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Brazilian Real Estate Soars Globally

Obelisk International News, Marbella, Spain, January 24 2012. On the back of strong economic growth and big demand drivers, Brazilian real estate ranks among global leaders for foreign investors. Brazilian property is placed as top emerging market for investment and second for capital appreciation. The 20th annual survey from the Association of Foreign Investors in Real Estate (AFIRE) finds that “globally, Brazil soars”. For survey respondents, investment in Brazilian real estate

The Power of Brazilian Investment

Obelisk International News, Marbella, January 17 2012. 2012 gets off to a flying start for investments in Brazil. The news that Brazil now ranks as the world’s sixth largest economy confirms the potential for Brazilian investment opportunities. Strong economic growth over the last two years has pushed Brazil up global rankings during 2010 and 2011. This coupled with a poor performance in many European countries means Brazil has overtaken the UK

Investors Descend on Brazilian Investment Opportunities

Obelisk International News, Marbella, Spain, November 14, 2011. Brazil has become a magnet for foreign investors in search of opportunities for investment. And the good news is that with its buoyant economy and booming consumer spending, Brazilian investments are here to stay. In their latest report on Brazil, Ernst & Young take a look at Brazil’s economy, politics and demographics. Based on these factors, ‘Viewpoint, Brazil in Focus’ predicts that the

Brazilian Investment Beats Crisis

Obelisk International News, Marbella, Spain, October 24 2011. With most of Europe in financial and economic straits, Brazil beckons as the place for investment opportunities. The country is well set to weather the global crisis and may even benefit from it, a huge plus for Brazilian investments. Based on Moody’s latest comments on the Brazilian economy, the Financial Times (FT) blog beyondbrics claims Brazil is the best place to beat the

Commercial Real Estate in Brazil Stands Out

Residential property in Brazil is not the only real estate sector experiencing a boom. A recent report finds that Brazilian commercial real estate stands out in Latin America as a top investment opportunity. CB Richard Ellis’ report, Outlook for Latin America’s Commercial Real Estate Markets, published last month, paints an extremely bullish picture of all sectors of commercial real estate in Brazil. Office investment takes the lead with industrial space and

Investment Opportunities in 2012 by Obelisk International News

With the global economy fluctuating wildly, finding the best investment opportunity is challenging. Obelisk International takes a look at global investments and offers a pick of the best for 2012. In the midst of the ongoing global uncertainty, many conventional investment opportunities are no longer staples for returns. In this scenario, investors are increasingly searching for that ‘safe haven’ for private investment. As a result, conserving wealth as well as building

Best Prospects For Brazilian Real Estate in North East by Obelisk International …

The market for property in Brazil continues to move fast, powered by huge demand from the middle classes. Within this dynamic market, north east Brazil seems to have the edge on potential for investment in real estate. Brazil is seeing changes in its current property situation, particularly in the south east around Sao Paulo. Here, prices have risen by 30% over the last year and some Sao Paulo real estate is

Brazilian Investment Confidence Grows

Confidence in Brazilian investments continues to grow. Both Brazilian executives and foreign investors are bullish on the prospects for investment in Brazil. Ernst & Young’s latest Capital Confidence Barometer for Brazil finds the majority of survey respondents optimistic about the immediate future for investments in Brazil. Published last month, the Barometer summarises survey replies from over 1,000 executives. More Pluses Than Minuses In the Perspectives section, the Barometer lists the reasons behind the

Minha Casa Minha Vida Investment Adds Up By Obelisk International News

Minha Casa Minha Vida has been described as the largest Brazilian real estate investment in decades. Figures just released for Rio Grande do Norte state explain why. Rio Grande do Norte, situated in the corner of north east Brazil, serves as a good indicator of the government social housing programme, Minha Casa Minha Vida (MCMV). The state figures for the first phase of the programme – job creation and benefits for

Brazilian Investment is Safe Haven by Obelisk International News

Foreign funds, particularly dollars, have been pouring into Brazil this year. The record influx indicates that investment in Brazil is seen as a safe haven for funds. Brazilian investment ranked fifth in the world in 2010 for foreign direct investment (FDI). Amounts this year appear to be increasing on 2010. Flows of FDI into Brazil during the first six months of this year were the highest since 1947 when the Brazilian

