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Well-known Manufacturer of Muscle Tape in Korea | ATEX

ATEX CO., LTD. is a well-known manufacturer of muscle tape in Korea. Specializing in healthcare and wellness solutions, ATEX offers a range of innovative products designed to provide effective relief for various muscular discomforts and injuries. Their muscle tape products are widely used by athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and individuals seeking support and relief during physical activities or recovery periods. ATEX muscle tape is recognized for its high-quality adhesive properties, durability, and

Leading Kinetic Tape Manufacturer in Korea | ATEX

ATEX CO., LTD. is a leading kinetic tape manufacturer in Korea. It specializes in the creation of high-quality tapes that are both long-lasting and efficient. ATEX tapes are made of high-quality, breathable fabrics that are both comfortable to wear and water-resistant. They are also free of latex, making them ideal for anyone with sensitive skin. ATEX Kinetic Tapes: Championing Pain Relief and Performance: ATEX's SportsTex brand is synonymous with top-notch kinesiology therapeutic tapes.

Spiral Tape Manufacturer in Korea | ATEX

ATEX CO., LTD. spiral tape is a type of kinesiology tape specifically designed for pain relief based on the balancing therapy of Oriental Medicine. It works by attaching grid-like cross tapes to acupoints to control the tension and relaxation of the whole body. Atex spiral tape comes in different sizes and colors and is made from high-quality, breathable materials that are comfortable to wear and water-resistant. Benefits of using Atex spiral tape:

Leading Pain Relief Tape Manufacturer in Korea | ATEX

ATEX CO., LTD. is a leading pain relief tape manufacturer in Korea.They are made with premium materials, such as 97% cotton fabric and hypoallergenic adhesive, making them comfortable to wear and gentle on the skin. The tapes are also water-resistant and can last for several days when applied properly. Atex tapes are used by a variety of people, including athletes, physical therapists, and occupational therapists. They can be used to treat

Original and Largest Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape Manufacturer in Korea | ATEX

ATEX CO., LTD. is the original and largest Kinesiology Therapeutic Tape manufacturer Korea, with over two decades of manufacturing experience. They export premium-quality private-label kinesiology tape to Europe, Asia, North America, and Latin America. Their house brand is called SportsTex. ATEXKinesiology Tape Kinesiology taping has gained significant traction in recent years as a tool for pain management and preventive practices. Its potential to influence the neurological and circulatory systems, offering both decompression

Spiral and Kinetic Tape Manufacturer in Korea | ATEX

ATEX CO., LTD. is a leading spiral tape and kinetic tape manufacturer in Korea. It specializes in the production of high-quality tapes that are both durable and efficient. ATEX tapes are constructed from high-quality, breathable materials that are both comfortable to wear and water resistant. They are also latex-free, making them suitable for those with sensitive skin. ATEX Power Spiral Tape Spiral Tapeprovides pain relief using Oriental Medicine's balancing therapy, which attaches gridlike

Leading Manufacturer of Pain Relief Tapes in Korea | ATEX

ATEX CO., LTD. is a leading pain relief tape manufacturer in Korea, known for its SportsTex brand of kinesiology therapeutic tapes. These tapes are designed to provide support and stability to joints and muscles, helping to alleviate pain and promote healing. ATEX tapes are made from high-quality, breathable materials that are comfortable to wear and water-resistant. They are also latex-free, making them a good option for people with sensitive skin. ATEX tapes

Dial Global selects Atex Advertising solution

Dial Global, Inc. (NASDAQ: DIAL), America’s network radio leader, has chosen Atex Advertising to power its online advertising business. The company will offer the Atex advertising solution for all digital advertising sales across its network of 8,500 radio stations and its owned and operated digital products in the United States. The solution will streamline the order entry, production and delivery of digital ads. Dial Global will also

Atex announces leadership team appointments

Atex announces three new appointments to its executive team, which will help strengthen Atex’s position as the leading provider of software and services for media-rich industries. Joining Atex is Jeremy Wilson as Chief Financial Officer. Jeremy most recently served as Group CFO at Regenersis Plc and has a proven track record in high service blue chip corporations trading globally, including DHL Express, Honda Motor Europe Ltd and Electrocomponents

Atex celebrates a successful TalkingPoint 2012

Following the huge success of the Atex Global Symposium last year, customers, partners, industry experts and employees, came together last week for Atex TalkingPoint 2012. Held at Beaumont House, on the historic Beaumont Estate in Windsor from 25th to 27th June, the event was designed for those who are striving to shine and shape the future of media in 2012 and beyond. Over 200 delegates from 100 is re-launched with Atex Web CMS, the leading news platform for the Rhein-Neckar region of Germany, has successfully completed a major re-launch. The portal chose Atex Web CMS as the web presence of Mediengruppe Dr. Haas, owner of the newspapers Mannheimer Morgen, Südhessen Morgen, Bergsträßer Anzeiger, Schwetzinger Zeitung, Hockenheimer Tageszeitung and Fränkische Nachrichten. “The new morgenweb is bringing the future of media into our daily activities”, said project manager Dieter Schwab. “There are a couple

