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Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

Tyrosine kinase is a sub class of Protein Kinases family of enzyme responsible for phosphorylation.It has been found that mutation or other anomaly in these enzymes causes uncontrolled cell division leading to cancer. Because of their direct involvement in cell division they are used in cancer treatment by using kinase inhibitors to prevent unregulated cellular proliferation. Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor Family (EFGR) are present on the cell surface and anomalies

Oncogene Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

Oncogenomics is an emerging field that involves screening of genes that may be involved in cancer development. Human genome consists of 23 chromosomal pairs, approximately 20,000- 25,000 genes and 3,234.83 Mb genome size. Oncogene addiction is a phenomenon in which cancer could be checked by deactivating single oncogene. Proto-onco genes are main target of investigators because they may convert into oncogenes at any stage of life. Sequence level similarity and

Global Diabetes Drug Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

Diabetes market is a rapidly growing segment with numerous products at different stages of clinical pipeline and others at different phases of industry life cycle. Disease incidences are escalating rapidly across the globe due to which high unmet demand has been created and pharmaceutical companies are trying to provide efficient medical care to patients. Large patient base and superior technology are some important factors responsible for continuous growth of this

Cancer Targeted Therapy Market & Clinical Insight 2015

Cancer targeted therapy global market could be broadly divided into small and large molecules segments. Small molecules generate significant shares due to their sheer numbers as compared to large molecules cancer targeted therapeutics. Moreover, they have mature market and they could be considered as pioneer due to which they have more market penetration across the globe. Their prices have gone down because significant progress has been achieved in their drug

Cancer Growth Inhibitors Market & Clinical Pipeline Analysis

Pharmaceutical industry consists of various products for cancer treatment and several years of research along with significant investments have helped in developing many innovative products. Every year, new cancer therapeutic belonging to different drug category is introduced across the globe. Cancer growth inhibitors are recent additions as compared to conventional therapeutics which have modest pharmacological potential. Pharmaceutical companies have been able to introduce newer cancer growth inhibitors for different cancer

Peptide Hormones Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

Human body consists of myriad of chemicals required for signaling, providing nutrients, proper growth and development. Hormones are one such chemical present in the body that plays a very important role in maintaining homeostasis. They are secreted from endocrine glands which are also known as duct less gland because hormones are directly secreted into the blood stream. Moreover, diversity could be observed in their molecular structure, chemical nature, functionality, site

Global Insulin Patch Market Opportunity Analysis

Transdermal drug delivery is one of the oldest methods that have been used by physicians to alleviate patients medical condition. Patches are recent inventions of pharmaceutical companies for those patient populations who can’t be administered with conventional drugs. They are applied over the skin from which drug is released in controlled manner followed by entry into the body. Topical drugs are also applied on skin but their effect is local

Global Multiple Myeloma Drug Market & Pipeline Insight 2015

Multiple myeloma incidences are increasing across the globe and presently available therapeutics are unable to offer effective clinical benefits. Multiple myeloma chemotherapeutics shows modest pharmacological efficacy due to which necessity for better options are required. Surgery and radiation are equally ineffective and they are not viable for most of the cases. Pharmaceutical companies have identified this scenario due to which they are investing more funds in research and development segment.

Global HIV Vaccine Market Future Outlook

Vaccine discovery, designing, research and development science is backed by several decades of knowledge. Every year, new vaccine for treating infectious diseases is entering in the market and their quality along with pharmacological efficacy is increasing. Innovative modalities have been found and market is overcrowded with the number of vaccines for different infectious diseases. In this scenario, absence of HIV vaccines becomes a pertinent question in front of investigators funded

Global Cell Therapy Market Outlook 2020

Pharmaceutical companies are actively looking for different modalities which could help in generating more revenues by competing with existing products. Traditional therapeutic have modest safety and efficacy levels and newer options are required to overcome their shortcomings. In this quest, they have focused upon cell therapy which holds both pharmacological and commercialization potential. Their utilization for therapeutic treatment of various diseases have been identified and used them successfully in past

