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GLOBALG.A.P. Supports Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations

Cologne/ Amsterdam: GLOBALG.A.P. already incorporates a number of practices in line with the SDGs. On 26 September the GLOBALG.A.P. Board decided to formally visualize its current alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals of the UN. Contributing to the SDGs is a collaborative effort, which is also part of GLOBALG.A.P.’s principles, and working towards GLOBALG.A.P. certification is already an important milestone towards achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For the first time, all

G.A.P. Awards 2016 – Calling all Producers!

Announcing the fourth edition of the GLOBALG.A.P. Good Agricultural Practices Awards Initiated in 2012, the G.A.P. Awards honor GLOBALG.A.P. certified producers who have achieved outstanding results through their commitment to GLOBALG.A.P. principles and the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices. It also offers GLOBALG.A.P. certified farmers an excellent opportunity to showcase their achievements and gain worldwide industry recognition for their efforts. The G.A.P. Awards 2016 will focus on the following three categories: 1.

GLOBALG.A.P. calls for application

GLOBALG.A.P. calls producers to apply for G.A.P. Awards 2013 The G.A.P. Awards 2013 gives producers an opportunity to showcase their achievements and gain industry recognition for their hard work and dedicated efforts to implement Good Agricultural Practice on their farms. From overcoming an obstacle to become GLOBALG.A.P. certified to being the driving force behind the formation of a new National Technical Working Group, GLOBALG.A.P. invites all producers to share with their

GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2013 event in Tel Aviv in collaboration with Fresh AgroMashov

GLOBALG.A.P. Tour 2013: We're On Our Way To Israel! GLOBALG.A.P. is more than just a certificate. It’s a vision of global safe and sustainable agricultural production made possible through GLOBALG.A.P.’s tools, programs and partners. To spread this vision and present its tools for change, leading GLOBALG.A.P. experts travel around the world on the GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR 2013 to introduce GLOBALG.A.P. principles and products, engage leading stakeholders around the world, and unite them

GLOBALG.A.P. pushes deeper into Global Markets

Fruit Logistica, Berlin, 9 February 2012 The total number of producers under GLOBALG.A.P. Certification grew in 2011 by 9.5% from 102,300 to nearly 112,600. Europe still accounts for 74% of all certifications, with half of all producers from Southern Europe. Spain, Italy, and Greece are the countries with the most certified producers. The Americas and Africa are gaining a larger share of overall certifications. GLOBALG.AP. presented these and more figures in

GLOBALG.A.P TOUR2011 Stop Cape Town: South Africa Spearheads GLOBALG.A.P in the …

South Africa a Leader in Farm Assurance Stellenbosch/Cape Town, May 2011: South Africa has the largest number of GLOBALG.A.P certified producers in Africa – more than 1600. GLOBALG.A.P Certification is now a keystone for their strong export program worldwide. The event close to Cape Town was well attended by a range of stakeholders from South Africa, Senegal, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Martinique as well as South Korea and Europe who came to

India Sets the Scene for GLOBALG.A.P's TOUR 2011

Government and Industry Demonstrate Readiness to Adopt IndiaG.A.P. New Delhi, India, 2nd March 2011: Key stakeholders from retail, producers, traders and Government showed their commitment to introduce GLOBALG.A.P based standards for farm assurance in India. This was the consensus among the delegates of the kick-off event for the GLOBALG.A.P TOUR 2011, celebrated in New Delhi. The Conference day was opened with a keynote address of Thomas Varghese, CEO of Abitya Birla

FRUIT LOGISTICA: GLOBALG.A.P 2011-2015 Mainstreaming Food Safety and Sustainabil …

Berlin, 10. February 2011 -- Retailers and producers from around the globe have joined forces to develop GLOBALG.A.P. GLOBALG.A.P is now the world’s leading harmonized on-farm certification standard, in an initiative to improve consumer confidence in the food they buy. For more than 100,000 farms in over 100 countries, this non-profit industry-owned program has been the preferred choice to demonstrate compliance with food safety, as well as the environmental and

GLOBALGAP REVISION – V4.0- Effective 2011

Cologne, 30th May 2008 - The GLOBALGAP Board has recently approved a proposal that the standard shall be revised every 4 years, instead of every 3 years – a decision welcomed by all stakeholders to allow sufficient time for adjustment and implementation between new versions. Even though the GLOBALGAP Integrated Farm Assurance V3.0 has only become obligatory on 1st January 2008, the various sector committees have already started with the

Farm Assurance in India - GLOBALGAP establishes Indian National Technical Workin …

Mumbai, 7 th May 2008 – GLOBALGAP and QCI (Quality Council of India) signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish the Indian National Technical Working Group (NTWG). The signing ceremony was held and announced at the Food Forum India 2008 event in Mumbai in the presence of food business and retail leaders. “Hosting the GLOBALGAP NTWG fits our role we have been designated during the Food Safety and Quality

