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Quality products as competitiveness of Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd. Our main products include: carbon steel seamless pipe, carbon steel welded pipe, stainless steel pipe, pipe fittings, which is variety types and full range specifications, moreover, strictly in accordance with international standards, like: ISO certification, CE certification. At the same time, we are able to offer value-added steel services, including: hot dip galvanized, anti-corrosion treatment, pipe cutting, or other customized

Common Causes of 304 Stainless Steel Pipe Corrosion

1 Chemical corrosion 1.1 Surface contamination: attached to the surface of the oil, dust and acid, alkali, salt and other under certain conditions into the corrosive medium, react chemically with some elements of stainless steel pipe, chemical corrosion and rust. 1.2 Surface scratches: various scratch destruction of the passive film, reduced ability to make stainless steel protection, prone to chemical reaction medium, chemical corrosion and rust. 1.3 Cleaning: Cleaning is not clean after

How to Detect High Quality Coating Steel Pipe

Coating steel pipe is now a very high rate of a pipe, we racked our brains, in order to allow you to pick a better coating steel pipe to provide you with a test method. 1.Impact test In addition to the appropriate room temperature range, but also in accordance with the relevant national standards, the impact of its operation, in order to see the changes in the coating. 2. Visual inspection This is the

How to Strengthen the Stability of SSAW Steel Pipe

1) Small and medium-sized steel, wire rod, steel, medium diameter steel pipe, wire and wire rope, etc., can be stored in a well-ventilated shed, but must be under the pad. 2) Some small steel, thin steel, steel, silicon steel, small diameter or thin-walled steel pipe, all kinds of cold-rolled, cold-drawn steel and high prices, easy to corrode the metal products can be stored. 3) Storage of SSAW steel pipe(Spirally Submerged Arc Welded

Shortcomings of Duplex Stainless Steel Pipe

Compared with austenitic stainless steel pipe, duplex stainless steel pipe's shortcomings are as follows: 1) the universality of the application and multi-faceted as austenitic stainless steel, for example, its use temperature must be controlled at 250 degrees Celsius. 2) its plastic toughness than the austenitic stainless steel low, cold, hot processing technology and forming performance as austenitic stainless steel. 3) the existence of moderate temperature brittle area, the need for strict control of

Installation Method of Coating Composite Steel Pipe

General provisions 1, pipeline installation should have the following conditions ① construction drawings and other relevant technical documents complete, and has been technical to the end; ② the installation of the required plastic pipe, fittings and other visual inspection and check the product certification, specifications, variety and quantity; 2, the construction staff should understand the performance of coated steel pipe and the connection, to master the basic operating skills. 3, coated composite steel pipe should

High End Welded Steel Pipe

Besides carbonizing of welded steel pipe in the near boundary area, austenitic steel pipe also favors the creation of steel welding technology at high temperatures. Thus the plate and welded steel pipe can be heated so that the liquid cast steel can be poured into the pipe mould. For the pouring temperatures of cast welded steel pipe, the contact temperature may be over one thousand degrees on the border of

Difference Between Duplex Stainless and Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe

Difference between duplex Stainless steel pipe and industrial stainless steel pipe. 1) Comprehensive mechanical properties better industrial stainless steel pipe, especially plastic toughness, not as industrial stainless steel pipe as brittle sensitive. 2) In addition to stress corrosion resistance, the other resistance to local corrosion is better than industrial stainless steel pipe. 3) Cold processing technology and cold forming performance is much better than industrial stainless steel pipe. 4) Welding performance is also far

What is the Epoxy Resin Coating Steel Pipe

Epoxy resin coating steel pipe is to make up for the lack of plastic pipe and pipe before the development of a new type of pipeline, it will plastic pipe and steel pipe their own advantages together, with high quality, high strength, pollution-free advantages the in China's Internet and construction industry under the rapid development of the situation, its marketing has gradually entered the network. In order to improve the