Global Breast Cancer Monoclonal Antibodies Market Outlook 2020

Breast cancer incidences are increasing across the globe and conventional therapeutics have modest pharmacological efficacy. To surmount this issue, investigators came forth with monoclonal antibodies for breast cancer treatment which have targeted capabilities along with higher safety and efficacy levels. They have found that some receptors have overexpressed in cancerous cells due to which they could be identified and targeted. Monoclonal antibodies are highly customizable due to specific nature they

US Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2020

Escalating cancer incidences have made the investigators to come forth with therapeutics that could reduce high morbidity and mortality rates. Cancer segment has several products belonging to different categories having different pharmacological efficacy. So, it becomes imperative for investigators to develop products that have both high pharmacological and commercialization potential. Numerous cancer therapeutic is available in market but they have limited pharmacological efficacy and high unmet medical necessities prevails across

Global Orphan Drug Market Future Outlook 2020

Disease incidences are rapidly escalating across the globe and few rare diseases have emerged for which effective medications are not available. Occurrence of such disease is not unusual and their roots could be traced back to genetic or metabolic anomalies. They affect limited number of individuals and widely uncommon in nature. Such diseases are called rare diseases and corresponding drugs are known as orphan drugs. The orphan drug status to

Global Cancer Immunotherapy Market Outlook 2020

Immune system is an intricate network of various tissues, organs and cell that prevents the attack by infectious agents. It prevents the growth and development of pathogens in body that may cause disease development. Wide array of potential disease causing microorganism like bacteria, fungus and virus are identified and eliminated in the body. Immune system also has ability to identify self from foreign cells due to which transplant rejection is

Cancer Immunomodulators Market & Pipeline Insight 2020

Immune system has developed myriad of techniques for preventing progression and proliferation of infectious diseases in the body. Different immunocytes vary in qualitative/quantitative interaction with different components due to which variable immune reactions are produced. The intensity of these interactions could be modified with the help of immunomodulators. They could be natural occurring or synthetically derived molecule used for modulating activities of immune system. Immunomodulators have ability to augment or

Global Cancer Biosimilars Market Opportunity Outlook

Cancer incidences are escalating tremendously across the globe due to which burgeoning pressure has been created on pharmaceutical companies to come forth with viable products. Moreover, presently available drugs for cancer treatment are known for their superior pharmacological benefits along with their significantly higher prices. Most of the cancer patients are unable to afford them due to financial constraints. Simultaneously, they have also created lot of financial burden on healthcare

US Breast Cancer Therapy Market Opportunity Analysis

Breast cancer is a type of malignancy that affects breast tissue and its incidences are increasing across the globe. It is also one of the most common cancers in American women which cause high morbidity and mortality rates. It affects both gender but most of the cases have been found to be related to females as compared to males. Data shows that the numbers of breast cancer incidences and death

US Blood Cancer Drug Market & Pipeline Analysis 2015

Pharmaceutical companies have identified the opportunities to generate significant revenues from blood cancer segment in US. Escalating blood cancer incidences, high unmet medical necessities and demand for better therapeutics are some major factors behind growth of US blood cancer market segment. Higher investments have been made by pharmaceutical companies in order to come forth with better therapeutics for generating significant revenues. As a result, numerous therapeutic have been introduced in

Global Antibody Drug Conjugate Market & Pipeline Insight2020

Pharmaceutical companies are trying to develop better therapeutics in order to overcome large unmet medical necessities. Currently available therapeutics suffers from various caveats like low specificity, low potency and severe adverse effects. This scenario has caused the pharmaceutical companies to develop therapeutics that can succeed these limitations. They have been able to overcome these problems and improve their medical conditions by commercializing ADC. They are rapidly gaining acceptance across the

Histone Deacetylase Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight2015

Histone Deacetylase (HDAC) are enzymes responsible for removal of acetyl groups present on acetyl lysine amino acid attached to histone. They are responsible for gene expression and regulation which is responsible for cellular functioning. It also helps in wrapping of histone over the Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA). They are involved in cell growth and death which is responsible for maintaining steady state. Their involvement in diseases has been noted by investigators

Cancer CD Antigen Inhibitors Market & Pipeline Insight2015

Pharmaceutical companies are continuously looking for better therapeutic options to effectively cure and prevent various malignancies. Several options for cancer treatment are available belonging to various classes of molecules. Different types of cancer have different pathophysiological characteristics due to which distinctive approach is required for effective treatment. Several molecules have been discovered out of which CD antigens have been found to play an important role in cancer progression and proliferation.

