shine again and get rid of rust and discoloration, always the main reason for changing the color of accessories coated is oxidation by many factors that may be Ms. Sweating, salts, water, etc., follow this article to learn about ways to clean painted

How Ayurvedic Treatment Evolved Over The Ages Not many people know this, but Ayurveda is the oldest system of healing and wellness in the world. The Ayurveda system is known to be around 5000 years old and it is the foundation for other ancient medicinal systems such as those practiced in Taoism, Tibetan, Buddhism, Greek, Chinese, Roman, Persian and Egyptian cultures. Each of these medicinal systems is quite distinctive, but their foundation is based on the

Go the Ayurvedic way to achieve a glowing skin (artificial kundan jewellery online and ayurvedic treatment of thyroid panchakarma treatment in ahmedabad) :The life of women is like that performer who has to walk on a tightrope every day! While she has to maintain the daily chores perfectly, the professional life should be balanced with equal commitment. So, pampering herself becomes a farfetched dream. May be those ancient sages, had farsighted this, and thus they have prepared some

5 Trendy tips to style Indian jewelry with Western outfits ( ( Best know for jhumka earrings online shopping ( & artificial kundan jewellery online ( ) : Let's face it, though we care deeply about our roots, we still have to adopt the new to stay trendy. As a result, western outfits dominate the wardrobes of most Indian women. But your collection of jewelry would be quite contrasting to this. You would have the best collection of

How to wear jewelry that matches your skin tone? (jhumka earrings online shopping & artificial kundan jewellery online) : Jewelry is the first thing people notice among your outfits. While buying a jewelry you judge its design and style, but there is one more important factor that needs to be considered. As jewelry sits closest to your skin, so it is worthwhile choosing jewelry that matches with your skin tone. You might have noticed that a necklace looks

4 lung cancer causes that don’t stem from smoking : Lung cancer is more common in non-smokers than many people realize. Indeed, lung cancer is now considered the most common cause of cancer deaths. In general, 10 percent to 15 percent of lung malignant growths happen in non-smokers.About half of the tumors have mutations that can be targeted by new drugs in people who have never smoked. This may explain why non - smokers with lung cancer tend

Methods to clean and care for leather fashion accessories From purses to wallets and beautiful belts, leather is a part of your daily style statement to be carried around with luxe. Leather goods tend to be pricey and they need to be taken care of properly in order to ensure that they last a lifetime. Right from the time they have been crafted to the moment you purchase them, it is important that it is taken care of.

Top categories from the varieties of Men's Jewelry

Much like women, men are also inclined towards wearing jewelry so nonchalantly. When we talk about “men’s jewelry,” we’re pointing on all the add-on accessories after their outfit: watches. So, let’s check out them: Watch- A watch is considered a status symbol. Wearing a proper watch, keeping it proportional to your wrist size is simultaneously classy and functional. A watch consisting of a leather strap is a perfect match for

Top Things to Consider When Shipping from China to the US, UK (Media partnered with & : Once you’ve begun your employment in bringing in items shipping from China to US, you have to investigate your alternatives on the best way to starting point it. You must choose the option to depend on the exchange distributions for data about producers and providers. Today, there are a few assets that can help you to discover the data that you have

Breastfeeding Rate over 50% in Haryana

Marking a threefold rise in access to breastmilk as per the latest data by the National Family Health Survey 4 (NFHS), a 17 per cent increase has been recorded in the past decade in breastfeeding rates in Haryana. The state is nudging its way to better access to breastmilk for infants under 6 months, with 50 per cent of children in Haryana are exclusively breastfed. This marks an increase of around

Which Milk to Choose- Goat or Cow

The milk is considered as an imperative part of the dietary system thus advised by doctors and fitness experts to take at least once a day. Small quantity of the milk is even capable to equal several nutritional deficiencies. But the strength of the dairy product varies with its resources. For instance, the goat’s milk is considered over the cow. The goat’s milk is popular in the western world and

Hindus shocked at Vatican Museums labelling them as “cult”

