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Ferrero® and kinder® chocolate Advent calendars with own photographs

Cambridge. 9 Oct 2018. - FotoInsight® now offers the popular photo Advent calendars in portrait format, too, as most mobile phone pictures are taken in portrait format. The photo Advent calendar is the ideal place for the year’s most beautiful photographic memories and a perfect gift. The creative Advent calendar idea UK retailers stock many different and ever more expensive Advent calendars on a variety of topics, like chocolate, spices, beauty products

Fill your own photo Advent calendar with truly personal treats for a loved one

Cambridge, 7 November 2017. - Advent calendars help to embellish the run-up time to Christmas. The Advent calendar has changed dramatically in its 500-year history: for some years now, the online photo service FotoInsight has been printing bespoke Advent calendars with customer’s own pictures. Previously, the photo calendar service has offered customers to personalise their calendars with images and graphic design, but not with chocolates. FotoInsight is changing that now:

Every Nursery, School And Family Should Play Its Own ‘Face Picture Pairs’ Ca …

The Wellcome Trust’s science essay award for ‘Prosopagnosia - a Common Problem, Commonly Overlooked’ helped briefly direct public attention to the problem of ‘face blindness’, which far too many people are suffering from. Specialists recommend every family, nursery and school to test children for face perception disorders with a personalised picture pairs card game with faces of classmates or family. Cambridge. 26 March 2015. - Based on recent scientific reports, it

Fragmented photo print industry undergoing concentration through acquisitions

Cambridge. 23 June 2014. - In 2007, IITM LLP started a service for the creation and print of personalized photo books, canvas prints and photographic wall calendars under the name ‘Printing-1’. This web presence expanded into a number of European countries in seven languages. The business has now been taken over by FotoInsight Ltd. for an undisclosed sum and the websites redirect to For IITM LLP Designated Partner CM

Photo Acrylic Prints from new Irish Photo Service

Dublin. Ireland 22.03.2012. - Acrylic Poster Prints are a trend swamping over from the world of advertising and art exhibitions to offices and living rooms. Acrylic Photo Glass Prints are often described as "behind glass print". To achieve the highest print resolution, FotoInsight produces the image on real photographic paper and secures it with a special, completely transparent adhesive to a sheet of acrylic glass. FotoInsight’s new acrylic posters do

New: Glossy Photobooks

A product innovation for increased colour intensity in photo books Cambridge. 14 March 2011. - In time for Mother’s Day FotoInsight broadens its range of photo books with shine. Unlike some glossy photo books simply produced on glossy paper, FotoInsight’s new hi-gloss is achieved by applying a protective coating to the photo book pages. In an additional step at the end of the print process a PU varnish will be heat-treated,

FotoInsight opens the calendar season 2011 with many new photo calendar formats, …

Cambridge. 9/DEC/2010. - FotoInsight is launching a new website in ecember to improve the online in-browser design experience for photo calendars. In the new website at, Fotoinsight’s customers will be able to create individual photo calendars without having to download additional software. With this development come also new photo calendars on photographic paper. Calendars on photographic paper Photographic paper has come a long way over the past two hundred years. Quality

FotoInsight announces new "Designer v.4.6" Photo Book Software at Photokina.

Every other year in September representatives from the world of photography come together at Photokina in Cologne, for the world's most important photographic fair. The leading players in the imaging industry's fastest growing segment - photo books - are getting ready to showcase their latest developments. FotoInsight announces a major upgrade to its "Designer" software for CEWE PHOTO BOOKS. Cologne, 21/09/2010. - To provide space where the favourite photographs can shine,

The Online Photo Printer FotoInsight Expands to Scandinavia

Århus, Göteborg and Cambridge. 1 December 2009. – FotoInsight has been offering photo processing and a range of gift items to consumers and businesses in Europe through its website since November 2003. Now the company announced the start of its Danish and Swedish services FotoInsight Nordic. Over the its first six years the business has expanded, selling photographic paper prints in the UK and 30 European countries in seven languages. The

FotoInsight offre un niveau de qualité supérieur avec sa Ligne Premium

Le marché de la photo numérique mûrit et les concurrents rivalisent d’idées pour proposer innovations et offres de service. Un prestataire de services de développement de photos, leader sur le marché, lance à présent un Service Photo Premium pour répondre aux exigences les plus grandes. Paris. 16 septembre 2009 – FotoInsight, le prestataire de service de développement de photos en ligne, lance aujourd’hui sa nouvelle Ligne Premium de développement de

El libro de fotos en papel fotográfico de FotoInsight hace desaparecer el abomb …

