Electronic News Gathering (© duncanandison / Fotolia.com)
Electronic News Gathering (© duncanandison / Fotolia.com)

Electronic news gathering refers to the process of using electronic video and audio equipment as a way to collect current news. The process is used by reporters and editors and can involve a variety of modalities, including a single video camera to a complete news crew utilizing a truck on a location. Coined in the 1970s when video recording was first utilized, electronic news gathering is commonly used in reporting.

Since television was first introduced, news has been a very important aspect of programming. It allowed people to find out about newsworthy information as it was breaking instead of having to wait for it to be printed in a newspaper. It also allowed for audiences to see footage of events that were associated with news story.

However, the issue with broadcasting news on TV was that the footage wasn’t accessible for several hours after something newsworthy took place. This means that washing breaking news on TV involved a reporter reading about the events. The introduction of electronic news gathering changed that.

Electronic News Gathering Explained

Developed in the 1970s, electronic news gathering involves television crews setting up live video signals so that they can send video signals back to a studio and onto televisions. This practice completely changed the shape of TV news as it was known.

Electronic news gather involves using electronic technologies, including video and audio, so that news reporters can report newsworthy evens from various locations outside of the studio. The process of electronic news gathering can involve a single reporter using a professional video camera to report a story to a full TV crew bringing a production truck on-site in order to conduct a live news report.

The Importance of Electronic News Gathering

Due to the advancements of technology and the impact of reporting live on-scene, electronic news gathering has become a staple in reporting the news. It has literally changed the shape of TV news reporting, as viewers are able to be transported to the scene where breaking news is occurring.

For news stations and reporters, electronic news gathering is essential. Due to the widespread adoption of even smarter technologies, it has become even more commonplace. For example, a layperson can record a video of breaking news on their smartphone, post it to social media, and the video can go viral in a matter of minutes. As such, electronic news gathering has become even more important for news outlets that want to stay ahead of the competition.


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