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The Construction Centre lends support to PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundat …

Having heard about the recent Christmas charity single released by The Strawheads in aid of PC David Rathband’s Blue Lamp Foundation, The Construction Centre has decided to lend its support by promoting the single through their website, Twitter page and blog. PC David Rathband was shot by Raoul Moat in Cumbria this year leaving him permanently blind. However while recovering in hospital he realised that many service men and women have

2009 Economy and Budget: It's broken and it can't be fixed

Richard Simmons, Managing Director at The Construction Centre suggests the UK economy may never recover... The great problem with democracy and a 5 year election cycle is that there is little incentive for the Government to speak the truth or candidly make honest forecasts. In October last year the Government and Bank of England were ‘pretending to be surprised’ that the forecast contraction in GDP for 2009 was at 0.5%

Success at Interbuild 2008 for The Construction

The Construction Centre announced an increase in visitor traffic to its website and enquiries to building manufacturers and suppliers following the Interbuild Exhibition last week. The show which lasted five days saw a high number of visitors through the doors consisting of people from the building trade, industry professionals such as architects and specifiers, the general public and students. The Construction Centre, renowned in the industry for being the most widely

The Construction highlights fresh reports of skills shortages in th …

The Construction Centre reported earlier this year that migrant building workers were returning to their homelands which would exacerbate the UK skills shortage. Fresh reports released today by the Times indicate that the Olympic Delivery Authority and the London Development Agency will be investing up to £20 million on training people in order to meet the construction timescales for the 2012 Olympics. The Construction Centre said that the issue of migrant

VAT reduction proposals welcomed by The Construction

The European Union (EU) announced last week that small firms in the building, catering and services industry could benefit from a VAT reduction to 5% from the current rate of 17.5%. The Construction Centre said that for the building industry in particular, this move could significantly help local firms and close the gap between the VAT registered and non registered businesses. For a long time local building firms have

The Construction comments on the continued declining house building …

Fresh reports today revealed that the construction industry suffered further last month with purchasing activity down to its lowest point for eleven years. Housebuilders have been worst hit with Taylor Wimpey announcing 900 job losses, 13 office closures and struggling to find investors. The other major players such as Persimmon, Redrow and Barratt are continuing to weather increasing storm. The Construction Centre said that the situation had not yet

The Construction Centre highlights its concern over housebuilders reaction to sl …

Several reports this week that major UK housebuilders are considering job losses and the postponement of projects have revealed that the construction industry will not be immune from the effects of the global credit crunch. The Construction Centre said that there is a desperate shortage of new homes being built across the UK despite the signs of a serious downturn for the large scale housing firms and that it was

The Construction Centre comments on the UK housing and construction markets

Fresh reports released by the CIOB (Chartered Institute of Building) and RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) this week seem to be compounding the belief that the credit crunch has not only affected the UK housing market but also the construction industry. The Construction Centre today released a statement highlighting the need for an objective approach to the situation. In the first instance The Construction Centre drew particular attention to

“RICS survey puts government target of 3 million homes at risk” says The Con …

A survey released by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) today has shown a sharp downturn in workload growth particularly in the housing sector. The Construction Centre released a statement in response to the report saying that the industry has until now remained relatively buoyant but with skills shortages and other economic factors such as the credit crunch; the housing market would undoubtedly suffer. The announcement that workloads fell to

The Construction Centre UK comments on the push for Nuclear Power

The Construction Centre highlighted that events this week have shown just how serious the government is about the development of nuclear power in the UK. Nicolas Sarkozy, the French President during his state visit to the UK this week will sign an agreement of cooperation between the two countries on the use of French technology in the development of UK nuclear power. Business Secretary John Hutton said in a

The Construction Centre UK comments on the Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL)

The Construction Centre today released a statement in support of the proposed Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) which is set to replace the unpopular Planning Gain Supplement. The CIL will require housing developers to pay a charge in order to help local governments fund the infrastructure needed such as roads schools and health centres, in order to support the community. However The Construction Centre warned that tight controls and measures should

