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Kirk Communications Advices Clients to Secure their Digital Assets

Portsmouth NH, April 20, 2015-Kirk Communications ( a global digital and web design firm is advising all its clients to secure their digital assets. This includes hosting, domain names and trademarks. As companies make every larger investment in their online presence it is crucial that they know what and where their digital assets are. Hosting is just one element that needs to be secured. Hosting is often setup by an individual

SENTRY: SigCheck excels at comparing signatures for check fraud

Rancocas, N.J. (April 2, 2015) - SQN Banking Systems has unveiled fraud detection software that excels at comparing signatures for check fraud. The fraud detection software, which is called SENTRY: SigCheck, was implemented to fight financial crime at the Asian-Pacific regional center in Singapore, a leading global bank that has operated for more than 60 years in 12 countries. SENTRY: SigCheck automates digital comparing signatures for check fraud on check images

Kirk warns: stay away from Russian website design & development coders

Portsmouth NH, November 14 — Kirk Communications ( warns that a spate of its new clients have fallen victim to Russian hackers, incompetent website design & development codersand hacking app builders. “It’s really sad to gain new clients due to their misfortune with an offshore website design & development company,” said Nate Tennant, President and co-founder of Kirk website design & development company. Russia is a hacker’s haven where coders can

Kirk Communications capturing large share of luxury markets

Portsmouth NH, January 14, 2014 — Kirk Communications ( is often thought of as a high-tech website company. That’s beginning to change, however, as this local digital website design and development company begins to garner a number of luxury companies that cater to high net-worth individuals. The latest companies to join Kirk’s roster include Swiss ski maker, Zai, PlaneSense fractional aircraft ownership company, Weekender House, which offers home interior design

Kirk communications named among top 50 reputation management companies

Portsmouth NH – November 26, 2013 – Website design & development company, Kirk Communications ( has been named as a top 50 reputation management company by TopSEOs. Ranked squarely in the middle at 26, website design & development company, Kirk Communications ranked much higher than many large PR firms and online companies. “We’re thrilled at this ranking,” said Nate Tennant, CEO and co-founder of Kirk Communications. “Companies and public individuals are

Kirk Communications signs to create search-optimized website for PlaneSense

Portsmouth, NH – November 20, 2013 – Kirk Communications, (, an integrated digital marketing agency has added the fractional aircraft ownership company, PlaneSense, Inc. (, to its roster of luxury clients. PlaneSense, Inc. is headquartered at the Portsmouth International Tradeport in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. The PlaneSense program employs the largest civilian fleet of Pilatus PC-12 single-engine turboprop aircraft in the world, and took delivery of its 49 aircraft in August, 2013.

Kirk Helps SMBs with Its SEO Consultancy

Portsmouth NH, February 20, 2012 - Kirk Communications SEO Consultancy continues to help the SMB (small medium business) marketplace through it's SEO Consultancy. With everyone claiming to be an SEO company, SMBs need to be careful to find the right partner to help their business grow. Kirk's SEO Consultancy combines three major components which help its clients achieve superior performance. Kirk's SEO Consultancy combines technology, people and lower cost processes to

Kirk Communications New Hampshire Marketing Company Combines Inbound and Outboun …

Kirk Communications ( a New Hampshire marketing company, has a wide range of marketing offerings to its clients. In addition offering clients help with traditional marketing techniques, Kirk also provides clients with marketing tools to help penetrate the online environment. Some of the traditional techniques that Kirk’s New Hampshire marketing company can help clients can be referred to as outbound marketing techniques; which essentially means that your company reaches out

Kirk Communications Web Design NH Provides Clients with a Strong Labor Team

Portsmouth NH January 19, 2012 — The first step towards mastering good SEO practices is partnering with an SEO firm that cares about your business. Kirk Communications ( an SEO and website design nh company, is dedicated to providing service to its clients that are unlike any other website design nh company. Because Kirk’s website design nh company has an international office, Kirk is able to put hundreds of

Kirk’s SEO Consultancy Provides Clients With Comprehensive Keyword Research

Portsmouth, NH - December 16, 2011 — The center to search engine optimization is ranking for the right keywords. So a great strategy to increasing traffic to your site is to focus in on the keywords that matter to your company and rank highly for them on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This is easier said then done. Not only would it be extremely time consuming,

Kirk Focuses on Being A Top SEO Company Maine By Providing Helpful Reports

Portsmouth, NH - December 14, 2011 — Kirk Communications (, a website design and SEO company based in Portsmouth NH, is reaching out to clients in more than just New Hampshire. If you’re looking for an experienced SEO Company Maine, Kirk Communications has a lot to offer. As an SEO Company Maine, Kirk sees a lot of other SEO companies that provide clients with bogus information that really doesn’t help

