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What is Pay Per Action Advertising (PPA) definition

CPA - Cost per Action Marketing. (© Momius -

CPA - Cost per Action Marketing. (© Momius -

CPA marketing might just be the most important and beneficial form of advertising that you aren’t using. This is a tool that you can use to create guaranteed profit in any niche and across a range of different platforms. Read on to learn more about what this is, how it works and why you need to get involved.

PPA - Pay per Action Advertising

Pay per action or PPA is a form of advertising that is closely related to pay per click or PPC, but with a very specific difference. That difference is that PPA means that you only pay when the user carries out a particular action.

So, what do we mean by the word ‘action’? Well, this could mean:

  • Subscribing to your mailing list
  • Buying your product
  • Visiting your site

Yes, a ‘click’ can itself be considered an action, but more often than not, the term will be used to describe other actions.

Different PPA platforms

The good news is that Facebook offers CPA as part of its advertising platform. That means that you can identify a particular action and then only pay when the user carries out said activity. This means that you might be paying for new subscribers or for people who download an app – meaning none of that money is wasted. There are also specifically CPA-oriented advertising platforms out there for both publishers and advertisers to benefit from.

But even for those platforms that do not offer CPA as an option (such as Google AdWords), there is still the option to calculate what your CPA is. You do this by looking at your stats and perhaps by setting up goals.

This way, you can see how many people who click on your ads end up buying a product or subscribing. By doing this, you are able to work out what percentage of your ad spend goes to those actions and there by work out how much you spend per new subscriber’.

openPR tip: Looking at this number is crucial because it removes the confounding variables that are all the people who bounce from your site, who land there against their will, or who are just disinterested.

Press releases

nonstopConsulting is first European affiliate agency launching new Google PPA service
Google recently announced the worldwide expansion of its Pay-Per-Action (PPA) Advertising System. nonstopConsulting already has launched its first client on the new service. Pay-Per-Action is a new service by Google for Affiliate Marketing and is offered parallel to the well known AdWords system, which is popular for Search Engine Marketing. Different