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HIV Vaccine Market Opportunity Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Ever since HIV was identified as the cause for AIDS 30 years ago, the HIV virus has become one of the greatest challenges of public health facing all countries of the world. According to UNAIDS, death due to AIDS was estimated to close to 1.6 million in 2012. There were 2.3 million new HIV infections, and about 35.3 million people currently living with HIV. Given the pace at which the

Global RNA Interference (RNAi) Therapy Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report 2 …

The popularity of RNAi technology has been increasing in recent times as is has become a major component of basic research, and in drug discovery. Over the years this technology has become an integral part of the process of determining the functions of gene, in analyzing pathways, and in the validation of the target both in academia and in industry. Download Report: For Report Sample Contact: or +91-11-47067990 "Global RNA Interference (RNAi)

Cancer Gene Therapy Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report

The gene therapy market has undergone series of transformation from the initial days of research to current clinical development of drugs for treatment of multiple diseases. The initial studies of gene therapy were conducted mostly on monogenetic diseases, but the focus of the researchers rapidly shifted towards the cancer. The increasing popularity of cancer therapeutics as a major interest for gene therapy applications led to it accounting for a dominant

Singapore Clinical Trial Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report

Singapore has off late come to become the nucleus of clinical research activities in the Asia-Pacific region. The country is a natural hub for manufacturers and clinicians. It also possesses one of the best healthcare infrastructure networks in the entire region. Singapore is the third largest market in Asia for conducting clinical trials. The national government has been extremely supportive in developing clinical research activities and maintaining high immunization rates.

COPD Drug Market Opportunity Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Close to 1 Billion people worldwide suffer from respiratory or pulmonary diseases. In the respiratory therapeutic domain, Asthma and COPD are the major categories, accounting for close to 75% of the total patient for respiratory or pulmonary diseases. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) is a disease which progresses in the lungs and requires treatment all through the life. It is an inflammatory disorder which is characterized by obstruction in the

Transdermal Drug Delivery Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Transdermal drug delivery system, over the past decades, has emerged as a major tool for treating diseases of the skin. The major underlying factor driving this method is that the human skin is the most readily accessible surface for the delivery of drugs. A transdermal patch is defined as a medicated adhesive patch which is placed on the skin for delivering a specific dose of medication through the layers of

Pulmonary Drug Delivery Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

The demand for new and innovative drug delivery systems has been on a rising trend with the pharmaceutical companies concentrating on developing innovative methods for this area. It is the result of these continued efforts, which have led to the ever rising popularity of pulmonary drug delivery methods across the globe. Pulmonary drug delivery system uses the respiratory tract to deliver drugs into the lungs in order to treat diseases

Antibody Drug Conjugate Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report

Ever since the first attempt in the 1980's to use antibody-based drugs as therapeutic agents, the application and use of monoclonal antibody-drug conjugates has evolved in several ways. The major advantage of using Antibody Drug Conjugates (ADC) is that it brings together the best characteristics of both antibodies and the cytotoxic potential of chemotherapy. This offers significant opportunity for the future in terms of targeted accumulation of drug in the

Controlled Release Drug Delivery Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline R …

Controlled drug delivery refers to a system combining the formulation components and devices with the objective of releasing a drug at a predictable rate. The controlled drug delivery system makes it possible in vivo, irrespective of whether the administration of the drug is done through the injected or non-injected route. A controlled drug delivery is observed to occur when a natural or a synthetic polymer is carefully combined with a

Nanoparticle Drug Delivery Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Drug delivery technologies currently occupy a significant position in the pharmaceutical industry. It has become so important that the mode of delivery of drugs has come to define the efficiency and marketability of those drugs. The pharmaceutical industry is witnessing a shift in the focus of the stakeholders towards newer systems of drug delivery in order to achieve efficient and safe transportation of novel products and formulations. There have

Cancer Cell Therapy Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Since the past 3-5 years, a more complex therapeutic modality has been is emerging as cell therapies which have been developed to treat diseases which are not amenable to treatment with more classical pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical products. This market offers the promise of successfully regenerating damaged tissues and organs in the body by replacing the damaged tissue and/or by stimulating the body’s own repair mechanisms to heal previously irreparable tissues.