Hindus are shocked at the description of a portable Hindu temple, a collection of Vatican Museums, which in their Online Catalogue states as “dedicated to the cult of the god Vishnu”. Lord Vishnu is “preserver” in the Hindu triad with Lord Brahma and Lord Shiva as the aspect of the Supreme. He has ten incarnations to establish dharma (divine law). Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada

Digital Marketing: Next crucial job creator : With the advent of technology, the definition of market has been drastically changed. Now, the entire market is accommodated in 5.5’’ mobile phone. The digitalization of market enabled entrepreneurs to manage their business by their phone or tab or laptop irrespective where the person is sitting. The technology revolution is offering luminous career for marketing prodigies. Many marketing and media institutes offer Digital Marketing course.

An Introduction to Panchkarma Ayurvedic Treatment

Panchkarma is an Ayurvedic treatment for eliminating toxic substances from the human body. It is also a means to re-establish the balance between the doshas – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The word ‘panch’ means five and ‘karma’ means action, which together means a five-pronged action planfor Ayurvedic treatment. The purification process under panchkarma is achieved through a combination of five different methods, namely, emesis (vaman karma), purgation (virechana karma), enema

Magic Crate raises Pre Series A funding led by Fireside Ventures : Bangalore-based Magic Crate, an early childhood learning brand, has raised an undisclosed amount in its third round of institutional funding led by Fireside Ventures. The Company had earlier raised funding led by Mohandas Pai backed Aarin Capital and 3One4 Capital. The latter also participated in the current round. Magic Crate was started in 2015 by IIT-IIM alumnus Viswanathan Ramakrishnan and ex-McKinsey consultant Karthik Lakshman. The start-up provides an

Why Ayurveda Says No To Smoothies : Smoothies have become a way of life for health enthusiasts, as these are loaded with a wide variety of essential nutrients. However, you will be surprised to know that not all smoothies are acceptable as per the tenets and principles of Ayurveda. Only some select smoothies are considered good for human health, as per the principles of Ayurveda. These are the ones that are used for Ayurvedic treatment.

Low quality healthcare is increasing the burden of illness and health costs glob … (Media partnered with ) Poor quality health services are holding back progress on improving health in countries at all income levels, according to a new joint report by the OECD, World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank. Today, inaccurate diagnosis, medication errors, inappropriate or unnecessary treatment, inadequate or unsafe clinical facilities or practices, or providers who lack adequate training and expertise prevail in all

Why does your transportation business require fleet tracking system?

Customer satisfaction remains a high priority for every transportation business owner. Whichever city you operate in, there will be a number of competitors waiting to pounce upon your mistakes! And they would succeed only if you fail in keeping the customers happy. Entrusting your goods under the care of someone else can be a tensed affair, and transportation businesses have to take this responsibility as a part of their regular

Route Mobile Limited is among the Top 5 Tier One Vendors in A2P SMS Messaging fo …

Route Mobile Limited, a leading global cloud-communications platform service provider, has been ranked among the Top 5 A2P SMS Tier 1 vendors for 2018. This is the second consecutive year that Route Mobile regained its Top 5 ranking in the report by ROCCO, a leading consulting and independent research company. ROCCO ranking has been long considered as an industry benchmark having global recognition & standing. Route Mobile has been a leading

Ayurvedic Treatment for Lower Back Pain : Lower back pain and sciatica have become the bane of the modern society, as a large number of people are affected by these disorders. Recent research studies have revealed that almost 80 percent of people suffer from some type of lower back pain and sciatica during their lifetime. Among the most vulnerable are people who work in an office environment, housewives, and elderly people. There can be various

Try the amazing 4 week milk diet to lose weight incredibly! : Hassled routines and sitting jobs have helped us a great deal to garner some unwanted belly fat. Given how caught up we usually are with our work, fitness has taken a back seat. We've been all trying to shed some extra kilos from that waistline but it is just not happening! Do you feel irritated about it? What if we tell you that you can help your cause