Carnival Time for Brazilian Real Estate by Obelisk International News

A chronic shortage of property, 1.5 million new families a year and a burgeoning middle class all bring strong growth for the Brazilian real estate market. And with 20% growth predictions for the next five years, the carnival continues for property in Brazil. Many Brazilian property analysts believe that the recent spectacular growth in the number of new builds shows that Brazil is making up for lost time. After years of

Middle Classes Dominate Brazilian Investments

The changing face of the Brazilian middle class brings new challenges to domestic and foreign investment in Brazil. Once content with cheap promotions, the middle class is now more discerning and looking for quality. This search for better products affects consumer goods across the board. From laptops to real estate, Brazilian middle class (known as Class C) is going for quality over price. Until now, they were content with cheap offers,

Brazil Property Price Index on the Horizon

Obelisk International News, Marbella, August 23 2011. The first official index tracking Brazilian real estate is about to become a reality. The first state and regional statistics are expected by the end of this year. The Brazilian government has announced the imminent approval of the Brazil Property Price Index. The forthcoming Index is a clear sign that the market for real estate in Brazil is reaching maturity. Developed by the

Brazilian Real Estate Market Increases Scope by Obelisk International News

Clear evidence of the expansion of the Brazilian property market comes with the news that 67% of the Brazilian population are in a position to buy a home. And this percentage is rising with the implementation of Minha Casa Minha Vida. Investment in Brazilian real estate from the domestic market has been growing steadily over the last six years. In 2005, a mere 10% of the Brazilian population was able to

Investment in Brazil Steams into Fifth Place by Obelisk International News

Foreign investment in Brazil in 2010 was the fifth highest in the world. Within South America, Brazilian investment is the main focus for foreigners. In the latest World Investment Report issued by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD), Brazil lies in fifth position in terms of the world’s top host economies. Ahead of Brazil in investment are the US, China, Hong Kong and Belgium. With US$86 billion last

First Minha Casa Minha Vida Investment in Parnamirim | Obelisk International New …

The draw for the first Minha Casa Minha Vida development in Parnamirim took place recently. 352 families are now the lucky owners of apartments in the largest programme for property investment in Brazil. To view photos of the draw please visit our website, The first Minha Casa Minha Vida investment in Parnamirim is called Nelson Monteiro and consists of 352 apartments in the Vale do Sol district of the city. The

Investment in Brazil Warms Up For World Cup by Obelisk International News

The 2014 World Cup means big business for Brazilian investments, employment and the economy generally. Latest figures point to economic growth in excess of US$70 billion. As well as one of the world’s most important sporting festivals, the World Cup is a huge money-making machine. 2014 Brazil will be no exception as can be seen from the expected earnings just announced by the Brazilian Ministry of Sport. Big Numbers Overall, the Brazilian economy

Experts on Investment in Brazil Have Their Say | Obelisk International News

New York recently hosted the Bloomberg Link Brazil Conference. The event brought together Brazilian investment experts and their views on Brazil’s economy and future. Hot topics among analysts on investment in Brazil were inflation, Brazilian currency and interest rates. Those present at the conference were also asked by Bloomberg on the possibility of Brazil suffering a credit bubble, a concern that has been aired by some media recently. General opinion was

Brazilian Investments Stay in Home by Obelisk International News

Marbella, Spain, July 7 2011. The rich cities of the south east have traditionally been the main focus of Brazilian investment. But recent increases in living standards have led to investment in Brazil moving to other parts of the country. Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo and Minas Gerais have always an attractive triangle for Brazilian investment. Between them, the three cities account for a significant percentage of Brazilian GDP. However, Brazil’s

Why Brazilian Real Estate Prices Will Keep Going Up? | Obelisk International

It’s no secret that the Brazilian real estate market is booming. For many analysts, this is just the beginning of a long positive cycle for property in Brazil accompanied by steadily rising prices. A recent article in the business magazine Exame looks at the many reasons why prices for real estate in Brazil will continue to rise. All the reasons indicate price rises are here to stay providing a compelling

