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16.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Hot Dizzy Hits Back again with his Buzz-Worthy Latest Release 'Paper Chaser'

If you are a fervent lover of hip hop and rap music, then you must listen to this dynamic indie rapper Hot Dizzy’s latest track ‘Paper Chaser’. Hot Dizzy a.k.a Joshua Miller from Naptown, Indian... mehr

13.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Covelle Bankz has Best Vocal and You will Notice that in his 'El Chopo'

The dynamic hip hop rapper Covelle Bankz from the United States shows his technical work through his song. You will love to hear his positive ‘El Chopo’. Covelle Bankz is a Southern rapper and has... mehr

13.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

B-STRILLA's 'WAZE (dirty Version)' Sends Motivational Message to Hip hop Fans

Not all hip hop and rap artist has the ability to deliver positive and inspiring message through their compositions. The genre that has gained much attention for its boldness also has the potential to... mehr

11.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Noa Aon Brings Transformation in Listeners Lives through EDM Music

Noa Aon is one of the most common names in the music world. He has created magic with his work among the music enthusiasts. There is a real transformation to the mood in his music. His songs will neve... mehr

10.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

UNDEAD PAPI’s ‘FIST FIGHT (prod. JACK MARLOW)’ Causes Frenzy Among Metal Fans

Upcoming artist UNDEAD PAPI has come with a mind-blowing mosh pit music track ‘UNDEAD PAPI x YXNG CHRIS - FIST FIGHT (Prod. JACK MARLOW)’ This artist is from Milwaukee, United States works hard to... mehr

10.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Enjoy the Exhilarating Beats in ‘Good 2 U’ by Rising Rap Genius Troy Diamond

The contemporary era of hip hop and rap music is getting a boost like the artistic approach of fresh and young talents hidden in every state of the USA. The nee rapper out of Ohio is surprising SoundC... mehr

10.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Indian Trap's 'Look Like Monayyy' is a Rare Blend of Hip Hop & Trap Music

Multi-skilled artist and DJ, Indian Trap a.k.a Jay Singh makes a grand debut in the music industry through his superb new single ‘Look Like Monayyy Feat. KresZenzia’. This artist is from Birmingh... mehr

10.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Groove to the single 'Chase A Bag' by Toronto Rap Star $Princely$

Canadian hip hop and rap music scene is getting way more exciting and the reason behind its increasing craze is the artist $Princely$ and his new single “Chase a Bag”. Released by WavyHouse label... mehr

04.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Hot Dizzy has Come with his Swagger Track 'Paper Chaser' on SoundCloud

Rap music is regaining its dominance and is now a chart-topping music. You must have already heard the great rap music of 2017 but this year is different. The already famous Hot Dizzy releases his ... mehr

04.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

'Told You' by F-8 (fate) Offers Interesting and Intriguing Music for Fans

F-8 (fate) brings fans a fresh new hip hop and rap song for all his fans on Soundcloud. The song ‘Told You’ is amazing with mildly haunting tunes that have repetitive synths and riffs that are tri... mehr

03.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Montaz’s ‘Fuck Ya’ll’ Is Delivering Revolutionary Hip Hop & Rap Musicality

Rising artist Montaz hits back with his brand new single ‘Fuck Ya'll (Prod By Inna Attic Crookz)’which is driving the hip hop and rap lovers crazy. This versatile independent artist from Georgia, ... mehr

02.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

Kiki Rowe's 'Promo (prod. By Nikhil Seetharam)' Sets the Bar High On R&B & Pop Music

Multi-faceted artist Kiki Rowe releases her new released single ‘Promo (prod. By Nikhil Seetharam)’, which is causing frenzy among a music lovers. She has established herself as a professional mus... mehr

02.07.18 - Music Promotion Club

‘Dope’ by AySavvy is a Quirky Hip Hop and Rap track with Incredible Groove

There is something interesting about the music and writing in the latest song by AySavvy called ‘Dope’. The simplicity of the soundscape mixed with the minimalistic music and distantly delicate in... mehr

19.06.18 - Music Promotion Club

Indian Trap has Hidden Talent in Music and Shows his Prowess in ‘Look like Monayyy’

Indian Trap is a mesmeric musician who has made many songs. Among his music, “Look Like monayyy” has received great recognition. The song features KresZenia and you will like the creativity. The a... mehr

16.06.18 - Music Promotion Club

Nasty’s '609 Feat Yatta & V.C.' Creates a Buzz in the Gala Worldwide

Nasty makes a grand entrance in the music industry through his latest single ‘609 Feat Yatta & V.C’. His music is already trending and streaming on the gala. ‘609 Feat Yatta & V.C.’ is the mos... mehr

09.06.18 - Music Promotion Club

Mike Nauti Debuts Back To Back Superhit Tracks ‘Low’ & ‘Roll Up (Freestyle)’

