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15.09.17 - CHD Expert Group

Fast & Fresh: CHD Expert Evaluates the Fast Food Restaurant Landscape of the USA

Americans are always on the go. In a hectic world dotted with drive-thrus and prepackaged snacks, restaurant operators need a new way to draw diners in. Fast food has long been a popular choice for bu... mehr

08.08.17 - CHD Expert Group

CHD Expert Evaluates the 2017 U.S. Healthcare Foodservice Industry Market Landscape

As the healthcare debate continues to heat up in Washington, much of America is wondering how new policies might change the healthcare industry. For companies looking to capitalize on whitespace oppor... mehr

18.07.17 - CHD Expert Group

From Pit to Plate: CHD Expert Evaluates the U.S. BBQ Restaurant Landscape

Are you looking for a uniquely American culinary experience? Barbecue is a centuries-old cuisine with dozens of variations and styles – and could be a strong contender for America’s quintessential... mehr

11.07.17 - CHD Expert Group

CHD Expert Identifies Target-Rich Environments for Education Foodservice Suppliers In Q3 and Q4 of 2017

While summer break is a needed lull for most faculty who work in the 162,600 schools and districts across the United States, to those who operate within the foodservice departments, summer is a busy t... mehr

28.06.17 - CHD Expert Group

CHD Expert Releases Year-Over-Year Restaurant Unit Report, Identifying Winners and Losers by Market Segment and Menu Type Since 2014

CHD Expert has records of 59,575 new restaurants that opened for their very first time in 2016, compared with 53,273 recorded closes for restaurants who went out of business that same year. This res... mehr

06.06.17 - CHD Expert Group

It's a Slam Dunk: CHD Expert Evaluates the Restaurant Landscapes of Cleveland, OH and Oakland, CA Ahead of the NBA Finals

The world is gearing up to watch the Cleveland Cavaliers and the Golden State Warriors go at it for a third year in a row, and both cities and all fans are in for a treat. As excited basketball fans ... mehr

24.04.17 - CHD Expert Group

CHD Expert Evaluates the Mexican Restaurant Industry, the Second Most Popular Menu Type in the USA

Americans love Mexican food, and not just on Cinco de Mayo. While once mainly popular in the southwest, the Mexican Menu Type has gone on to conquer much of the country, thanks in part to not only it... mehr

04.04.17 - CHD Expert Group

CHD Expert Releases Their 2017 Restaurant Unit Report, breaking down the 700,000 restaurants that serve the American people

CHD Expert, a global leader in aggregating, analyzing, and managing foodservice data, has released its 2017 Restaurant Unit Report. The report details the Full Service Restaurant (FSR) and Limited Ser... mehr

08.06.09 - CHD Expert Group

Europe Hospitality Ranking – Germany ranked first with 44,812 lodging companies

Away-from-Home Market Facts & Figures – Snapshot June 2009 FACET – Foodservice Annual Count and Expenditures Tracking; – International Hotel Construction Project Database) ... mehr

26.05.09 - CHD Expert Group

Foodservice Market Experts increase European Business

CHD Expert Germany with new partners in oversea Hamburg/Germany – May 20, 2009 - Full steam ahead – The international market research institute CHD Expert Germany enforces the expansion on the ... mehr

15.05.09 - CHD Expert Group

35 new leading hotel projects in Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey

CHD Expert Germany - Away-from-Home Market Facts & Figures – Snapshot May 2009 Tourism in South East Europe is booming. The holiday destinations Romania, Bulgaria and Turkey experience an increas... mehr

02.04.09 - CHD Expert Group

Internet Hotel Booking in Germany still growing

New Study of CHD Expert: Electronic room sales is booming for 66% of top hotels Hamburg/Germany – March 30, 2009 - In Germany, online hotel reservation is of prime importance. In the comfort, fir... mehr

19.03.09 - CHD Expert Group

“Hotel Market Bulletin“ now with more background information of hotel markets

Free publication of® – Analysis of top hotel construction projects Hamburg/Germany – March 18, 2009 The number of top hotel construction projects is still increasing. Curr... mehr

09.03.09 - CHD Expert Group

26 bn Euro turnover of restaurants in Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Away-from-Home Market Facts & Figures – Snapshot March 2009 The restaurant market in the German-speaking markets is prospering. The turnover of all restaurants, bars and cafes in Germany, Austria a... mehr

12.02.09 - CHD Expert Group

Away-from-Home Market Facts & Figures – Snapshot February 2009

11.5 bn Euro volume of business catering in Germany, France and UK Hamburg/Germany – Feb 12, 2009 - The volume of business catering in Germany, France and UK is still increasing. In Germany has b... mehr

17.12.08 - CHD Expert Group®: Over 500 new top hotels worldwide will be opened in the next months

Every month about 150 new first class and luxury hotel projects will be revealed Hamburg, Germany – December 16, 2008 - Obviously luxury is still a selling point with new hotel construction proje... mehr

05.12.08 - CHD Expert Group

Away-from-Home Market Facts & Figures – Snapshot December 2008

Over 994 million meals served in canteens in Germany Hamburg/Germany – Dec 05, 2008 - The business with meals at work in Germany is expanding. In 2007 has been more than 994 million meals served ... mehr

17.11.08 - CHD Expert Group

Away-from-Home Market Facts & Figures – Snapshot November 2008

More than 220,000 commercial foodservice companies in Germany Hamburg/Germany – Nov 17, 2008 - In Germany there are 221,132 operating companies in the section of commercial foodservice - 82% in g... mehr

21.10.08 - CHD Expert Group®: More than 270 new top hotel construction projects added in September