Get Involved in Kirk’s SEO Franchise

Portsmouth, NH - December 19, 2011 — Kirk Communications ( has proven itself as a Search Engine Optimization Company through helping their clients expand their business through online strategies. Not only do they offer website design and development, but they also help their clients with inbound marketing and outbound marketing. Kirk is now offering an SEO Franchise opportunity to those interested. Kirk knows that there are a lot of

Kirk Offers Website Design and Development In Addition to SEO Services

Portsmouth, NH-December 14, 2011 — When most people partner up with Kirk Communications (, an SEO and website design and development company, they’re usually focused on search engine optimization. In other words, they come to Kirk hoping to rank higher on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. But what many of Kirk’s customers don’t expect that Kirk offers a full suite of website design and development services. A

Kirk’s SEO Company in NH Offers Franchise Options

Portsmouth NH November 16, 2011 – As an SEO Company, Kirk Communications, is part of a major industry; SEO is expected to be a 19 billion dollar industry in 2012. Kirk’s SEO Company is now offering franchise opportunities. Why partner with Kirk Communications, an SEO company in New Hampshire? As a local company, Kirk has created a personal feel for the company. For example, a large SEO company might take

Kirk Communications’ Web Design Agency Delivers Fast Web Solutions

Portsmouth NH, November 20, 2011— Kirk Communications (, has become a web design agency that has provided clients across all industries with innovative websites. By specializing in website design and development, Kirk’s web design agency is able to quickly deliver web solutions to clients faster than any other website design & development company. The website design and development services of Kirk are very extensive. Whether clients need a full website

Kirk Communications Announces the Launch of its Global SEO and Web Development F …

Portsmouth, NH, November 15, 2011 —Kirk Communications, a leader in SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Website Design and Development is offering a highly innovative franchise model to potential franchisees. Believed to be the first of it’s kind in the industry, Kirk will offer franchisees the opportunity to run their own SEO and website design and development practice using the global capabilities and expertise of Kirk Communications. The marketplace has been

Good Website Design & Development Comes with Good SEO Writing

Kirk Communications Tells You How Portsmouth NH. October 20, 2011 —For a lot of companies, the actual writing on the website come second to the primary design of the website. This strategy can quickly put these companies behind because good writing is what makes websites more appealing to popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Kirk Communications (, a website design & development company, has focused employees who understand

Kirk Strives to Become Top SEO Company NH

Portsmouth NH June 15, 2011--Kirk Communications ( is continuously improving its efforts to become the top SEO Company NH. Kirk Communications prides itself on their employee talent and their influence not only in New Hampshire, but also around the world. Currently there is no other SEO Company NH that has offices around the world, which gives Kirk a great advantage to becoming the top SEO company NH. Kirk aims to

Kirk Communications Aims to be Top Marketing Agency New Hampshire.

Portsmouth NH June 15, 2011--Kirk Communication ( is striving to become a well-known marketing agency New Hampshire. Kirk has recently added John Decker, a well-established creative director in charge of Kirks advertising, media buying, and research. Adding Decker to the team of employees, has greatly helped Kirk to become a top marketing agency in New Hampshire. Through Kirk Communications marketing agency New Hampshire services, customers receive important information about their online

Kirk Communications goal? To be top marketing agency NH

Kirk Communication ( is focusing its efforts to become the top marketing agency NH. "We're well on our way," says CEO, Nate Tennant. " By bringing in John Decker as our creative director, we have completed a roster of talent that allows us to do top-level work in copywriting, TV, radio and print advertising, as well as media buying, research and all other aspects required of a top marketing agency NH." One

Kirk Communications excels in flash development Boston

Deep technical expertise, talent across the globe and highly capable writers, graphic designers and Flash artists are just some of the reasons why Kirk Communications ( excels in flash development Boston. Because of their expertise in flash development Boston Kirk was recently chosen to create a flash marketing and training tool for Ingram Digital, a company that supplies its an online solution for the dissemination of books by publishers to the

Kirk Communications’ goal? Becoming the top SEO company NH

Kirk Communications ( is focusing its efforts to become the top SEO company, NH. "We're well on our way," says CEO, Nate Tennant. "As Google and the other search engines become more sophisticated, our technology as well as the experts on our team have become indispensable to our clients," Tennant said. One way to become the top SEO company New Hampshire is to make sure that clients are satisfied.