Mike Nauti is a very skillful and talented artist who is widely known for his exotic hip hop and rap blends. He is from Harlem, USA who is committed in creating memorable and sensational music for his... mehr

06.06.18 - Music Promotion Club

SwaySway Will Mesmerize You with His Breathtaking Hip Hop & Rap Mixes

Brand new artist SwaySway, is a 15 years old rapper from New Jersey, United States, delivers some amazing hip hop and rap music on all music platforms. His music is creating frenzy among music enthusi... mehr

29.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

YunWu aka JonWu’s Sets the Bar High on Hip Hop and Rap Music

If you are a music lover, this brand new artist YunWu, fresh out United States, will not let you down. His newly released single ‘The Bubble Bowl- Jon Wu’ is making the music enthusiasts to his ga... mehr

23.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

‘Mahma’s Boi’ by Zealot Oleyoungme will Give You Exceptional Mood

Many artists have become famous with their exceptional quality of music making. Zealot Oleyoungme has been delighting fans with his exceptional quality of music. He has been trained smoothly with hip ... mehr

16.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

Set your Mood with ‘Dream 45’ by Multi-skilled artist LvtheGreat

Hannibal based LvtheGreat is attaining maximum attention for the single ‘Dream 45’. Produced by Flymelodies this track represents contemporary Midwest hip hop. Every music genre has blossomed with... mehr

15.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

Papi Versace Shows his Incredible Work with Rhythm in the Brilliant Song 'Juice!'

Papi Versace is an incredible star who sings and composes rap music and you will like his songs. He has recently made the music “Juice!”. The intelligent kind of rapping will stay for long on your... mehr

14.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

Enjoy the Magnificent Songs by the Talented Rapper Magnitude 7

Hip-hop songs are incredibly inspirational and many artists are coming up with this kind of music. The genre is famous as it is present with real kind of elements which will make you happy. One artist... mehr

14.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

'I GLO' by Real N3mo is an Enchanting Hip Hop and Rap Track

Brand new artist Real N3mo makes a grand comeback with his latest single ‘I GLO’. This unbelievably talented artist from Atlanta, United States has been dropping some magnificent hip hop and rap b... mehr

11.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

Release All Your Pain by Listening to the Enjoyable Songs of Mike Nauti

Mike Nauti is a great name in the hip-hop industry and he is a young rapper all the way from Harlem. He has received all his inspiration from high reputable people and with that, he is making great ne... mehr

11.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

Foley will Give You Exclusive Kind of Feel with His Intelligent Music

Foley has come with innovative kind of music and you will literally fall for his intelligent music. He has the ability to make you feel happy and gay. Foley is a special kind of rapper and he has show... mehr

09.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

Genesis Blu Brings Revolutionary and Inspiring Hip Hop and Rap Musicality

Rising artist as well as a social activist Genesis Blu proves herself a capable and a courageous performer through her music. This volatile artist from Houston, United States, is a self-proclaimed rap... mehr

07.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

DJ KO Releases Positive Energy with the Fresh Deep House Single ‘Fulfillment’

EDM music is rightfully termed as ‘festival bangers’ for this genre has the power to drive the crowd crazy. From dance to house and trance, EDM has branched out to numerous sub genres that are pre... mehr

03.05.18 - Music Promotion Club

'GOOD FOR YOU' by Smoov Bully is Delivering Flawless HipHop and Rap Beats

Rising artist Smoov Bully makes his grand debut through his brand new single 'GOOD FOR YOU'. This rising star from New York, United States expresses himself through his music. He produces fresh, energ... mehr

30.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

'Love 2 Let U Know' By Mike Nauti Delivers Epic Hip Hop and Rap Musicality

Mike Nauti who is straight out of Harlem, USA makes a sensation through his refreshing and unique hip hop music. He has been writing songs and mixing music at a very young age. He has set up his own ... mehr

26.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Listen To ‘Mindtrip’ For Exquisitely Amazing R&B Tunes by Farah

Blending together the smoothness of R&B and Soul, Farah captures the excitement of the genres through her latest song – ‘Mindtrip’. This gorgeous singer has a smooth voice that is filled with ho... mehr

25.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Groove with the Deep House Music Piece 'Rememberances' by DJ Ko

Music is one form of entertainment that has never bored fans. It offers relaxation, heals stress and refuels energy. No matter what the genre is about, every kind of music has its own charm and credib... mehr

24.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

'Boston' by LvtheGreat Delivers Vibrant Hip-Hop and Rap Beats

Versatile music artist LvtheGreat makes a grand debut in the music industry with their latest dynamic single “Boston”. These artists from Missouri, United States mainly like to work with hip hop a... mehr

23.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Get Your Music Heard Globally with SoundCloud Promotion Packages

