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Gardening for Smiles during May

Manitowoc, WI – The Dramm Corporation, a leading manufacturer of high quality watering tools, is “Springing for Hope”. Each May, the Dramm Corporation will choose a non-profit organization and will donate financially to the organization. This year efforts will benefit the Free to Smile Foundation, with a portion of May’s retail sales going to Free to Smile. Free to Smile is a non-profit organization based in Columbus, Ohio that provides

Introducing the ColorStorm™ Spinning Sprinkler

Manitowoc, WI – June 19th, 2012 – With the hot summer months upon us, Dramm introduces a brand new Sprinkler to the ColorStorm™ Sprinkler family, the new ColorStorm™ Spinning Sprinkler has a beautiful spray pattern, works well with low water pressure, comes in Dramm’s 6 bright rainbow colors and is available at your local independent garden center as well as many online sources including The new ColorStorm™ Spinning

Vegetable Water Treatment System Installation Progressing

Santa Maria, CA- DRAMMwater with our vendor Advanced Treatment Technologies designed and supplied a complete closed loop water management system for this 64 acre vegetable production greenhouse that will expand to 128 acres. The water management system supplies ultra-pure, highly oxygenated water to the greenhouse and landscape irrigation systems; to the utility and processing applications; and to the potable water supply for the entire facility. The DRAMMwater system includes the treatment and

Dramm introduces a new in-line hose filter

Dramm introduces the new ILF-175 in-line hose filter. With an 80 mesh, easy to clean, screen, the ILF-175 is the perfect device to protect your watering tools from particulate, hard water and algae. The 80 mesh (175 µ) screen removes most particulate that will clog Dramm watering tools. The easy to remove screen cleans quickly and with far less hassle than cleaning the watering tools themselves. The new

Thermal Fogging for Disinfection Demonstration

Thermal fogging for disinfection is a tested method with excellent results. When used after cleaning, thermal fogging can improve sanitization of livestock and food facilities by applying a fine film of disinfectant to all surfaces of a building. With proper equipment, the atomized fog solution will fill an entire barn and reach difficult areas with ease. PulsFOG thermal foggers are made maximize the ability of the fog

Dramm Releases a new White Paper: Effective Disinfection with Thermal Fogging

Dramm has released a white paper exploring thermal fogging as an application method for disinfection in livestock facilities. Thermal Fogging for disinfection in livestock facilities is a safe and effective method for final decontamination. This article explores the thermal fogging process, explains the mechanics and the physics of thermal fogging and addresses the efficacy of thermo-kinetically atomized droplets in the disinfection process. Visit our website at to download this white

DRAMMwater: VitroClean Glass Filter Media for Sand Filters

VitroCleanTM Green crushed glass filter media is manufactured from recycled, processed glass and is a direct replacement for silica sand and other materials in media filters. VitroClean offers you the safest, most reliable and cost effective way to upgrade your new or existing sand filter system. Designed to work in existing sand filter, VitroClean Glass Media will filter finer than sand with 20% less media required. Unlike sand, VitroClean

Dramm Introduces the New BP-4 Battery Operated Back Pack Sprayer

Dramm Introduces the NEW BP-4 Battery-powered Back Pack Sprayer. Utilizing a rechargeable battery, the BP-4 has higher pressure than other back pack sprayers for better atomization or greater spray distance. The New BP-4 is comfortable to wear and lightweight. This easy-to-use sprayer comes with several different nozzles for flexibility. Perfect for PGRs, spot spraying and general chemical application. For more information on the BP-4 visit the product web page at or contact

Dramm Introduces Dean Mraz

Manitowoc, Wisconsin - February 12th, 2009 – Dramm welcomes Dean Mraz to the team as the new Commercial Customer Service Representative. Dean will be available to answer questions regarding Dramm’s full line of chemical application systems, environmental control systems, irrigation system and watering tools. Dean is thrilled to be joining the Dramm team. “I am looking forward to this exciting career with Dramm Corporation,” Dean says, “I look forward to

Dramm Introduces Its Durable, Lightweight Aluminum Shut Off Valve

For years, Dramm's #300 Brass Shut Off has been the standard in hand-watering for durability. The only complaint we have ever received on our heavy duty valve was the weight. Our new Aluminum Body Shut Off addresses that concern. Utilizing the same engineering, the same design and even the same components, Dramm's New Aluminum Body Valve is just as durable and just as full flow. By manufacturing the body from aluminum, we

Apply Systemic Insecticides and Plant Growth Regulators With the Dramm Chemdose

The Dramm Chemdose system makes precise drench applications fast, easy and accurate. With seasonal applications of systemic insecticide applications of greenhouse chemicals like Marathon, Flagship, Safari and Tristar just around the bend, the Dramm Chemdose can make quick and easy work of this tedious and labor-intensive project. The Chemdose applies exact, measured amounts of greenhouse and nursery chemicals directly to the root zone. With both variable doses and intervals

