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Gema again achieves best results in customer satisfaction

Also in the latest worldwide customer survey Gema has achieved excellent results and top marks. Several hundred users of manual and automatic equipment in a wide variety of industries were surveyed on several topics such as purchase decision reasons, equipment performance, service satisfaction. Excellent results were again achieved in all the areas. In particular the Net Promoter Score (NPS), which measures the recommendation rate, stands out with a 68% value. This

MagicControl 4.0 – The pioneering interface for Smart Factory Automation

With the new generation of MagicControl system, the coating process becomes even more manageable, through simple control of all aspects of the application, axes and entire coating booth system. The control system operates as an interface for the automation of the powder coating process and enables intelligent networking of all application components. As a result the production process is optimized and the Line Management efficiency can be maximized with relevant

OptiStar 4.0 sets new standards in gun control technology

The precise application and intuitive operation of the OptiStar 4.0 make the control a benchmark in gun control technology. The new OptiStar 4.0 is even more powerful and robust through the use of the latest generation electronic componentry. The OptiStar 4.0 is defined by its clear display, enabling easy access to all coating parameters and instantaneous adjustment. The parameters are adjusted swiftly and precisely, ensuring constant, reproducible application results are consistently achieved.

Dynamic contour detection for complex parts

The new dynamic contour laser scanner by Gema is a sophisticated solution that allows a highly automated level of powder coating. The solution detects most difficult object geometries, aligning each gun to the correct position to coat the most complex of components. The highlight of this solution is the ability for full detection of the object outline contour with a new laser scanning system. This intelligent component in combination with a corresponding

RobotGun GM03-R – compact and powerful for great versatility and efficiency

The new RobotGun GM03-R by Gema Switzerland GmbH is the efficient solution for high quality robot applications and an important key to easily manage complex coating requirements and a high degree of automation. The robot gun is equipped with a high voltage cascade that ensures outstanding and very precise coating results. The compact design with optimized TCP (Tool Center Point) makes the gun suitable for the operation with all standard robots

The powerful duo for complex powder coatings

The new vertical reciprocator ZA13 in combination with the new gun axis UA04 by Gema guarantees perfect coating results for complex application tasks and difficult object geometries. The vertical reciprocator ZA13 has a loading capacity of up to 100 kg and can be equipped with max. 6 gun axes type UA04. The UA04 axis has a maximum stroke-length of 2200 mm and is therefore ideal for the coating of big parts. The

Vertical Reciprocator ZA10 – the powerful basic reciprocator

The new vertical reciprocator ZA10 by Gema Switzerland GmbH is the perfect model for starting the automation of powder coating for customers from different markets and various application demands. The standard size (stroke = 1800 mm) allows a loading capacity of up to 30 kg (6 automatic guns). The vertical reciprocator ZA10 is equipped with a state-of-the-art drive technology (Synchronized motor – Servo drive). Thanks to the high efficiency during continuous

MultiColor – Super-fast color change solution

The new MultiColor color change solution from Gema allows a super-fast switching between different powder colors while ensuring constant high-quality coating. The fast change to the next production batch avoids idle times and maximizes the productivity and flexibility of your coating line. A fast return of investment and a quick pay-back time are guaranteed with the strong reduction of the color change time. MultiColor color change solution is very easy to manage

MonoCyclone EZ04: For an energy-efficient powder recovery

The new MonoCyclone EZ04 from Gema is based on flow simulations and a further development of the proven MonoCyclone generation. It is specially constructed for an energy-efficient powder recovery and allows a reduction of the pressure loss of up to 25%. Customers benefit from the optimized design with its low space requirements in the height and the flexible installation possibilities based on the freely selectable decree of the inlet/outlet pipe. The

Informative and solution-oriented: the new Gema website

Gema Switzerland GmbH offers its customers and all interested person an even higher added value on its newly designed and revised website. The website shines in a fresh and modern design and focuses on the fast retrieval of information on Gema and its products and solutions for the powder coating branch. The page is not only addressed to loyal Gema customers, who like to learn more about the latest trends in

MultiStar Gun Control: One Control Unit for up to 12 guns

With the new gun control MultiStar by Gema Switzerland GmbH up to 12 guns can be simultaneously controlled. The programming of all application parameters is carried out with only one display. The user friendly and clearly readable user interface allows a very precise setting of all gun parameters. Prefect and reproducible coating results are achieved at any time. Three pre-set programs give the best performance on flat parts, profiles and

Efficient powder management with OptiCenter

The new generation of powder management systems has a name: OptiCenter. The Gema system performs efficiently and dust-free and therefore produces excellent coating results. OptiCenter is a new modular concept able to operate as a stand-alone version or in combination with gun, axis and booth controls. The core of this new powder center is the OptiSpeeder II. This unique container concept prevents any loss of powder during the fluidization and coating

OptiFlex®2 Q – colour change in 35 seconds

The new manual unit Optiflex®2 Q by Gema Switzerland GmbH is an extended version of the successful OptiFlex®2 B, enhanced with additional features for even faster colour changes. One of the key highlights of this product is the automatic cleaning of the suction tube as it is raised; with the powder dust extracted to the booth via an exhaust hose. The automatic cleaning of all components containing powder is achieved with

OptiGun GA03 – for the best color change

The Gema automatic gun OptiGun GA03 is specially designed for quick color changes. OptiGun GA03 differentiates itself through its quick setup and changeover times, long life, easy maintenance and precise powder output. Perfect coating results can be even achieved while using metallic powder. The 100kV high voltage cascade guarantees optimal transfer efficiency. The capsule-like covering of the high voltage cascade ensures electrical breakdown protection, ruggedness and maximum safety

OptiFlex®2 Q – color change in 35 seconds

The new manual unit Optiflex®2 Q by Gema Switzerland GmbH is an extended version of the successful OptiFlex®2 B, enhanced with additional features for even faster color changes. One of the highlight of this product is the automatic cleaning of the suction tube as it is raised. The powder dust is extracted to the booth via an exhaust hose. The automatic cleaning of all components containing powder is achieved with pulses

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