The Construction Centre UK responds to Darling’s first budget

Alistair Darling, Chancellor of the Exchequer delivered his first budget yesterday in the House of Commons. There were few surprises as Darling sought to raise taxes in order to support the likely economic downturn however it was slated by the opposition as a “bad news budget”. The Construction Centre issued a statement saying that it was clear that this year’s budget was a strategy to replenish funds which would not be

Skills shortages now critical for UK building industry says The Construction Cen …

Following the release of the Construction Skills report on the state of the building industry, The Construction Centre released a statement today about its concern for the skills shortage. The UK building industry is predicted to need over 80,000 new workers each year between now and 2011. The type of jobs needed range from electricians and plumbers to civil and mechanical engineers. The Construction Centre commented that this short fall

The Construction comments on the Lifetime Homes Strategy

The Government this week published a new strategy for housing guidelines which help to accommodate the needs of the elderly and is to be woven into the existing policy; the Code for Sustainable Homes. The strategy has been hailed as the first of its kind in the world and The Construction Centre today commented on how it might affect the UK’s already new build industry. The Lifetime Homes report sets

The Construction says health and safety is a mindset not a policy

Following the much publicised announcement by Laing O’Rourke to introduce random alcohol and drug testing for all employees, The Construction Centre released a statement in support of the move but suggested that companies in the industry could go further still to reduce and even eliminate site accidents. The Construction Centre indicated that changing established cultures was at the heart of reaching a zero accident record. For too long it said, managers

The Construction remains at the top of the class

The online provider for information on building products for the public and private sectors of the construction industry announced today that record visitor numbers in January indicated a very successful year ahead. The Construction Centre is regarded as an authority site by search engines and as a result has seen a dramatic increase in popularity. Throughout 2007 The Construction Centre has seen its traffic steadily rising and its proliferation of

The Construction comments on UK government’s regeneration plans

The UK government has stated its intention to solve the housing shortage by building 3 million new homes by 2020. This is a staggering number for the house building industry and The Construction Centre today released a statement commenting on the potential pitfalls of this bold strategy. Last year, The Construction Centre reported on the Thames Gateway regeneration project announced by Gordon Brown; this is one of the largest regeneration projects

The Construction Centre supports Sir Michael Pitts’ Flood Report

Following the release of The Pitt Review this week, on the severe flooding which hit the UK in June and July this year, The Construction Centre issued a statement fully supporting its recommendations. The document highlights fifteen urgent areas which need immediate attention in order to prevent some of the disastrous outcomes experienced during the summer. Many of the recommendations concentrated on flood preparation and planning which The Construction Centre agreed

The Construction Centre highlights concerns over Thames Gateway regeneration pro …

Plans for the huge regeneration project in the Thames Gateway area received a mixed response last week. The project which could be the largest of its kind in Europe is set to cost around 9 billion pounds and span 40 miles along the Thames. Gordon Brown when addressing The Thames Gateway Forum last week said that the project would not only fulfil the 2016 environmental targets but also provide work

The Construction supports WRAP’s Off Site Construction Report

Following a report issued earlier this month by WRAP (Waste and Resources Action Programme) regarding off site construction (OSC), The Construction Centre today announced it was in full support of the potential cost and environmental benefits to the building industry. WRAP commissioned a series of case studies to assess which methods of off site construction could potentially reduce the most amount of on site waste. The government has set a

The Construction supports calls for Building Regulations review cov …

With two large commercial building fires within the space of two weeks, The Construction Centre has today announced its support for a review of Building Regulations as recommended by the Fire Protection Association. Tragically four fire fighters died in the recent Warwickshire warehouse blaze and last week a warehouse on the site of the Olympic Park needed over seventy five fire fighters to bring the fire under control. The Construction

The Construction Centre supports zero carbon plans for non domestic buildings

The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has this week announced its intention to lead a project for the Department for Communities and Local Government (DCLG) researching the implications of implementing a zero carbon policy for non domestic new and existing buildings. The Construction Centre today announced its support of the project having highlighted the need for a policy in a press release earlier this year. The Construction Centre stated that

The Construction supports HSE and IoD report; Leading Health and Sa …

Following the release of new guidance issued by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Institute of Directors (IoD) this week, The Construction Centre today released a statement fully supporting of the document. The guidance has been written for directors and is designed to provide a basis for creating and implementing an effective Health and Safety strategy. The report sets out an agenda where Health and Safety should be led