“Dilli Ka Gabru” Virat Kohli now at Madame Tussauds Delhi : Indian Cricket Team’s Captain Virat Kohli’s figure was unveiled today at Madame Tussauds Delhi. Kohli will join other sports sensations in his signature batting pose in the interactive zone. The figure will allow “Viratians” to interact and take pictures with the hero himself. Virat’s figure has been crafted from over 200 measurements and photographs taken during the sitting session. Fans will see Virat in his dynamic pose wearing the

How a daily glass of pure milk keeps you from AMD? : According to a recent research in the UK more than 200,000 women across the nation suffer from Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), each year. The study further unraveled that women were more susceptible to AMD then their male counterparts. It was found that most women (aged over 50 years) sought treatment for their eyesight deterioration at the last stage, when nothing much could be done. In most cases, such

Jain Community in Delhi Reaches Out to all the Businessmen and Start-ups : Holds Investor Pitch Day where Start-ups Shared Business Ideas to Explore Investment Possibilities with Investors · Launches Nahar JBN for the Business Network Delhi,27th May 2018: Jain International Trade Organisation (JITO) reaches yet another milestone!! JITO North Delhi hosts a meticulously planned B2B event, inviting JAIN members from Delhi-NCR region to come together for noble cause of economic empowerment. This is the first B2B day

How to Safeguard Against Milk Adulteration : Owing to its high nutrient profile and associated health benefits, milk has become a staple in most households. The increased demand for milk has, however, given rise to the problem of adulteration. It has been found that milk adulteration is rampant in developing countries due to lack of effective monitoring and relevant penal laws. Milk adulteration is often done to increase profits or reduce the cost of production.

5 Most Common Content Marketing Mistakes : Content is definitely the king, but there are a number of factors that can impact the success of content marketing campaigns. Just creating random content and posting it on web and social media is unlikely to get the desired results. To ensure success, there has to be a definitive strategy powering the content marketing initiatives of an organization. Since content marketing is a key component of digital marketing

Five Natural Ways to Manage Hypertension with Ayurveda

Diseases are broadly of two types, infectious diseases and preventable diseases. Infectious disease happen because of germs, and there is usually an external pathogen. Preventable diseases do not happen because of external causes, but because of our own dietary and lifestyle mistakes. That is why these are also known as lifestyle ailments. The International Society of Hypertension describes hypertension as a ‘silent killer’ and ‘a modern epidemic’. Thankfully, Ayurveda can

WHO plan to eliminate industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from global food s … (Media partnered with , , , : The World Health Organization (WHO) today released REPLACE, a step-by-step guide for the elimination of industrially-produced trans-fatty acids from the global food supply. Eliminating trans fats is key to protecting health and saving lives: WHO estimates that every year, trans fat intake leads to more than 500,000 deaths of people from cardiovascular disease. Industrially-produced trans fats are contained

Hindus laud Jericho for Diwali holiday & ask closing all New York schools on Diw … : Welcoming Jericho School District (JSD) in New York declaring holiday on November seven for Diwali, Hindus are urging all public school districts and private-charter-independent schools in New York State to close on their most popular festival Diwali. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, said that holiday on Diwali in New York schools would be a step in the positive direction in view of

Lufthansa offers Chaayos Masala Chai on board their flights : Lufthansa India has partnered with Chaayos, Delhi-NCR based Chai chain, to bring onboard special blends of the Indian masala tea exclusively created for the airline. Effective May 2018, passengers traveling on Lufthansa German Airlines to/from India can savour the authentic Indian masala chai featuring a special blend of high quality natural ingredients, including Assam tea, dried ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, black pepper and cloves, with no added artificial flavours.

Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble’s romantic getaway at Novotel Imagica Khopoli (Media partnered with The recently wed, very popular Nach Baliye TV stars, Aashka Goradia and Brent Goble visited Novotel Imagica Khopoli, yesterday. The stars were looking for a fun-getaway close to the city and enjoyed the resorts’ many activities, delicious food and its brand new O2 Spa. Set amidst the picturesque Sahyadris, a stay at Novotel Imagica Khopoli is designed as a step into a magical

ICE SKATING ASSOCIATION OF INDIA TO HOST ALL INDIA OPEN CHALLENGE (Figure Skatin … Ice Skating Association of India recently announced that the All India Open Challenge (Figure Skating Competition) in collaboration with Indraprastha Ice Skating Association will be held at iSKATE- ice skating rink & cafe at Ambience Mall, Gurugram on April 28 and 29, 2018. The competition will have about 30 selected figure skaters from various parts of India. The figure skating challenge will have separate competitions in 3 age categories.

