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External IDE on USB hard disk housing from DIGITUS®

„Use your data everywhere“ – this is how DIGTUS® presents a new external hard disk housing for the IDE standard for hard disks. In a light and practical aluminium design, the housing offers the capability of using still functional IDE hard disks in new system environments. Additional protection against shocks and vibrations to the installed hard disk ensure security of your data. Thanks to the compact size of 13.2 x

ASSMANN Electronic GmbH joins DISTREE XXL 2011 in Monte Carlo

Lüdenscheid, Germany – January 10th, 2011 - ASSMANN Electronic GmbH announced today, the participation at the DISTREE XXL 2011 Event in Monte Carlo, from 8-11th February 2011. DISTREE XXL brings together senior executives from the economic giants of Western Europe, Northern Europe and Southern Europe, alongside representatives from the fast-growing markets of Central and Eastern Europe, Russia and the CIS, as well as the Middle East and Africa. “It is

More speed on the net with Wireless LAN PCI adapters from DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® extends its range in the 802.11n series with two new wireless LAN PCI adapters. DIGITUS® therefore offers a real alternative to data transfer by cable. The PCI adapter DN-7046-1 supports a data transmission rate of up to 50 Mbps. The PCI adapter DN-7066-1 reaches a data throughput rate of 300 Mbps. The data throughput, the range and the reliability of the DN-7066-1 is greatly improved compared to the old

IDE to SATA 3.5 hard disk converter from DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® now offers the IDE to SATA hard disk converter, DA-70545, a comfortable solution for continued use of existing IDE hard disks in a SATA docking station. The converter allows continued use of 3.5 IDE hard disks in a SATA docking station or in new PCs with a SATA interface. The IDE interface is converted into a SATA interface. The closed metal housing of the converter allows trouble-free installation without tangled cables.

DIGITUS® Wireless 300N Modem Router and PoE Access Point

The Red Rapid X Wireless Router with integrated modem and 2 exchangeable RP-SMA antennas from DIGITUS® convinces with a wireless speed of up to 300 Mbps and a range of up to 30 meters inside buildings. A switch to turn the wireless LAN on and off according to requirements has been integrated into the modem router, not only for the health conscious user. Larger ranges are possible when the White

Indoor surveillance with IP cameras from DIGITUS® Professional

DIGITUS® Professional presents two new indoor surveillance cameras which are ideal for surveillance in the office and at home. The new updated, DN-16060 und DN-16061 cameras from DIGITUS® Professional are equipped with the latest technology and available now. Both cameras give a very good video performance at the highest resolution. Very good lighting conditions can be reached, even under poor visibility conditions with a fixed focal length of f4.6 mm and

Outdoor IP surveillance cameras from DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® extends its portfolio in the range of surveillance cameras for differing requirements. Several cameras are simultaneously on offer in the high end range. The outdoor cameras, DN-16053 and DN-16054 are also suitable for night use because of greater sensitivity to light (0.05 Lux / 0 Lux with switched on LEDs) and a wide aperture shutter of F1.4. The effective infrared range with switched on LEDs is up to 40 meters

Quickly into the internet with the ultra-compact DIGITUS® Wireless LAN 300N USB …

The wireless LAN is becoming increasingly established in wireless network technology. Wireless LAN USB adapters used for quickly integrating both PCs and also laptops into a network without complications are especially practical. DIGITUS® presents a new adapter, offering a greater range and a larger data throughput for online and multimedia applications. The adapter is also optically of a more discreet type, allowing demanding users to surf without cables in the internet.

USB 7.1 Soundbox from DIGITUS®

The USB Soundbox from DIGITUS® makes it possible to connect a notebook to a fixed, installed 7.1 surround-sound loudspeaker system with just a USB connection. In accordance with the USB Audio Devices Class Specification 1.0 and the USB HID Class Specification 1.1, DIGITUS® Soundbox supports sampling rates of 48/44.1 kHz and simultaneous recording and play. The 7.1 surround sound system is connected through 3.5 mm sockets. An optical, digital input

USB 3.0 HDD Docking Station from DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® adds the HDD Docking Station DA-70543 to extend its product range by another hard disk docking station, equipped with the high speed standard USB 3.0. SATA hard disks cannot be connected to a computer any faster, easier or more comfortably. Without any clumsy screws, tangled cables or external housing. The Docking Station is connected with the USB 3.0 cable to the computer via Plug & Play and data can