Global Orphan Cancer Drug Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

The drug development strategies of the pharmaceutical companies is undergoing a paradigm shift from manufacturing traditional essential medicines to orphan drugs due to significant competition from generics and the associated economic situation. The returns on investment from orphan drugs are expected to help the pharma companies to overcome the impact of revenue loss due to expiry of patents of blockbuster drugs. The major drivers for companies to increasingly invest in

Cancer Immunotherapy Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

With more than 6 Million deaths worldwide in 2013, cancer has become one of the most pressing health problems faced by almost all the economies of the world. Inspite of the fact that there have been significant improvisation and advancements in surgery, radiation therapy, and chemotherapy over the years, there has hardly been any significant control of this disease by these treatments. There have been many developments in the recent

Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report

The Saudi Arabia Pharmaceutical market has recorded significant growth over the years driven by various factors like increasing ageing population mostly in the above 60 years bracket, changing demographics and rise in the incidence of lifestyle diseases, increased spending power, result driven government initiatives to promote the growth of indigenous pharmaceutical companies. Inspite of the progress, the pharmaceutical sector in the Saudi Arabia is still in an emerging phase, and

Global HIV Infection Drug Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

The rate of HIV infection and the number of deaths due to AIDS has been on a declining note at a positive rate across the globe. It has been estimated that the death rate reduced from 2.3 million in 2005 to 1.5 in 2013, with the rates for children being even much lower. A major cause for such drastic changes in the infection rates has been the improved access to

Global Biosimilars Market Regulations Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Rep …

The evolution of biosimilars has currently reached different stages across the world. Owing to variable clarity in the guidelines and diverse regulatory pathways, various definitions of biosimilars (or the broader group of follow-on biologics) have emerged across countries. Till now the European region has the best-established framework for biosimilars. The US is currently almost aligned to the European standards. Biosimilars are also known as follow on biologics in the

Global Intranasal Drug Delivery Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Re …

Intranasal drug delivery has evolved in the recent years as a significant method of delivering drugs through the nasal route. This method has been identified to have all the potential to achieve significant milestones in the pharmaceutical industry, as it is largely driven by its capability to cure local infections and chronic allergies. The human nose, which has a unique vascular structure, makes it specifically accessible for delivering small molecule

Global Cancer Vaccines Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Cancer vaccines are a viable option for treating many types of cancers which in the present day do not have effective treatments. Therapeutic cancer vaccines and Prophylactic cancer vaccines are the two broad segments into which the cancer vaccines market is categorized. Therapeutic or Treatment vaccines are targeted at treating an existing cancer by strengthening the body’s natural defences against the cancer and the Prophylactic or Preventive vaccines are used

Recombinant Therapeutic Proteins Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline R …

roteins are known to be the building blocks of life, and as a part of the natural metabolism, they are synthesized by all living forms. Some proteins, such as enzymes, tend to serve as biocatalysts, which help in increasing the rate of metabolic reactions. There are other types of proteins which form the cytoskeleton. There is a significant role played by proteins in functions like cell signaling, immune responses, cell

Global Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipelin …

he recent years have witnessed the emergence of monoclonal antibodies, which has the potential to offer less toxic and more efficient therapeutic alternatives for patients. Over the past decades, the researchers have increased their learning about the human body’s immune system, which has led to the achievement of significant number of regulatory milestones during this period. The use of mAbs for treating cancer has increased significantly. The rising market availability

Europe Biosimilars Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Biosimilars have emerged as one of the most promising segment of the European pharmaceutical industry in recent years. The biosimilars segment has been experiencing a steady growth driven by patent expiration of blockbuster drugs, amenable regulatory framework, economic incentives along with favorable pricing and reimbursement policies adopted across multiple markets in Europe. The current biosimilars market is highly fragmented in nature due to their accessibility in various therapeutic categories. The

