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A trade magazine is a periodical that is designed for a particular industry. Examples include fashion, architecture, retail, and so on. The audience of trade magazines are professionals who work in the particular field the magazine is geared for. Also known as trade journals and professional magazines, trade magazines are periodicals that are written for a particular audience. This audience consists of people who work in a specific trade or industry.

The Purpose of Trade Magazines

The goal of a trade magazine is to keep professionals or a particular industry up-to-date on the latest developments in the specific industry or trade the periodical pertains to. These magazines only cover topics that are relevant to the professionals who work in the specific industry that they are geared toward.

For example, they can provide news and information

  • regarding trends,
  • sales forecasts,
  • product innovations,
  • question and answer interviews,
  • frequently asked (and answered) questions,
  • and interviews

with the reputable resources and professionals in the given field. Since trade magazines contain such targeted information, they are often only available to readers who subscribe to them. However, there are some trade magazines that cater to a very large industry, and as such, can be purchased at the same outlets as other magazines. These magazines are usually published on a monthly basis, though some are published weekly.

Trade magazines are created for virtually every industry, so no matter what field you work in, you should be able to find one that offers relevant information to your industry. Some of the most popular trade magazines include:


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