Kirk Named Digital Agency of Record for Annik Technology Services Ltd.

Kirk Communications has been named digital agency of record for Annik Technology Services Ltd, located in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and New Delhi, India. In addition to creating a website that is more intuitive, user friendly and informative, Kirk is also undertaking a highly advanced optimization campaign so the website will rank highly on search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. Annik offers market research, database management and financial services

Kirk Delivers Flash Animation in Boston

Kirk Communications an interactive and SEO agency today announced that it has completed additional Flash animation projects for the Boston market. In the past year, the speed and technical expertise of the team has enabled them to complete a number of Flash Animations for the Boston market. These flash animations include ones completed for Corestreet Technologies and Jungle Torch. The Corestreet Technologies flash animation required the Kirk team

Choicelinx chooses Kirk Communications

Kirk Communications, a global marketing firm with revolutionary website and search engine optimization (SEO) technology, has recently been selected by Choicelinx, an online benefits enrollment company, to build a new optimized website. Kirk is also undertaking a highly advanced search engine optimization campaign using its proprietary software platform. “Online benefits enrollment holds significant advantages for corporations and their employees compared to the traditional paper-based or even face-to-face enrollment methods,”

Kirk Communications named Google Certified Partner

Kirk Communications (, an SEO company and Web Design and development agency today announced that it has recently been named a Google Adwords Certified Partner. As a Certified Partner, Kirk has demonstrated expertise, experience and a measurably high level of customer satisfaction in the management and implementation of Google Adwords programs. The test which was completed by several members of the Kirk Team required several weeks of training on Google

Kirk Communications Creates Dynamic New Site for SoilAway

Kirk Communications has created a new website for Soil-away Cleaning and Restoration Services ( In addition to creating a site that is more intuitive, user friendly and more informative, Kirk is also undertaking a highly advanced optimization campaignso the website will rank highly on search engines such as Google Yahoo and Bing. “We’ve been doing business in New England for more than 20 years, said Jack Solloway, founder of

Website Design and Development Increases

Kirk Communications a web design and development agency today announced that it has continued to increase its development capabilities. Increased capabilities include PHP, Java, HTML 5, and .net. In addition, the web development team has become a strong developer for the Apple iPad. Today, about 75% of 253 million Americans use the Internet on a regular basis. That number continues to grow and so does the need

Kirk Communications hires Creative Director

John Decker has joined Kirk Communications as Creative Director where he will head up TV, print, radio and web content production. Decker brings with him more than 30 years of advertising and copywriting experience. First, on Madison Ave. where he created memorable national advertising campaigns for Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, Jaguar Cars and many others. For the past decade he has been concentrating on web content, search engine optimization (SEO) and creating

Free SEO Report Available to Clients

Companies looking to improve their organic SEO and social media now have several free tools available to them in the form of an SEO report. The SEO report which was developed and designed by Jungle Torch provides companies with critical information to improve their organic SEO. The SEO report provides a full analysis of inbound links and outbound links. The inbound link report shows users all

Kirkwood signs with JungleTorch to handle website optimization and social media.

Kirkwood Mountain Resort has just announced their partnership with Jungle Torch, the maker of a revolutionary new search engine optimization and social media dashboard. "Kirkwood is a premier resort in the Tahoe area and are competing on a daily to capture market share," said Michael Dalzell, Kirkwood's`Director of Sales & Marketing. "It's an intense, competitive business and we need to open every communication channel available to us," he said. "Jungle

Kirk Communications Continues Highly Successful Pay-per-Click Program for Dorcy …

Portsmouth, N.H. – January 19, 2011 – Kirk Communications ( today announced that it has continued its successful PPC campaign with Dorcy International and has also added an organic SEO program. The PPC program helped the company achieve a 200% increase in sales over the previous year. “More than 200% online growth in a single year certainly exceeded our most optimistic expectations, said Mark Craddock, Vice President of Information Technology at

Jungle Torch SEO Report gives Companies 360-Degree View

Jungle Torch helps companies get out from under manual SEO report initiatives, improves SEO report efficiency as well as SEO report accuracy. Search engines are continually modifying what they look for in a particular site. The combination of key words, key word density, traffic, relevancy coding, meta tags, and linking all play important roles in helping to determine a particular websites organic position. “By automating many aspects of the SEO

Jungle Torch Provides Clients with Full SEO Report

Jungle Torch, is now offering an enhanced SEO report for clients currently using Jungle Torch. Customers currently struggling with managing their SEO can use the SEO Report tool from Jungle Torch to discover their positioning on all key words and phrases in Yahoo, Bing and Google. - The SEO Report delivers rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing - The SEO Report shows clients their competitors rankings real time - The SEO Report