Experience Sound Quality with DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® brings unobtrusive sound into the living room with the 5.1 Home Theater System DA-10262. A deep, rich sound awaits the user, thanks to the 5.1 Surround Multimedia speaker and the sub-woofer in the wooden cabinet. All the components are magnetically shielded and reach a total output power of 30 Watt. The dimensions of the woofer are just about 166 mm x 214 mm x 219 mm and of the

DIGITUS® shows positive results after its appearance at the CeBIT, Hannover

ASSMANN Electronic GmbH looks back positively on its participation at CeBIT 2010 in Hannover. "The stand concept was positively received and accepted by all visitors, whether specialist dealers, the retail market or end users. Each visitor was cordially welcomed and found solutions for thier individual requirements", says Till Brauckmann, Marketing Director at ASSMANN. A large number of specialist visitors could be advised on the following days, after the

Enjoy fast network applications with the PCI Express card from DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® has expanded the PCI Express product series with a new network card that has a new chipset. The PCI Express network card DN-1013-2 conforms to the 10/100/1.000 IEEE 802.3 specification and supports 10/100/1.000 Mbps networks with automatic detection of the cable layout and the speed setting. The network card is compatible with any free PCI-Express slot and suitable for any desired lane width. The following operating systems are supported: Windows

DIGITUS® presents professional network solutions at the CeBIT in Hannover

ASSMANN, the specialist company from Lüdenscheid for computer accessories and network peripherals also presents itself this year at CEBIT 2010 in Hannover with its DIGITUS® brand. "The CeBIT is one of the most important fairs for DIGITUS®. We are using the days to optimise existing business relationships and to make further contacts." says Florian Assmann, CEO of ASSMANN Electronic GmbH. "We will present new products at the CEBIT just like in

DIGITUS® Converter changes VGA- and audio signals into HDMI

The new video converter DS-40130 from DIGITUS® simultaneously converts VGA signals and related audio signals into a common HDMI signal. The converter therefore offers an excellent interface for HDMI screens or projectors to play back videos or presentations from PCs or notebooks with a VGA output. Conversion of the analog VGA signal into a digital HDMI signal is done without delay, together with the stereo audio signal. The converter is

Handle long distances with the HDMI repeater from DIGITUS® Professional

In the professional office area, such as the equipment of conference rooms with beamers, more and more devices are being equipped with HDMI connections. This fully digital interface enables the transmission of audio and video data by only one cable, reducing the need for an untidy confusion of cables. With DIGITUS® Professional HDMI repeaters, the distances between the output device and receiver device can be extended up to 35 metres. In

Manageable DIGITUS® Professional Fast Ethernet PoE Switch supplies devices with …

More and more companies are using Voice over IP (VoIP), and IP cameras for observation and surveillance purposes to extend their networks with wireless access points. Perhaps the greatest problem of this constantly growing networking is the power supply to the connected devices. A small socket is probably located on the ceiling of the high-bay warehouse to provide the network surveillance camera with power at this location. VoIP end devices

Two strong partners grow continuously together

"Assmann has to grow to remain competitive on the market in difficult economic times" says Florian Assmann, CEO of ASSMANN Electronic GmbH, after returning from Switzerland at the start of this month. ASSMANN took over the established Swiss company, Simpex IT-Solutions AG after two months of intensive preparation. The experienced, long-serving, senior members of staff, Yves Amschwand and Steen Knudsen will share leadership of the company as joint associates. Simpex

DIGITUS® HDMI/DVI adapters for uncomplicated home entertainment

Large format televisions, DVD players and recorders, games consoles, media players, camcorders and other devices for entertainment electronics are found in practically all households nowadays. The user often encounters difficulties when he/she tries to connect individual devices to each other. The monitor comes with a DVI connection, for example and the graphic card of the notebook is equipped with a HDMI connection or the PC where the film has to

DIGITUS® extends its range with a 150Mbps Wireless LAN Adapter

Three new 150 Mbps USB 2.0 adapters from DIGITUS® give you an easy and quick start into Wireless LAN technology: an ultra compact Wireless-LAN-USB-Adapter-Stick (DN-7043-3), a practical 150 Mbps USB plug-in antenna (DN-7044) and a 150 Mbps USB antenna plug itself with a pedestal base (DN-7044-1). The antenna of the DN-7044 adapter provides an increased signal so that longer distances can be covered, compared to the stick. The pedestal base

