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06.12.18 - Music Promotion Club

Hook in UK Upcoming Tech House Artist Funkt3ch's Track 'Sub Hype' is Satisfying and Addictive

FunkT3ch is part of DeeVu which is a UK based company; they specialize in producing high-quality original music. He is underground House DJ’s and producer from The Netherlands. The beat in the track... mehr

24.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Experience the Intensity of Darkness in 'Hells Candle' By the Artist Qwestion from Toronto

Qwestion cannot be described as one of those typical hip-hop artists whom you listen to every day. His music is very dissimilar form others. Mainly based on personal experiences and suffering some can... mehr

23.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Atlanta, United States Based Hip Hop Artist AG Native's Song 'Start Up' Has A Notable and Effective Hook

AG Native is a young artist of eighteen making unique music with intense and uplifting beats. He is also determined in making music videos of his tracks which is a superb idea to engage more people. H... mehr

20.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

San Diego Music Group 'BoxBoys' Releases their Latest Track 'Danny Supreme - She Too'

Famed music group BoxBoys has come up with a really new and intriguing hip hop and rap track ‘Danny Supreme - She Too feat. YBN Nahmir’. This track is published by the San Diego music group ‘Box... mehr

19.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Mesmerize Your Soul to the Beats of This United States Upcoming Indie Artist Hai$Ox Nai

The magnetic artist Hai$ox Nai is back to rock your world with some of his magnetic tunes and hypnotising tunes. He has been creating quite some ruckus in the music industry with his musical gifts. Th... mehr

12.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Musical Flow in the Track 'Always On Time' By Baltimore Upcoming Soul Artist Yannamaria is Quite Attractive

YannaMaria is one of the eminent artists in the music industry. She is a 22 years old versatile artist. She is a dancer, singer and a songwriter. She sings songs of hip-hop and R&B genre. She is call... mehr

10.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Excellent Music 'Snakacide' By Rockstar Snakdaddy Is Sensational

Music is really outstanding and among them, electronic dance music has received great recognition. The super artist SnakDaddy has come with his super enthusiastic “Snakacide”. His song has differe... mehr

09.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Hip hop Artist Fmg Mack Needs special attention for Album His New 'Free The Mack' on SoundCloud

The SoundCloud music zone is dragging maxim attention this season and the reason for this increasing popularity is new hip hop artist Fmg Mack. This young and aspiring rapper cum music maker has forme... mehr

02.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Lose Your Soul to this Mesmerising Track 'When We Dance' by the Princess of AMG YannaMaria

YannaMaria with her latest track ‘When We Dance’ has broken records for being one of the youngest singers to have created such a professional track at the beginning of her carrier. She has grown u... mehr

02.11.18 - Music Promotion Club

Soundscape in the Track 'Bounce Back' By Hip Hop Singer Yannamaria Is Quite Refreshing

Multi-talented singer, dancer, and songwriter YannaMaria is rocking the music industry. Her music mainly belongs to R&B and hip-hop genre. She puts an effort to create her own style by mixing the best... mehr

29.10.18 - Music Promotion Club

Famous Musician from Maryland YannaMaria’s Song ‘Always on Time’ has a Melodic Sound

R&B music lovers must listen to YannaMaria’s track ‘Always on Time’. The amazing music and her performance in the track make it more attractive to the listeners. 22years old young versatile ar... mehr

20.10.18 - Music Promotion Club

Versatile Artist Yannnamaria's New Track 'Bounce Back' Is Grabbing the Attention of the Mass

It’s your time to enjoy the latest R&B and Hip-Hop track ‘Bounce Back’ by YannaMaria. YannaMaria is a multi-talented artist from Baltimore, MD, United States who is no doubt very hard working. S... mehr

08.10.18 - Music Promotion Club

EDM Music Hotspot NOA/AON on SoundCloud is Back with More Singles

There is no doubt in the fact that NOA/AON is one of the most popular music galleries on SoundCloud. DJ Pavel Stuchlik, the man behind this amazing brand has not just marked his position in the music ... mehr

22.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

The Entertaining Coq Freisenberger has Come with his Really Mesmerizing Music

Any type of music can fascinate you and if it is by the super musician Coq Freisenberger, you will feel awesome. The music by him is really nice and wow. Electronic music is also known by the name ele... mehr

19.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

Promote YouTube Music Video for a Stronger Online Presence for Your Brand

If you are an up and coming artist and want to make it in the music industry, then having a music video along with your music are very crucial. Music videos are an art form as they are a significant p... mehr

13.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

Indian Trap's Song 'Look Like Monayyy' has Captivating and Refreshing Lyrics

Indian Trap is a blend of cultural music like Punjabi, Bhangra and Bollywood music with Hip-Hop and Trap elements. He was first introduced to music at the age of seven. Jay Singh is the original name ... mehr