International database offers data of over 2,800 hotel projects worldwide Hamburg/Germany – Oct 21, 2008 -®, the international database for top hotel construction projects, ... mehr

06.10.08 - CHD Expert Group

Away-from-Home Market Facts & Figures – Snapshot October 2008

The Top 3 Away-from-Home markets in Europe Hamburg/Germany – Oct 6, 2008 - The Top 3 Away-from-Home Markets of Europe are Germany, Great Britain and France. In Germany the number of meals served ... mehr

16.09.08 - CHD Expert Group®: 7% growth of leading hotel projects worldwide

Number of luxury hotels increase 16% - Hotel project boom in Dubai Hamburg/Germany – September 16, 2008 - The opening of the Atlantis resort in Dubai (1,529 rooms) end of September marks the comp... mehr

12.09.08 - CHD Expert Group

Germany is Europe’s largest Foodservice Market

Study of CHD-Expert shows: Growth in Western Europe continues Hamburg/Germany – Sept 12, 2008 - Strong growth in the European Foodservice industry: In nearly all Western European countries the Aw... mehr

18.08.08 - CHD Expert Group

All about Lunch breaks in France

New study of CHD Expert shows that over 60% of the working population prefer canteen food or self-prepared meals Paris – July 25, 2008 - Time is money: Only 33 percent of the working population i... mehr

14.08.08 - CHD Expert Group®: The Top10 Hotel Projects in Germany

Over 400 new hotels will be opened until 2012 – Two hotel projects with more than 1,000 rooms Hamburg – August 14, 2008 - The German hotel market growth continues. 410 new hotel construction an... mehr

26.06.08 - CHD Expert Group

European Study: Lowest Prices for Dining in Germany

CHD Expert Group publishes average ticket levels in Western European countries – Maximum meal rates in UK Hamburg, Germany – June 25, 2008 Similar to the hotel rates, in Germany the price level... mehr

23.05.08 - CHD Expert Group

All about the Away-from-Home market – CHD Expert launches webshop for studies and address packages

The Away-from-Home market is booming – and with the help of CHD Expert all suppliers of the Hospitality and Foodservice industry work up to great success of their marketing and sales strategies. The... mehr

15.05.08 - CHD Expert Group

CHD Expert - Goals for Foodservice

How to save money with soccer championship goals – Special discount on studies and address packages of the Away-from-Home Market Hamburg, Germany – May 14, 2008 Save money with the European so... mehr

30.04.08 - CHD Expert Group

New Study of CHD Expert Group: Focus on Main Investments in German Hospitality Industry

Two out of ten hotels plan renovation of guest rooms – Strong modernization continues in foodservice industry Hamburg/Germany, April 30 - 2008 - In Germany, the focus of guest’s attention on cl... mehr

15.04.08 - CHD Expert Group

Snapshot of hotel markets: U.S. still strongest expanding provides project details of major new first-class and luxury hotels worldwide – 286 new hotel projects added – 584 hotel projects updated Hamburg/Germany, April 14, 2008 - ... mehr

18.12.07 - CHD Expert Group

Study by CHD Expert: Expansion of Trade Fairs for Hotels and Restaurants in Germany

In February and March 2008 the German hotel and restaurant managers are keen on trade fairs. In Hamburg, Stuttgart and Berlin four trade fairs invite them to presentations of innovative hospitality go... mehr

07.12.07 - CHD Expert Group Over 50 New Conference Hotel Projects for MICE Market Germany

Six new meeting and business hotels scheduled for Berlin Hamburg, Dec 06 - 2007 - In the internationally well-known trade fair metropolis of Dusseldorf recently opened one of the largest conference... mehr

27.11.07 - CHD Expert Group

New Study of CHD Expert on Smoking Ban: Hard Cuts for 28 percent of German Pubs and Restaurants

Survey of 550 restaurant manager in Lower Saxony and Baden-Wuerttemberg shows: Over 70% can’t invest in own smoking lounges Hamburg/Germany, November 27, 2007 - For more than 28 percent of the Ge... mehr

12.10.07 - CHD Expert Group

Booming market for hotel projects in Germany: Over 220 high-grade hotels under construction

Growth of hotel market by over 37,000 new rooms until 2013 Hamburg/Germany, October 11, 2007 - Germany’s hotel market expansion will not stop. In the next five years 179 first-class hotels and 49... mehr

28.09.07 - CHD Expert Group The Largest Hotel Projects in Austria and Switzerland

Over 350 top hotel projects in the Alps region – Special conditions Hamburg, September 28 2007 - The hotel market in Germany, Austria and Switzerland is booming. More and more top hotels will ope... mehr

21.08.07 - CHD Expert Group The Top 8 Hotel Projects in PR China

4,000-room hotel will open in Macao in December 2008 – Hotel development boom caused by the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games Hamburg, August 21, 2007 - On 08.08.2008 at 08:08pm the opening ceremonies o... mehr

15.08.07 - CHD Expert Group

F&B Supplier In Cheery Mood: Economic Trends In The German Out-of-home Market At New Heights

Representative survey of Marktplatz Hotel / CHD Expert among marketing executives of the foodservice industry in Germany – Sales forecasts for second half-year rising Hamburg, 15 August 2007 - Th... mehr

02.08.07 - CHD Expert Group The Top 3 Hotel Projects In Germany

Largest hotel project with 800 rooms will be opened in 2011 near Luebeck at the Baltic Sea coast – Currently over 260 important hotel projects in Germany Hamburg, August 02, 2007 - One of the lar... mehr

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