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Bella Pupa: the World’s First Silkworm Powder Snack Launches on the Chinese Ma …

Shanghai, October 4, 2018 - The edible insect industry is growing rapidly with many new healthier and sustainable products. The makers of processed food containing bugs mostly use crickets and mealworms from farms in Canada, USA, Netherlands and Thailand. Only Bugsolutely has considered the potential of silkworms. Silkworms are a byproduct of the silk industry, and they are fed only with leaves from mulberry trees - a perfect circular economy.

Seeds, chips and bugs to change the food world

May 4, 2018 – According to the most recent market survey by Meticulous Research, the edible insect market will be worth almost one billion Euro by 2023. In addition, the European Union recently started the approval process for including insect protein in food, while the US and Canada have already given the green light to use insects in packaged foods. Around the world, everything’s coming up bugs. If you are interested

Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) for cricket farming released for the first tim …

Bugsolutely has made a non-official translation of the document released by the Thai Ministry of Agriculture (ACFS department) containing the guidelines that Thai farmers will follow to rear crickets in a safe, optimized, standardized way. This is the first Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) standard for cricket farming in the world and the implementation in Thailand has already started. Farmers are receiving training and their activity will be verified and registered. You can download

BELLA PUPA is 2017 FBIF’s Most Innovative Food

January 20, 2018 – Bugsolutely's Bella Pupa won the 2017 FBIF’s Most Innovative Food prize. Bella Pupa was voted number one out of a selection of 54 competitors from different categories, including diary, drink, snack and instant foods like Wangwang, Master Kang, Haoxiangni and Three Squirrels. "Bella Pupa is providing us with a new idea of eating insects, which is more acceptable for the public. It caught our eyes by


April 5, 2017 - Packaged foods with bugs as ingredients are a popular topic in Western countries, but now the conversation has arrived in South East Asia and even in China. In Thailand, edible insects are now on supermarket shelves. In China, some articles appeared for the first time in the media. Bugsolutely will contribute to spread the word to food professionals by promoting edible insects at food forums in

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