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Packt’s $5 eBonanza returns

Following the success of last year’s festive offer, Packt Publishing will be celebrating the Holiday season with an even bigger $5 offer. From Thursday 18th December, every eBook and video will be available on the publisher’s website for just $5. Customers are invited to purchase as many as they like before the offer ends on Tuesday January 6th, making it the perfect opportunity to try something new or to take your

Introducing Hadoop books by Packt

Packt is pleased to announce the release of three new Hadoop books this February. In order of release, they are: Hadoop MapReduce Cookbook Hadoop Real-World Solutions Cookbook Hadoop Beginner’s Guide Apache Hadoop is a popular open source project that enables the distributed processing of large data sets across clusters of commodity servers. The software framework was named after Doug Cutting’s son’s toy

Packt Publishing releases its first Drupal Mini books

Packt Publishing has recently published its first three Mini books about Drupal, the open source Content Management System. Packt Publishing has released three Drupal books in its new Mini book format; the ‘Drush User’s Guide’, ‘Drupal Multi Sites Configuration’ and ‘Drupal 7 Multilingual Sites’. Packt Mini books are 100 pages of practical guides on one specific task, application or module. Readers who need to master Drupal’s command line interface, Drush,

Explore NumPy from scratch with Packt's NumPy Beginner's Guide

Packt recently released its first book on NumPy, titled “NumPy 1.5 Beginner's Guide”, written by Ivan Idris. The book comes packed with real world examples enabling readers to perform high performance calculations with efficient NumPy code, execute complex linear algebra and mathematical computations, and analyze large data sets with statistical functions. NumPy is the fundamental package needed for scientific computing with Python. Among other things, it contains a powerful N-dimensional array

Design well-structured, interactive, and successful courses with Packt's new Moo …

Moodle 2.0 E-Learning Course Development is a new book from Packt that covers everything that can be expected from an introduction to Moodle book: clear step-by-step instructions, plenty of screenshots, explanations that guides the user through the many features and options available. Written by William Rice, this book will assist educators to analyze their students' requirements and come to an understanding of what Moodle 2.0 can do for them. For

Create rich, engaging interfaces using jQuery UI User Interface Library with Pac …

Packt is delighted to announce jQuery UI 1.8: The User Interface Library for jQuery aimed to help readers learn how to easily design elegant and powerful front-end interfaces for their web applications. Written by Dan Wellman, this book has been specially revised for version 1.8 of jQuery UI and will be able to maximize one's experience with the library by breaking down each component explaining them with examples. To

Back to school with e-learning books from Packt Publishing

With the new school term rapidly approaching, a visit to Packt’s websites to stock up on e-learning books and eBooks is a must. With over 30 titles published on subjects ranging from Moodle and Mahara to Sakai and Alice, all major e-learning angles are covered. With the number of online courses growing and the increasing internationalisation of many undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, e-learning has become an established part of most

Design and apply fabulous jQuery UI themes with Packt's latest book

Packt is delighted to announce JQuery UI Themes Beginner's Guide, a new book which shows the details of the jQuery UI theme framework by example. Written by Adam Boduch, this book is a step-by-step guide that goes beyond showing how to switch themes in a user interface built with jQuery UI and offers developers a practical guide to designing their own themes and gives them insight into the working of

Explore all the features of jQuery Mobile with Packt’s new book

Packt is delighted to announce jQuery Mobile First Look, a new book which aims to show the features of the jQuery Mobile framework, what they do, and how they can be used. Written by Giulio Bai,this book covers all the factors that a developer needs to know before starting mobile web application development. The book also suggests the best practices and methods to accomplish things in an alternative way. For

Solve data manipulation problems using Packt's new Pentaho book

Pentaho Data Integration 4 Cookbook is a new book from Packt that shows readers how to take advantage of all the aspects of Kettle through a set of practical recipes organized to provide quick solutions to their needs. Written by Adrián Sergio Pulvirenti and María Carina Roldán, the book is loaded with over 70 recipes with easy step-by-step instructions to accomplish specific tasks. There are examples and codes that are

Multimedia integration with Moodle now made quick and easy with Packt's latest b …

Packt is delighted to announce Moodle 2.0 Multimedia Cookbook, which aims at helping users learn how to add photographs, videos, animations, and much more to make their Moodle course even more interactive without the need to read through long tutorials. Written by Silvina P. Hillar, the book provides a plethora of recipes showing how to manage, link, and embed different multimedia resources into a Moodle course. To read more,

Exploit the power of Moodle in a business environment with Packt's new book

Packt is pleased to announce its latest addition to its series of Moodle books, Moodle 2.0 for Business Beginner's Guide, the only book to demonstrate the use of Moodle in a corporate environment to dispense training, share important documents, and encourage teamwork. Written by Moodle experts: Gavin Henrick, Jeanne Cole, and Jason Cole, the book will teach readers to move any existing processes to Moodle, as well as set up