Global Cancer Kinase Inhibitors Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Re …

The recent years have witnessed the emergence of kinase inhibitors, which have the potential to offer less toxic and more efficient therapeutic alternatives for patients. Over the past two decades, the researchers have increased their learning about the functioning of these inhibitors, which has led to the achievement of significant milestones of development during this period. The use of inhibitors for treating cancer is gradually increasing. The rising market availability

Global Gene Therapy Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

There have been significant advancements in the area of gene therapy in terms of research of new drugs. Over the past 20 years, the gene therapy market has witnessed significant advances ranging from the stage of conception, to the current stage of clinical trials for various disease conditions. When compared to other conventional methods such as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, gene therapy enjoys a clear advantage mainly because this therapy does

Ebola Virus Vaccine Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Ebola virus infection, which was previously called Ebola hemorrhagic fever was discovered in 1976. The infection caused due to ebola virus originates from four different strains of ebola virus. These viruses generally are known to affect non-human primates, and are transmitted from wild animals to the humans and among the latter, it is known to spread through human-to-human transmission. The natural hosts of ebola virus are Fruit bats, which

UAE IVF Treatment Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report 2018

UAE has been projected as one of the upcoming IVF market meeting all international health expectations and standards in terms of quality of services provided without discrimination. It bears a potential to become a hub for promoting medical tourism keeping in mind the recent changes that have been introduced by the government, healthcare facilities that meet international standards and the well qualified doctors that are willing to serve here. Download Report: For

Breast Cancer Vaccine Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

“Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Clinical Trial Insight” Report Highlight: * Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Market Overview * Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Clinical Pipeline by Company, Phase & Country * Mechanism of Breast Cancer Vaccine & Personalized Cancer Vaccines * Detailed Clinical Insight on Breast Cancer Vaccine Pipeline: 35 Vaccines * Majority in PHASE-I Clinical Trial: 12 Vaccines * Highest Clinical Phase is PHASE-III: 2 Vaccines (NeuVax & OBI-822) Download Report: For Report Sample Contact: or +91-11-47067990 "Global Breast

Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Therapeutics Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline …

The market for Non Hodgkin Lymphoma has significant unmet medical necessities in terms of demand for innovative drugs and novel technologies. This is one of the major factors behind the market witnessing rapid growth in Non Hodgkin Lymphoma segment. Past few decades have witnessed an increased level of activity with regards to development of new identification systems and drug mechanisms. In recent years, there have been an increasing number of

US Proton Therapy Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report

Proton beam therapy is seen as the next great leap forward in treating cancer with radiation. It has been found that proton therapy is beneficial for tumors surrounded by sensitive structures such as the eye, brain, and spinal cord, where the organs are sensitive and there is high potential for radiation damage. Proton therapy is also very useful in childhood cancer treatment due to the high risk of long-term side

Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Repo …

Dendritic cells are branched cells found in lymphoid organs and they are responsible for antigen display and T-cell activation. Antigen display presents the identity of pathogen to T-cells for their identification and elimination from the body. In 1868, Paul Langerhans discovered dendritic cells and thought that they are part of nervous system because of their branched structure. Until 1973 their identity was mistaken, Ralph Steinman and Zanvil Cohn identified them

Global Peptide Vaccine Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Peptide vaccines are peptides that exhibit pharmacological properties by activating human immune system rather than showing pharmacologically activity by themselves. They are administered into body to enter in lymph nodes where they induce long lasting immune response. They utilize immune system and develop long term acquired immunity which has capability to prevent future incidences of pathogen attack. Every living cell in human body has surface markers as an instrument to

Global Non Small Cell Lung Cancer Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline …

Lung cancer has become one of the most prevalent cause of cancer related morbidity and mortality in past several decades across the world. Lungs are a pair of spongy tissues present in the thoracic cavity responsible for gaseous exchange from the surrounding environment. These tissues could be easily damaged by the toxins present in environment and cells may show cancerous growth upon longer exposure. The lung cancer is a collective