Excellent Quarter For Brazilian Investment by Obelisk International News

Brazil has just published its economic results for 2011’s first quarter. Highlights include a GDP growth of 1.3% and an 8.8% increase in investment in Brazil. The 1.3% growth for the first three months of this year came as no surprise to analysts who continue to predict a healthy 4% for Brazil’s annual GDP. The fastest-growing sectors over the last quarter were Brazilian agriculture with a quarterly gain of 3.3%, followed

Retail Investment in Brazil Tops Index

Obelisk International News, Marbella, June 27 2011. When it comes to retail investment, Brazil has the highest market potential among 30 developing countries. And investment in Latin America retail opportunities dominates the rankings. AT Kearney’s annual Global Retail Development Index is topped by Brazil with Uruguay and Chile in second and third places. This dominance of Latin American investment in retail indicates the potential to be found in the continent. The 2011

Brazilian Real Estate on 15-year Cycle by Obelisk International News

Brazilian real estate is entering a period of sustained growth likely to last 15 years. This very positive scenario makes investment in Brazilian property a must for any portfolio. In a recent interview, Fabio Nogueira, the founding partner of Brazilian Finance and Real Estate (BFRE), claims that the property market in Brazil is at the beginning of a long growth cycle. For the founder of BFRE (whose partners include property mogul,

Favourable Outlook for Brazilian Property | Obelisk International News

One way of gauging a property market is to take a look at real estate funds. In Brazil, real estate investment funds are bigger than ever before. The market for property in Brazil has grown massively over the last two years. In tandem with this has been the rapid increase in the number and size of Brazilian real estate investment funds. In 2010, the number of funds grew to 101 (up

Favourable Outlook for Brazilian Real Estate | Obelisk International

One way of gauging a property market is to take a look at real estate funds. In Brazil, real estate investment funds are bigger than ever before. The market for property in Brazil has grown massively over the last two years. In tandem with this has been the rapid increase in the number and size of Brazilian real estate investment funds. In 2010, the number of funds grew to 101 (up

The Chinese Factor in Brazilian Investments

Obelisk International News, Marbella, May 26 2011. As world economic power gradually shifts towards emerging markets, Chinese investments in Brazil are booming. In 2010, trade between the two countries reached an all-time high and encouraging Chinese direct investment in Brazil is key to government policy. The trade relationship between China and Brazil is relatively young, but the rate of Chinese and Brazilian investments has grown exceptionally fast. Exports from Brazil to

Record High for Brazilian Investment Security - Obelisk International News

As investment in Brazil expands so does the perception of Brazil as a secure investment destination. The differential between Brazil and the US recently reached its lowest ever reflecting big investor confidence in Brazil. The difference in risk levels between the US and Brazil dropped to 0.6% last week indicating that confidence in investments in Brazil is growing fast. The US is considered an international benchmark for financial security and the

Brazilian Real Estate on Show | Obelisk International

Marbella, Spain, 26 April 2011. The recent Rio Grande do Norte property exhibition showed that Brazilian real estate has plenty of buyers. These are mostly from the upwardly mobile middle classes, confirming the potential for property investment in this sector of Brazil’s population. The 10th Salao Imobiliario held in Natal expected over 35,000 visitors and to do real estate business worth R$500 million. At the show – the second largest exhibition

Dilma is Good News for Brazilian Investment

100 days into government, President Dilma Rousseff is proving to be good news for Brazilian investment. With high popularity, raised credit rating and record levels of investment, Brazil is flying high under Dilma. After just over three months in office, Dilma is enjoying huge popularity among the Brazilians. Her rating as a politician is currently higher than her mentor’s, Lula when he started as Brazilian president. Dilma’s levels of popularity mean

Brazilian Investment Figures for 2010

Official economic figures for last year show key areas for investment in Brazil were civil construction, household consumption and agriculture. All three registered high growth, confirming the potential for Brazilian investment. GDP growth in Brazil during 2010 reached 7.5%, the highest level since 1985. This translates into an average increase in GDP of 4.5% a year since 2002 and confirms that Brazil has left the worldwide economic crisis far behind. In

