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01.06.17 - Music Promotion Club

NOA AON Drops Its Brand New Album in SoundCloud

NOA AON is a name that is on everyone’s lips nowadays. They have released their brand new album named Noa Movement IG in Soundcloud consisting of eight electrifying music tracks, which totally trans... mehr

01.06.17 - Music Promotion Club

“No Tints” By Keys TV is A Hard-Hitting Trap Track in Soundcloud

SoundCloud site is the favorite spot for all the music lovers around the world. This music sharing site has bridged the gap between global music fans and their love for different music genres. There a... mehr

01.06.17 - Music Promotion Club

Pud Dog Introduces Fresh Hip Hop Fusion "Colonel Sanders"

Would you like to hear some new hip hop single? Then, sign into your soundcloud profile and tune in to Pud Dog. Though he is a new vocalist in soundcloud, he has gathered great number of fans in his p... mehr

01.06.17 - Music Promotion Club

Trip Your Body with Get Fresh Tee’s Fresh Rap Music "Forever Lit"

There are two principle mainstays of music and they are hip hop and rap. The new vocalist Get Fresh Tee has started contributing his ability in rap music. The new track "Forever Lit" comprises of some... mehr

01.06.17 - Music Promotion Club

Visit Soundcloud For Doubleshot02’s Various Kind Of Hip Hop Music

If you are down with depression and want to be in the happy mood listen to Doubleshot02 on SoundCloud as he is known for his extraordinary music making. Recently he has made a great work “Diamond Ri... mehr

31.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

The New Pop Sensation Christian James Drops “Fall” In Soundcloud

Pop music is one such music genre that has come into origin to represent the culture in trend. The music genre aims to appeal wide audience and is not dedicated to specific crowd. Pop music is created... mehr

31.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Plx’s Smashing Single “I Want The Money” Now On Soundcloud

Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent. So listen to “I want the money” by Plx. It has the nicest sound effect that will make you go crazy. The instru... mehr

29.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to the energizing song Feds by GTO MELLO

Music is that mode of style that is understood by all races. Music has no boundaries and it accumulates several people. It is like a medicine to the diseased soul. Going through rough phase in life an... mehr

29.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Do It Over A Magnificent Track by J woods on Soundcloud

Hip hop and rap is a music genre which was originated in United States in the late 1970’s. It is a kind of music which basically encompasses a speedy and rhythmic speech along with a combination of ... mehr

29.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

"Brekbredthe Grizzy" By Doubleshot02 Is An Amazing Hip Hop Track

During the 1970s, hip hop and rap music turned popular because of the development associated with it. In this period, the web-based social networking site – Soundcloud offer clients with an opportun... mehr

26.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Join Noa Movement With The Track Of Noa Aon In SoundCloud

Amongst different types of music, healing music is the buzz music genre in recent days. The reason behind the craze of these new wave music or healing music is the ever-growing fast lifestyle. Fast li... mehr

25.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Tune Into T'era Lenae’s New R&B Blend “Enthusiastic Roller Coaster”

There are lots of R&B and soul performers in soundcloud. But, just a couple amongst them can climb the ladder of accomplishment. People want tuning in to the artists who have gained amazing popularity... mehr

25.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

“History With Your Friend” By Zion Is A Beautiful Composition

There are many genres in music which uses witty and penetrative lyrics to give certain messages to the world. Hip hop and rap music is one of the vibrant genres that use vivid metaphors in the lyrics.... mehr

25.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

“Zambia” By Nach Is A Groovy House Track On Soundcloud

House music has made many musicians take up this music genre. Like Nach or Stefan Hanny has taken up House music to another level with his tune – "Zambia". The melody is known for its innovation and... mehr

24.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Uzziah Rodriguezs Forward Progress hypnotizing fans worldwide

The best performers are fusing hip hop and rap music in their melodies. Soundcloud is the platform that has developed as one of the prominent music classifications. The performer and maker, Uzziah Rod... mehr

24.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to Ricii’s Flagship Progressive EDM Track “Zinc”

Soundcloud is a popular place that gets lots of tracks from the vocalists all around the world. Ricii is another vocalist in soundcloud. This performer is increasing high appreciation from the fans. R... mehr

24.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Christian James Is Making Fans Motivated With “Fall” On Soundcloud