The Construction calls for Further Investigation into Diesel Partic …

The Construction Centre announced today its support of the Construction Plant Hire Association’s (CPA) lobby to revise key elements of the Best Practice Guidance, issued by the Greater London Authority, in order to help plant owners and suppliers transition to meet EU emission standards. The Greater London Authority (GLA) released two schemes in November 2006 to help achieve EU recommended emission standards; the Low Emission Zone (LEZ) scheme which

Brown’s zero carbon tax breaks don’t go far enough says The Construction Cen …

Gordon Brown’s announcement in May this year that new carbon zero homes would be exempt from stamp duty was positively received by both the public and construction industry. However, The Construction Centre today voiced its concern that the directive to build zero carbon homes is not being achieved. As yet the Government has not formally announced the definition of exactly what constitutes a zero carbon home in order to achieve

The Construction Voices Concern over Shortage of UK Homes

The Construction Centre today highlighted its concern regarding the reduction, over the last ten years, in the number of new build homes being built in the UK. It is thought that environmental issues are partly to blame for the shortfall and the consequences could be far reaching. The Construction Centre in reviewing the current new build statistics looked back to see what factors caused the decline in

The Construction supports Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions Draf …

The Construction Centre today announced its support of the Regulatory Enforcement and Sanctions (RES) Bill and welcomed the proposals for consistent and proportionate methods to deal with non-compliance to regulations within the building industry. The draft bill is expected to become law in April 2008 and proposes significant changes for regulators across the industry, affecting both small and large construction companies. The Construction Centre warned that companies would need to

The Construction Centre supports Crane Safety after Strategic Forum Summit

Following the recent flurry of accidents and deaths relating to crane collapses, The Construction Centre announced its support of the Strategic Forum Summit. The summit held on 9th August, highlighted key areas and issues which needed to be addressed in order to ensure tower crane safety and reduce the current accident rate. The summit was attended by 24 industry representatives to agree a formal set of actions which need to

The Construction takes practical steps to help UK flood victims

Following the devastating effects of recent rainfall across Gloucestershire and Oxfordshire, The Construction Centre has responded by compiling a practical and easy guide to coping with flood damage. Richard Simmons Managing Director of, the UK’s leading website for providing information on building products and people, was struck by the enormity of the situation and decided to take immediate action to help people by setting up an area on the

The Construction supports Federation of Master Builders lobby on Pl …

The Construction Centre today announced its support of the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) lobby against the government regarding the proposals laid out in Mays planning white paper, affecting loft conversions and roof extensions. The FMB claims the white paper which promoted a lift in planning restrictions for minor home improvements particularly concerning loft conversions, will in fact negatively impact the building trade and create more pressure on local government than

The Construction comments on UK cement shortages

The last quarter has seen widespread reporting on the UK’s cement supply chain, highlighting severe shortages which have been affecting projects around the country. In reviewing the situation The Construction Centre highlighted that currently there are three main standpoints of opinion. The main UK cement producers are confident of continued production to meet the demand, the British Cement Association (BCA) is defending this position and the British Aggregates Association (BAA)

The Construction reveals building industry search trends for the se …

The Construction Centre released today its assessment of online search trends for building and construction according to its website statistics for the second quarter of 2007. The construction Centre is one of the UK’s largest and busiest directories enabling industry professionals and consumers to find thousands of products and services in one central online location. The Construction Centre highlighted the most popular search terms for the last quarter as fencing,

The Construction adds Acoustic Engineers to its Professionals direc …

Due to a rise in popularity for searches regarding specialist acoustic engineering firms a new section has been added to the Professionals directory on The Construction Centre website. Acoustic Engineering covers a broad spectrum of services and is now particularly sought after with the current emphasis on environment and sustainability within the construction industry. Noise pollution is becoming an ever increasing issue with the ongoing development of infrastructure such as

The Construction helps promote the use of sustainable materials for …

The Construction Centre today highlighted its extensive database for architects and contractors to find recycled and sustainable products in order help conform to the Site Waste Management Plans (SWMPs) which come into effect in April 2008. SWMPs aim to reduce the amount of waste produced on construction sites. Projects from £250K to £500K will be required to complete a standard assessment and all those over £500K will need to complete