Hoy FotoInsight lanza una nueva versión del FotoInsight Designer, con una nueva línea de álbumes de fotos en papel fotográfico, nuevas funciones como mascaras degradadas y plantillas festivas, así como la adición de versiones del software para Linux y Mac OS. Madrid, 20-Ago-2009. - El software para libros de fotos más popular en Europa ahora está disponible también para usuarios de Macintosh y Linux. Contra el creciente número de servicios de impresión de álbumes fotográficos,

Votre décoration prend une nouvelle dimension en ligne

Les services de posters et de photos sur toile en ligne ne font généralement qu’imprimer les images de leurs clients. FotoInsight lance sa nouvelle “boutique déco”, où vous pouvez choisir un cadre en bois naturel assorti à votre photo sur toile ou votre poster contrecollé. Les impressions grand format de vos photos numériques vous seront alors livrées sur toile et encadrées, prêtes à décorer un mur dans votre maison ou

Personalisation: the trend on Valentine’s Day in 2009

Valentine symbols have changed since courtly love flourished in the High Middle Ages. By the late nineteenth century Valentine cards were popular. Today it is difficult to escape Valentine's kitsch. Remembering the tradition of expressing love through love notes FotoInsight puts the personal note back into Valentine. Cambridge, 20 Jan 2009. -- FotoInsight, a leading independent digital photo service, is expanding its range of Valentine's photo gifts. “Love is a

FotoInsight Launches TIPA Award Winning Photobook Concept in Spain and Italy

The Cambridge based Internet photo service is expanding its successful photo book range with software in Spanish and Italian. FotoInsight is outperforming the photo finishing market through product and service innovation as well as its aggressive international expansion. Cambridge, 4 June 2008. – Today, FotoInsight of Cambridge launched the award winning CEWE Photobook service in Italy, just one month after its successful launch in Spain. The expansion of the popular photo

A New Photo Book for 60 cm Wide Landscapes Spread Across Double Pages

Today FotoInsight launches the larger photo book format in Ireland. The new version of the FotoInsight Pro software is available as a free download. Cambridge, 16 Apr. 2008. – Most households use digital cameras and a growing share take high resolution pictures which can be enlarged to poster size. While computers, mobile phones and cameras have a tendency to become ever more compact, the resolution (or number of pixels) of digital

El libro impreso de fotografías presenta una revolución en la impresión digit …

Una aplicación gratuita que FotoInsight lanza hoy en español crea libros de fotografías impresas profesionalmente que pueden diseñarse con completa libertad. Sin experiencia previa pueden los usuarios preservar sus fotografías digitales en libros de fotos individualmente elaborados. Cambridge, Reino Unido. 1 de Abril de 2008. – El servicio de impresión de libro de fotos individuales esta desarrollándose rápidamente como unos de los productos de fotografía más demandados y está por

The industry trend for product personalisation at Valentine’s

While industrial mass production has been moving to the East and Far East, modern computer controlled production processes increase the flexibility of Europe’s industry, making ever smaller production runs possible. FotoInsight of Cambridge specialises in one of a kind photo gifts for added inspiration at the time of San Valentine’s and Mother’s Day, with an extensive range of gift ideas, to which the photo service applies the user’s digital photographs Cambridge,

FotoInsight starts the Calendar 2008 Season with new, larger Photo Calendars

A professionally printed calendar with own digital images must rank among the most convenient personalised gift ideas among for friends and family. A UK photo service is expanding this idea with a greater choice of calendars. Cambridge. 19 Nov 2007. - FotoInsight is growing and the size of its photo print products seems to grow with the company. Posters, canvas printing and the photo book XL format are now followed

Les avancées technologiques permettent à présent une impression en très gran …

Avec la vaste majorité des imprimantes jet d\'encre, l\'impression est limitée au format A4, on peut donc se poser la question de savoir quelle est la taille limite d\'impression existante sur le marché professionnel. Les services de traitement de photos numériques en ligne peuvent en réalité imprimer sur des formats bien plus grands que ceux possibles avec les imprimantes grand public. Paris le 2 novembre 2007. - Le prix d\'une cartouche

A New Photo Book for 24" Wide Landscapes Spread Across Double Pages

Some online photo book printing companies produce innovation in rapid succession. Only two months into the launch of the latest FotoInsight Pro Software the online photo service releases an upgrade for additional, larger photo book formats, classic covers and the new PictureLive DVD service. The new version of the FotoInsight Pro software is available as a free download. Cambridge, UK. 4 Oct. 2007. – Half of all households use digital

Nuova tazza in vetro con foto

Cambridge, 17 settembre 2007. Una nuova tazza in vetro smerigliato con foto a colori amplia la gamma di foto tazze personalizzate di FotoInsight. I servizi fotografici online come FotoInsight trasformano un’immagine digitale in un dono personalizzato, che permette di conservare i ricordi a colori per tanti anni. La foto tazza può essere un regalo personale o un simpatico dono. La tazza in vetro smerigliato può essere decorata con una foto