Create a responsive and dynamic Moodle site using JavaScript with Packt’s late …

Packt is delighted to announce Moodle JavaScript Cookbook, a collection of over 50 step by step recipes to enhance Moodle with JavaScript and the Yahoo! User Interface Library. Written by Alastair Hole, author of award-winning Moodle repository plugin- MrCUTE, the book explores a wide range of modern interactive features, from AJAX to Animation to create more dynamic and responsive Moodle systems. To know more, visit Moodle is a free

Manage your Curriculum and Information System with Moodle

Moodle as a Curriculum and information Management System is a new book from Packt that helps users to manage and organize their administrative duties. Written by Jason Hallowell, this book teaches to set up an environment that enables users to disseminate information about their educational program. Moodle is a free web application that educators can use to create effective online learning sites. It is designed to help educators create online

Create feature-rich extensions using Moodle

Packt is pleased to announce its new book titled "Moodle 1.9 Top Extensions Cookbook" that will help users to install and configure the best Moodle modules. Written by Michael De Raadt, this book covers many features and techniques in order to allow readers to organize their ideas and thus, to improve teaching using Moodle as a virtual learning platform. Moodle is a free web application that educators can use to create

Create and evaluate interactive tests using Moodle

Moodle 1.9 Testing and Assessment is a new book from Packt that puts together a variety of modules and activities that will help readers to easily create a variety of tests on any subject and assess them using Moodle Gradebook. Written by Jason Myrick, this book will assist readers to develop and assess simple as well as complex quizzes and tests. Moodle is a free web application that educators can

Use OpenAM quickly and efficiently to protect your web applications with the hel …

OpenAM is a new book from Packt that will help developer's to get the most out of Single Sign-On. Written by Indira Thangasamy, this book will help readers with the implementation of Single Sign-On using OpenAM and obtain support for their OpenAM deployment. OpenAM provides core identity services to simplify the implementation of transparent single sign-on (SSO) as a security component in a network infrastructure. It provides the foundation for

Create effective and useful graphs using Packt's new book on R

Packt is pleased to announce R Graph Cookbook, a new book that is filled with practical tips and techniques, and will teach readers to draw any type of graph or visual data representation in R. Written by Hrishi Mittal, this book explains all the examples along with corresponding graph images, which makes it easier for readers to know the final results as well as to perform the task as efficiently

Create feature-rich applications in APEX 4.0 using Packt's new Oracle Book

Packt is proud to announce Oracle APEX 4.0 Cookbook, a new book that contains over 80 great recipes to develop and deploy fast, secure and modern web applications with Oracle Application Express 4.0. Written by Michel Van Zoest and Marcel van der Plas, this book will assist readers to integrate third-party applications like Google Maps into APEX by using web services and enhance their APEX applications by using stylesheets, Plug-ins,

Virtual reality made easy with Openscenegraph

OpenSceneGraph 3.0: Beginner's Guide is a new book from Packt that will help users to gain a comprehensive view of the structure and main functionalities of OpenSceneGraph. Written by Rui Wang and Xuelei Qian, this book is an ideal introduction for developing applications using OpenSceneGraph and to extend users’ own scene elements from the base interfaces of OpenSceneGraph. OpenSceneGraph 3.0: Beginner's Guide will allow readers to take full advantage of the

Take your Magento store to the next level by developing modules and widgets usin …

Packt is pleased to announce 'Magento 1.4 Development Cookbook', a new book which provides developers with optimum solutions to help tackle common and complex problems faced while developing a Magento store. Written by Nurul Ferdous, this book helps in optimizing Megento performance which is armed with some easy and incredible recepies. Magento is an open source e-commerce web application that supports installation of modules through a web-based interface accessible through

Build powerful, interactive plugins to implement jQuery in the best way possible …

Packt is pleased to announce 'jQuery Plugin Development Beginner's Guide', a new book which helps developers use jQuery beyond basics and deliver highly interactive content to their website viewers. Written by Giulio Bai, this book focuses on the practical aspect of design and development and also covers details of some real-life plugins. jQuery is an open source software which enables developers to create animations, handle events, develop Ajax applications,

Create powerful, great-looking Drupal themes using Packt's new Cookbook

Packt is pleased to announce 'Drupal 6 Theming Cookbook', a new book which helps developers customize the look of their Drupal websites by making use of the powerful CCK, Views and Panels modules. Written by Karthik Kumar, this book will guide readers through the most important aspects of Drupal theming and help them take control of the look and feel of their Drupal website. Drupal is an Open Source Content