A Lot to Build for Brazilian Real Estate

The combination of a rising population and chronic housing shortage means the Brazilian real estate sector has a lot to build. 23.1 million homes are needed by 2022, an investment in Brazil that runs to R$3.2 trillion. A recent study carried out by the Fundaçao Gertulio Vargas for the Sao Paulo Federation of Industry (Fespi) calculates there’s a shortage of around 7.2 million properties in Brazil at the moment. Of the

Brazilian Real Estate Index On The Way

Although the Brazilian property market is relatively young, it is maturing fast. One of the latest developments is the forthcoming official price index. Investment in Brazilian real estate has increased hugely over the last two years, a tendency expected to last at least for the next decade. Accompanying the massive property investment has been a rapid rise in the prices of property in Brazil. Keen to increase transparency within the real

Brazilian Real Estate in 2011

While investment in property in Brazil was rewarding in 2010, the good news is that 2011 looks set to be even better. A group of Brazilian real estate experts recently analysed the property market in Brazil and asked the vital question: what’s in store for the industry in 2011? And their findings show that both residential and commercial properties in Brazil are in for another good year. In the report, produced

Over 9 Million Buyers for Brazilian Real Estate

9.1 million families plan to buy real estate in Brazil over the next 12 months. This is a huge increase since the Minha Casa Minha Vida programme was introduced in 2009. A recent survey carried out by the Data Popular Institute has found that 9.1 million Brazilian families intend to buy a property in Brazil over the next year. This purchase would allow them to leave rental accommodation and become property

Brazilian Real Estate Index On the Way

Although the Brazilian property market is relatively young, it is maturing fast. One of the latest developments is the forthcoming official price index. Investment in Brazilian real estate has increased hugely over the last two years, a tendency expected to last at least for the next decade. Accompanying the massive property investment has been a rapid rise in the prices of property in Brazil. Keen to increase transparency within the real

Emerging Trends in Brazilian Real Estate

The attraction of investment in Brazil is undeniable. When so many developed markets present limited opportunities for investment, Brazil is exactly the opposite. “People want to be where the action is, and that’s Brazil,” comments the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers ‘Emerging Trends in Real Estate’. Brazil features strongly in the 2011 report, particularly in an American context. “Where the United States has gone boom-bust and Canada offers only modest growth, Latin America’s story

Obelisk Announces Next Minha Casa Minha Vida Investment

On the back of its resounding success in investments in the Brazilian Minha Casa Minha Vida programme, Obelisk is pleased to announce its next social housing project. Minha Casa Minha Vida 4 Phase II is the latest in Obelisk’s Brazilian investments. And like Obelisk’s other social housing projects, it offers exceptionally high returns over a short time frame. With a minimum capital investment of €200,000, investors in this latest Brazilian real

Brazil is Investment Hot Spot

One of the world’s hottest destinations for investment, Brazil is also creating record numbers of jobs. Government figures point to 2.52 million jobs in 2010 with 3 million expected this year. Brazil’s investment potential recently led the Daily Mail Investment Extra to describe it as “a hot spot for those seeking big returns”. Brazil is currently the world’s eighth largest economy and one of the fastest growing. Thanks to massive sums

Brazilian Real Estate Investment Booms into 2011

2010 was a great year for Brazilian real estate. 2011 promises more of the same on the back of the largest ever Brazil property transaction. Prosperitas, one of Brazil’s top fund management and private equity firms, has just made investment to the tune of R$2.2 billion (US$1.3 billion) in real estate in Brazil. Prosperitas recently acquired 30 assets from Bracor, one of Brazil’s largest real estate outsourcing companies and whose property

The Changing Face of Brazilian Real Estate

The market for Brazilian real estate is undoubtedly one of the hottest around. And it’s also one of the fastest evolving. With the advent of the social housing programme, the face of property in Brazil has totally changed. The effects of the Minha Casa Minha Vida programme have been two-fold. Firstly, this massive investment in real estate in Brazil has boosted the civil construction industry to unprecedented levels. And secondly, the

Keep Up to Date with the Guide to Investment in Brazil

The world of investment moves fast and to keep up with the very latest in Brazil, Obelisk International has just fully updated the Brazil Investment Guide. This guide with 24 full-colour pages of information brings you right up to date with the many investment opportunities available in Brazil. The updated guide is downloadable free in pdf format from the Obelisk International website. The Brazil Investment Guide has been one of Obelisk

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