With the emergence of the World Wide Web, an array of things beginning with business and lifestyle to business and education gained authority for the reach and visibility it provided. One of the most ... mehr

21.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

‘Wet’ By XCORCISTS X CUTTHROAT Presents Us with Invigorating Hip Hop & Rap Musicality

Talented music duo XCORSISTS and CUTTHROAT makes a grand debut in the music industry with their latest dynamic single “Wet”. These artists from United States mainly like to work with hip hop and r... mehr

21.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Mike Nauti will Make you Feel Relaxed with his Super Enthusiastic ‘It’s a lot’

Mike Nauti is quite famous among all people. He is really interesting and perfect as he has used many hip hop elements that will make your heart race faster. His nice and interesting song named “it... mehr

20.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Listen to the Powerful Music 'A Common Boy' by David Aliashvili

David Aliashvili is an interesting kind of star whom you will like to hear. His song ‘A Common boy’ is amazing and you will like to hear him during any moment. Music expresses that which cannot be... mehr

19.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Choose Premium Packages for Artists for Maximum Exposure and Popularity

Internet offers various ways and opportunities to promote music. Due to the stiff completion in the music business, it is always not enough to just upload your music to various music streaming platfor... mehr

16.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

'410 Bitches' by Mista O is Setting Fire on the Dance Floor

Rising music star Mista O releases a brand new single “410 Bitches” is creating a buzz worldwide. This versatile artist from Baltimore, United States is not afraid of creating his own brand of mus... mehr

13.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

'Can Not Trust' by Trulythesound will Make you Groove with the Symphonic Movement

Age cannot take one away from success. Trulythesound is the living example for that. His latest release ‘Can Not Trust’ is filling up the world with symphony. Each and every day becomes bit more b... mehr

11.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

'Somethin I Could Ride To' by ET NevaChange Presents Some Bouncy and Flexing Beats

New artist ET NevaChange (PhatBoi52) releases a new smashing single ‘Somethin I Could Ride To Prod. PhatBoi52’. His music is getting viral and streaming online. Upcoming music artist ET NevaChange... mehr

09.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Cozziee & Heatup’s New Releases Creates a Buzz in the Music Industry

Brand new music duo Cozziee & Heatup has offered up refreshing and funky new tracks. Their music is already viral and streaming for fans to listen and enjoy. Resourceful music duo Cozziee & Heatup fro... mehr

09.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Xeus Jones is a Great HipHop Artist Who Makes Noteworthy Music

Hip hop is really that kind of genre which involves sampling, beats and other thing. The great star Xeus Jones has come with his sensational music. The touch of simplicity in his music will create an ... mehr

05.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

'I Glo' is a Wonderful Hip Hop Composition by Real N3mo

‘I Glo’ is an entertaining song composed by Real N3mo and it is one of the outstanding music. The song will make you crazy and you will crave for the star. If you want to explode your day with b... mehr

03.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Yung Spitta Offers Fans Mind-Blowing HipHop and Rap Tracks

Starting out in a great way, Yung Spitta brings together unusual soundscapes and series of ideas with his musicality. He believes in impressing his fans with super cool song collection that not only c... mehr

03.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

2 REAL Captivates Audiences with Unusual Hip Hop Sounds and Rap Music

Listen to the amazing sounds of hip hop and rap music by the great rapper and artist – 2 REAL. His songs are available for fans to listen only on Soundcloud. Hip hop and rap music is always regard... mehr

03.04.18 - Music Promotion Club

Smashondatrak Releases his Playful and Creative Song 'Closer To The Edge'

Music is one big thing which will never let you down. Among all genres electronic music has become very popular. The high definition of music will give great effect for your entire day. The music indu... mehr

29.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

Luke Taleno's Latest Hit 'Just Let Me' Delivers Impeccable HipHop and Rap Blends

Young and fresh new music artist Luke Taleno makes his grand debut in the music industry with his latest single “Just Let Me (prod. Jay Dai & Greg)”. His musicality is getting quite a lot of atte... mehr

28.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

Newbie MB 318 is Becoming the Talk of Hip hop Town for His Bouncy Tracks

It takes time to become a consistent and dominant artist in any field of arts and especially when it is the hip hop zone, this busy gala ruling in the top truly needs extraordinary talent powered with... mehr

27.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

Sinner Clique Rec. is Streaming with Exclusive Rhythm-Verse Combination in 'Texas OT'

Sinner Clique Rec. has come up with some excellent musical fusions. This music duo has gained wonderful skills and experiences that have helped them to boost their recognition. Recently, this duo is w... mehr

26.03.18 - Music Promotion Club

Indulge into the Mesmerizing Musicality of 'On The Low' by Haydo

Music industry has experienced revolutionary change with the introduction of hip-hop and rap. This genre is so big and wide that one can never ignore it. The global acceptance of this genre is truly u... mehr

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