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Express Tools of GstarCAD 2012Extended Version—Align Tool

Recently, Gstarsoft released GstarCAD2012 Extended Version; a lot of practical tools were added into the Extended version, Align Tool is one of them. If the drawing was not located precisely, the Align Tool is the best choice for the entities alignment. Simplicity, practical and fast are the features of Align Tool, the tool can align all kinds of entities in CAD drawings, such as: rectangle, circle, line, spline, arc, pline, block

Express Tools of GstarCAD 2012 Extended Version - Arrange Tool

In the CAD design, designers always need to arrange the locations of objects. Occasionally, they have to locate the objects manually. Although it is an easy way, when designers need to arrange huge amount objects, it will be complicated and easy lead to errors. For this purpose, GstarCAD2012 Extended provides an Arrange Tool to solve the arrangement problems perfectly. This tool can arrange multiple objects according to specific row spacing or/and

Express Tools of GstarCAD2012 Extended Version - Batpurge

During the CAD software designing process, as the size of drawings growing larger and larger, the performance would be slow down. Generally speaking, the emerging of redundant data often causes this kind of problem; the data will enlarge the size of the drawings, and slow down the response speed of software. So, experienced designers usually purge the drawings. To purge drawings, traditional method is to open each drawing and purge them

Summary of New Express Tools of GstarCAD2012 Extended Version

Recently, the world leading CAD software developer – Gstarsoft released GstarCAD2012 Extended version to meet the requirements of users, the performance and functionalities are improved a lot, all these improvements have enhanced the application advantages of GstarCAD2012. To the new software, the most concerned issues are the new added functions. What kinds of new functions have been added into GstarCAD2012 EX? Let’s do a brief introduction: 1. Object Placement Among CAD software, designers

Express Tools of GstarCAD2012 EX – LayoutByPath

As the release of GstarCAD2012 EX, its new features of express tools are most concerned by users; let’s do a brief introduction for these brilliant express tools: Unlike common array function, LayoutByPath distributes object copies along a path (curve) with a variety of array options. Users can choose random, division and measure options and array in different directions along the path. Benefits of LayoutByPath -Easy way to distribute object copies along a path. -Efficient

Express Tools of GstarCAD2012 Extended Version – Areasum

As the release of GstarCAD2012 EX, its new features of express tools are most concerned by users; let’s do a brief introduction for these brilliant express tools: Compared with Area command, AreaSum is more flexible and powerful. When using traditional area command, users usually need to redraw the boundary of the region, or convert the boundary into a single object, and then get the area of the closed region. When boundary is

GstarCAD2012 Extended Version Released Today

“Excellent software is alive, its birthday will never be its end, but be more outstanding via developers’ decoration” – Director of Product Development said that while an extended version GstarCAD2012 EX was finished. It has been a year since the birth of GstarCAD2012; it is still energetic now, and has continued to be enhanced by the latest technology and market requirements. At present, as the release of GstarCAD2012 EX, its

GstarCAD Attracts Much Attention at India-International Build Expo-2012

Beijing, China: August 1, 2012—Recently, GstarCAD makes its public appearance at India-International Build Expo-2012. Like the previous attendance at many other exhibitions, GstarCAD proves its powerfulness again at the booth of GstarCAD this year. Visitors were impressed by the capability of GstarCAD for helping them realize their designs in the real world. India-International Build Expo-2012 is one of the leading exhibitions of India in the Building and Construction industry. Unmatched in

GstarCAD2012 Highlights with Advanced Enhancements

It has been more than half a year since the official launch of GstarCAD2012. Until now, up to 13 language versions of GstarCAD2012 are applied by users worldwide, including Chinese, English, Japanese, etc. This software is a milestone not only in functions but also in performance. The important enhancements in functionality are well liked by users, including hyperlinks, raster image and application. The previous mistakes of the hyperlink function of

GstarCAD Successfully Attended INDOBUILDTECH

Beijing, China: July 11, 2012—Recently, GstarCAD, the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider together with its local distributors successfully attended INDOBUILDTECH (Indonesia Building Material Technology Expo & Conference) from June 27-July 1, 2012. INDOBUILDTECH is an annual event focusing on the development of building material and technologies. It’s the biggest and the most influential international building material exhibition in Indonesia. The event participated by more than 300 building materials from local and

GstarCAD Architecture 2012 Brings New Experience to Users with User-friendly Ope …

Beijing, China: July 2, 2012— With the previous three released news, users have known more about some features of GstarCAD Architecture 2012 and showed great interest. In this release, user-friendly operation, another highlight of this upcoming version will be unveiled. People with conventional views think that since CAD software belongs to professional software, its interface should be simple and boring. However, users have high requirements for the interface of the software

GstarCAD Architecture 2012 Enables Rational Use of Space with Comprehensive Func …