13.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

NOA AON’s Single ‘UNITED’ of Album Trans//cen//DANCE is Truly Inspiring

Pavel Stuchlik of NOA/AON needs no introduction today. He has been setting trends in the EDM music industry with his refreshing compositions that portray his excellent mastery on the genre. DJ Pavel h... mehr

10.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

Newbie Hip Hop Artist Smokey Dollaz’s New Single ‘Damn’ is Loaded with Unlimited Energy

Experience the exotic flavours of east coast rapping in ‘Damn’ on SoundCloud. Artist Smokey Dollaz has given his best performance in this single. There is no wonder in the fact that Bronx is the m... mehr

08.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

Promote Soundcloud Tracks to Earn Recognition Globally

Soundcloud is one of the most renounced audio sharing apps. It enables the user to upload, record, endorse and share their originally-created music. There are around 175 millions of listeners and the ... mehr

05.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

Godson (Second Coming) is All Set with its New Hip-Hop Track 'Vanity EP' on SoundCloud

The contemporary hip hop music industry is witnessing the coming of numerous production labels that promises to deliver the best hip hop collections. Not all of these recording houses fulfill the dema... mehr

03.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

Li Petite Intensifies the Beats to Keep the Enthusiasm Alive in Listeners

Li Petite is offering some of his best creations to the listeners. This singer has already gathered a good number of listeners’ ears in soundcloud. However, Li Petite is not limited to a single genr... mehr

03.09.18 - Music Promotion Club

Tap your Feet with G Rhodz’s Smash Single ‘Losing My Brain’ on SoundCloud

The hip hop and rap music industry is the zone where numerous artists make appearances with the vision of becoming superstars. The new artist named G Rhodz who has stepped into the zone not only to be... mehr

30.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

NOA AON is Creating Huge Waves by his Outstanding Dance & EDM Musicality

Amazingly talented artist NOA AON is garnering a lot of praise and acclaim through his transformative and soothing dance and EDM music. His music is based on his own music movement ‘All Or Nothing... mehr

30.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Djidaze’s New Song ‘Baby Cakes’ has Some Incredibly impressive Music

EDM is aboard a range of electronic music which highly made out of nightclubs, raves, and festivals. EDM music is mainly produced by disc jockey the one who creates flawless selections of tracks. EDM... mehr

24.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Multi-genre artist Chinedu Nwaziri SoundCloud Gallery is Loaded with Soul Feeding Tracks

Be it stimulating your deepest emotion or finding the best means to impress your lady love, artist Chinedu Nwaziri’s exhilarating music pieces offers multiple solution to fulfill your musical desire... mehr

24.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Listen To Some Beautiful Rap Music in Big-Mprod's New Song 'Sober'

Big-MProd is the new hip-hop artist in the music industry and his new song ‘Sober’ has beautiful lyrics. The subject matter in his song opens a new world of thoughts and also enhances the mood and... mehr

17.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Enjoy the Music Compositions by the Versatile Singer DemonsBGone

If you are looking for some electronic music then you must log on to Soundcloud and listen to DemonsBGone. She is one of the rising stars in the music world from Chicago. Here songs belong to the elec... mehr

16.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

AySavvy has Come with his Sensuous and Magnetic 'Believe Us'

AySavvy returns with his latest musical track “Believe Us” and it features the singer himself and Tizzi Daze. He is an American hip hop artist who began his rapping at the age of 18 and by now his... mehr

16.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

The Musician Cum Rapper Lil Riq has Made the Astonishing Music Playlist 'R.H.L'

“R.H.L” is a lyrical masterpiece by the skilful Lil Riq. His complete song has received huge acclaim and you will feel incredible after hearing to his music. He has made many other hit music which... mehr

11.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Versityle aka Psychonite has Made the Ethnic Music 'The American Painter EP'

People love to get involved in any music form. It is one effective way to connect with people and that too of a different country. The great star Versityle has come with his enticing music formations.... mehr

10.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Humble Hustle E.N.T's New Single 'Conscious' Which Is Inspiring People Worldwide

Humble Hustle E.N.T who is also known as Humble Munnie has appeared with a smashing new single ‘Conscious’ which has become the official go-to track of all die-hard hip hop and rap fans. This Ohi... mehr

09.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

'BOUNCE' (dirty Version) by B-Strilla is an Inspiring Hip Hop Song

It is always good to hear some motivational track that lifts up our spirits. The song ‘BOUNCE’ (dirty version) is all about that – B-Strilla the singer inspires everyone to bounce back when they... mehr

09.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Noa Aon is a Crazy Kind of Musician Whom you will Like to Hear

The electronic dance music came into consideration sometimes back and people love the effect. The soundscape and the magnetism are quite hypnotic. The already known face in the music industry Noa Aon ... mehr

03.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Chopaz is Heading the Music Industry with His Brilliant Composition

