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Facebook Pays One Billion Dollars For Instagram. What’s The Next Hot New Web S …

Facebook paid one billion dollars for internet startup Instagram, with just 13 employees and no revenue stream! Is the tech bubble back? The search is on for the next undervalued startup, and it just might be, which gives away cool prizes and a shot at viral fame to contest winners. Billed as the premier source for visual media competition on the net, the scrappy start-up

Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. performs at special Gilligan’s Island Charity Fundrai …

As the famous Gilligan’s Island theme song goes “Just sit right back..” and help set a world’s record as Little Buddy Radio WGAG 93.1 FM, The Denver Foundation and Bill Cole Automall present Landau Eugene Murphy, Jr. in concert Friday, April 27th at 8pm at the Bluefield Auditorium. The America’s Got Talent winner and Columbia Records recording artist who has so skillfully brought back classics from the Great American Songbook will Head Burke Allen Weighs In With Advice for America’s Got Talent …

The top vocalist on the hit TV show and one of the USA’s top media strategists both hail from same small town deep in the heart of the West Virginia coalfields America's Got Talent has skyrocketed the dreadlocked, Sinatra-singing Landau Eugene Murphy Jr. into the national spotlight. It's pretty heady stuff for a former car washer and road crew worker from the tiny coal mining town of Logan, West Virginia, deep

Coping with the Tenth Anniversary of 9/11, with Trauma and Grief Counselor Court …

For Immediate Release Contact: Burke Allen (703) 589-8960 While the National September 11 Memorial is set to be dedicated on this upcoming anniversary, the significance and intensity of the day may be too much to handle for those with friends and family who died. This month marks the tenth anniversary of the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks. Nearly 3,000 lives were lost that day, including 343 New York City firefighters. Making matters worse

The MLK Memorial, Race Relations in the Jazz World, and the Turbulent 1960's, wi …

Contact: Burke Allen (703) 589-8960 DeBlase is pulling back the curtain on the inner workings of world of jazz during those racially turbulent times. As Washington DC welcomes the new Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial -- and with "The Help" now dominating at the box office -- Americans are reflecting upon the nation's turbulent racial history, MLK's contributions to the civil rights movement, and life under segregation. For author Renatta DeBlase, these

A Short Story in "Air and Space Magazine" Became the Best Seller 'Rocket Boys', …

Contact: Burke Allen (703) 589-8960 'Rocket Boys The Musical' Launches at Theatre West Virginia August 26th Based on the New York Times #1 bestselling memoir 'Rocket Boys' by former NASA engineer Homer Hickam, the movie 'October Sky' was a blockbuster hit on the silver screen, capturing the imagination of international audiences. 'Rocket Boys', upon which this musical is based, is a vivid portrait of the tiny West Virginia mining town of Hickam's

An Animated Look at the Debt Crisis: Justin Folk Wins $100,000 Power Line Award

Contact: Burke Allen (703) 589-8960 America's Debt as Squirrel Allegory When Power Line and the Freedom Club offered a prize for the best creative representation of the debt crisis, Justin Folk and over 200 others jumped right in. Folk's video "Squirrels" -- as it's informally known -- was an instant hit with the panel of judges, which included Hugh Hewitt and Andrew Breitbart, and secured the $100,000 prize. Justin wanted the

It Couldn't Just Happen Knowing The Truth About God's Awesome Creation

For Immediate Release Contact: Burke Allen (703) 589-8960 The Eagerly Awaited New Children’s Release From Tommy Nelson Answers The Tough Questions Kids Ask About Evolution And Our World! Many parents have struggled with these and other questions for decades. Now, Dr. Lawrence Richards provides Moms, Dads and kids with the answers in It Couldn’t Just Happen: Knowing The Truth About God’s Awesome Creation (Thomas Nelson, ISBN-13/EAN: 978-1-4003-1714-1, ISBN-10: 1-40003-1714-2, Publication Date: August 2nd,

Homer Hickam to Receive VVA Excellence in the Arts Award

Homer Hickam will receive the VVA Excellence in the Arts Award at Vietnam Veterans of America’s 15th biennial National Convention on Saturday night, August 20, in Reno NV. Homer Hickam, the New York Times best selling author perhaps best known for his highly acclaimed memoir Rocket Boys—and the movie version, October Sky starring Hollywood heartthrob Jake Gyllenhaal as Hickam—will receive the VVA Excellence in the Arts Award at Vietnam Veterans of

Int Opp: What's the STRANGEST way to spend lottery winnings?

For Immediate Release Contact: Alyssa Joy 703-589-8960 Millions richer than they were last week, the "Albany Seven" might just cut their winnings in half--on purpose. Several years ago, seven New Yorkers formed a unique pact: They'd "go in" together on lottery tickets and wouldn't quit until they won big. Their $319 million Mega Millions jackpot is BIG, but what these lucky seven might just do with it may well be even bigger. Pop quiz: What's

Int opp: Are we dropping the ball on the home front?