Pop music is shaking the music scene with brilliant tunes and stunning music. If you are a popular music fan then you would comprehend the rage encompassing this music sort. In soundcloud, Christian J... mehr

24.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

DJ dEEcEE Drops Some Bizarre Dance Beats in Soundcloud

Not all music can set the party mood and can put the dance floors on fire. There are many genres of music that has dance elements and gives the vibes of a party environment. But if asked which genre i... mehr

22.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

You Never Know By Grimass Setting Flame in the Music Industry

It has been quite a while when the hip hop fans have tuned in to some new rhythms. Well, Soundcloud has presented another singer on hip hop genre. This rising star, Grimass is setting fire with his ne... mehr

22.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Anthony Ford Enveloping All Fans with Hip Hop and Rap Music

Anthony Ford is a flawless rapper and artist from the world of Soundcloud. Now, with a super cool identity, he is now making his fans appreciates his brilliant beats. His fans are becoming regular wit... mehr

20.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Donnie Hanz is Rocking with Beautiful Song Coast on SoundCloud

Nowadays while travelling through roads you will almost find everyone listening to music with their headphones on. In the advancing trend of internet every individual is free to get hold of numerous s... mehr

19.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Toxic Love by PrinceFranchise is a new hip hop love track

Hip hop and rap has struggled to come to the forefront since the 1970s. However, with the change in time, it has advanced as a mainstream music. Numerous artists nowadays use hip hop and rap in their ... mehr

19.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Listen To “I’M Dat Nigga” By The Rockstar Doubleshot02 in Soundcloud

SoundCloud site has spread out the craze of hip hop and rap music with its generous sharing of the genre in the digital ecosystem and inspired music enthusiasts to listen to the wide range of music in... mehr

19.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Floatwjon is The New R&B Sensation in Soundcloud

Music is something that can add spark to the dull ambience. Out of several genres hip hop and R&B music are two of the prominent music genres that are known for the vibrant vibes it delivers through t... mehr

18.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

DJ Marquesa is back with Sexy Fitness 2 in soundCloud

New age music is one of the most popular music genres that have gained huge popularity in recent years. The fast lifestyle that is full of stress is the main reason why people are getting keen towards... mehr

18.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Enjoy Holy Moses on SoundCloud by Gillpin Tha Polarman

Hip hop genre has given some memorable tracks. Hip hop is a huge area as it has come up from the underground to the mainstream. Hip hop is like a movement that includes sound, style and pop culture. A... mehr

18.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

“When It Rains, It Pours” from NOA AON is a Mesmerizing Track

Music makes life amazing and hard days totally bearable. There are different kinds of music, but in electronic music is gaining its due now. In soundcloud, "When it rains, it pours" by Noa Aon is a ch... mehr

18.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Kxng Leo Is Offering Fans Some Of The Best Hip Hop And Rap Tracks

With hip hop thoroughly evolving from what it was, the rappers in soundcloud are becoming popular! Hip hop and rap is a standout and getting incorporated in the mainstream songs. Numerous artists are ... mehr

18.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Yonio Occupies A Rock Solid Position In Music Lover’s Hearts

In every form of art especially music, there stands vast difference between individual artist and those performing in groups or bands. A band is not form in a day. There are lots of mechanisms that co... mehr

17.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Romeo Ray Passion Explicit is an Excellent R&B Album

Rhythm and Blues is a well known music type that has a many artists singing it. It is exceptionally impacted by the Afro-American artists. In soundcloud, the artist, Romeo Ray is making his fans happy... mehr

17.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Infinity from Kristian Hurtado is Making Hip hop Fans Go Gaga

Hip Hop and Rap music offered artists to gain popularity over the world. From quite a while, it is making its presence felt with best tracks. In soundcloud, one can tune in to this music genre on soun... mehr

16.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

A Rare Breed Inspiring Fans with his Amazing Hip Hop Music

Hip hop and rap offers all its fans the chance to revel in the best kind of music. It also offers fans the opportunity to appreciate some genuine music with solid beats and tunes. In soundcloud, one c... mehr

15.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Joe drops Google Me Episode 10 of Cool Truth Post in SoundCloud

As human beings, we are always ready to be entertained round the clock. Dance, music, movies, TV and Internet has always empowered us with entertainment as well as infotainment since long. Podcasting ... mehr