Hotel Sahara Star hosts Event Show Asia : Sahara Star Hotel, one of the leading 5 star Hotel in Mumbai hosted Event Show Asia by Eventfaqs, Asia's Definitive Discovery Platform For Event Trends And Innovations. An initiative by Eventfaqs in association with EEMA, the event was hosted with full glam and glory by the Hotel. After having a successful edition in Delhi (co-located with WOW Awards & Convention Asia) that saw 1056 event planners in attendance,

DHL expands e-commerce fulfillment internationally DHL Parcel and DHL eCommerce are now offering online retailers a global solution for their e-commerce fulfillment needs with a global fulfillment platform and new fulfillment centers in the UK, Americas and Southeast Asia, emphasizing once again Deutsche Post DHL Group's aspiration to become one of the leading global providers in e-commerce logistics. Through DHL's unique family of divisions Deutsche Post DHL Group is the most international company worldwide,

Criminal minds need to be nurtured carefully: Criminal Psychologist Anuja Kapur media partnered with in the 21st century, the world is facing many problems and increasing rate of crime is one of the main problems in front of every nation. In India, crime rate is increasing and the reason behind committing a crime includes various mitigating factors, which have not been studied and implemented for so many decades. To understand the crime and the criminal mindsets Gujarat National Law

Chubb Creates Small Commercial Division for SMEs in Asia Pacific ( Chubb announced today the establishment of a division in Asia Pacific dedicated to the risk management needs of Small, Medium Enterprises (SMEs). This new business division focuses solely on delivering a sustainable value proposition to SMEs through innovative products, tailored distribution strategies and convenient sales platforms. Three new appointments have been made for the Small Commercial Division: Michael Cellura, Head of Small Commercial Division, Asia Pacific. Mr.

WHO calls for immediate and unimpeded access to save lives in eastern Ghouta, Sy … (Media partnered with Up to 400 000 people remain besieged in eastern Ghouta in Rural Damascus, where they face deteriorating humanitarian, health, and security conditions. More than 240 people require urgent advanced medical care, including 29 priority patients (mostly children) in critical condition who need immediate medical evacuation. “The situation is heartbreaking,” says Ms Elizabeth Hoff, WHO Representative in Syria. “For months, the people of eastern Ghouta have been


Never Pay For Calls! Never Waste Data! Never Miss Out On The Best Entertainment! Never Worry About Your Smart Phone! Never Pay More When You Get Together! The New Plans Will Be Available To Consumers on 8th November, 2017 Postpaid just got a lot more attractive for consumers. Vodafone India, one of India’s leading telecommunications service providers, today announced the launch of its new set of RED postpaid plans that packs in unprecedented telecom and

Venus Crème bar “Aapki Khoobsurati Unki Nazar se” hits the right chords in … / : Venus Crème Bar a quality product of RSPL Ltd. is proud to announce Mr. and Mrs. Shankar Rai as the winning couple of Delhi edition of Venus Crème Bar presents “Aapki Khoobsurti Unki Nazar Se” contest. The grand finale was judged by Model Preet kamal, RJ Megha,Aurain Nayaab and Agendra Gautam Choreographer. The response was indeed overwhelming wherein couples showed a lot of interest. The

Madagascar plague: mitigating the risk of regional spread :This year plague came early to Madagascar and spread quickly. When it began to move out from the areas where it traditionally occurs, people became increasingly alarmed – both within the island nation and in neighbouring territories and countries. From August to late October 2017, more than 1800 suspected, probable or confirmed plague cases were reported, resulting in 127 deaths. This outbreak is unusually severe, and there are still five

What is all about?