Beijing, China: June 20, 2012—GstarCAD, a leading 2D/3D CAD software provider today provided information on a group of comprehensive functions of the upcoming GstarCAD Architecture 2012, enabling users to optimize their design with limited resources. No matter the buildings are residential or commercial, they will bring more benefits to mankind if they can be used reasonably, especially in a world with limited land resources. The elevation function of GstarCAD Architecture

GstarCAD Reaps in Abundance at Expooficina2012

Beijing, China: June 1, 2012—Nersoft systems S.A.C (, the distributor of Gstarsoft in Peru has attended Expooficina2012 in Peru from May 24 to May 26, 2012 and achieved great success. Expooficina is one of the leading exhibitions in the industry for operation, maintenance and office appliance. Every year, thousands of visitors all over the world come to attend this exhibition. This exhibition provides a good platform for both GstarCAD and the

GstarCAD Adapts to Mobile World

Earlier this month, Eric Jackson caused hot debate by predicting that Google and Facebook would disappear completely in the next five years because of adaption problem in the new generation of Internet-Mobile World. Later Haydn Shaughnessy and George and Anders listed their reasons that Google and Facebook won’t disappear in five years time. Whether these two tycoons in network time will disappear, we don’t know. But we have to admit

GstarCAD Successfully Attended BuildTechAsia2012

Beijing, China: May 22, 2012-- ACAD PTE LTD, the distributor of GstarCAD in Singapore attended BuildTechAsia2012 from May 15th to 17th, 2012 and achieved great success. BuildTechAsia2012 stands as a premier platform for exhibitors and visitors to network with government officials and industry players in the region. It presents the latest technologies across varied segments of the building and construction industry--from the latest in IT and Building Information Modeling (BIM) concepts

GstarCAD2012 Improves Raster Image Functionality to Bring Work Convenience

Beijing, China: May 8, 2012—Gstarsoft improved its functionality for raster image in GstarCAD2012, aiming at offering work convenience for designers to use or reuse raster images like scanned paper drawings, maps, satellite images, aerial photos and other similar digital data in their design. Like the previously released versions, raster image functionality allows users to insert and view or display raster image as well as make modifications in their drawings. Users can

GstarCAD Marketing Symposium 2012 Successfully Held in Suzhou

Beijing, China: May 4, 2012—GstarCAD, the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider today announced that its annual marketing symposium has been successfully held in Suzhou, Jiangsu province of China on 27th, April, 2012. Distributors of GstarCAD around the world attended this 2-day symposium. During the symposium, various range of GstarCAD products were displayed through live demo to attendees by technicians of Gstarsoft, including GstarCAD2012, GstarCAD2012 Architecture, GstarCAD2012 Mechanical and GstarCAD Mobile Client.

GstarCAD’s Competitiveness Ranks the First in the Industrial Software Market o …

Beijing, China: April 25, 2012—GstarCAD’s competitiveness ranks the first in the industrial software market of China according to the report of China Software Brand Research Laboratory in February, 2012. This report covered 66 famous software enterprises of China in 9 different industries, making comprehensive evaluation in the aspects of brand strength, brand popularity, brand influence, brand growth potential as well as brand review and ranked them based on their scores. In

GstarCAD Offers Convenience for Reusing PDF-based CAD Drawings

Designers are always troubled with bringing vector PDF based on CAD drawings into their engineering environment for various purposes, including viewing, plotting, editing, etc., since most CAD systems do not support PDF as an input format or could not convert accurately. To help customers save valuable time and improve conversion quality, Gstarsoft incorporates pdf2cad functionality into GstarCAD2012 named as PDFtoDXF for converting vector PDF –based on CAD drawings into DXF

Successful Turning Point

The following picture was taken on the expo in Malaysia, showing the successful smile of GstarCAD’s two friends-Khor and Francis, the CEO of NEOFAME TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD and Acad Pte.Ltd respectively. After switching from their former partner, they are happy to find out they have gradually established a long-term strategic relationship with GstarCAD. Khor (the one on the left), CEO of NEOFAME TECHNOLOGIES SDN BHD and Francis (the one

Gstarsoft Offers Software Donation to CODEVI for House Reconstruction

Beijing, China: March 27, 2012—Gstarsoft offered software donation to CODEVI-a non-profit organization in the design of housing reconstruction for the poorest population in Medellin (Colombia), aiming at making the work of non-profit and community organization easier. Founded in 1980, CODEVI-Corporación de Desarrollo, Educación y Vivienda (Development, Education and Housing Corporation) is a non-profit private organization in Medellín, Colombia with legal status granted by the government of Antioquia on July 11,

Gstarsoft Upbeat on Cooperation with Distributors in South-East Asia

Beijing, China: March 22, 2012—GstarCAD, the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider has achieved great success under the tremendous effort of GstarCAD distributors and partners during short period years in overseas market since its first English version released in 2007. In south-east Asia includes Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, GstarCAD has reached outstanding achievements and won widely praise. With several years’ relationship, Gstarsoft consolidates strategic cooperation with distributors in this area, keeping the