Global Cancer Vaccine Market & Clinical Trial Insight

The concept of vaccines dates back to1881, when Edward Jenner developed the first vaccine to treat small pox. Since then many technological advancements have been made, in modern times, vaccines have been developed as a new therapeutic for prevention and eradication of cancer. Currently, ranges of therapeutics are available in market to effectually combat cancer, but they suffer from several glitches like low effectiveness and high unspecificity. Researchers came up

India Smart Cities Infrastructure Investment Outlook

India has announced its plan to build 100 new smart cities besides developing modern satellite towns around existing cities under its Smart City program. The Government of India allocated INR 70.6 Billion (US$ 1.2 Billion) for Smart Cities in the Union Budget for 2014-15. The government has set up the Smart Cities Mission as an initiative to set the template and create examples of smart cities that can be replicated

US Transdermal Patch Market & Clinical Trial Insight

Innovations in pharmaceutical industry have a long track record of showing commercialization potential with respect to emerging and feasible technology. In US, such innovations have high level of acceptance among various stake holders of the pharmaceutical industry. Transdermal patches have emerged as one such innovations which have rich history but main development has been observed in past decade. They have been improved from a mere piece of tape dipped in

India Road & Highway Sector Investment Opportunity Analysis

India’s road network at a primary level includes national highways while the secondary system is made up of state highways and major district roads. Extending the road system further are the rural and other roads apart from expressways. Of these the National Highways (NH) are handled by the central government while the state highways (SH) are in the hands of the state government. Other types of roads include the

Global HIV Vaccine Market and Clinical Trial Outlook 2022

“Global HIV Vaccine Market and Clinical Trial Outlook 2022” recent report published by Kuick Research analyzes various multiple clinical and non-clinical aspects related to development of HIV vaccine worldwide. Currently there is no particular vaccine available for the treatment of HIV across the globe. There are multiple vaccines in clinical trials for the treatment and the prevention of HIV. This report gives comprehensive clinical insight on the 65 HIV Vaccines

Global HIV Vaccine Market and Clinical Trial Outlook 2022

“Global HIV Vaccine Market and Clinical Trial Outlook 2022” recent report published by Kuick Research analyzes various multiple clinical and non-clinical aspects related to development of HIV vaccine worldwide. Currently there is no particular vaccine available for the treatment of HIV across the globe. There are multiple vaccines in clinical trials for the treatment and the prevention of HIV. This report gives comprehensive clinical insight on the 65 HIV Vaccines

Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022

“Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022” report by KuicK Research analyzes ongoing clinical and non-clinical trends in the global Tumor Necrosis Factor Inhibitors market. The anti TNF drugs are among the top 10 global block buster drugs and have dominated the global pharmaceutical market landscape for many years. The anti TNF Drugs (Humira, Remicade and Enbrel) for Rheumatic Disease have combined sales of more than US$

Global Cancer Nanomedicine Market Outlook 2022

Over the past several years, many innovative and revolutionary techniques have been developed in order to treat cancer. These techniques range from basic surgical removal to X-ray irradiation to system wide flooding with anticancer agents. However, each of these approaches has its own series of undesirable side effects that are both dangerous and damaging to the overall health of the patient. On the contrary, recent breakthroughs in nanomedicine have managed

Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022

“Global Breast Cancer Vaccine Market and Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2022” report analyzes ongoing clinical and non-clinical trends in the global breast cancer vaccine development market. Currently there is no single breast cancer vaccine commercially available in the market. This report analyzes the ongoing clinical trial of 36 breast cancer vaccines in clinical pipeline and gives comprehensive clinical insight on various parameters associated with the development of the vaccine. Most of