Atex announces three US advertising system go-lives in May

Atex is pleased to announce three new Atex Advertising system go-lives. The solution will enable the US media companies to consolidate their print and digital products into a single advertising database. This will help streamline the end-to-end process, enabling lower operating costs, and increasing the revenues for cross-sold ads. The McClatchy Company The McClatchy Company, the third-largest newspaper business in the United States, chose Atex Advertising as an

‘La Nuova Sardegna’ and the dailies ‘AltoAdige’ and ‘Trentino’ are l …

La Nuova Sardegna, L’AltoAdige and il Trentino, dailies of Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso are live with Atex Content. With the addition of the Sardinian daily, "L'AltoAdige" and "Trentino", the number of daily newspapers from the group live on the same production system is now 16, with over 700 editors and layout editors. In 2011, Gruppo Editoriale L'Espresso adopted Atex’s solution to manage production for its print and digital titles, using Atex Content

Atex announces expansion of Florida office

Leading global software company Atex has moved its office in Melbourne, Florida, to a larger facility. The new location will enhance Atex’s offering to existing customers and support the continuation of its regional expansion program. The company moved into the Imperial Plaza, a Class A business center located in the heart of Suntree, this week. The iconic and energy-efficient building on 6767

GoRadio go-live on Atex Web CMS

Lifestyle streaming radio site has launched on the Atex Web CMS, a state-of-the-art content management solution which will enrich the site and expand its marketing efforts. GoRadio is part radio stream, part blog. Hosted through a software as a service (SaaS) arrangement, having GoRadio on the Atex Web CMS offers the site a secure

Polaris Media Nordvestlandet selects the Atex OneView Advertising suite

Norway-based publishing company Polaris Media Nordvestlandet has extended its relationship with Atex, a leading provider of software for media-rich industries, with a new deal for enhancing its innovative advertising solution. The company, which uses Atex Advertising, is adopting the Atex OneView framework with ad server integration, which will give the business a simpler, role-relevant user interface for its advertising. OneView is a browser-based platform that focuses on the end-user experience and is

Innovative new model will provide newsroom staff with a single view of all conte …

Leading global software company Atex will be introducing Atex Content Hub to the media market this quarter, a single 360˚solution that efficiently manages content for all products and across all delivery channels. This major development will improve internal efficiency and reduce development and integration costs, allowing editorial staff to concentrate on creating content once for publication to multiple print and digital devices. Through a single point of access to multiple repositories,

Atex announces new CEO of Asia

Atex, a leading software company providing solutions for media-rich industries, has appointed Jerome Laredo as Chief Executive Officer of Asia, with immediate effect. Based at Atex Asia’s headquarters in Singapore, Jerome will support and guide the region’s accelerated growth and development, to a multi-industry digital content and advertising innovator. Jerome brings more than 15 years of software sales experience to Atex. He joined the company in 2008 and until recently, held the

Atex launches new content management solution

Atex announces its new browser-based content management system designed to help media companies manage their entire workflow with one cloud-based publishing environment which delivers content across multiple channels. Atex Content features Atex Web CMS integration, which offers media companies a single view of all digital and print content. This enables newsroom and production tasks to occur simultaneously, reducing the expense and manual effort associated with meeting production deadlines. The browser-based high-performance

Atex and EDB ErgoGroup establish strategic partnership

Global software solutions provider, Atex, and EDB ErgoGroup, a leading Nordic IT-vendor and system integrator, have today announced a new multi-million dollar strategic partnership. The collaboration will accelerate cloud-based managed services to existing customers and support further growth within media-rich industries across the Nordic region. EDB ErgoGroup has the highest level of credibility and broadest range of expertise across multiple technologies and will bring high-quality and reliable business solutions to Atex.

New partnership between Atex and Zissor to revolutionise the publishing industry

A partnership announced today between two global businesses, is set to revolutionise the publishing industry, as media companies will be offered a second opportunity to monetise content. Atex, a global software solutions provider for media-rich industries, is strengthening its position as market leader by teaming up with Zissor, a world-leading supplier of end-to-end solutions for industrial conversion of newspapers and other physical documents to electronically searchable information. Atex will now offer high

Atex announces new partnership with Dell

Atex, a global software company providing solutions for media-rich industries, has announced a new partnership with Dell China, which will strengthen its presence in the Asian media marketplace and its offering to existing customers. The Asian media industry, which is recognised globally as a major emerging market, will now benefit from two leading suppliers. Atex provides a complete suite of integrated solutions which are already widely adopted internationally and Dell offers

Atex announces InDesign integration with Atex Tablet Publishing

Leading global software company Atex has announced that it will be integrating InDesign with Atex Tablet Publishing (ATP). This major development, effective Q1, 2012 focuses on streamlining the editorial workflow, helping newsroom staff to meet the demands of an increasingly digital world, in just a few steps. The InDesign integration gives full control and creative freedom in page layout and offers an alternative to the streamlined and template-based publishing workflow in

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