Nazareth Municipality Applies GstarCAD in Infrastructure Construction Projects

Beijing, China: March 12, 2012—GstarCAD, a leading 2D/3D CAD software provider announces that the engineering department of the Nazareth municipality has purchased GstarCAD products from Benarit Ltd., the distributor of Gstarsoft in Israel. By implementing GstarCAD products, engineering department of Nazareth municipality has been able to enhance work efficiency and reduce costs. “The Arab capital of Israel” Nazareth is the capital and largest city in the North District of Israel. Known as

Gstarsoft Brings CAD Application to Android

Beijing, China: February 16, 2012—GstarCAD, the leading 2D/3D CAD software provider today announced that the application that could be operated on Android is in development after a serial of releases of GstarCAD MC (Mobile Clients) for iOS mobile devices (running on iPad, iPhone and iTouch) last year. Nobody can ignore Android and deny its expanding momentum when it comes to the operating systems for mobile devices due to its openness.

GstarCAD2012 has built in PDF2DXF for converting PDF into DXF

Beijing, China: January 5, 2012—Gstarsoft has built PDF2DXF functionality into a tightly integrated add-on to GstarCAD2012 called PDFtoDXF. This function significantly expands the scope of the applicability by enabling users to convert Adobe PDF format drawings directly into .dxf in GstarCAD2012. PDF2DXF is an ideal function developed by Visual Integrity for users who frequently need to convert PDF-based vector CAD drawings into .dxf format, which can be opened as well as

Gstarsoft Officially Releases GstarCAD 2012

Beijing, China: December 25, 2011—GstarCAD, a leading CAD provider today announces the official release of GstarCAD2012. Based on mature GRX technology GstarCAD2012 is a significant leap in term of functionality, applicability and flexibility. Comparing with the previous versions, GstarCAD2012 adds numerous new functions and integrates more than 500 enhancements to make it more powerful and stable. Meanwhile, a number of unique design-oriented plug-ins differentiates GstarCAD2012 from other CAD software with a

Upgrading to GstarCAD2012, Saving up to 80%

Beijing, China: December 9, 2011— Leading 2D/3D software provider GstarCAD said that the special upgrading program launched on November 25, 2011 for upcoming GstarCAD2012 as a part of its 20th anniversary celebration has had good response from clients and prospects. GstarCAD always endeavors to provide cost-effective design and drawing solutions for its clients while taking their benefits into consideration. This program is the latest effort for worldwide GstarCAD clients and

GstarCAD 2012's Unique Functions Speed up Design Work

Beijing, China: December 7, 2011 — GstarCAD, a leading 2D/3D design software provider, today provided additional information on a group of unique plug-ins being implemented in the upcoming release of GstarCAD 2012. These include Boolean operations on polylines, exporting tables to Excel spreadsheets, and incrementing copied text. These and other new commands are called upon by designers working in industries such as AEC (architecture, engineering, construction), mechanical design, and manufacturing

GstarCAD Offers up to 80% off for Upgrading to v2012

Beijing, China: November 25, 2011—GstarCAD, leading CAD software provider today announced a special upgrading plan for upcoming GstarCAD2012 as a part of its 20th anniversary celebration. Starting from November 25th, 2011, the special offer is available until Februry 28th 2012 for GstarCAD users who want to straightly upgrade their current version to GstarCAD2012. Since founded in 1992, GstarCAD has been focused on CAD technological innovation to bring the reliable CAD

Gstarsoft Unveils Exceptional New Features in GstarCAD 2012

Beijing, China: November 25, 2011 -- Gstarsoft, a leading 2D/3D CAD software provider, today unveiled details about its new GstarCAD 2012 computer-aided design system. Based on mature GRX technology, GstarCAD 2012 is a significant leap ahead in areas of operational stability and performance. Customers will appreciate the exceptional new features, such as dynamic blocks, 3D lofting, polyline Booleans, and object hide/isolate. These highlight the design-oriented nature of GstarCAD 2012, thereby

Gstarsoft Highlights New Dynamic Block Editor in GstarCAD 2012

Beijing, China: November 16, 2011-- GstarCAD, a leading provider of 2D/3D software to the design industry today began revealing details of its upcoming GstarCAD 2012 release of computer-aided design software. The update will provide power users with greater efficiency through the addition of a number of new design-oriented functions. First to be revealed is the powerful dynamic block functionality that adds flexibility and intelligence to symbols. The new block editor

Made-in-China CAD Software Breaks Unfavorable Stereotype and Receives Worldwide …

GstarCAD, one of the world leading providers of 2D/3D CAD software, has investigated supply and demand of local CAD market in Austria, Poland, and Italy, and found out that the negative stereotype concerning products made in China has not influenced the opinion of GstarCAD distributors and users. This conclusion is confirmed by the user feedback from those who attended GstarCAD showcases at Feicon Batimat 2011 and Tektonica 2011. People may be

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