Global Skin Cancer Vaccine Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report …

Skin cancer incidences are increasing at alarming rates across the world causing high morbidity and mortality. Research and development in field is expected to change the present scenario by providing better therapeutic options for patients. Skin cancer therapeutics available in market used for first-line treatment have modest efficacy which lays emphasis on the development of better products like skin cancer vaccines. Cancer vaccines for different disease indications have proved their

Transdermal Patch Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report 2015

Technological progress is continuously increasing allowing pharmaceutical companies to develop newer products with higher pharmacological benefits. Transdermal patches are extension of their continuous efforts due to which several patients have been able to improve quality of life. This market segment has yet to be tapped as only few disease indications are being covered under their treatment. Pharmaceutical companies are increasing their investments in research and development segment to introduce novel

Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report2 …

Lung cancer incidences are rapidly increasing and various therapeutics have been introduced in global market to provide better care to patients. Surgery and radiation therapy are not preferred for lung cancer treatment due to which they have small global market size. Chemotherapeutics and targeted therapeutics for lung cancer treatment are major market contender in global market with wide acceptance levels among oncologists and patients. Chemotherapeutics have life threatening side effects

Global Nanomedicine Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report 2015

Nanomedicines or nanotherapeutics is an emerging field in which nanotechnology principles are used to design and develop better therapeutics having high safety and efficacy profiles. It is a multidisciplinary approach utilizing knowledge from allied fields like biotechnology and pharmacology in drug development program. Novel modalities for cancer treatment, targeted drug delivery, biosensors, imaging, delivery vehicles and diagnostic methods are being actively investigated by pharmaceutical companies. They have been widely accepted

Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report …

Tyrosine kinase is a sub class of Protein Kinases family of enzyme responsible for phosphorylation.It has been found that mutation or other anomaly in these enzymes causes uncontrolled cell division leading to cancer. Because of their direct involvement in cell division they are used in cancer treatment by using kinase inhibitors to prevent unregulated cellular proliferation. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Family (EFGR) are present on the cell surface and anomalies

Oncogene Inhibitors Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report 2015

Oncogenomics is an emerging field that involves screening of genes that may be involved in cancer development. Human genome consists of 23 chromosomal pairs, approximately 20,000- 25,000 genes and 3,234.83 Mb genome size. Oncogene addiction is a phenomenon in which cancer could be checked by deactivating single oncogene. Proto-onco genes are main target of investigators because they may convert into oncogenes at any stage of life. Sequence level similarity and

Global Diabetes Drug Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report 2015

Diabetes market is a rapidly growing segment with numerous products at different stages of clinical pipeline and others at different phases of industry life cycle. Disease incidences are escalating rapidly across the globe due to which high unmet demand has been created and pharmaceutical companies are trying to provide efficient medical care to patients. Large patient base and superior technology are some important factors responsible for continuous growth of this

Cancer Targeted Therapy Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report 201 …

Cancer targeted therapy global market could be broadly divided into small and large molecules segments. Small molecules generate significant shares due to their sheer numbers as compared to large molecules cancer targeted therapeutics. Moreover, they have mature market and they could be considered as pioneer due to which they have more market penetration across the globe. Their prices have gone down because significant progress has been achieved in their drug

Cancer Growth Inhibitors Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report

Pharmaceutical industry consists of various products for cancer treatment and several years of research along with significant investments have helped in developing many innovative products. Every year, new cancer therapeutic belonging to different drug category is introduced across the globe. Cancer growth inhibitors are recent additions as compared to conventional therapeutics which have modest pharmacological potential. Pharmaceutical companies have been able to introduce newer cancer growth inhibitors for different cancer

