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The Renewable Energy Centre supports Wind Power on the BBC Politics Show.

Managing Director, Richard Simmons put forward his arguments highlighting the benefits of wind power live on The Politics Show on Sunday, in response to a proximity bill being introduced by MP Peter Luff to the House of Commons today. The Politics Show regional section for the West Midlands was covering the debate about a proposed wind farm site in Lenchwick, Worcestershire. The local MP Peter Luff is today proposing a

2009 Budget: It was good but not good enough

The Renewable Energy Centre yesterday commented that Alistair Darlings 2009 budget took a small step in the right direction towards developing the renewables industry to ensure a firm and stable future for the UK. With figures amounting to over a billion pounds which would be allocated to reducing carbon emissions and expanding the UK’s renewables portfolio the 2009 budget seemed a positive step forward. Certainly the wind industry, which is

Further reductions of Carbon Emissions required by 2020

A report issued by the Tyndall Centre of Climate Change this week highlighted that predictions about climate change and the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions may have been too optimistic. The Renewable Energy Centre issued a statement in support of the recommendation that the UK should increase its 2020 target from 34% to a 42% reduction. The Centre has always supported the view that not enough action has been taken

The Renewable Energy Centre warns against runway three at Heathrow

Transport Secretary, Jeff Hoon announced today that an additional runway and terminal at Heathrow could go ahead. The Renewable Energy Centre released a statement warning that the consequences of such a move could be catastrophic. Although not predicted to be in operation until 2020, the new runway will herald a significant shift in the amount of carbon and other damaging gases that the UK will emit into the atmosphere. It

Success at Interbuild 2008 for The Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Centre announced increased interest and traffic to its website following the Interbuild Exhibition last week. The show which lasted five days saw a high number of visitors through the doors consisting of people from the trade, industry professionals such as architects and specifiers, the general public and students. The Renewable Energy Centre said the show was especially successful for them in terms of brand awareness and many people

The Renewable Energy Centre supports creation of Department of Energy and Climat …

The renewable Energy Centre announced today it fully supported the newly created Department for Energy and Climate Change under the leadership of Ed Miliband. Many renewable energy sector supporters have also praised the move stating that finally the government has recognised the need for a focused and direct approach to the issue. It comes in preparation for a report due to be released this week from the Climate Change

The Renewable Energy Centre supports new UK investment in wind and wave power

Plans to give additional incentives to wave power systems in Scotland to encourage more business in the region were today supported by The Renewable Energy Centre. The Scottish government announced yesterday a proposal to issue 5 ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificates) to wave power projects. Currently the UK is looking to issue 2 ROC’s for every marine project installed. The Scottish coastline has one of the biggest marine power supply potentials in

“Avoid Fuel Poverty by Insulating” says The Renewable Energy

In a statement released by The Renewable Energy Centre it was clear that the looming crisis of fuel poverty for many people in Britain could be avoided in time for winter. The Renewable Energy Centre said that insulation and draught proofing were the fundamental elements to keeping Britain warm and that further advertising, promotion and support from the Government was essential to avoid yet another embarrassment for Labour. The Renewable

The Renewable Energy Centre applauds feasibility study for Irish and Scottish Re …

Plans announced yesterday for a study into the feasibility of wind and wave farms off the coast of Northern Ireland and Scotland were heralded as a positive step forward by The Renewable Energy Centre Costing 1.6 million and funded mainly by Inter-Reg, an EU (European Union) funded programme, the study will begin later this year. The west coast of Scotland and the North and North East coast of Ireland have

The Renewable Energy Centre is shocked that homes in Eco Towns will not be zero …

A special report in the Sunday Telegraph revealed that the government was likely to make huge profits from the sale of Ministry of Defence land for the UK’s first Eco Towns but also that the homes to be built would only need to reach level 3 of the Code for Sustainable Homes (CSH). The Renewable energy Centre today expressed its concern that the government was appearing to renege on its

