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Finding Opportunities in the Generic Neurology Drug Sector

(Nashua, NH) – In terms of medical specialty segments, neurology represents one of the broadest and deepest drug therapy markets. The convergence of evolution in healthcare technology and refinements in prescribing trends for non-pathological conditions continue to advance this segment. It has been and continues to be one of the two most active medical specialties for generic drug marketers. Currently the generic neurology drug sector is comprised of 203 APIs representing

Point-of-Care Vascular Visualization Devices Targeting Improved Access Success R …

(Nashua, NH) – As medical technology continues to advance and the number of invasive procedures grows, device developers and designers increasingly focus on patient-friendly products that address existing needs while improving patient acceptance and caregiver benefits. One of the most common procedural markets for commercially viable devices is peripheral vascular access. The ability of the caregiver to identify a suitable vein for IV insertion is a key performance factor that

Cyclic Olefin Use in Primary Containers Positioned to Grow as Initial Deployment …

(Nashua, NH) – Medical device manufacturers are gradually turning to new materials such as cyclic olefin polymers and copolymers (/COPs/COCs) for primary drug container applications. COCs and other new plastics offer high heat resistance and a low level of extractables and leachables, and are less permeable to water. Because of their inert surface and break resistance these syringes are considered suitable for use in the demanding area of cytostatics and

Hazards of Cytotoxic Drugs Spurring New Standards and Solutions

(Nashua, NH) – The use of drugs that must be handled with care to avoid collateral harm to patients and caregivers is receiving increased attention as new information on the risks becomes known. These drugs – cytotoxic drugs – are an important element in the treatment of numerous types of cancer and are also used at lower doses to treat autoimmune conditions. New standards that specify the way these drugs

Growth of Wearable Healthcare Devices Creating Opportunities for Specialty Adhes …

(Nashua, NH) – The miniaturization of electronics continues to drive innovation, enhanced patient care and improved outcomes throughout the healthcare industry. At the forefront of these advances are devices owing their feature functionality to the performance of a new generation of sensing elements and improved signal processing. This technology has spawned a new generation of products – wearable healthcare devices designed to be worn directly on the skin using pressure

For Allergy Sufferers Access to Timely Airborne Pollen Information Remains an Un …

(Nashua, NH) – Conditions related to upper respiratory sensitivities to airborne environmental allergens have been growing at a rapid pace over the last ten years. As with diabetes, another ailment where prevalence is rising globally, the reasons behind the increase are not yet fully understood. Several companies are attempting to address the unmet need of allergy sufferers for a method to detect and even measure the levels of airborne allergens

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