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The road to Net Zero

Philadelphia Scientific's journey to reduce environmental impact at Manufacturing UK Headquarters Manchester, July 10, 2023 - Philadelphia Scientific, a leading global innovator in stored energy technologies, is continuing the road to reduce the carbon footprint of the UK Headquarters in Bolton in Greater Manchester. Duncan Jones, Managing Director states "All companies need to do their part to reduce their impact. The next stage of our journey is to

Maximize your battery room's performance with the latest iBOS Battery Management …

Philadelphia Scientific, the world's leading battery room data expert, is set to revolutionize battery room and fleet performance with the launch the latest evolution of its iBOS system, Battery Manager. Visitors to this year's ProMat exhibition, which takes place March 20-23, at McCormick Place in Chicago, will be the first to witness the new module and Philadelphia Scientific is offering those attending the event the chance to get an up-close look

Making the Stealth Barbed Watering System even more cost effective

MONTGOMMERYVILLE, PA, January 12th 2021: Philadelphia Scientific announces a huge improvement to the Stealth Barbed Watering System. As the most reliable and lowest profile float-based battery watering system available anywhere on the market today, you’d think that the stealth barbed watering system couldn’t get any better, right? Well, our expanding research and development team has brought forward improvements to the design of the valve and the system, making it, even more,

How much a forklift truck battery costs per hour. Making the right financial dec …

MONTGOMMERYVILLE, PA, November 16th 2020: It’s been a hard year to predict. The figures that are going to be used to forecast 2021 and the years that follow are going to take some time to navigate! But the world keeps on turning, and that means everyone will have to take a slightly more realistic approach when creating a roadmap for the future. Planning and coordinating the energy requirements needed to keep

Everyone talks about the when, but not about the how. Making the most out of a b …

BOLTON, England, June 17, 2020: Battery watering is one of those tasks that gets kicked down the road until it’s too late. Well, it used to be until our range of SmartBlinky electrolyte indicators became industry standard and everybody knew exactly when to water their batteries. For some however, that’s where the conversation stopped, they knew when to put water into a battery so problem solved right? Certainly, watering the

The Internet of Things

Everything is smart these days; smart phones, smart cars and smart appliances, and these devices are becoming commonplace. Just look around your own home! They’re examples of smart technologies and come under the term ‘the Internet of Things’. This refers to the network of items that are interconnected and exchange data which is useful in all parts of life. The IoT also offers a lot of benefits to businesses, helping

Lead-Acid batteries continue to show sustainability is key

The sustainability of lead-acid batteries, in any application, will always beat Li-Ion due to their unique ability of being fully recyclable. The process that the battery goes through whilst being recycled means that we can get each and every component back from the old battery and can be used to make a new lead-acid battery. Check out our amazing infographic to see how lead-acid batteries are recycled! Lead-acid batteries are sustainable due

Eliminate forklift battery tray failure.

As experts in their field, people should have stopped believing things disappeared when you couldn’t see them anymore. Surprisingly this isn’t always the case and some haven’t grown out of peek-a-boo problems. The first time you know you’ve got electrolyte in the bottom of your forklift battery tray is when the hole appears in the side, or worse still, you get acid leaking out onto the floor. It’s very easy for

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