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09-20-2011 | Sports

Roberto Clemente Baseball Player and Humanitarian This Week at LiveAuctionTalk.c …

Pittsburgh Pirate legend Roberto Clemente opened the door of professional baseball in the United States for Latino players. Growing up poor in Puerto Rico, Roberto started playing ball on muddy fields with a glove made out of a coffee sack and a bat fashioned out of wood from a guava plant. He loved the game and grew up to be pure grace on the baseball field. During
09-05-2011 | Sports

Willie Mosconi Billiards Master This Week at

Willie Mosconi was to pocket billiards what Michael Jordan was to basketball. From 1941 through 1956 Willie won the world pocket billiards championship 13 times in 15 years. He also won Cushion Billiards world championships (pool played without pockets)--a rare champion in both sports. In a 1954 pool exhibition Willie managed to land 526 balls in a row without a miss. “The Mosc” as fans nicknamed

Marilyn Monroe Legacy This Week at

Marilyn Monroe was willing to do whatever it took to become the beauty she fantasized about as a teenager. Her sculpted image of herself continued until her death. A trim figure, tight sweaters, see-through, skin-revealing gowns, makeup, hair coloring, she systematically created the image of the touchingly vulnerable blonde bombshell. Her blue eyes and big smile was a bonus. “I’ve never see anyone stop a

James Dean Icon of a Generation This Week at

In death, James Dean became a global megastar. When he passed away in 1955 he had only completed three movies. He was 24-years-old and died in a car accident near Paso Robles, Calif., on the way to a sports car meet. Only one of his movies “East of Eden” loosely based on the novel by John Steinbeck, had been released. After his death two more

Houdini Master of Magic This Week at

Handcuff King. Escape artist. There didn’t seem to be any coffin, leg iron or prison cell Harry Houdini couldn’t escape. He was America’s first superhero in the early-20th century. Buried alive, drowning—Harry played out our worst nightmares and managed to escape each and every time. The one thing Harry couldn’t escape in February, 1902 was an accusation of bribery and fraud brought against him by a

Masterful Beadwork of the Sioux Indians This Week at

As the Buffalo roamed the prairie the Sioux Indians of the Great Plains were never far behind. Millions of buffalo roamed the plains. They were the Sioux’s lifeblood. The meat was the tribe’s major source of food and every part of the animal was put to use. The buffalo was also the source of a Sioux woman’s sewing needs. Bone awls were used to punch

Roy Rogers TV Cowboy Legend This Week at

With cap pistols and stick horses kids like me in the 1950s did what we could to imitate TV western heroes like Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Why not? Roy was the “King of Cowboys” and Dale Evans was his superstar wife and sidekick. Separating fact from fiction didn’t mean a lot. As far as I could tell, this cowboy and cowgirl were the stuff of
04-29-2011 | Sports

Honda Motorcycle One Man’s Vision This Week at

Once people realized they could get around on dirt roads without peddling, the invention of the motorcycle was a given. Unfortunately early motorcycles left riders pushing and peddling more often than they cared to do. Motorcycles were an idea whose time had almost come. The size and rough terrain of the United States in the early-20th century called for a machine to

Alexander Gardner Eyewitness to History This Week at

After Abraham Lincoln’s assassination in 1865 Alexander Gardner photographed some of the key locations involved in the tragedy. Right away he photographed Ford’s Theater where it happened and the swags of black mourning muslin covering the building. Then he moved inside and photographed the interior including the Presidential box where Lincoln was shot. He captured intricate details in his photos like the tear in the flag that John Wilkes

Madonna as Pop Culture Icon This Week at

“I am my own experiment. I am my own work of art,” Madonna said. More than a singer. More than a performer or actress, Madonna is a 20th century cultural icon. An experiment in the culture of pop star—someone who’s constantly unfolding and transforming herself. Colleges like Harvard have offered classes on Madonna and how she impacts American culture. Like any good work of art she

Collecting Santa This Week at

He is the moonlight caller who arrives once a year when everyone is sound asleep. From the world of perpetual cold, the snow-frosted traveler in the red suit, white beard and pink cheeks has many faces in many countries. His Yuletide figure is a welcome site year after year as he’s resurrected from the Christmas box one more time. An emissary of love and hope, Santa’s appeal

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