Global Oncolytic Virus Therapy Market and Pipeline Outlook 2022

“Global Oncolytic Virus Therapy Market and Pipeline Outlook 2022” report analyzes ongoing clinical and non-clinical trends in the oncolytic virus therapy market. Currently there are 2 oncolytic virus therapies commercially available in the market. This report analyzes the ongoing clinical trial of 48 oncolytic virus therapies in clinical pipeline and gives comprehensive clinical insight on various parameters associated with the development of the oncolytic virus therapies. Most of the oncolytic

Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Market and Pipeline Outlook 2022

“Global Lung Cancer Vaccine Market and Pipeline Outlook 2022” report analyzes ongoing clinical and non-clinical trends in the global lung cancer vaccine market. Currently there are 3 lung cancer vaccines commercially available in the market. This report analyzes the ongoing clinical trial of 30 lung cancer vaccines in clinical pipeline and gives comprehensive clinical insight on various parameters associated with the development of the lung cancer vaccines. Currently there are

Personalized Cancer Vaccines Market and Clinical Innovation Outlook 2022

Oncological segment has gained a great momentum with the advent of modern technologies and the better equipped sequencing methodology. Over the past years, there has been gradual paradigm shift from traditional medicine and accelerated acceptance towards the precision medication. Physicians are opting for the personalization of the medicines according to the genomic makeup of the patient. During the last decade, great efforts have been made to develop immunotherapeutic approaches for

US Biosimilars Market Opportunity & Clinical Pipeline Analysis

Pharmaceutical companies benefited from the revolution in biotechnology that hit US market in 1980’s. Some of the blockbuster biologics have been introduced in market helping pharmaceutical companies to occupy major market shares. Their presence could be felt in every disease segment as they were improved with time. Over the years, biologics lost patent giving way to biosimilars. US is late entrant and its market is largely untouched by biosimilars resulting

US Generic Drug Market Opportunity Outlook 2020

Advent of generic medicine in US market is few decades old and its roots could be traced back to the Drug Price Competition and Patent Term Restoration Act of 1984. It is also known as Hatch-Waxman Act which paved the path for generic drugs in US. No proper guidelines were available in US before introduction of this law. Generic drug makers have to go through ordeal before this law was

Global Dendritic Cell Cancer Vaccine Market Outlook 2020

Dendritic cell first discovered in the early 19th century by Paul Langerhans and their further study and the role it plays in immune system conducted by M. Steinman in 1973, has only received the must deserved attention as a vaccine molecule, in general and as a cancer therapeutics, in particular in the recent past years. There was a widespread skepticism regarding its potential as a vaccine in the scientific community

Global T Cell Lymphoma Market & Clinical Pipeline Insight

Immune system consists of various cells that impart resistance to body against foreign entities. They also prevent the development of aberrant cells in the body to maintain its normal functioning. However, it has been noted that these cells are also liable for deterioration leading to diseases development. For instance, T-cell lymphoma is cancer causing unrestricted growth of T-cells leading to impaired immune system. Investigators have identified different T-cell malignancies that

Global Liquid Biopsy Market Opportunity & Technology Outlook 2020

Biopsy is conducted to diagnose a disease, or to assess its progression so as to take an effective clinical action either by removing the affected site surgically or by drawing samples from the target tissue to conduct investigative studies about the disease. This technique is widespread and has been used since 12th century. The techniques involving solid biopsy have without any doubt, improved with advancement in scanning processes and surgical

Japan Generics Drug Market Outlook 2020

Japan is a small island nation located in East Asia and it is known for its economic prosperity. It sports one of the largest pharmaceutical markets like US and Europe due to which immense commercialization opportunities are present. Unique demographic structure and presence of advanced technology is the main reason for the growth of Japanese pharmaceutical industry. They have one of the most advanced research and development facilities across the

Global Radiopharmaceuticals Market Outlook 2020

Radioisotopes are radioactive isotopes having an unstable balance of atomic nucleus. Radioisotopes are produced either by using nuclear research reactor or by using cyclotron. These isotopes emit energy in the form of alpha, beta or gamma when changed to a stable nature. The gamma rays, thus emitted are used in Nuclear medicine, specifically in medical diagnostics. In this field, the radiation is used to provide diagnostic information about a