Add 3D graphics effects and visuals to your XNA games using Packt's new book

Packt is pleased to announce 3D Graphics with XNA Game Studio 4.0, a new book that will allow readers to add 3D graphics effects used by professionals to their XNA games. Written by Sean James, this book will help readers to learn the fundamentals of 3D graphics, create an extensible system to draw 3D models, and improve the appearance of their games. Microsoft XNA is a set of tools with a

Create your own exciting games using Packt’s new XNA 4.0 book

XNA 4.0 Game Development by Example: Beginner's Guide is a new book from Packt that will help readers to create their own exciting games with Microsoft XNA 4.0. Written by Kurt Jaegers, this book will assist readers to expand their finished games, introduce them to many fun examples and programming concepts along with implementation of XNA 4, while maintaining its focus entirely on developing games with the free version of

Manage the operational tasks for multiple BPEL environments using Packt's new bo …

Packt is pleased to announce BPEL PM and OSB operational management with Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Grid Control, a new book that will help readers to monitor and manage all components of their SOA environment from a central location. Written by Narayan Bharadwaj, this book will teach readers to increase efficiency by automating all the day-to-day operational tasks associated with the SOA environment. Oracle Enterprise Manager is an all-encompassing management product

Produce superior statistical analysis with R using Packt's new book

Packt is pleased to announce Statistical Analysis with R, a new book that will help readers to understand R, its benefits, and to use it to maximize the impact of their data analysis. Written by John M. Quick, this book will guide readers to conduct and communicate their data analysis with R in the most effective manner. R is an open source programming language and software environment for statistical computing and

Make business analysis and reporting trouble-free using Packt's new book

Oracle Business Intelligence: The Condensed Guide to Analysis and Reporting is a new book from Packt that will help the reader to learn how to use the Oracle Business Intelligence platform for analysis and reporting. Yuli Vasiliev, the author has written a practical book that provides quick steps to answer common business questions and help make informed business decisions. Business

Learn new features of EJB 3.0 with Packt's new book

EJB 3.0 data persistence with oracle fusion middleware 11g is a new book from Packt that will help developers to build their own EJB 3.0 application that are well integrated with commonly used Java EE frameworks. Written by Deepak Vohra this book will assist developers who want to learn about the practical use of EJB 3.0 database persistence with Oracle Fusion Middleware. Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) is a model

Master online enterprise communication using Packt's new IBM Lotus Sametime book

IBM Lotus Sametime 8 Essentials : A User's Guide is a new book from Packt aimed at those who would like to become a Sametime power user. Written by Marie L. Scott and Thomas Duff, this book allows any to learn how to fully utilise each feature from start to finish. IBM Lotus Sametime software provides integrated real-time communications services, including voice, data and video, which makes it easy

Learn to install and administer Dynamics NAV 2009 using Packt’s new book

Microsoft Dynamics NAV Administration is a new book from Packt that will help readers to install, configure, deploy, and administer Dynamics NAV with ease. Written by Amit Sachdev and Sharan Oberoi, this book will assist readers to accomplish administrative tasks such as securing and maintaining databases using Dynamics NAV, while connecting the clients to the Database Server. Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 is a complete enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution from

Build better business applications with NAV using Packt’s new book

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2009 Programming Cookbook is a new book from Packt that will help readers to write better NAV programs and develop their own .NET code to perform tasks that NAV cannot handle. Written by Matt Traxinger, this book will teach readers to work with SQL Server to create better integration between NAV and other systems as well as new features of the NAV 2009

Master effective MySQL database management through Python using Packt’s new bo …

MySQL for Python is a new book from Packt aimed at helping programmers gain hassle-free access to their MySQL database through their Python application. Written by Albert Lukaszewski, this book includes many real world examples to demonstrate the full potential of MySQL for Python. Python is a dynamic programming language which is completely enterprise ready, owing largely to the variety of support modules that are available to extend its capabilities.

Develop real-world enterprise applications in an online environment with Packt's …

Packt is pleased to introduce Web 2.0 Solutions With Oracle WebCenter, a new book that helps web developers get in-depth knowledge of developing custom WebCenter applications for their various enterprise requirements. Written by Ashok Aggarwaland Plinio Arbizu,this book sheds light on the application of the basic concepts of Web Center 11g, which helps to accelerate the development of Enterprise 2.0 solutions. Oracle WebCenter Suite 11g is the industry's most comprehensive enterprise

Develop enterprise applications using Packt's new Microsoft Enterprise Library 5 …

Packt is pleased to announce Microsoft Enterprise Library 5.0, a new book that helps programmers to develop enterprise applications using the enterprise library application blocks as well as set up the initial infrastructure configuration of the application blocks using the configuration editor. Written by Sachin Joshi, this book provides an in-depth knowledge about the individual functional Application Blocks as well as enabling reconfiguration of various applications in order to

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