Reach full capacity with the DIGITUS® HDMI Repeater

DIGITUS® HDMI repeaters let extend the limited distance of 15 meters between playback devices, such as DVD players, recorders and televisions or monitors by us much as 50 meters. An ever increasing number of devices in entertainment electronics are equipped with ports. This completely digital interface is used for transferring audio and video data with only one cable and less tangled cables, not only in the residential area. DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® makes a successful appearance at Gitex in Dubai

After the success of the past few years, DIGITUS® was present again this year in Dubai at Gitex the largest IT trade fair in the Arabic speaking world. The big international companies from the industry were present from the 19th to the 23rd of October, 2009 at the Metropolitan Hotel Dubai, the junction between Asia, Europe and North Africa. "The objective was to make international contacts and to develop existing business

Into the Future With DIGITUS® USB 3.0 Products

In November 2008, the USB Implementer Forum, which includes HP, Microsoft and Intel in its ranks, presented the specification for USB 3.0. Already, at the CeBIT 2009 trade fair, DIGITUS® distributed the first USB 3.0 sample cables as giveaways and accepted the first orders for the USB 3.0 cables. Deliveries were made to customers as early as in April 2009. When procuring new USB cables, it is worthwhile to buy DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® at Gitex in Dubai for the third time

DIGITUS® is represented for the third time with its range of new products at this year’s Gitex, the largest IT trade fair in the Arab world. Dubai acts as the interface between Europe and Asia and is therefore one of the most important trade fairs for DIGITUS®. "We want to be present precisely in times of crisis to make international concepts and also to develop existing business relationships", says Florian

Connecting USB devices into the network

Most PCs are not equipped with a sufficient number of USB ports. There are often no free ports for devices such as a cell phone, scanner, web cam and so on, after connecting the keyboard, mouse and printer. The simplest solution of the USB port extension are accessible USB hubs which can be used to more than double the number of ports. In addition to the already known DIGITUS® hubs, which

Use DIGITUS® Professional Power over the ethernet

The optimum solution for easily cabling network devices is called Power over Ethernet (PoE), a procedure where the 8 strand ethernet cable is to provide fit for purpose devices simultaneously with power and data. This is especially useful if there is no socket near the device to be plugged in, or if a minimum amount of thin cable is required for connection (penetrations through walls, for example or installation outdoors). DIGITUS®

Network with DIGITUS® PowerLine over several floors independently from the powe …

DIGITUS® brings a whole series of new PowerLine products onto the market so you can connect several computers even more easily and quicker into a network. Networking via the domestic power supply is an identical substitute for conventional cabling. PowerLine avoids annoying cable work. DIGITUS® PowerLine products can also be used for the internet connection of video games consoles and set top boxes for digital television in the same way

The highest quality of management from DIGITUS®

DIGITUS® offers comfortable and useful connection options in the server cabinet, at the highest quality level. Various types of high quality aluminium profile socket rails are available according to requirements. These can be installed easily and quickly in the server cabinet by using the supplied metal holders. Outputs turned through 35° avoid narrow contacts between individual plugs, so that all the sockets can be comfortably used even when thick and

Manageable Fast Ethernet Switch from DIGITUS®

Lüdenscheid, 14.08.2009 - In the area of professional network technology, DIGITUS® Professional is now proud to present a new manageable switch. In this manner, DIGITUS® is addressing the requirements of large networks. Equipped with eight RJ45 ports as well as two Gigabit Combo ports, the data sets are continuously monitored by flow control, so that data transfer takes place without losses. The “Store and Forward Technology” can temporarily store data and

DIGITUS® connects Notebooks with the World of Gigabit LAN Speeds

With the add-on Expresscard DN-10141, DIGITUS® now enables users to integrate any notebook in a Gigabit network and exploit the full power of its performance. The Expresscard is equipped with a Realtek 8111C chipset, and coupling to the network is through an RJ45 socket for transmission at 10/100/1000 Mpbs. It conforms to the Expresscard specification 1.0 as well as IEEE 802.3, 802.3u and 802.3ab. Full duplex data flow control is supported, as

