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Robotic Vacuum Cleaner Market definition

Robotic vacuum cleaner working on carpet (©  Piotr Adamowicz /

Robotic vacuum cleaner working on carpet (© Piotr Adamowicz /

The robotic vacuum cleaner market is a market that is anticipated to grow at an impressive rate of 15% CAGR over the following years. Robotic vacuum cleaners are devices that can automatically clean our homes and which allow us to spend more time doing things we love, while keeping our homes tidier. As smart home tech grows in prominence and parts become more available, this market should grow rapidly.

What They Are?

One of the most unpleasant jobs around the house that no one enjoys doing is the vacuuming. Not only is vacuuming highly time consuming but it can also put a lot of strain on your back and even cause an injury. It's hot work, it's tiring… you get the point. So why not instead let a tiny robotic drive around your rooms and do it for you? They don't provide quite the same quality of clean as an actual vacuum cleaner (and they won't get anything stuck down off your floor), but robotic vacuum cleaners can help you to keep crumbs, dust and dirt off the floor so that you have to vacuum yourself less often and it's easier when you do!

openPR-Tip: This is the basic idea behind the robotic vacuum cleaner: a small device that will make its way around your home of its own accord, hoovering up dropped crumbs and other mess on your behalf. This is the perfect tool for the less mobile who still want to maintain an attractive home and its equally powerful for busy professionals who don’t quite have time to clean.

How They Work

Robotic vacuum cleaners work using motors and a battery, which is steered by a very basic algorithm and proximity sensors. Proximity sensors work by sending out signals and then waiting for those signals to bounce back – these might be sonic signals, or they might be infrared lights. Either way, the devices can monitor how long it takes for the signal to be bounced back and that way calculate the likely distance from the point of origin to the next surface. Thus, the vacuum cleaner will avoid all walls and obstacles and by taking a logical path can clear up any surface in minimal time.


The robotic vacuum cleaner market is estimated to have a CAGR of over 15% over the coming years. It is expected that increased manufacturing, wider use of smart home utilities and even an aging population will all contribute to this increased demand which will help the market to grow year over year.

There are many other similar devices that fall into related categories. For instance, it is widely speculated that IoT will play a large role in the coming years. This is ‘Internet Of Things’ – an array of smart tech in the home that will be able to communicate with other devices via the web and that will also have access to other information and to the user.

As these technologies, along with other ‘smart home’ appliances become more modern place, so too is the robotic vacuum cleaner likely to.

Infographic: Let the Robot Do the Cleaning | Statista You will find more statistics at Statista

Other Awesome Tools for Automating the Cleaning

It’s not just vacuuming that can be handled by robots these days though!

Nobody likes washing up, vacuuming or mowing the lawn, and when we end up spending whole weekends on these chores it sometimes feels like there should be a better way… Well the good news is that there is – and it's all thanks to technology which is all about making life easier for us in a myriad of ways. Thanks to technology, we now have an army of robotic minions to do our housework for us. No really…

Don't believe me? Read on to see just how many of your jobs you can now outsource and automate using tech…

Robotic Window Cleaners

You've possibly already outsourced your window cleaning to a window cleaner, but why not save a lot of money (and clean the indoor windows) with one single investment: a robotic window cleaner. These work the exact same way as the robotic vacuum cleaners by driving around and using sensors to navigate, but the big difference is that they use suction in order to attach themselves to your glass so they can move around on the vertical surfaces.

Robotic Lawn Mower

One last robot – a robotic lawn mower does what you'd imagine and will drive around your garden to mow the lawn while you sit back in a deck chair and sit mojitos. If that's your thing. The only downside to the robotic lawn mower is that it requires quite a lot of set-up to begin with, and that it costs quite a lot of money to boot so it won't be a suitable option for everyone.


Okay so drones won't do that much work for you, but you can use them for a few useful household chores. For instance if you want to check the roof or the gutter then you can fly a drone up rather than have to climb up there yourself only to see there was no need. If you got creative you could even potentially get rid of some of the leaves…

Robotic Security Cameras

You can also get robotic security cameras that patrol your home while you're away and stream the footage to your computer. Have it patrol your living room while you're on holiday and drive it to the kitchen next time you worry you left the oven on.

Pet Feeders and Plant Waterers

Always forgetting to water the plants? Tired of getting pestered by your cat? Just two more jobs that can be taken care of by machines so you can reap the benefits with none of the work!


Then there are all the appliances that have been doing our work for us for years: dishwashers, washing machines, clothes steamers, food processors, waste disposal units, trash compactors… All of them save you hours of work and are constantly becoming more advanced and many of which you can benefit from more than you may initially be aware.

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