The Market of the Stainless Welded Steel Pipe

The stainless welded steel pipes are the main pipeline corrosion materials in the field of the petroleum, the chemical, the pharmaceutical, the food and other industries. And the stainless welded steel pipes are also major components of the power generation equipment, the ship industry, the refrigeration equipment and the desalination equipment. In that, the stainless welded steel pipes are drawing the attention of more and more users and relevant departments. In

Difference between 304 and 304L Stainless Steel Pipe

The difference between 304 and 304L stainless steel pipe. As the most widely used stainless steel heat-resistant steel, food equipment, generalized equipment, atomic energy industry equipment. 304 is the most common steel, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, low temperature strength, good mechanical properties. Preferably deep drawing, bending work ability at room temperature, will not harden after heat treatment. Chemical composition: C≤0.08 Ni8.00 ~ 10.00 Cr18.00 ~ 20.00, Mn Hunan Great Steel Pipe Co.,Ltd: Address: Hunan Steel Industrial

Applications of Duplex 2507

Duplex 2507 (UNS S32750) is a super duplex stainless steel pipe with 25% chromium, 4% molybdenum, and 7% nickel designed for demanding applications which require exceptional strength and corrosion resistance, such as chemical process, petrochemical, and seawater equipment. The steel has excellent resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking, high thermal conductivity, and a low coefficient of thermal expansion. The high chromium, molybdenum, and nickel levels provide excellent resistance to pitting,

Anti-corrosion Steel Pipe and Coating Steel Pipe

Anti-corrosion steel pipe refers to do anti-corruption treatment for the ordinary steel pipe with special technology, making the steel pipe equipped certain corrosion resistance.Generally used in waterproof, anti-rust, acid and alkali proof, anti-oxidation and so on.Different needs, different inside and outside wall corresponding anti-corrosion measures.Common are: epoxy coal tar anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion epoxy coatings, urethane paint anti-corrosion, IPN8710 water pipeline corrosion protection, non-toxic paint anti corrosion,anti-corrosion polymer coating, steel pipe lining

Stainless Steel Pipe and Industrial Stainless Steel Pipe

Stainless steel pipe is divided into two series: decorative stainless steel pipe(stainless steel pipe) and industrial stainless steel pipe. Decorative stainless steel pipe(stainless steel pipe(SS)): usually outside the wall will be bright tube, hence the name of thinking, stainless steel pipe(SS) is used for decorative purposes. Stainless steel pipe(SS) mainly used to decorate, such as railings, staircase handrails, windows, etc., the wall thickness is very thin. As with the industrial stainless

The Scope of Application of Coating Steel Pipe

3PE coating steel pipe for its long-term operation can save relatively large resources, significantly reduce energy costs, and still has a strong waterproof and resistant corrosive ability, and do not need to attach trench. Otherwise, for the thermal power plant process water waste, backwater transport pipeline. For the anti-spray, sprinkler system of water supply pipe has excellent applicability. 3PE coating steel pipe for power, communications, highways and other cable protection

Knowledge of Residual Elasticity of Welded Steel Pipe

The residual stress caused by the partial bending moment (referred to as residual bending moment or residual bending moment) remaining on the welded pipe has a significant effect on the service performance of the welded steel pipe. Therefore, The recognition and research of the residual bomb recovery problem is becoming more and more important. At present, the purchaser in the order of the steel pipe, in order to ensure that

The Best Transfer Tool Between the Gas and the Liquid

The fire-coating steel pipe is the best transfer tool between the gas and the liquid. In the process of gas and liquid transport, the gas and the liquid between the flow of each other, in the process which need to use some of the transmission tools, and choose a good transfer tool can be a good way to avoid the gas or between the liquid Leakage, evaporation, pollution, etc., and plastic

Welded Steel Pipe Market Transaction Costs

With the slowdown in China's economic growth, the steel industry and imports of iron supply market demand is further extended, steel futures varieties offer a larger decline. From the recent operation of the rebar futures market, the small changes in the price per ton effectively take into account the needs of the market depth and liquidity, in line with the majority of market participants trading habits, and the recent market

