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Digital Media Require New Pricing Methods

The emergence and rapid growth of internet has made it an important media for distributing digital products including: news, books, journals, music, and videos, searching and online services. computer software, stock quotes and financial information. However, the distinctive characteristics of digital products, such as a significant investment cost to produce the first copy, low marginal production cost, low distribution cost, indestructibility, transmutability, and easy to reproduce, suggest that the traditional

Yield & Revenue Management for the Hospitality Industry

The Willingness-to-pay for a specific product is not the same for everyone. A pricing strategy based on a standard price for all sales is usually an imperfect choice. In fact, the optimum use of the Willingness-to-Pay per client (segment) ensures major – and often hidden – margin potential. But how can you make use of this Willingness-to-Pay? Segmentation is the keyword. Segmentation can be applied in various ways. One of these

The Strategies and Tactics of Pricing

An improved price policy rewards. Price increases have up to 4 times the impact on the company profit as for example a proportional volume increase. Research shows that an increase in the price of 1% leads to an increase of the profitability of 11%! But this does not mean that it is judicious to raise the price without any consideration! This intensive training offers a firm base for a targeted price

Training 'Value Based Pricing for B2B and B2C industries - Increasing short-term …

On November 12th and 13th, 2009 The European Pricing Platform organises the training ‘Value Based Pricing for B2B and B2C industries”. This interactive training takes place in Vienna, Austria. The European pricing Platform is the on- and offline meeting place for pricing decision makers in a wide variety of industries. Interactive sharing, collecting and developing of pricing knowledge is the key. Discover pricing strategies and tactics in times of a hard

The European Pricing Platform announces the first PricingFuel Day Germany

The European Pricing Platform (ePP) kicks off on October 29th 2009, with the ‘first PricingFuel Day’. Companies can face a variety of pricing problems such as unnecessary discounting, quoting prices below breakeven and pricing too high. A research study by Mercer shows that a 1% improvement in price can translate to an 11% increase in profitability. But this does not mean that it is judicious to raise the price

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