Female Video and Sound Editor (© Female Video and Sound Editor / Fotolia.com)
Female Video and Sound Editor (© Female Video and Sound Editor / Fotolia.com)

Video content is the missing link in a huge number of internet marketing strategies. With the right video content, it is possible to drastically increase engagement, while at the same time gaining massive exposure to parts of the web that you had previously been missing out on.

Video content is the most crucial component of video marketing; marketing through the use of videos.

Videos can be used for marketing purposes in a number of different ways. They can:

  • Be added to a YouTube channel to create a vlog – This is a form of content marketing that will allow you to build a loyal and highly engaged audience and that will allow you to compete in a less crowded search engine
  • Be added to a website – Having an explainer video on your website can be a fantastic way to ensure that people visiting your business site know precisely what it is that you are selling/offering and that they will be more inclined to stick around and potentially invest as a result. It is considerably easier to explain the benefits and the process of a website through a video, especially if it is a dull/complex service that you provide.
  • Be added to a sales page – You can likewise add a video to the top of a sales page. If this plays automatically, then it will provide a fantastic way to immediately grab attention and to persuade your audience in a more emotional and engaging manner.
  • Be used for live streaming – Live streaming is considered by many to be the future of internet marketing. This means using the likes of YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Periscope and Meerkat in order to communicate directly with an audience in a live fashion. This allows you to respond immediately to comments and to let your audience enjoy some insight into your daily routine. It’s fantastic for establishing trust and familiarity with the people who follow your content.

How Creating a Video Helps You to Stand Out

Countless businesses and brands struggle to gain attention with a blog. Blog marketing can be highly effective, but it often involves posting frequently to a site that isn’t necessarily easy to find. The text is dense, and your audience will need to invest considerable time – and be in the right state of mind – in order to read through it.

But if they then add a YouTube channel, suddenly, their content becomes highly discoverable through a much less crowded distribution platform. It will show up as ‘suggested content’ and it will be much easier to rank high in the SERPS for competitive keywords.

On top of all this, a YouTube channel allows you to stand out with your own style and personality and it lets your audience see you in a very real and authentic way. It allows you to evoke emotion with your bodylanguage, your tone of voice and music you add. It allows you to build authority by demonstrating that you have the skills and expertise to create a video that has high production values.

openPR tip: Anyone can create a blog post from their Mother’s basement. But creating a high quality video is considerably more difficult.

How to Create Video Content

The next question is how you go about creating high quality video content that will benefit your brand.


First, you will need the right equipment. If you plan to go in front of the camera, then this will mean a high quality camera to record on. If you can’t afford this investment, then a smartphone will often do the trick – but of course a powerful DSLR capable of macro effects will look much more impressive.

Likewise, it can be useful to add additional lighting to your scene using a ‘soft box’. This will allow you to highly yourself and any subjects you might be filming.

You should also always consider sound. A high quality video can be seriously let down by poor quality audio. To fix this issue, try using a shotgun mic, or potentially a lapel mic.


Once you have your footage, you will need to edit it. This can be a laborious process, so some people will prefer to use a professional to handle this. Otherwise, you will need the right software. Sony Vegas, Final Cut, Adobe Premiere and others will all handle this – and you’ll need a powerful computer to run the software on.

If you are someone who feels shy to go in front of the camera then don’t worry – you don’t need to. Using a mic, you can record a voice over and then simply edit together some stock footage. Either that, or you can create a PowerPoint presentation, slideshow or whiteboard animation to add your spoken word to.

To create these kinds of videos, you’ll need software such as PowerPoint (which can now save presentations in video format), or specialist whiteboard animation software. You can also create videos by recording the screen as you work and making a tutorial. A great piece of software to this end is Flashback Studio.


There are a few additional materials that can help to make your videos appear more professional. You can create these yourself, hire someone to make them or buy them ready made.

openPR tip: For instance, you will need a video opener. This is a short introductory animation that includes your brand and welcomes people to your channel/video. Speaking of which, you should also create a good-looking logo.


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