15.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

KORRA Trapped Receiving High Appreciation from Listeners

KORR-A has won the hearts of everybody with her beauty and qualities. She can be considered as an all rounder. KORR-A is a singer, an artist, a model and a successful film maker at the same time. Musi... mehr

12.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to All Hail Tuchs New Instrumental Blends in Soundcloud

The music lovers wish to hear fresh and new tracks each day. Among the different genres of music-hip hop and R&B are the most widely recognized ones. Hip hop is prevalent since 1970s, while R&B is kno... mehr

12.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to “Smile” by Joey Ray and Feel Refreshed on Soundcloud

Pop music can be simply regarded as the feel good music that requires o specific occasion to be played. Rather pop music can always be a music lover’s top pick round the clock. Popular Culture has i... mehr

12.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Krm’s Latest Track “Is It Me” Portrays His Versatile Qualities

The influence of hip hop is very widespread and tuff to measure. Hip hop and rap music is not just composed one fine day but there are many factors associated with a composition. Firstly the theme tha... mehr

12.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Reckless by P The Artist is on The Bin of SoundCloud

Music is a refuge for your brain as you feel good listening to any new beat.”Reckless” the gleaming song will give a drive to your personality. Cleveland native star P The Artist is extraordinaril... mehr

11.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Young Lit Hippys Amazing Tracks in SoundCloud is Worth Listening

New wave hip hop and rap music immensely differ from old school hip hop and rap music in tone and approach. Hip hop music has given voice to young people for delivering some inner truths of the societ... mehr

10.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

DJ Pac Weezy Steals The Show With Homebody on SoundCloud

If you are a diehard fan of music and it is one of your mantra, then grab the new song of DJ Pac Weezy on SoundCloud. SoundCloud is the place for all new talented mind-blowing artists and DJ Pac Weezy... mehr

10.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Sean Moores Piranha the EDM song is stealing limelight

If your week is dull and you are bored, go to SoundCloud for the magnetic track of Sean Moore’s “Piranha”. Music is medicine to any bad mood as it stimulates your nerves with happiness and again... mehr

08.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Nash Nation Drops His Single, ”Give It My Best” on SoundCloud

“Give it my best” states the situation of a boy who expresses his love and craves for her and the whole scenario is a mystery for him as he states, “Baby I want to hold you”, “Baby I want to... mehr

08.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

“Coastal Sidechick” by Walt Doza is marvelous hip hop music

Music is very influential art form. The perfect applications of music coupled with penetrative lyrics narrated by vocalists are the perfect ingredients of a beautiful musical composition. Hip hop is o... mehr

08.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

OCOG Hip Hop Music Getting Viral Amongst Worldwide Fans

If you are searching for some new excitement in music, then OCOG is the ideal decision for you. The melodies depend on hip hop and rap genre. The tracks are truly alleviating to your ears. Soundcloud ... mehr

06.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Hybrid Global – The Band Captivates Fans On SoundCloud

Hip hop has seen the growth of many talented artists who have gained popularity through their inborn creativity and Hybrid Global too stands out in the crowd for their remarkable new tracks. Globally,... mehr

05.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

“Feedback Edited” by Hot Dizzy is a Bravura Hip Hop Track

Hip hop and rap seen is not static like other music form. From classic hip hop style to Gangsta rap and alternative hip hop music hip hop music has undergone gamut of change since it has evolved. Te c... mehr

05.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

Abstylez Hypnotizes You with His Soulful Music on Soundcloud

In the global world of music, hip hop is now ranging high as it is growing everyday with its amazing exposure. Today every music lovers join hands with SoundCloud in order to upload or hear tracks on ... mehr

05.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

SoundCloud Artist AL B Fresh Offers New Remake of Thats what I Like

AL B Fresh, the Beaumont born artist is a great rapper and is talented because of his different type of music. He was raised single handedly and his strong will and determination showed in from his ea... mehr

05.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

DJ PacWeezy’s New Single “Me& You” Is Creating Noise

Hip hop music was mainly influenced from disco music as it emphasized the key role of the DJ in creating tracks and mixes for dancers. In 1970’s hip hop music used disco tracks as beats. Underground... mehr

05.05.17 - Music Promotion Club

My Worst by Geno Cookz is a Mind Blowing Track on Soundcloud

Trap music is a subgenre of hip hop and rap music that originated in the 90s from the Southern states. With ominous lyrics and funky sounds, Trap music is one of the most sought-after genres. This gen... mehr

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