DIGITUS® camera housing with heating and fan

Lüdenscheid, 31.07.2009 - DIGITUS® offers a complete series of IP network cameras. The extremely-sensitive technology can be exposed to environmental conditions differing as widely as possible, such as rain, snow and solar radiation. Dusty and very hot industrial sheds can also cause the technology to deteriorate. DIGITUS® offers a camera housing allowing use under the harshest conditions (in the open, for example), so that the cameras are protected as best

DIGITUS® protects high-value equipment

Electronic devices in networks have to work safely for many years under difficult conditions. The equipment must also be protected against theft. DIGITUS® now offers its customers a reasonably priced and functional IP20 protection type network cabinet for this. The DN-19 42U-8/8-E network cabinet from DIGITUS® offers protection against foreign bodies of 12.5 mm and more. The 1.5 to 2 mm sheet metal sides are powder coated, which can be locked

The unique extender from DIGITUS® offers a free selection of USB and PS/2 conne …

KVM extenders allow longer extension of the transmission path for mouse, keyboard and monitor signals via Cat5 cables (also known as network cables or patch cables). Connection is possible both directly to a PC / server and also to a KVM change-over switch. The KVM extender offers a respective connection option to a local and a remote operating console. Appropriate uses for KVM extenders can be found in server rooms, on

DIGITUS® offers the complete range of fibre optic components

Fibre optic components and cables are used in communications technology for transferring information over long distances with a high bandwidth. Single mode fibre optics can bridge distances of up to 30 km without signal amplification. Fibre optic cables are used nowadays in data transmission networks with practically every network standard. The Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) is used, for example as a standard for local computer networks based on fibre optic

DIGITUS® uses a streamlined design to bring an improved notebook bag on to the …

Styled on holiday to turn people’s heads, restrained but tasteful on business trips or simply chic when on travels! DIGITUS® brings colour to every-day of computers. Bags perfectly coordinated in size and design, decorated with detailed embroidery! The various bags and trolley alternatives are not only suitable for young notebook users. 12", 15.4" and 17" notebooks are packed quickly and safely into neoprene slimbags. The ZIP-Protect TM zipper is seamed

DIGITUS® Video Matrix Splitter for that Special “Aha” Effect

One problem that engineers are often confronted by is sending different video signals to several monitors, be it in advertising engineering, for live events with electronic graphics support or just simply for training or in conferences. DIGITUS® resolves this problem neatly with the cascaded Video Matrix Splitters for four or eight monitors. An in-built booster ensures that a distance of up to 65 m between the video source to the

More network performance with the DIGITUS® Wireless LAN USB Adapter

DIGITUS® now offers an easy and reasonably priced way of including notebooks or PCs in the Wireless LAN, the 150N USB Wireless LAN adapter with an integrated 3dBi antenna. The adapter is suitable for all the usual network environments and also supports comfortable set-up via WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). Secure connection is automatically made to the network at the touch of a button on the adapter. Cumbersome releases via the

DIGITUS® protects valuable equipment from dust and splashes

Electronic devices in networks have to work safely for many years under difficult conditions. Resistance against aggressive industrial materials, such as fumes, acids, alkaline solutions, oil and fuels limit use. The penetration of moisture and foreign bodies, such as water and dust has to be prevented. DIGITUS® now offers its customers IP 55 protection type (DIN EN 60629) network and service cabinets for this. DIGITUS® IP55 server cabinets offer protection

Wireless presentation with DIGITUS®

The latest 11n wireless technology from DIGITUS® puts real HD video transmission onto your TV or monitor. The Wireless Presentation Server of DIGITUS® also lifts business meetings up to a new professional level. Presentations can be transferred with the built-in, user-friendly 300Mbps Wireless LAN Access Point from the computer or notebook to the beamer, monitor or TV. Conferences can be moderated with the Wireless Presentation Server. Several participants can log

DIGITUS® Professional power supply rails controlled via the internet

DIGITUS® Professional presents two new power supply rails controllable via the internet by cell phone, notebook or PDA. DIGITUS® Professional offers models for various requirements in professional network systems or for the "Home automation" area. Safety for routers and servers plays a major role in the area of professional network technology. Failure of a device can lead to a high amount of damage. DIGITUS® Professional presents a new power supply rail