Gordon Brown’s “New Deal” for foreign investment in UK Renewable Energy

With the world watching oil prices steadily rise, Gordon Brown’s trip to the Middle East appeared to offer a new solution which was for oil exporting countries to increase their output but also invest in UK renewable energy. Gordon Brown has been slated by much of the media for the “new deal” offer which appears to ask oil exporters to actively promote reducing the global demand for oil by investing

The Renewable Energy Centre supports approval of new Biomass power plant in Linc …

The Renewable Energy Centre today announced its support for the construction of a 65MWe biomass plant in Lincolnshire. Permission for the plant was given to Helius Energy, by the Department of Energy, on Monday and the company is looking to initially develop six biomass stations throughout the UK. The Renewable Energy Centre said today that this was another positive sign that the government is pushing the renewables industry forward and seeking

The Renewable Energy Centre comments on Carbon Capture and Storage report

A report released this week by UK think tank, Policy Exchange has cited carbon capture and storage (CCS) as the way forward for the UK to significantly cut its carbon emissions. The report accuses the government of missing the opportunity to become a world leader in CCS and not taking proactive steps to promote a technology which could be implemented quickly and be highly effective in reducing CO2 from power

The Crown Estate shows its full support for offshore wind power

The Renewable Energy Centre today released a statement praising the efforts of The Crown Estate for its proactive plan to ensure the supply of 25GW of electricity to the UK by 2018 from new offshore wind farm sites. The Crown Estate announced a new offshore development programme, which it said would accelerate the delivery of projects and bring the UK significantly closer to reaching its EU 2020 targets. In addition

The Renewable Energy Centre supports use of Tidal power to supply the National G …

Irish company OpenHydro has become the first company to successfully supply electricity to the national grid using tidal power technology. The Renewable Energy Centre issued a statement in full support of the system and the promotion of tidal power as a reliable source of energy for the UK. The system developed by OpenHydro, is an underwater turbine which generates electricity using the energy created from the tide. Scotland is one of

The Renewable Energy Centre speaks out at Grand Designs Live Show

The Renewable Energy Centre. headlined a seminar entitled “Go Green – Get Rich” at the Grand Designs Live Show last week. Richard Simmons, MD spoke frankly about the domestic and national picture of renewable energy in the UK. He began by stating that the importance of renewable energy should be regarded in units of what he terms “Humanity Points” and not financial payback, revenue, trade off’s or tariffs. He

The Renewable Energy Centre Supports go ahead for new Tidal Projects

This week the world’s first large scale, commercial tidal stream energy generator; SeaGen was installed at Strangford Loch in Northern Ireland. Furthermore Secretary of State, John Hutton approved planning permission for a prototype Pulse Generator in the Humber Estuary. The Renewable Energy Centre announced its support of the projects and stated it was a positive step forward for tidal power industry in the light of recent focus by the government,

“It’s time to get serious about UK energy targets” says The Renewable Ener …

The Renewable Energy Centre today released a statement in response to reports by the Guardian newspaper that the government is looking for ways to meet its energy targets through investment in renewable projects outside of the UK. The reaction has come as a result of a leaked speech delivered by business minister, Lady Vadera at a meeting of the energy council of ministers and has sent shockwaves through the UK

The Renewable Energy Centre comments on Hutton’s ongoing push for Nuclear Ener …

John Hutton is today going to call for the expansion of the UK’s nuclear industry. The speech will precede an agreement due to be signed tomorrow by Gordon Brown and the French President, Nicolas Sarkozy which will promote French reactor technology in the new power stations planned for the UK. In France, 80 percent of the energy supply currently comes from nuclear power as opposed to only 20 percent in the

Is John Hutton right or wrong asks The Renewable Energy

A speech which was delivered by John Hutton, Business Secretary in London this week has caused a great deal of concern amongst opposition party leaders and green campaigners. The statement, which highlighted the continued need for and the development of fossil fuel sources for the UK’s energy supplies, has caused many to question the government’s stance on renewable energy and emissions targets. The issue surrounds the E’on power station in