Nueva taza de vidrio personalizada con foto digital

Cambridge, 17 Sep. 2007. Una nueva taza de vidrio con foto a color impresa amplía la gama de tazas regalo personalizado de FotoInsight. Servicios fotográficos en línea como la FotoInsight, convierten una imagen digital en un regalo individual que preserva recuerdos a todo color por muchos años. Como regalo taza personalizado puede ser sumamente individual. El tazón de vidrio esmerilado se puede personalizar con una foto digital y textos propios, convirtiendo

New Glass Mug with Digital Photo Imprint

FotoInsight prints digital images onto customised mugs and other well inspired gift ideas Cambridge, 17 Sep 2007. A novelty mug made of frosted glass with a coloured photo imprint broadens FotoInsight’s range of personalised photo mugs. Online photo services like FotoInsight turn a digital image into a personal gift, which preserves memories in colour for many years. As a gift mug it can be a personal present or a funny present. The

Un livre photo imprimé comme vous n'en avez jamais vu auparavant

Un logiciel gratuit de FotoInsight permet de créer un type de livres photos complètement modifiable avec couverture. Sans aucune expérience, l’utilisateur novice peut présenter et préserver ses propres souvenirs photographiques numériques sur ces livres photos réalisés avec art sur papier glacé en seulement 3 minutes. Paris, le 13 juin 2007. –Le livre photo personnel de salon se transforme en un produit d’impression de grande qualité qui va supplanter très bientôt le

FotoInsight challenges Photo Book newcomers, printing a photo booklet for free

The CeWe Photo Book editing software is a tool to create coffee table style photo books from own digital snaps, which can be downloaded for free from FotoInsight’s website. In time for Father’s day, the Cambridge company is promising every new user a free photo booklet print in an attempt to showcase its software which it claims can produce a photo book in three minutes. Cambridge, UK. 29 May 2007 –

Servicio de revelado e impresión digital FotoInsight expande a Francia

La selección más extensa de impresión fotográfica sobre papel y regalos en Europa llega a Francia Cambridge, UK. 3 Mayo 2007 – FotoInsight ha promovido servicios de revelado de fotografía digital en línea y regalos fotográficos a consumidores y negocios en España a través de su servicio online desde Enero del año 2006. Ahora la empresa anuncia el inicio de su servicio en Francés sobre Durante los doce meses

Printing-1 Photo Book Printing Service With new Look

Printing-1 states: “Our photo book and canvas print serves the demanding photographer or designer, frequently a Macintosh user. We believe that our new logo and layout are more appropriate for our target group”. The company spokesperson adds that the photo canvas uploading facilities have also been improved and additional, faster internet servers have been added. London, 23 April 2007. – The online photo service Printing-1 is growing and increases its service

FotoInsight Photo Service Expands into France

Cambridge, UK. 20 April 2007. – FotoInsight provides photo processing and a range of gift items to consumers and businesses in Europe through its website since November 2003. Now the company announced the start of its French service Over the its first three years the business has expanded, selling photographic paper prints in the UK and 30 European countries in five languages. The Cambridge company started a German

FotoInsight Presents its Unique Picture Pairs Game

Innovative Photographic Picture Pairs game is a real memory jogger – and path to success right at the start of the new school year. Cambridge, UK. 14 September 2006. – At last FotoInsight’s quality is available in a new group of games designed for the younger set. The online digital photo printing specialist is launching a “Photographic Picture Pairs” game printed from the customer’s photographs. All that is required are 25

FotoInsight is Preparing FIFA Photo Book for Germany

FotoInsight of Cambridge assured the FIFA photo book product in the world cup host country Cambridge, UK. 28 April 2006. – This summer will see millions of people worldwide re-arrange their daily routines and work life to squeeze in as much footie as possible! In time for the football world cup Cambridge based FotoInsight is going to launch through its German service an innovative range of photo books with a

Postcards from Heaven with Google Earth

How to print real photo postcards from a satellite image of your street or neighbourhood The virtual earth simulation software “Google Earth” has become hugely popular amongst internet users across the world. The free application incorporates maps, driving directions, and satellite images. It allows users to zoom and pan over three-dimensional images of cities and landscapes, drilling down from space to overhead details. With a few steps and tricks it is

Online photo processing service FotoInsight on expansion trail

Europe’s largest photo paper processing and photographic gift items range reaches Spain FotoInsight of Cambridge provides photo processing and a range of gift items to consumers and businesses in Europe through its website since November 2003. Today the company announced the start of its Spanish service . Over its first two years the business has expanded, selling photographic paper prints in the UK and 20 European countries in four

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