Check train PNR status, Bus tickets, cab booking service : ( (Profile ink: - Best news cum content syndication site online ( is one of the leading train App PNR predictors for IRCTC and Indian Railway which is supported by an exclusive and competent algorithm which guesses your IRCTC PNR in seconds based on chronological trends. It also supports you in deciding whether to reserve

Avnet Demonstrated end-to-end LoRaWAN IoT Solutions at Cisco Next Intelligent Io … (Media partner of ) Avnet Asia Pacific showcased its end-to-end LoRaWAN IoT solutions at the recent Cisco Next Intelligent IoT Generation Conference 2017, held at the Hong Kong Science Park. Avnet demonstrated various LoRaWAN applications that ranged from disaster prevention and smart agriculture to healthcare alert systems, allowing participants to explore myriad possibilities of the LoRaWAN-enabled IoT ecosystem to drive workplace insights and empower decision-making. These applications are

Students of IIT Madras emerge winners of Azim Premji University’s National lev … / - In over 100 submissions from across colleges in India, 15 finalists presented their ideas to tackle specific social problems Gobinath P, Shreeram R and Santosh G V from IIT Madras won the first prize for their idea on foldable housing to address the need of decent temporary shelter to rehabilitate the disaster affected victims Bangalore, October 22, 2017: Students of IIT Madras bagged first prize in

A Spectacular Line-Up This Autumn for the Great November Feast

HONG KONG, CHINA - Oct 12, 2017 - Feast up this fall during the Great November Feast: a highly anticipated, fully packed month of festivals, promotions and events that will feature some of the best food and drink Hong Kong has to offer. Tourists are in for a treat as many venues across the city will showcase one-off menus and titillating tipples especially for the occasion. Crabalicious, a month-long celebration of

Hindus shocked at Australia Advt. Bureau clearing insensitive ad despite worldwi … / : Hindus and others, who denounced the highly insensitive ad of Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA), are further shocked at Advertising Standards Bureau’s (ASB) reportedly green signal to apparently reckless marketing strategies of MLA, which had already upset Hindu and other faith communities worldwide. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that it clearly signaled that the current system of so-called advertising

​SSP to expand presence in India with new franchise deal / : SSP Group plc, a leading operator of food and beverage outlets in travel locations worldwide, is to expand its presence in the Indian food and beverage market with the agreement of a franchise deal with World Iconic Brand (WIB) hospitality. SSP operates an extensive portfolio of more than 400 international, national, and local brands. Three of its most popular brands are coffee shop Ritazza, Upper Crust bakery

Tips to keep your weight in check this festive season

The celebrations have started with the festive season and there's a jubilant mood all around. People have worked hard all throughout the year and now they rightfully deserve to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The festive season is the perfect time to relax and unwind and to enjoy life with family and friends. It is also the time to enjoy some of the most delicious preparations known to humankind,

Hindus welcome Utah University for exploring Hindu gods & goddesses / : Hindus have welcomed Utah State University (USU); respected public research university in Logan, Utah; for teaching about Hindu gods and goddesses, calling it a step in the positive direction. Commending USU for exploring Hindu gods and goddesses, distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada today, urged all US and Canadian universities to offer various courses about Hinduism, oldest and third largest religion of

Upset Hindus urge Alibaba to apologize & withdraw Krishna-Ganesha doormats ; Upset Hindus are urging Hangzhou (China) headquartered e-commerce giant Alibaba Group for immediate withdrawal from its website of doormats carrying images of Hindu deities Lord Krishna and Lord Ganesha; calling it highly inappropriate. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, in a statement in Nevada (USA) today, said that it was shocking to visualize that Alibaba, for its mercantile greed, was apparently persuading the world to scrub/wipe the soles of

India High Commission made demarche to Australian govt. about “offensive” la … / :The High Commission of India in Australia (Canberra) “have made a demarche to the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Department of Communication and Arts and Department of Agriculture bringing to their notice an offensive advertisement by Meat and Livestock Australia that hurt the religious sentiments of the Indian community”, according to its release. Distinguished Hindu statesman Rajan Zed, welcoming the High Commission of India initiative of formal

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