For Immediate Release Contact: Alyssa Joy 703-589-8960 Are we dropping the ball on the home front? Everyone's talking about the tragedy in Japan. Don't get these experts wrong: They KNOW it's a huge issue...but while we're focusing all our energies on helping out, are we letting other causes fall behind? Don't wait to get the REAL (shocking) scoop on immigration issues...and find out why we should again make them EXTREMELY high priorities. Credentials: Experts

Why do we fall in love? Psychologist Roya Rad has the answer.

For Immediate Release Contact: Alyssa Joy 703-589-8960 Why do we fall in love? Psychologist Roya Rad has the answer. "In today's world," says Rad, "especially in the more technologically advanced areas of the world, many people are not only looking for physical compatibility but emotional, mental and spiritual synergy. In today's life, humans are becoming more aware of their deeper needs and are learning a sense of self-value that encourages them

Int Opp: Foust's Believe it or Not: OCD at its weirdest

Growing up in the 1970s with an anxiety disorder that was only later diagnosed as obsessive compulsive lent a strange, disquieting edge to San Francisco author Foust's childhood. Inexplicable actions, such as locking her best friend in a hot car, then running away, prompted visits to psychologists, who first diagnosed Foust as schizophrenic; later in high school she found comfort in NyQuil and antihistamines, coming gradually to the realization that

Int Op: The Dr Phil...of Chiropractic Scams?

For Immediate Release Contact: Alyssa Joy 703-589-8960 This Dr. Phil isn't a household name-yet-but in the more shady chiropractic circles, he is persona non grata. Out to expose the myths, scams, and malpractice procedures used by many of his colleagues, Dr. Phil Yamamoto refuses to remain silent while patients are manipulated, frightened, and given misinformation by chiropractors across the US (and beyond). Ask Dr. Phil: --What primary three lies patients are told on their

Int Opp: Madness in March: Tiny Tim, Dickens, Scrooge...and Jesus?

For Immediate Release Contact: Alyssa Joy 703-589-8960 Pastor Cheryl Kincaid, long-time, critically acclaimed Dickens scholar, has the answer. Author of Hearing the Gospel through Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, a devotional drawing surprisingly strong parallels between fact (Christ's coming) and fiction (Scrooge's redemption), one interview with Kincaid will forever change the way believers view Dickens and his works. An entertaining storyteller herself, Kincaid's message--and personal story of redemption--is bringing believers around

Int Opp: Public Fascination with Charlie Sheen, with Beverly Flaxington

News surrounding Charlie Sheen's downward spiral only continues to increase. He has been given a restraining order to stay more than a hundred feet from his estranged wife and twin boys, has lost his longtime publicist, and has caused CBS to end current filming of "Two and a Half Men". Americans can't seem to see enough of his bizarre behavior. ABC's "20/20" interview of Sheen gave the network the

Int. Opp: *Highly Controversial* Scholarship Exclusively for White Males: with J …

Controversy is erupting with the news that The Former Majority Association for Equality is offering a scholarship exclusively to white males. The Texas-based group feels that -- with so many scholarships geared toward women and racial minorities -- young white men are in need of a program specifically designed to help them. Many see this scholarship as a fundamentally racist move that ignores the racial history of higher education, whilst others

Int. Opp: What's Libya thinking? Roya Rad Speaks Out.

What's Libya thinking? Roya Rad Speaks Out. Iranian-American psychologist Roya Rad is the voice of those in turmoil. "First off," says Roya Rad, "Wake UP, America! The Middle East is not one big gas station. Four bucks a gallon is nothing to sneeze at, but this problem won't be solved by dipping into our oil reserves." Rad explains, "Concepts like 'lasting change' and 'peace on earth' may seem like pie-in-the-sky idealism, but

New On-Line Media Expert/Source Directory Now In Use By Major Media Outlets

Media professionals across North America are using the new as a quick and easy resource when searching for interview guests, story sources and experts in a variety of topics. features on-line media kits for hundreds of expert sources in all fields, and includes backgrounders, hi res photos, video and audio samples and best of all, direct contact phone numbers and email addresses for each GuestMatch member. In addition to a

Int. Op: Get Frightening Details of Shooting of U.S Special Agents In Mexico fro …

For immediate release Get the Frightening Details from Immigration/Border Security Experts Wald and Misner In the wake of Friday's funeral for slain U.S. Immigration and Customs Agent Jaime Zapata, new details are emerging about the brazen daylight assault that killed the agent and gravely injured his partner. Rep. Michael McCaul (R-Tex.) said that the agents rightly identified themselves as American diplomats before they were shot, and that "this was an intentional ambush

Interview Op: Method to Increase Chances To Win The Lottery Now Available In Spa …

Richard Lustig, the only person who’s ever won SEVEN lottery game grand prizes, has finally translated his winning lottery method into Spanish...that's right, en Espanol! Lustig, who is adamant that "luck has nothing to do with it" says that he has received dozens of requests from the Hispanic community for his "Learn How To Increase Your Chances of Winning The Lottery" method to be translated into Spanish. "I just wish