DIGITUS® Webcams bring fun into the chat

DIGITUS® immediately provides all webcams with new chatting software allowing the user to create his virtual screen appearance by using avatars. "Fix8” analyses the user’s rendering and uses Fixies (Avatar) technology and the design options of Fix8 FaceMaker to create a virtual figure. The integrated voice maker can also be used to change the voice. Your own videos and pictures can also be created. The fun software has to be

Positive review for DIGITUS® at CeBIT in Hannover

Assmann Electronic GmbH, the electronics specialist from Lüdenscheid presented the DIGITUS® brand with great success at CeBIT in spite of the economic crisis. "Professional network technology and home entertainment are growing together more and more. We are helping the customer to connect" says Till Brauckmann, Marketing Director of Assmann. A large number of professional visitors on the following fair days made up for the usual weak start on the first

DIGITUS® presents professional network solutions at CeBIT

DIGITUS® , the brand name of ASSMANN Electronic GmbH the electronic specialists from Lüdenscheid who are represented this year as well at CeBIT in Hannover, the largest fair for computer technology. “We present the brand name world of DIGITUS® every year at the most important international fairs for computer technology in the United Arab Emirates, Monaco and in Taiwan, amongst other places. The leading trade fair of CeBIT is one

Manageable DIGITUS® switches with SFP ports offer a large band width and flexib …

DIGITUS® extends its range of products in the area of professional network technology with several layer 2 manageable gigabit switches to concentrate more on the requirements of medium-sized and larger networks. The gigabit switches with 24 ports have two or four combi-ports respectively. Matching, optional modules for different connection and cable requirements are also obtainable for DIGITUS® products. Trouble free connection to existing networks and use of existing monitoring software

KM switch from DIGITUS® switching between 2 computers without pressing a button …

DIGITUS® now makes it easier to connect the notebook to the existing desktop input devices of mouse and keyboard with the KM (keyboard/mouse) switch DS-16100. Cumbersome or uncomfortable switch-over by pressing a button or a hotkey is no longer necessary when both devices are connected simply by USB. The user simply moves the mouse from the desktop computer to the notebook. The mouse and the keyboard operate the notebook already. Dragging

Quickly into the Internet with the ultra-compact DIGITUS® Wireless LAN USB Adap …

Wireless Lan has a growing influence on cableless network technology. Wireless Lan USB adapters which can be used to connect PCs and also laptops quickly and easily are especially practical. DIGITUS® presents a new adapter which convinces because of its ultra-compact dimensions. The adapter offers the demanding user an elegant alternative for surfing without cables in the Internet. The adapter supports the WiFi Protected Setup Function (WPS) and makes a

DIGITUS® USB Card Reader now also available for memory cards

More storage capacity is always required in the digital media world. DIGITUS® responds to this requirement and also supports the SDHC (SD High Capacity) card format with a new USB card reader stick, in addition to the precious storage media of MS, MS Pro, MS Duo, MS Pro Duo, HS MS, SD, mini SD, MMC, RS.MMC and also Micro SD (T-Flash). This storage medium obtainable in the SD format offers

DIGITUS® Server cabinet with system

DIGITUS® introduces itself with the 10" wall cabinet system which is attractive and easy to install. The stable housing for wall and standing installation consisting of 1.1mm thick sheet metal is provided with an inspection door consisting of a single pane of safety glass in order to prevent the contents from being used improperly. Two 10" locking rails at the front, cable guide with wiper rail from below to the top

DIGITUS® protects against data loss when there is a power cut

A power cut at home or at the workplace can have fatal consequences for the PC and the whole network. Keyboard failures, complete loss of data, functional faults in the hardware, damaged motherboards and a lot more can cause by a power cut. DIGITUS® acts against this frequently occurring situation with a line interactive UPS to therefore ensure a failure-free power supply (UPS). The microprocessor controlled line interactive technology leads to

Quickly into the internet by using DIGITUS® Wireless Powerline Adapters

Quick installation and easy operation make the DIGITUS® Highspeed Powerline Ethernet Adapter a useful alternative to the Wireless LAN. The DIGITUS® Powerline High-speed Ethernet Network adapter enables use of the internet in the in house area via a DSL modem. The data transmission rate of up to 85 Mbps allows good surfing speed and offers complete independence because of wireless installation. Each corner of the building can be reached even

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