When will Peak Oil Strike? The Renewable Energy comments on the Deb …

Peak Oil has been the subject of debate for many years and has largely been ignored by industry optimists but has continually worried many industry experts. The big question has it seems, finally been answered with new projections placing the point of peak oil occurring within the next 10 years. The Renewable Energy Centre today commented on the debate and the possible consequences of an early end to

“Its all about Heathrow” says The Renewable Energy

The Renewable Energy Centre released a statement today which highlighted that the publicity surrounding aviation and climate change was becoming more and more prevalent. In the space of twenty four hours, Richard Branson flew the first Boeing flight from Heathrow to Amsterdam which was powered partly by biofuel and protesters gained access to a stationery plane to protest against the proposed new runway at Heathrow. Air travel currently accounts for

The Renewable Energy Centre advocates investment in the UK’s wind farm industr …

Following the announcement by the EU commission that the UK must supply 15% of its energy from renewable sources by 2020, The Renewable Energy Centre urged the government to take immediate and practical steps to achieve this. In order to achieve these stringent targets the government has recognised that much of the renewable energy needed will come from wind power generated on land and offshore. The British Wind Energy Association (BWEA)

The Renewable Energy calls for a UK task force to implement home in …

Following the release last week of the “Heat Call for Evidence” document issued by the Office of Climate Change (OCC), The Renewable Energy Centre issued a statement calling for the government to take a proactive stance to reduce heating demands throughout the UK. Issued by the Right Honourable John Hutton MP, Secretary of State for Business Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (BERR), the report said that currently 49% of the

The Renewable Energy says energy saving is a low priority for house …

The Renewable Energy Centre stated today that despite all the warnings and publicity surrounding climate change the UK population is still far behind Europe when it comes to energy saving in the home. A survey released last week revealed shocking statistics that environmentally friendly features came seventh in the overall list of priorities for people looking to build a property. Norwich and Peterborough Building Society (N&P) issued a survey to its

The Renewable Energy responds to Hutton’s Nuclear Statement

Following John Hutton’s nuclear statement last week to the House of Commons, The Renewable Energy Centre released a statement responding to points raised in the report. In a bid to view the wider implications of Hutton’s statement, The Renewable Energy Centre today said there were three main factors to consider when looking at why nuclear power has taken central stage in the government’s energy policy. Firstly, that the threat of

The Renewable Energy Centre praises latest UK planning approvals for renewable e …

The Renewable Energy Centre today announced its support for the recent planning approvals which have been given for a 23 turbine wind farm in Sutherland and a biodiesel refinery in Port Talbot, Wales. The planning agreements have been long awaited but welcomed as a positive step towards reaching the renewable energy targets of 2016. The wind turbine farm proposals in Achany, Sutherland have taken over two years to reach this stage

The Renewable Energy Centre supports United Nations report to take action agains …

The Renewable Energy Centre today announced its support of the report “Fighting Climate Change – human solidarity in a divided world” issued by the United Nations at the end of November. It particularly targeted western countries to take urgent action against climate change. The report stated that carbon emissions would need to be cut by 80% before 2050 in order to avoid ecological catastrophe and to save many millions of

The Renewable Energy Centre supports underwater tidal power station off the coas …

The Renewable Energy Centre today announced its support of the underwater tidal power station which is to be situated off the Pembrokeshire coast and for which proposals have now been submitted to the UK government. E.ON UK and Lunar Energy announced their partnership in March this year and having completed feasibility studies, the proposals have now been submitted to the Department of Business, Enterprise and Regulatory Reform (DBERR) and other

The Renewable Energy urges Gordon Brown not to renege on 2020 Renew …

The Guardian yesterday reported that a leaked government document contained recommendations to negotiate a reduction in the 2020 European Union target that 20% of all UK energy must come from renewable sources. Campaigners in support of the renewable energy targets have already expressed their anger and The Renewable Energy Centre today released a statement highlighting how negative, both the political and environmental consequences could be. Earlier this year the Blair