China Nuclear Power Sector Opportunity Analysis

China’s impeccable progress in last three decades has mesmerized the rest of the world by the way it promoted itself from a largely agrarian based economy to the leading industrial economy in just three decades. This economic growth came by the result of well-thought planning and its perfect implementation. Now in order to promote clean energy and to ensure energy security, the People’s Republic of China (PRC) is putting major

Global Cancer Stem Cell Therapy Market Outlook 2020

Investigators discovered stem cells during their quest to find innovative cell therapy methods which could offer edge over prevailing modalities. These cells have ability to divide several times without losing their capability to renew again and again. This is very important because earlier, investigators believed that one type of cell is capable to giving rise to another kind of cell which means they can’t change. But their discovery changed the

UAE Nuclear Power Sector Opportunity Analysis

As UAE is embarking upon clean energy sources for power generation – a major shift from its predominantly natural gas based power sector, nuclear power is slated to form one of the building blocks of the new energy policy. The new energy policy of focusing on nuclear and renewable energy sources is intended to address the issues of threatened energy security and rising environmental concerns due to 100% dependence on

Global Malignant Melanoma Drug Market & Clinical Pipeline Insight

Investigators are trying to develop innovative therapeutics for the treatment of malignant melanoma with high safety and efficacy. Surgery has remained the corner stone of cancer treatment including malignant melanoma. Cancerous region and adjoining tissue is removed to prevent it growth. Radiation therapy is also found to be effective in melanoma treatment but it causes long-tern deleterious effects on body. Chemotherapeutics can prevent malignant cancer but it side effects decrease

US Transdermal Patch Market Outlook 2020

The last two decades have witnessed multiple innovations and commercialization of new medical agents and drug delivery mechanism. These innovations in drug delivery systems have not only enabled the successful implementation of many of these novel pharmaceuticals products such as transdermal patches, but have also permitted the development of new medical treatments with existing drugs. The need of more innovation in field of transdermal drug delivery system is still huge

Global Cancer Immunotoxins Market & Clinical Pipeline Insight 2020

Immunotoxins are new generation chemotherapeutic agents innovated to include the specificity of monoclonal antibody and cytotoxicity of toxins extracted from plant or bacterial source. The targeting moiety carries the specificity of the antibody and is directed to the target where it either binds to the cell surface antigen, receptor or the ligand of the targeted disease. Cytotoxicity is mediated by the protein toxins, which maybe protein at times. The cytotoxic part

Global Cancer Tyrosine Kinase Inhibitors Market & Clinical Pipeline Outlook 2020

The global increase in the prevalence of cancer and the increasing recognition of the therapeutic and commercial opportunities offered by new oncology treatments has provided a major incentive for the pharmaceutical industry to pursue the development of new agents for the treatment of cancer. To tackle the ever rising global cancer burden, the cancer treatment is inclining towards the targeted drug therapy due to the numerous drawbacks associated with conventional

Global Cancer Angiogenesis Inhibitors Market & Clinical Pipeline Insight

Cancer is ever fastest growing global epidemic and one of the leading causes of death in the developed countries. It was observed that year 2015 alone witnessed more than 10 million new cancer cases. The number of new cancer cases is predicted to rise to 22 million within the next two decades. More than 60 percent of the world’s new cancer cases occur in Africa, Asia, and Central and South

India Power Transmission & Distribution Sector Opportunity Outlook 2025

Power transmission is an integral part of the power sector and is as vital as power generation; there is no value for generating power until the power reaches to the destination for final consumer. The huge amount of power generated in power station is to be transported over a long distance to the load centers to cater to the consumers with the help of transmission lines and transmission towers. Though

US Breast Cancer Drug Market Outlook 2022

Around the corners of world, cancer has infused itself in every country, region and each habitable land present over earth. Cancer has become one of those nightmares which haunt every individual once in a life time this is because of the increasing incidence rates and no proper care available until now. Given the steady increase in global cancer incidence with its associated morbidity and mortality, together with the spiraling healthcare

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