Peptide Hormones Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report 2015

Human body consists of myriad of chemicals required for signaling, providing nutrients, proper growth and development. Hormones are one such chemical present in the body that plays a very important role in maintaining homeostasis. They are secreted from endocrine glands which are also known as duct less gland because hormones are directly secreted into the blood stream. Moreover, diversity could be observed in their molecular structure, chemical nature, functionality, site

Global Insulin Patch Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report

Transdermal drug delivery is one of the oldest methods that have been used by physicians to alleviate patients medical condition. Patches are recent inventions of pharmaceutical companies for those patient populations who can’t be administered with conventional drugs. They are applied over the skin from which drug is released in controlled manner followed by entry into the body. Topical drugs are also applied on skin but their effect is local

Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Repor …

Multiple myeloma incidences are increasing across the globe and presently available therapeutics are unable to offer effective clinical benefits. Multiple myeloma chemotherapeutics shows modest pharmacological efficacy due to which necessity for better options are required. Surgery and radiation are equally ineffective and they are not viable for most of the cases. Pharmaceutical companies have identified this scenario due to which they are investing more funds in research and development segment.

Global HIV Vaccine Market Future Sales Revenue Opportunity Report

Vaccine discovery, designing, research and development science is backed by several decades of knowledge. Every year, new vaccine for treating infectious diseases is entering in the market and their quality along with pharmacological efficacy is increasing. Innovative modalities have been found and market is overcrowded with the number of vaccines for different infectious diseases. In this scenario, absence of HIV vaccines becomes a pertinent question in front of investigators funded

Global Cell Therapy Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report 2020

Pharmaceutical companies are actively looking for different modalities which could help in generating more revenues by competing with existing products. Traditional therapeutic have modest safety and efficacy levels and newer options are required to overcome their shortcomings. In this quest, they have focused upon cell therapy which holds both pharmacological and commercialization potential. Their utilization for therapeutic treatment of various diseases have been identified and used them successfully in past

Global Breast Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Repo …

Breast cancer incidences are increasing across the globe and conventional therapeutics have modest pharmacological efficacy. To surmount this issue, investigators came forth with monoclonal antibodies for breast cancer treatment which have targeted capabilities along with higher safety and efficacy levels. They have found that some receptors have overexpressed in cancerous cells due to which they could be identified and targeted. Monoclonal antibodies are highly customizable due to specific nature they

US Cancer Vaccine Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report 2020

Escalating cancer incidences have made the investigators to come forth with therapeutics that could reduce high morbidity and mortality rates. Cancer segment has several products belonging to different categories having different pharmacological efficacy. So, it becomes imperative for investigators to develop products that have both high pharmacological and commercialization potential. Numerous cancer therapeutic is available in market but they have limited pharmacological efficacy and high unmet medical necessities prevails across

Global Orphan Drug Market Future Sales Revenue Opportunity Report 2020

Disease incidences are rapidly escalating across the globe and few rare diseases have emerged for which effective medications are not available. Occurrence of such disease is not unusual and their roots could be traced back to genetic or metabolic anomalies. They affect limited number of individuals and widely uncommon in nature. Such diseases are called rare diseases and corresponding drugs are known as orphan drugs. The orphan drug status to

Global Cancer Immunotherapy Market Sales Revenue Opportunity Report 2020

Immune system is an intricate network of various tissues, organs and cell that prevents the attack by infectious agents. It prevents the growth and development of pathogens in body that may cause disease development. Wide array of potential disease causing microorganism like bacteria, fungus and virus are identified and eliminated in the body. Immune system also has ability to identify self from foreign cells due to which transplant rejection is

Cancer Immunomodulators Market Sales Revenue Clinical Trials Pipeline Report 202 …

Immune system has developed myriad of techniques for preventing progression and proliferation of infectious diseases in the body. Different immunocytes vary in qualitative/quantitative interaction with different components due to which variable immune reactions are produced. The intensity of these interactions could be modified with the help of immunomodulators. They could be natural occurring or synthetically derived molecule used for modulating activities of immune system. Immunomodulators have ability to augment or

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