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Windows Phone development gets enticing with the announcement of Windows Phone 8

Microsoft is going ‘all in’ in the race of becoming the leader in the ‘mobile’ world. Just after the announcement of ‘Surface’, Microsoft previewed the features of Windows Phone 8 platform. Microsoft plans to align both of their operating systems closely. Security system, file system, device drivers will be the same for both the operating systems. Talking about the Windows Phone 8, it has multi core chipset, new graphics processor, more

Mobile game development all set to embrace the power of marvelous Unity 4

Earlier this week unity announced version 4 of its popular game engine. It is all set to have a new animation technology, support for DirectX 11, support for Linux platform and many more features. Unity is widely used by developers to create games for platforms like iOS, android, consoles, PC etc. It is a very powerful platform that produces visually stunning games and now with the introduction of Unity 4,

Take the advantage of growing market of windows phone with Openxcell Technolabs

With the phenomenal growth of the Windows app store, don’t lag behind to materialize your windows phone app idea. Windows Phone market place has surpassed the 100000 app mark this week. The growth has been considerably huge as in last five months the store saw 50000 apps added compared to the time span of 14 months for the first 50000 apps. According to the blog ‘All About

Android Business App Development-An important app category

Mobile device with their ever growing screen size bundled with ease of usage is making the B2B world to adopt these devices and go the mobile way. Corporations have realized that bridging the gap between corporate data and its employees can give a significant boost in efficiency. Some of the leading fortune 500 companies like Gartner’s, Barclays, Deloitte, Forbes and Goldman-Sachs have already adopted mobile devices and have also been

Cost effective outsourcing is the best solution during recession

Enterprises face great difficulties in these situations. Even the cost effective open-source content management solutions seem to be costly for them in this phase. On the other hand, in order to sustain during these difficult situations it is also very important that they use these open sources to efficiently run their firm. Moreover, companies that look for local developers pay a fortune even during these tuff times. This is the reason

OpenXcell is now a SugarCRM Solution partner

After serving its clients with CRM solutions for over 4 years, OpenXcell is now a SugarCRM bronze partner. With the increasing demand for CRM solutions, OpenXcell feels that SugarCRM can be a best suit for most of the enterprises looking for a CRM implementation. Hence to provide these companies with the best SugarCRM support, OpenXcell has partnered with SugarCRM. The concepts of customer relationship management have brought a revolution to the

Hire brilliant PHP application developers at openxcell Technolabs and reduce you …

PHP today is indisputably the most influential web scripting language. The argument is backed by the fact that since its beginning in early 2000's, today more than 3 million websites including Web 2.0 applications have been coded in this language. The main attraction of PHP is perhaps its easy syntax with a short learning curve. Today almost all content management systems like Wordpress, Joomla and Drupal have been developed in

Mobile apps market is gaining momentum after Facebook’s acquisition of Instagr …

Facebook has recently acquired Instagram application at $1billion to utilize its simple way of making and sharing gorgeous photographs. Its unique features of transforming everyday task into beautiful photos with unlimited uploads, instant sharing with social media sites and interactive features to get connected with friends, attracted Facebook to make the buyout at a huge amount. This step of Facebook has made an alarming effect in the mobile app development

OpenXcell Technolabs is now Drupal Acquia Solution Partner

Drupal has been a favorite of many website owners, especially different SMEs, educational institutes, charitable trusts, conference organizers and government organizations. It is among few content management systems (CMS) that support everything from personal blogs to enterprise applications. After serving Drupal solutions for over 4 years OpenXcell Technolabs has set new strides by becoming a Drupal Acquia Ready partner. With its core competencies in Drupal, OpenXcell has helped different SME’s

Drupal-The ultimate enterprise solution

Large corporations are often challenged with interwoven and data management issues. It is highly challenging to integrate all the data from e-commerce systems, CMSs and CRM databases. Having seen that, it must also be kept in mind that every business’s needs are unique and must be tailored with the help of a specialized set of tool. Drupal development with high level of customization offers the best solution to accommodate each

Magento Development leads the e-commerce domain

Magento development is the buzz word for e-commerce developers. E-commerce sites demand high flexibility to accommodate the business dynamics across industries with varying firm sizes. An e-commerce platform must come with all the necessary tools that can be selectively added to an e-commerce website to get the desired functionalities and Magento development offers an effective solution with Magento integration modules. These integration modules can be selectively integrated in to an

SMEs or Large enterprises, Drupal web development serves all!

Looking carefully, these days we see multiple functionalities associated with the websites. On a big picture companies are modulating their processes into their websites that includes selling through e-commerce, customer management and communications. Having seen that, it must also be kept in mind that every business need is unique and must be tailored with the help of a specialized set of tools. Although there are various tools, each meant for

PHP gets better with Zend

The Zend framework for PHP is one of the best frameworks available to the web developers today. Besides saving lot of precious time, Zend offers various beneficial features that allow developers to build complicated websites with ease. As Zend PHP requires lesser coding it has become a preferred tool for developers to develop rapid applications and give structure to intended projects. In short Zend integrates all the goodness of PHP

Content management for SMEs, now possible with Drupal

Irrespective of the size of a business, content management has become one of the most important aspects of business operations today. Finding the right information is difficult. Information is not well leveraged among business partners leading to undesired results, lesser efficiency and time delays. Big corporations with flexible budget can leverage upon this challenge. The SMEs on the other hand recognize the value of an efficient CMS but often times

vtiger CRM arms small-medium sized companies against recession whilst keeping ti …

With the support of technology solutions such as vtiger CRM, small and medium sized companies are moving away from recession towards recovery. vtiger development equips SMEs with automated business solutions which keeps cost low whilst improving profitability. In these times of global meltdown, recession spread like a pandemic sparing no industry. While the financial markets plummeted, companies went out on cutting down costs, trimming the frills and take every possible measure

HTML 5-The facilitator of mobile web applications

Mobile Technology is witnessing a paradigm shift. Read more to find out the role of HTML 5 in this revolution. Mobile technology is constantly evolving. From the day iPhone made its debut in the stores, there has been a paradigm shift in the internet usage patterns. The swelling numbers of Smartphone users are displacing the internet usage from their desks to their pockets. And as this happen, HTML 5 is steadily

Real life made better with augmented reality

Augmented reality is the next big thing that will hit the mobile industry like a storm. Read on to know more about this mind-blowing technology. With the world shrinking every day, It is not uncommon now for us to travel to unfamiliar parts of the globe and we might get lost in the city streets or might face language barriers. Fortunately, now we have a technology that will eliminate these challenges

Joomla 2.5 launched with extra features and critical security issues fixed.

Joomla releases its most advanced version yet. Joomla 2.5 is far more scalable, secure, faster and effortless than its previous versions. Joomla is a hugely successful PHP based opensource content management system (CMS) which is extensively used by companies and by individual bloggers alike. It is backed by a vibrant community of talented developers and tech savvy people. Joomla Project officially confirmed the launch of Joomla 2.5 on 24 January, 2012.

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