Jungle Torch Provides Comprehensive SEO Report for Clients

Jungle Torch, a leading SEO and Social Media company, today announced the enhancement of its “SEO Report” feature. SEO is increasingly overtaking paid advertising as the most important marketing tool for companies. The SEO report that is generated from the Jungle Torch tool gives users unprecedented access into their organic SEO. - The SEO Report delivers rankings in Google, Yahoo and Bing - The SEO Report shows clients their competitors

Jungle Torch Performs Complete Social Network Analysis

Jungle Torch, a leading SEO and Social Media tool, today announced the availability of its new “Social Network Analysis Tool”. Social media is an important tool, that increasingly needs to be monitored and managed by companies. The Social network Analysis feature within Jungle Torch, enables users to see complete social media conversations real time. In addition, the social network analysis tool will give users the following information: - The

Kirk Communications Enters into Agreement with ConVerge Diagnostic Services™

Kirk Communications (, has entered into an agreement with ConVerge Diagnostic Services™ of Peabody, MA, a regional diagnostic lab services company operating in New England. In addition to performing market research, Kirk will create a new optimized website for the company, which offers state-of-the-art lab services in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Vermont. ConVergeDx is known for offering personal service, lower costs and a number of exclusive lab

How Social Network Analysis can help you sleep tight

If you doubt that social media—and consequently, social network analysis--has an effect on your business– consider this: Time Magazine just named Facebook founder and social misfit, Mark Zuckerberg, Person of the Year. With ½ billion people signing on to Facebook (that’s one out of every ten people on the planet) it’s clear that social media is heavily impacting every aspect of the way we relate to each other—including in business.

Kirk Communications Enhances SEO Services in New Hampshire

Kirk Communications (, an SEO Companytoday announced that it has enhanced its SEO services in New Hampshire through the addition of new SEO technologies and new SEO staff in New Hampshire. Over the last 24 months, the SEO Company has seen consistent growth in its New Hampshire SEO services despite a weak economy. This growth has been attributed to world class results that Kirk has been able

Kirk Communications Develops Flash Animation Demos for Jungle Torch

Kirk Communications (, a web design and SEO agency today announced that it has developed a new flash animation demo for Jungle Torch, an SEO and Social Media Company. Jungle Torch’s product enables companies to gain a better understanding of their SEO and Social media presence. Kirk worked with the team at Jungle Torch to write and then develop a comprehensive flash demo that shows all of the

Kirk Communications, Launches New E-Commerce Site for Coffee Retailer

Kirk Communications (, an interactive agency today announced the launch of New Hampshire Coffee’s newest e-commerce site. The site was built using PHP and a MySQL database and Apache server utilizing an OS Commerce platform for a shopping cart. In addition, Paypal was integrated as payment gateway. The new site will help New Hampshire Coffee capture more of the online market and also expand its pod offerings

Kirk Communications, A Web Design Agency, Enhances Flash Animation Portfolio

Kirk Communications (, a web design agency today announced that it has enhanced its flash animation services through the addition of new technologies and new staff. Over the last 24 months, the web design agency has seen consistent growth in its web design services despite a weak economy. This also includes increased work for flash animation. With increasingly complex products being launched, flash animation has become

New JungleTorch™ Dashboard Delivers an Inbound Marketing Solution

Jungle Torch an SEO and Social Media Dashboard offers clients the ability to monitor inbound marketing. In traditional marketing people often found companies through word of mouth as well as brand equity and association. Today new inbound marketing tools allow clients to gain a competitive advantage without spending thousands of traditional marketing. Companies that actively use inbound marketing to work and monitor SEO and social media can start to see inbound

Kirk Communications Launches a New Web Site for Make-A-Messterpiece

Kirk Communications (, a leading global provider of integrated marketing solutions, today announced the launch of a new Web site for Make-A-Messterpiece (, a creative studio designed to inspire children. The company came to Kirk Communications with an existing design, and a need for a website that was easy to use. It was important that all information be accessible and easy to find since the primary visitor to the website

New JungleTorch™ Improves Social Media Reporting

Portsmouth, N.H.– October 15, 2010 –For many organizations, tracking social media is becoming increasingly important. Jungle Torch which provides users with a comprehensive SEO feature set, also gives users a comprehensive social media reporting tool. Unlike other social media tools, Jungle Torch gives users an easy to use social media reporting tool that provides a good overview of what your customers are saying about you. In addition,

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