JetFog Livestock Cooling System A Big Hit

Dramm\'s new JetFog Livestock Cooling System is a big hit at the International Poultry Exposition in Atlanta, Georgia. Dramm\'s innovative system utilizes line pressure (50 psi) to create a fine mist that evaporatively cools the air in the barn. The heart of the system in the Dramm JetFog nozzle. This nozzle has an output of 1.6 gph (5.8 lph) at 50 psi. The 80 µ (micron) mist created by the nozzle

Dramm Introduces Hans Dramm - Finance Officer

MANITOWOC – Dramm Corporation has hired three new employees, Hans Dramm, Kathy Haag and Jeff Karl. Hans Dramm, CEO and owner Kurt Dramm’s son, is joining the Dramm team as the new Finance Officer. Hans worked during the summers throughout high school and most of college and graduated in 1995 from the University of Chicago with an AB in Political Science. After graduation Hans worked as a money manager for

DRAMMATIC Fertilizer NOW on EBay

September 5th, 2007 – Manitowoc, Wis. – Dramm’s Drammatic line of organic plant food is now only a click away. Just type in and click on the “BUY NOW” link to view Dramm’s complete line of all-natural, OMRI listed and earth friendly fertilizers that will be brought right to your door. For a beautiful lawn and garden that’s healthy and safe use Drammatic Liquid Plant Foods. The ready-to-spray

WINNERS for the 8th Annual DRAMM/OFA 5K Relay

August 20, 2007 – Funds raised from runner/walker registration fees and sponsorships totaled over $5,000. All proceeds of the relay benefited America In Bloom; an organization dedicated to promoting nationwide beautification programs through the use of flowers, plants, and trees. Teams competed at Goodale Park in Columbus, Ohio for first, second and third place awards that were honored at the OFA Short Course Awards Ceremony on Saturday, July 14th. Carbon

Dramm's New 2008 Commercial Products

August 1, 2007- Dramm Corporation recently attended the OFA Short Course in Columbus, Ohio and showcased the new ColorStorm™-Professional Rubber Hose as well as redesigned the Chemdose 2 and the Hydra Sprayer. You couldn’t pass by Dramm’s booth without the bright yellow hose catching your eye. In addition to tracking attention, the hose helps prevent customers and greenhouse growers from tripping. The ColorStorm™-Professional Rubber Hose is made from EPDM rubber for

RUNNING Out of Time to Sponsor the 8th Annual Dramm/OFA 5K Relay

June 19, 2007 - Manitowoc, WI – If running isn’t your sport; you and your company can still contribute by sponsoring the 8th Annual Dramm/OFA 5K Relay. All proceeds of the relay will benefit America In Bloom; an organization dedicated to promoting nationwide beautification programs through the use of flowers, plants, and trees. Sponsorships are available at several levels on promotional material such as the relay T-Shirts, signs and banners

Dramm Introduces New Durable ColorStorm-Professsional Rubber Hose

Realizing that the perfect nozzle is only part of the hand watering experience, Dramm is introducing a line of hose designed to equal our watering tools in quality. Dramm ColorStorm-Professional Rubber Hose is made from EPDM rubber for a "crackless" hose cover that is resistant to abrasion and weathering. This reinforced hose is hexagonal in shape to reduce kinking. The design of the hose allows a user

Dramm Makes a Big Splash with New Products for 2008

May 16, 2007 – Dramm Corporation recently attended the National Hardware Show in Orlando, Florida and announced three new products: Dramm’s ColorStorm™ Premium Rubber Hose, 5-Liter Water Can, now made in the U.S.A, and Pruning Shears. At the National Hardware Show, Dramm’s booth was buzzing. The biggest talk was about the new ColorStorm™ Premium Rubber Hose in Dramm’s signature rainbow colors. Ron Greening says, “The color is the first thing you

Dramm Shipping New FertiCart for Dosmatic and Dosatron Injectors

The New Dramm FertiCart is now available in a model that fits Dosmatic injectors. Originally available for the Dosatron Injectors only, the New FC20-DM FertiCart is plumbed to fit the Dosmatic A 30 injector. Utilizing the popular 20 gallon MSO cart and tank, the Portable Injector Cart makes fertilizing and drenching easy. With low connection points to prevent tipping, a check valve and filter, injecting chemicals and fertilizers in the greenhouse

Soft EPDM Foam Rubber Grips Replace Plastic Grips on Dramm Handi Reach Handle Wa …

The staple watering wand for commercial greenhouse growers, the Dramm Handi Reach Handle, has been given an upgrade. The revised Handi Reach Handles now use soft, comfortable EPDM foam rubber grips, easing the strain of greenhouse hand watering. In addition the new EPDM grips insulate workers hands from the cold irrigation water. The new EPDM foam grips are durable and ultraviolet light stabilized for long life. Unlike many

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