The Characteristics of Fire Coating Steel Pipe

The characteristics of fire coating steel pipe: 1, health non-toxic, no fouling, do not breed microorganisms, to ensure fluid quality. 2, flame retardant ability, in the combustion test, the coating no spontaneous combustion phenomenon, does not fall off. 3, the installation process is mature, convenient and quick, can use a variety of connections. 4, good weather resistance, for long-term static fire water supply, foam and other harsh environments. 5, smooth wall, improve transport efficiency, long

Fire Coating Steel Pipe Groove Connection

Coating steel pipe groove connection. 1. Pipe cutting and pre-processing (1) Pipe cutting should be piped before the first pipe diameter calibration, the diameter error and wall thickness error should be within the tolerance range. (2) Pipe cutting should be used mechanical method. Incision surface should be flat, no cracks, bumps, necking, slag, oxide, and polished smooth. (3) When the tube end groove processing site of the nozzle is not rounded should be round,

The Development History of Welded Steel Pipe

Welded steel pipe used in the blank is steel or strip, because of its different welding process is divided into furnace welded pipe, welding (resistance welding) pipe and automatic arc welding pipe. Because of its different forms of welding into straight seam welded pipe and spiral welded pipe two. Because of its end shape is divided into circular welded pipe and shaped (square, flat, etc.) welded pipe. Welded steel pipe, also

Classification of Welding Methods

Spiral welded steel pipe according to the welding method can be divided into different arc welding pipe, high frequency or low frequency resistance welded pipe, gas pipe, furnace pipe, Bundy tube. Welded steel pipe: for oil drilling and machinery manufacturing industry. Welded pipe: can be used as water and gas pipes, large diameter straight seam welded pipe for high pressure oil and gas transportation; spiral welded pipe for oil and gas transportation,

Coating Steel Pipe in Direct Drinking Water Project

Coated composite steel pipe is also called coating steel pipe, the product is a new development of a new type of pipeline materials, both inside and outside are coated protective layer, in the middle to enhance the welded steel pipe or seamless steel pipe composite structure, to overcome the steel pipe itself is easy to rust, corrosion, high Pollution, and plastic pipe strength is low, easy deformation of the defects,

The Concept and Corrosion Resistance of Coating Steel Pipe

Coating steel pipe, the product is the latest development of a new type of pipeline materials, both inside and outside are coated protective layer, the middle of the enhanced welded steel pipe or seamless steel pipe composite structure, belonging to the country to promote the use of environmentally friendly products. First, good corrosion resistance: combined in the steel-plastic composite pipe wall of polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC and other materials is a health

Industry Technology of Coating Steel Pipe

Coated composite steel pipe is a new type of green pipe, its specific nature can make it in just ten years time to become the new darling of the pipe industry. First of all, from the manufacturer's point of view, whether it is plastic pipe or galvanized steel pipe, in the absence of more profit to earn the case, no one will once again focus on the product without profitability.

Ultrasonic Flaw Detection Technology for Welded Steel Pipe

Introduction of ultrasonic flaw detection technology for welded steel pipe. 1, ultrasonic testing Ultrasonic testing is one of the non-destructive testing methods, non-destructive testing is not under the premise of damage to the workpiece macroscopical defects or measure the characteristics of various technical methods collectively. Dyed steel pipe conventional non-destructive testing methods are: Ultrasonic Testing (Radar); Radiographic Testing (abbreviated RT); Magnetic particle testing (abbreviated MT); Penetrant testing Penetrant Testing (abbreviated PT); Eddy

Precautions For Welding Coating Steel Pipes

The scope of application of coating steel pipe for them to bring a lot of room for development, followed by increased demand for coating steel pipe, the manufacturers have mushroomed to build a new era of coating steel pipe with people continue to strengthen the awareness of environmental protection, Plastic pipe industry ushered in a new high-speed development stage, coating steel pipe as environmental protection, energy saving, corrosion, flame retardant

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