The Construction helps promote Carbon Challenge plans

The Construction Centre today announced its support of the Government’s Carbon Challenge plans, which aims to create five zero carbon or near zero carbon developments throughout the UK in order to provide working examples to the building industry. The idea is to encourage housebuilders to implement good building practices in order to meet the 2016, CO2 emissions targets. The Construction Centre has a vast database of products and search terms

The Construction Centre helps the Building Industry Move Forward

The Construction Centre today announced four new valuable additions to its website; Exhibitions & Events, University and College Courses, Building Regulations and Construction Work in a bid to help further promote careers and business in the building industry. With the ongoing UK building boom, skill shortages are widely documented in the sector and The Construction Centre has pledged to help encourage the industry both in careers and contract opportunities. Aimed at

Response to Planning White Paper from The Construction

Following the release of the Planning White Paper by Communities Secretary, Ruth Kelly on Monday last week, The construction Centre has welcomed the proposals but with a degree of caution. The Construction Centre is specialist online resource delivering search results on thousands of building products and people. The company is the only UK provider delivering such a diverse range of accurate and relevant information for industry professionals such as specifiers, housebuilders,

The Construction Centre sees rise in searches as UK responds to new smoking ban …

The construction Centre today announced that searches on its website for signage and smoking shelters have increased significantly over the last two months, as businesses prepare for the new smoking ban laws which come into effect on 1st July 2007. The legislation affects all business and public places which have what is termed as, enclosed areas. These areas must by law, be smoke free from July and signs should indicate

The Construction seeks to help reduce the UK building industry skil …

The Construction Centre today issued concern for the UK building industry, which is currently seeing continued improvement and buoyancy in the market but which is also simultaneously experiencing a skills shortage. Many industry pundits have also highlighted their worries that despite the apparent boom, many contractors are struggling to find labour particularly for tradesmen such as plumbers, bricklayers and carpenters. It has been widely documented that for the last few years

The Construction Centre expresses concern over UK sustainability targets

The Construction Centre today joined many building industry commentators in suggesting that the Governments targets for zero carbon new homes by 2016 could be unrealistic. It is thought that the targets themselves are attainable but concern remains as to how aware product manufacturers and contractors are about how these targets can be achieved on a practical level. The Code for Sustainable homes released in December 2006, sets out guidelines for

The Construction reveals building industry search trends for the sp …

The Construction Centre released today its assessment of online search trends for building and construction according to its website statistics for the first quarter of 2007. The construction Centre is one of the UK’s largest and busiest directories enabling industry professionals and consumers to find thousands of products and services in one central online location. The Construction Centre highlighted the most popular search terms as paving and bricks which were

The Construction Centre reviews Health and Safety in the Building Industry

The Construction Centre has reviewed the provisional figures for deaths and injuries in construction which has been issued by the HSE (Health and Safety Executive) for the year 2006-2007. Indications show that there is still a long way for the UK building industry to go in order to reduce the number of fatalities every year. The report estimates that construction related deaths have risen in the last year from 64

The Construction Centre backs national bid to raise equality in the UK Building …

The Construction Centre announced today that it fully supports the increasing role of women in the building industry and has committed to raising UK awareness through its website. It will list female Professionals and Tradeswomen in its directories alongside links to Trade Associations such as Women and Manual Trade (WAMT) and the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC). an online directory which delivers building information on product and services

The Construction Centre Quarries Deeper into the New Levy on Aggregates

Following Gordon Brown’s budget on Wednesday this week, is supporting widespread industry views that the aggregates sector now seems to be bearing the brunt of the Governments bid to raise funds, under the guise of encouraging greener practices. The industry is reeling from the surprise announcement of a 20% rise in the levy on primary aggregates and the news is set to create a ripple of unrest from many

A New Benchmark for Online Building Information has been set by theconstructionc …

The Construction Centre website; launched at the end of 2006 is set to become the UK’s busiest online directory for delivering results on products and people relating to the building industry. The website boasts a searchable database of over 10,000 product manufacturers but has set a new precedent by adding comprehensive directories which include over 50,000 contact details for architects, engineers, house builders, tradesmen and contractors. The website is first

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