The Renewable Energy Centre claims Severn Barrage is a Double Edged Sword

A ripple of concern swept through the renewable energy industry last week, following John Hutton’s announcement at the Bournmouth Labour Party Conference to commission a feasibility study for the Severn Barrage proposal. The cost of the 10 mile barrage is estimated at a minimum of 15 billion and would be the largest world wide. Hutton stated that the barrage could not only provide up to 5% of UK electricity but

The Renewable Energy Centre Partners with the World Future Energy Summit 2008

In its continued fight against climate change, The Renewable Energy Centre announced today its support for The World Energy Summit 2008, an exhibition aimed at showcasing the latest innovations in technology, opportunities in the industry, as well as new ideas from the leading companies and experts in the field. On January 21st 2008, the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) will be launched at the Abu Dhabi Exhibition Centre, and The Renewable

The Renewable Energy Centre comments on the Merton Rule

The Renewable Energy Centre commented today on the Government’s rumoured abandonment of the ‘Merton Rule’, which requires a percentage of energy in new homes to be provided by renewable sources. Named after the area of Greater London that it originated from, the Merton Rule was launched in 2003 and sets out that a percentage of the energy used in new build homes must come from on-site renewables sources such as wind

The Renewable Energy Centre: King Review of Low Carbon Cars

The Renewable Energy Centre today commented on responses to the King Review of Low Carbon Cars’ call for evidence. In the continuing fight against climate change there have been an increasing number of targets set in the UK and internationally for varying types of energy use and generation. One of the most important areas in which the UK needs to reduce carbon emissions is the transport sector, but it has also

Record Downloads for The Renewable Energy Centre’s Guide to Home Energy Saving

The Renewable Energy Centre today announced a tremendous response to the launch of the ‘Guide to Home Energy-Saving’; available to download free on their website. In the ongoing fight against climate change, there is increasing emphasis on the significance of the part which homeowners have to play. The Renewable Energy Centre has pledged to help encourage and educate UK households with the release of their Guide to Home Energy Saving. Households

The Renewable Energy Centre Partners with The Sustainability Show 2007

In continuing its fight against climate change, The Renewable Energy Centre announced today that it is actively supporting The Sustainability Show 2007, an exhibition aimed at educating the public about how businesses and individuals can work together to make a positive impact for the future. Launched at the beginning of 2007, The Renewable Energy Centre website has already established itself as an authority website in the sector and is leading the

The Renewable Energy Centre Disappointed with Go-Ahead for Thames Water Desalina …

The Renewable Energy Centre today joins many environmental groups in the opposition against plans for the £200 million Thames Water desalination plant, when a third of their water supply is currently being lost through leakages. Last Wednesday, the 18th July, the approved planning permission for the UK’s largest desalination plant, to be built in Beckton, East London, was announced. The £200 million plant will convert water from the Thames into

Will the UK House Building Industry rise to the Carbon Challenge?

The Government recently announced the launch of their “Carbon Challenge” which aims to create five zero carbon or near carbon developments throughout the UK in order to provide working examples to the building industry. It is estimated that homes currently produce 27% of the UK’s 40 million tonnes of annual carbon dioxide emissions. This makes home energy saving one of the most important areas for the government to direct their

The Renewable Energy Centre Evaluates £200 million Proposal for World's Largest …

Associated British Foods, DuPont and BP have announced a £200 million proposal for one of the world’s largest biofuel plants to be built on BP’s chemical site at Saltend, Hull. Since 1996 the number of vehicles on the road has increased from around 27 million to over 33 million, and the transport sector currently accounts for approximately a quarter of total UK carbon emissions. Combined with continually rising fuel prices and encourages its visitors to calculate their carbon …

The Renewable Energy Centre announced its support of the Government’s recently launched “Act on CO2” website by adding a link to the carbon calculator from its homepage. The Renewable Energy Centre is an online specialist resource for businesses, government organisations and individuals researching sustainable and renewable technologies. Launched at the beginning of 2007, The Renewable Energy Centre has already established itself as an authority website in the sector through media coverage