Hip-hop music deals with the theme of reality, love, and romance. Hip-hop music includes rapping, rhythm and rhyming speech. It brings positive effects on the listeners and changes their way of lookin... mehr

03.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

The Innovative Singer Reck YoSiah will Give You Great Boost with his Incredible Music

Rhythm and blue is a popular genre which you will love to hear during any moment of the day. The great musician Reck has come with his innovative singing and he has grown seeing many music lovers and ... mehr

01.08.18 - Music Promotion Club

Talented Music Band Stereo Nu-55’s ‘Roads’ Is Delivering Intoxicating Electronic Music Experience

Brand new music band Stereo Nu-55 who is fresh out of United States, is dropping irresistible electronic music on all music platforms. His latest single ‘Roads’ is causing a lot of madness among m... mehr

31.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to the Stylish Music 'Dubstep's Fucking Dumb' by the Famous Arco

Dubstep is a popular genre that was originated during 1990’s and it is considered as electronic dance music which is really magnificent. The interesting artist Arco has come with his stylish “Dubs... mehr

30.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Indian Trap Makes a Spectacular Comeback with His Latest Hit Single 'Look like Monayyy'

Prospective artist Indian Trap a.k.a Jay Singh hits back again with his brand new single ‘Look Like Monayyy Feat. KresZenzia’ which sets the bar high on hip hop and rap music. This artist has made... mehr

28.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Ezy Payne Depicts New Upbeat Combinations in the Latest Song 'i8'

Ezy Payne has focused on his latest music ‘i8’ to deliver all new hip hop beats. His listeners are excited to get into the upbeat combinations. Surprisingly, ‘i8’ covers raw hip hop musicality... mehr

26.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

NOAAON’s EDM & Dance Mixes are Enriching the Lives of People Worldwide

Multi-faceted artist NOA|AON bounces back into the limelight with his musicality which is inspired by his own music movement named ‘All Or Nothing’. This artist from Czech Republic in Europe expre... mehr

24.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Contemporary Rap Icon $lim Billion$ is back with New Wave Track ‘Foreign’

Not all artists are able to spread the fire right with their official debut on SoundCloud platform. But one exception is $lim Billion$, the aspiring hip hop icon from Phoenix, Arizona who is confident... mehr

24.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Bambalboa’s New Single ‘Misleaded’ takes RnB Music to a Whole New Level

Multi-faceted artist Bambalboa is causing quite a stir among the music lovers through his banging new single ‘Misleaded’. This incredibly innovative artist from New York, United States, strives to... mehr

24.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Exodus's 'Barcelona' is grabbing a Lot of Attention Worldwide

Dedicated artist Exodus has appeared with a musical masterpiece ‘Barcelona’ which is the new go-to track for all die-hard hip hop and rap fans. This hard-working artist from Connecticut, United St... mehr

20.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Groove to Undead Papi’s Moshpit Anthem ‘Fist Fight’ on SoundCloud

Young and fiercely talented rapper Undead Papi is leaving SoundCloud listeners go gaga over his smashing hot single “fist Fight” produced by Jack Marlow. In this track, he has teamed up with anoth... mehr

20.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

The Powerful Music by $olo Wavez will Create an Amazing Aura around Fans

$olo Wavez is a magical hip-hop music star who has great knowledge about music. He is really a great singer which you will able to understand after you hear his music. Each of his music is filled with... mehr

16.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Hot Dizzy Hits Back again with his Buzz-Worthy Latest Release 'Paper Chaser'

If you are a fervent lover of hip hop and rap music, then you must listen to this dynamic indie rapper Hot Dizzy’s latest track ‘Paper Chaser’. Hot Dizzy a.k.a Joshua Miller from Naptown, Indian... mehr

13.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Covelle Bankz has Best Vocal and You will Notice that in his 'El Chopo'

The dynamic hip hop rapper Covelle Bankz from the United States shows his technical work through his song. You will love to hear his positive ‘El Chopo’. Covelle Bankz is a Southern rapper and has... mehr

13.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

B-STRILLA's 'WAZE (dirty Version)' Sends Motivational Message to Hip hop Fans

Not all hip hop and rap artist has the ability to deliver positive and inspiring message through their compositions. The genre that has gained much attention for its boldness also has the potential to... mehr

11.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Noa Aon Brings Transformation in Listeners Lives through EDM Music

Noa Aon is one of the most common names in the music world. He has created magic with his work among the music enthusiasts. There is a real transformation to the mood in his music. His songs will neve... mehr

10.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

UNDEAD PAPI’s ‘FIST FIGHT (prod. JACK MARLOW)’ Causes Frenzy Among Metal Fans

Upcoming artist UNDEAD PAPI has come with a mind-blowing mosh pit music track ‘UNDEAD PAPI x YXNG CHRIS - FIST FIGHT (Prod. JACK MARLOW)’ This artist is from Milwaukee, United States works hard to... mehr

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