Launch of new GLOBALGAP Standard for Shrimp - Press Conference in Brussels

Moving towards sustainable shrimp farming, GLOBALGAP developed the Shrimp Farming standard based on demand for sustainable sources, focusing on food safety, animal welfare, environmental and social sustainability. Join the launch of the GLOBALGAP Shrimp Standard at the European Seafood Exposition, Date: 23 rd April 2008, Time: 15-16h Place: Holiday Inn Court Garden (500 m from Exhibition Center) Brussels-Expo Ave. Imperatrice Charlotte 6,

Harmonization of Farm Assurance Systems: EUREPGAP now GLOBALGAP

Cologne, Bangkok 7th September 2007 - Using its eighth annual conference being held in Thailand this week as an appropriate platform, EUREPGAP has announced it is changing its title and logo to GLOBALGAP. The decision has been taken to reflect its expanding international role in establishing Good Agricultural Practices mutually agreed between multiple retailers and their suppliers. In ten years since its inception - initially targetted at Europe - the voluntary organisation

Japan goes EUREPGAP: Harmonization of Farm Assurance in Asia

EUREPGAP announces the approval of the JGAP standard. JGAP, the Japanese Good Agricultural Practice standard, was developed through the collaborative effort among Japanese producers, retailers and distributors, taking into account the unique agricultural condition of Japan. “Since it is realistic and understandable for these stakeholders, it has been rapidly spreading across Japan,” said Hisanobu Katayama, President of JGAP. \"Establishment of EurepGAP equivalence will tremendously help JGAP to be further accepted

Asian countries speed up their uptake of EUREPGAP

The total number of certified producers have more than doubled, over the last 12 month period. Acknowledging this EUREPGAP has organized its annual event in Bangkok on 6th and 7th September 2007. Expert speakers from more than 13 countries will share their views and experience in setting up farm assurance certification in Asia. Kristian Moeller, Secretary EUREPGAP, said “Although Asia/Pacific shares just 5% of all world-wide EUREPGAP certificates, we are seeing a

Focus on Smallholders. EUREPGAP Appoints an Observer for Africa

EurepGAP confirmed the appointment of Dr Johannes Kern as the Observer for Africa in the EurepGAP Sector Committees for an initial period until Dec 2008. The role is intended to provide technical support to EurepGAP members in developing countries and to act as a smallholder ambassador identifying ways that can further facilitate the compliance of smallholder farmers with EurepGAP standards. Nigel Garbutt, Chairman EurepGAP said \" We are delighted that in

Brazilian Feed Scheme Signs Benchmarking Agreement with EUREPGAP

SINDIRAÇÕES, the Brazilian National Animal Feed Industry Association, signed the formal recognition agreement with EUREPGAP on 17 April 2007 in São Paulo, Brazil. After completing the benchmarking procedure among the first group af Compound Feed Manufacturers Standards, the Brazilian Feed Certification Scheme is the first organisation to sign the agreement to demonstrate that they intend to continue to follow the EUREPGAP requirements. „We have been working towards this for the past

EUREPGAP Launches 3rd Version of its Good Agricultural Practice Standard

After two years of intensive stakeholder discussions EUREPGAP has published the 3rd version of its Good Agricultural Practice standard on the 8th February 2007. More than 500 experts ranging from producers, traders, retailers, governmental and non-governmental organisations from 56 countries have provided proposals, comments and suggestions for the new version. In a major step forward EUREPGAP has harmonised its criteria for food safety, environmental and worker protection across major product areas.

SwissGAP Fruit and Vegetables Successfully Benchmarked against EurepGAP

SwissGAP Fruit, Vegetables and Potatoes has successfully finalized the benchmark procedure with EurepGAP. Over 8,000 producers of fruit, vegetables, potatoes, flower and plants are member of SwissGAP covering the major part of these products within the Swiss market. SwissGAP includes all the EurepGAP as well as the national legal requirements for the other major Swiss programs such as water protection, ecological activities, etc. SwissGAP makes it possible for the farmers to have a

Conference Maps out the Way Forward for the Continuing Globalization of the Eure …

Nearly 300 delegates from 41 Countries representing all Continents of the Globe were able to participate in a unique opportunity to influence the future direction and content of the EurepGAP Standard at EurepGAPs 7th Conference in Prague on 20/21 September. In a highly participative approach future proposals for the standard for the 2007 version were discussed at roundtables and a wide range of minuted suggestions were made which will now

Japan Publishes JGAP and Signs Agreement to Benchmark with EurepGAP

Tokyo: Japan announced the start of its journey towards global harmonization of Good Agricultural Practice. The announcement was made during a GAP National Conference held in Tokyo on 27/28 April 06. The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Japan Good Agricultural Initiative (JGAI), Mr. Hisanobu Katayama, and Secretary EurepGAP, Dr. Kristian Moeller, signed a formal agreement, which lays the foundation for the Benchmarking process of JGAP to EurepGAP. The signing

6th Global EurepGAP Conference in Paris, France, 17-19 October 2005

"Towards Global Harmonisation 2005 - Achieving a Common Understanding of Safe and Sustainable Agriculture" to be held in Paris/France on 17-19 October 2005" For more information and registration see: The key goal of the EurepGAP standard is to provide re-assurance to consumers on the safety and sustainability of agricultural products. The world’s supply chain is rapidly getting bigger and as it expands, so does the need for widely implemented and equivalent

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