The Renewable Energy Centre; Leading the Way in Promoting Renewable Energy

Due to popular demand The Renewable Energy Centre has added three new sections to their website; a directory of UK and International renewable energy exhibitions and conferences for trade and consumers, a section for relevant Educational Resources and advice on government grants and funds available. The Renewable Energy Centre website has been heralded as the first of its kind in the UK and is leading the way as a primary source

The Renewable Energy Centre voices concern over £14 billion Severn Barrage

Following the recent Energy White Paper The Renewable Energy Centre announced it’s support of the Government’s decision to once again consider the benefits of tidal power, but voiced its concern regarding the environmental implications of the proposed Severn Barrage. The tidal power industry moved a step forward on the publication of the Energy White Paper last month when Trade Secretary Alistair Darling highlighted the future importance of tidal power and stated

The Renewable Energy Centre Concerned about Delay of Energy Performance Certific …

Following the announcement that the launch of Home Information Packs, including the key Energy Performance Certificates, will be delayed until 1st August, The Renewable Energy Centre voices its concerns about the resulting impact on the UK’s fight against climate change. It was announced by the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government Ruth Kelly last month that the controversial Home Information Packs (HIPs) due to launch on June 1st have

The Renewable Energy Centre: Energy White Paper 2007

The Renewable Energy Centre comments on how the Energy White Paper released on the 23rd May will affect UK consumers and businesses. Last week the Department of Trade and Industries Secretary Alistair Darling released the 2007 Energy White paper, setting out the Government’s vision for renewable and nuclear power for the future, focusing on the two main challenges for the government at this time. The main issue addressed was the question of

The Renewable Energy Centre helps to make the Subject of Wind Power a Breeze for …

With the rising popularity of renewable technologies in the UK The Renewable Energy Centre was pleased to announce a record number of visits to the Wind Power section of the website this month. today was pleased to announce record visits to the Wind Power section of their website this month, as many individuals and companies are beginning to research this emerging technology in response to increasing media coverage. The Nuclear Power

The Renewable Energy Centre Discusses the Future of Water Recycling

With ever increasing temperatures, less rainfall and a summer hosepipe ban a likely possibility this year, The Renewable Energy Centre discusses water recycling and how useful it will be to us in the future? Last month the UK saw the hottest April since records began in 1840 with an average temperature of 11.2C (52.16F), breaking the previous record set in 1865 of 10.6C (51.08F). It was also the driest April in

The Renewable Energy Announces its Support for £28million 'Wave Hub' Project

Following the announcement of the secured funding for the World’s largest Wave Farm to be built just off the coast of Cornwall, The Renewable Energy Centre is actively supporting the growth of this source of renewable energy, with a section on its website dedicated to wave and tidal power. The Renewable Energy Centre was delighted with the announcement that the proposed plans for the world’s largest wave farm situated just off

The Renewable Energy Centre Backs Opposition to Patio Heaters

The Renewable Energy Centre has announced today it is joining the fight against energy inefficient patio heaters by launching a new section to their website dedicated to Biomass related alternatives. The Renewable Energy Centre, an online directory of specialist manufacturers and suppliers, has committed itself to helping change the UK consumer attitudes to patio heaters by providing visitors with information on alternatives to the highly energy inefficient gas heaters. Biomass fuel

The Renewable Energy Centre’s Helps to Combat Fuel Poverty - Practical Tips fo …

The Renewable Energy Centre fights the fuel poverty crisis and proves that home owners need not invest a lot of money to improve the energy efficiency of their home and cut utility bills. A recent report commissioned by the Energy Efficiency Partnership has discovered that around 3 million households currently spend over 10% of their income on electricity and gas bills. This is a percentage 3 times higher than the average

The Renewable Energy Centre weighs up the Value of Energy Performance Certificat …

UK households are said to be responsible for a quarter of the UK’s total carbon emissions and the Energy Performance Certificate is the Governments latest step in attempting to change house-holders’ attitudes a greener home. The Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is just one part of the controversial proposed House Information Pack (HIP) plan. From June 2007 every house for sale will first need to complete an assessment for its carbon emissions

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