Controversial Conclusion: The REAL Cause of Mental Illness

For immediate release WHAT CAUSES A PERSON TO BE MENTALLY ILL? AUTHOR WHO HAS SPENT DECADES RESEARCHING TOPIC SAYS HE HAS THE ANSWER Author and former journalist J. Michael Mahoney examines the root cause of mental illness from the inside in his book Schizophrenia: The Bearded Lady Disease. The book, which features quotations from hundreds of schizophrenics and related commentary from the author, comes to a very controversial conclusion. (Washington, DC)

Interview 7 Time Lotto Winner Who Shares His Method and Others Win Big!

For Immediate Release Contact: Alyssa Joy (703) 589-8960 It's one thing for a guy to claim he has a "method" to win the lottery; it's quite another when that same guy wins seven lottery game grand prizes for over a million dollars (including his most recent grand prize this past summer), plus dozens of smaller prizes totaling over a million more. But, what if

Tips on Resolution for the Mind--By Dr. Roya Rad

With the New Year many of us make resolutions. Typically, we are not successful at meeting all of our resolutions, but if we keep on trying with determination, are flexible, and take one step at a time, we can experience positive results. Then, when we master the skill of setting resolutions, we can make it into a year-long habit rather than something we do every once in a while.

The WikiLeaks scandal and the future of the web with internet co-founder Vinton …

(Washington, DC) The controversial WikiLeaks website is facing pressure worldwide for publishing sensitive U.S. diplomatic cables. The White House claims national security has been put at risk and PayPal has shut off payments to the site.  Meanwhile many experts, including some of the world's chief online architects, say the very design of the Web makes it difficult for WikiLeaks' opponents to shut it down for more than a few hours. "The Internet is an extremely

HISPANIC LEADERSHIP FUND celebrates victories; criticizes President Obama and wa …

CONTACT Anita Crane at or (703)589-8960 Washington, DC—”Eleven of the 13 candidates endorsed by The Hispanic Leadership Fund’s Political Action Committee won elections because of their commitments to empower Hispanics and all Americans,” says Mario H. Lopez, president of the Hispanic Leadership Fund. While some commentators are praising President Obama for a ‘humble’ reaction to midterm elections, Lopez offers a different analysis: “Sadly for him, President Obama is in a state of

Washington insider Rick Robinson praises Andrew Klavan’s The Identity Man

Former Capitol Hill Staffer, Daily Caller Blogger Recommends The Identity Man by Andrew Klavan Readers love to read about regular people working to be liberated from their demons while searching for personal salvation. In The Identity Man, Edgar Award winning author Andrew Klavan puts a new twist on the time-honored topic of redemption. In this newly released thriller, petty thief John Shannon gets a shot at redemption forced upon him when

Behind the Scenes at Media Training; Do Authors Really Need it?

Allen Media Strategies just wrapped up our latest Media Mastery Weekend training seminar here in Washington, DC October 22nd-24th. For three intensive days, we took a small group of a dozen attendees, most of them authors, through hands-on, in-studio training in the art of how to generate, and then deliver, television and radio interviews. We also worked with them on other, complimentary skill sets. So, what really happens

What Are The Hot Halloween Costumes this year?  Ask Style Expert Oreet Mizrahi

Lady GaGa, Avatar and MTV’s Jersey Shore cast top Oreet Mizrahi’s List of 2010’s Hottest Halloween Costumes   Halloween 2010 is coming up quick; what are the hot costume trends for adults, kids and families for Halloween 2010?  Ask Florida based style expert Oreet Mizrahi, head of   “This year, look for lots of witches, vampires some of the Twilight variety  and pirates as usual.  But if you want to generate talk, lots


(Washington, DC) Media professionals who spend countless hours searching for qualified interview sources, talk show guests and other experts have a new online resource to utilize. The GuestMatch web portal launched in July 2010 by a staff of working media professionals is specifically designed to assist media bookers, hosts, producers and reporters quickly and easily access interview guests and story sources. “The goal of is

GOP’s O’Donnell and Witchcraft/Interview Expert on The Occult

Delaware Tea Party senate candidate Christine O’Donnell is in major hot water after Bill Maher showed video from an old Politically Incorrect from 1999 when O’Donnell said that when she was younger she dabbled in witchcraft, one of her first dates took place on a Satanic altar with blood on it and more. The blowback caused the surprise winner of the Delaware primary race to abruptly cancel several national


Eunice Kennedy Shriver Legacy Day September 25, 2010; The late Special Olympics Founder’s National Center for Community of Caring is headquartered at University of Utah Salt Lake City, UT – The Wasatch Front will take worldwide center stage this Saturday as communities around the world celebrate the life and legacy of Special Olympics, Best Buddies, and Community of Caring visionary Eunice Kennedy Shriver. But perhaps nowhere will this celebration be

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