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Temperature Monitoring with IP-Thermometer

In many rooms, such as laboratories, server rooms, data centers, warehouses and many other areas, it is important that the temperature is constantly within the specified range. Deviations must not be tolerated in temperature-sensitive environments, otherwise important equipment, goods, medicines or vaccines can be damaged. To monitor the temperature in a simple and reliable way without having to perform constant manual checks, so-called IP thermometers have been developed. IP thermometers, also

Smoke detectors for IT & serverroom

The IT and server room is one of the most important areas in a company. In most companies nothing works without the IT systems that are indispensable nowadays. If important IT systems fail, the employees often can no longer work. As administrators and IT decision-makers know, every unplanned IT failure usually costs a lot of money. To protect IT systems from risks, anti-virus software, firewall and backup solutions are used. According

Remote monitoring of house and building technology

In building services engineering, status and error messages are signalled via I/O contacts. Existing heating, ventilation, cooling and air conditioning systems report the current operating status via I/O contacts. In addition to maintenance messages, important error and fault messages are also transmitted via the I/O switching contacts available on the systems. These important status messages must be reliably transmitted to the building management software and also to the responsible facility

Remote monitoring of machines and plants via network

The manufacturer Didactum has developed a new product for monitoring industrial environments. With the new Didactum Monitoring System 300, business-critical equipment and systems can be protected in a holistic way around the clock. The Monitoring System 300 is installed on DIN-rail. On the main unit there are 6 connections for sensors. The user can put together his individual monitoring solution from the extensive sensor range. Within the scope of environmental monitoring,

Remote Monitoring of important rooms and systems

Production, storage, laboratory, technical and server rooms located in remote locations must never be left unobserved. Heating, ventilation, refrigeration or air conditioning systems in a branch office can also fail and cause considerable problems. The equipment and systems located in telecommunications, technical, server and laboratory rooms can be damaged very quickly at critical temperatures. If the temperature in the server cabinet reaches a critical level, hard disks can fail. In

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